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  • DazeyDream
    DazeyDream 59 minutes ago

    Palpatine was saved from death by darth jar jar

  • DazeyDream
    DazeyDream Hour ago

    I want palpatine to convert rey to the dark side very quickly and kill poe by lifting rocks

  • TM HS
    TM HS Hour ago

    The mountainous, rocky planet could be the same planet from Rouge One.

  • Robert Owen
    Robert Owen 2 hours ago

    Hopefully they can rectify all the idiocy & BS that was done in that flaming pile of steamy crap called The Last Jedi. I also think I have a great idea for the next ( between episode ) Star Wars story. It will take place at the end of Last Jedi when a band of freedom fighters track down Rian Johnson & stop him from ever making a movie again

  • Curt Yeomans
    Curt Yeomans 3 hours ago

    Remember how one of the key parts of the prequel trilogy was the belief that Anakin was the one who was prophesized to bring balance to the force. Maybe this is meant to call back to the prophesy since the existence of the Knights of Rey clearly indicates Anakin did not bring balance to the force? Perhaps the person who is really meant to bring balance to the force is Kylo (which would explain the Darth Vader fascination) or Rey?

  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones 3 hours ago

    this will be garbage

  • American Citizen
    American Citizen 4 hours ago

    The storylines have become so convoluted that I just can't follow this anymore. Will stick with re-watching Episodes IV, V, and VI.

  • spinos4ru5
    spinos4ru5 5 hours ago

    Wake me up before you go go
    Who needs bale
    when you've got sissoko

  • David Quickfall
    David Quickfall 5 hours ago

    The only thing i noticed is when the falcon comes out of lightspeed it has the round dish. Flashback maybe?

  • Erdem Kucuk
    Erdem Kucuk 5 hours ago

    I don't care about the plot,I just want this movie to be good!

  • HICKS439
    HICKS439 5 hours ago

    JJ Abrams kaka director he is

  • kiwi-on-a-bike 660
    kiwi-on-a-bike 660 5 hours ago

    VIII virtually will have no relevance to the conclusion.

  • William Gonder
    William Gonder 5 hours ago

    Ren and Ray are twins Solo and Leia are there parents. Duh Palpatine was cloned.

  • N.
    N. 6 hours ago

    That "plateaued" city is very Agartha'esc

  • Davy Gravy
    Davy Gravy 6 hours ago

    Episode IX should build upon the themes of The Last Jedi. They can not ignore it, and they should not retcon. It would just be weird.

  • Binal Trogaci
    Binal Trogaci 6 hours ago

    more star wars shit .... sigh .....i am out , no need to go further than a minute

  • Drakan Lost Dragon
    Drakan Lost Dragon 6 hours ago +1

    Chewie was too tall for Leia to give him a medal! ,They gave him one afterwards

  • Michelle Sims
    Michelle Sims 6 hours ago

    Ok....I was hoping Rey was Luke's daughter

  • Dier Krieger
    Dier Krieger 7 hours ago

    Hope this movie isn't as shit as the last two, but most likely will be.

  • Joe Carter
    Joe Carter 7 hours ago

    But... where is R2?

  • Armed Astronaut JM-83
    Armed Astronaut JM-83 7 hours ago

    Soy shill boy.

  • Per Dilling
    Per Dilling 7 hours ago

    Episode VIII was Luke's story? Well, I didn't see Luke once throughout the entire movie, so that remark seems strange to me... XD

  • Cris Picco
    Cris Picco 9 hours ago

    HE WASNT KNOWN AS THE SENATE....he was saying that in a way that suggested he controlled the senate... he was known as the emporer... or emperor palpatine.... before that he was chancilor palpatine, and before that senator palpatine

  • Brian Dolan
    Brian Dolan 9 hours ago

    Nobody cares anymore. Disney murdered SW and then raped its corpse.

  • Henry Lentine
    Henry Lentine 10 hours ago

    Why does everyone forget about Jedha when talking about desert planets (yes i know its a moon)? And wouldn't it make sense for Rey to go there as it was one of the first places to use the force?

  • Squeaky Hammer
    Squeaky Hammer 12 hours ago

    LOL you must be the last fanboy this excited for star wars.. most of them woke up after the second. seriously record yourself watching starwars rise of skywalker so we can capture the moment when disappointment hits your face.

  • Jaze Whitehead
    Jaze Whitehead 13 hours ago

    that's a tie interceptor no?

  • Theo King
    Theo King 13 hours ago

    i think that the top of the lightsaber may be diferent

  • Bryoni Mason
    Bryoni Mason 14 hours ago

    "Rectagonal"??? 😂🤣😂 Try RECTANGULAR.

  • TheCYB0RG
    TheCYB0RG 15 hours ago


  • peter papadimitriou
    peter papadimitriou 15 hours ago


  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 19 hours ago

    Will Kylo get it in..the Rise of Slywalker, their future Baby. Ultimate power

  • kujon1968
    kujon1968 20 hours ago

    Palpy is Rey's father...
    And Anakin's...
    And maybe even more...Why would he stop at one? Probably had kids all over...

  • Kevy Booker
    Kevy Booker 20 hours ago +2

    I was not pleased much by SW7 and SW8.. But I loved "Rogue One" and "Solo"..

  • Devin Mccurry
    Devin Mccurry 21 hour ago

    The 9th one should be last star wars ever made, no more sequals after this.

    • Devin Mccurry
      Devin Mccurry 3 hours ago

      I would disagree its time for the story to end, especially with disney in charge

    • kagsgirl
      kagsgirl 3 hours ago

      No it should be more

  • carnivorman man
    carnivorman man Day ago +1

    I think it is the death star 2 because remember it got destroyed over endor and endor was a moon

  • Chris W
    Chris W Day ago

    Palpatine has always been the only overarching character of all Star Wars Movies. It is a great way to tie this movie in with the rest of Star Wars lore. Also, he's the only REAL villain of the Saga. Vader was reformed, and Kylo will be reformed and join the good guys as well. Movie Darth Maul was fierce, but more of an antagonist, similar to Grievous. The ONLY evil mastermind here is Palpatine. And Star Wars needs him to rise to its former glory.
    Palpatine will make Star Wars great again.

  • John Mueller
    John Mueller Day ago

    that Tie fighter at the beginning is one of the Emperors guards ships!

  • Benny Cho
    Benny Cho Day ago

    Return of the Ewoks

  • Mike Zappara
    Mike Zappara Day ago

    I want to get excited about Disney Star Wars... I really do ... but it’s storyline has been butchered beyond recognition, due to obvious reasons, to the point where it’s relying on nostalgia to resemble any sort of coherent way forward. Sad 😔

  • Mac McNair
    Mac McNair Day ago

    He is too deep with this , Rey is a sky walker , i’m calling it

  • Jayeton Garcia
    Jayeton Garcia Day ago

    Episode 9 should definitely build upon episode 8. It IS canon. It did serve a purpose

  • Merantle
    Merantle Day ago

    It's a weird version of the TIE Interceptor.

  • Greg Roseville
    Greg Roseville Day ago

    Do you think we will see any scenes from the planet of Ba'tu? That would be awesome to see the movie and then visit Galaxy's edge.

  • Pokeandhan
    Pokeandhan Day ago


  • Trevor Crowley
    Trevor Crowley Day ago

    Could the planet at the end of this trailer be Scarif?

  • ExxotikTako
    ExxotikTako Day ago +1

    No one is ever gone


  • ExxotikTako
    ExxotikTako Day ago

    Who else wants kylo to turn

  • JacobDipz - Gaming


  • macribd
    macribd Day ago


  • Caleb Logue
    Caleb Logue Day ago

    It could be the second death star that is on the planet that Endor orbits, as Endor is a moon of some planet.

  • Michael Briscoe
    Michael Briscoe Day ago

    I don't care. It's been ruined.

  • Ed Hoover
    Ed Hoover Day ago

    I guess JJs friend Greg Grunberg is gonna make another appearance in this one.

  • Hannah Martin
    Hannah Martin Day ago +2

    Notice how Luke says (when Rey is looking at the destroyed Death Star) "no one is ever really gone". Right after that, we hear palpatine laughing evily. (Mwhahaha!!)

  • David Wells
    David Wells Day ago

    Uh, yeah. It's symbolic of J. J. repairing the absolute crap storm that Johnson and Kennedy created with The Last Jedi.

  • diamlierx
    diamlierx Day ago

    No ones gonna watch this shit

  • Arne Van den Broeck

    10:44 where is r2 in there?

  • Mickie Shaw
    Mickie Shaw Day ago

    Delete The Last Jedi.

  • Mickie Shaw
    Mickie Shaw Day ago


  • Guillermo Dominguez

    Dang, rían Johnson really messed everything up

  • Christian Cazares

    They fused Kylo and Vader’s helmet

  • T. J Sarén
    T. J Sarén Day ago

    Its Kylos hand, too much masturbation has made his palms hairy.

  • Shadow the Hedgehog37

    Me: uh I want maul back
    Episode 9 ending: maul leaves tattooine with a massive wound in his chest
    Maul a star wars story confimed

  • maximus78028
    maximus78028 Day ago

    J J needs to fix some or all of the crap from that last director. He just ruined a lot of the story that was basically mapped out for him already.


    But how would u kill the emporer

  • KD6 - 3.7
    KD6 - 3.7 Day ago

    This movie’s gonna be good. JJ knows what he’s doing.

  • Logan Ainsworth
    Logan Ainsworth Day ago

    i love obi wan i hope he comes back

  • Clem Fandango
    Clem Fandango Day ago

    The story elements of The Last Jedi didn’t bother me, the being a bad, silly movie did. JJ doesn’t have anything to fix, just make a good film.

  • alisoncircus
    alisoncircus Day ago

    Why do commenters never consider that that massive debris falling from space could /change /the /climate of the planet they land on? I grant that there's no impact crater, so it's impact was somehow ameliorated, but /still.

  • Sasank Potluri
    Sasank Potluri Day ago

    Why isn’t R2D2 there in the trailer

  • pdkahler
    pdkahler Day ago

    As bad as Last Jedi was, I'm gonna pass on this.

  • profbaldwin77
    profbaldwin77 Day ago

    Ezra Bridger makes a return?

  • Martha Wilder
    Martha Wilder Day ago

    Only thing is Luke said he wasn't the last jedi.

  • Ashley Roberts
    Ashley Roberts Day ago

    You can see Kylos cape on his shoulders as well

  • Feon Jun
    Feon Jun Day ago

    F**King J.J. Abram can't resists ruining a great scene with his F**King lens flare addiction.

  • Nodak81
    Nodak81 Day ago

    The laugh was the ONLY interesting thing in the trailer. I had no interest in seeing the movie, but now that I've seen the trailer I vaguely want to see it.

  • Ezekiel Luna
    Ezekiel Luna Day ago

    So basically the movie would be about 3-4 hours to cover everything that was not covered in the Last Jedi.

  • Michael Russell
    Michael Russell Day ago

    StarWars is over. The Last Jedi killed it. or rather 'deconstructed' it.

  • Jursports
    Jursports Day ago

    Where’s my boy R2 at

  • mike dobson
    mike dobson Day ago

    Has Hollywood stopped ruining Star Wars yet?

  • Goat Fucher
    Goat Fucher 2 days ago

    Wowser I just bust a hole through my trouser

  • Goat Fucher
    Goat Fucher 2 days ago

    That's okay I've got stamina for us all

  • Goat Fucher
    Goat Fucher 2 days ago

    Anyone else beating their meat???

  • Matthew Markovich
    Matthew Markovich 2 days ago

    Does not matter to me. It will be what it will be. If it corrects problems fine, if not? That's O.K. too. People need to stop taking this so seriously. Also, 2 Skywalkers ( Anakin and Luke) do not a saga make.

  • Dominic DiGennaro
    Dominic DiGennaro 2 days ago

    These movies were terrible. Anyone who wastes their time and money on them is the reason why we can't get a descent Star Wars movie worthy of the original trilogy. The only thing these movies got right was the casting with one or two exceptions. The stories were abysmal.

  • GrisParr
    GrisParr 2 days ago

    Are departed Jedi present during sexy time?

  • Thomas Pappalardo
    Thomas Pappalardo 2 days ago

    Ignore. The themes in TLJ were too weak to build on anyway.

  • SeraphimIP X
    SeraphimIP X 2 days ago +1

    holy midi-chlorians! - you are getting way too excited about this movie! yes, it is abrahams and it will certainly be better than the last, but have you forgotten what they did with the last jedi?!?!?!?!? please don’t crawl up their ass again just because of “muhahahaha”... stay calm, everyone!!!

  • Omni-nerd No7
    Omni-nerd No7 2 days ago

    Are we looking over Dark Empire where palps came back many a time effing with Luke, and how he could summon worm holes? Kay

  • The LR Knight
    The LR Knight 2 days ago

    Did anyone else notice that the original "circular" sensor dish (or one very similar) is back on the Falcon and not the "rectangle" one that has been on there since Ep XII???

  • toorawsteven
    toorawsteven 2 days ago

    They better bring back dark jar jar

  • al doney
    al doney 2 days ago

    Retcon retcon retcon

  • Wicked Henderson
    Wicked Henderson 2 days ago

    The first scene with the tie is training, I’ll bet

  • Link The Hylian
    Link The Hylian 2 days ago

    It's not Lukes lightsaber it's Anakins obi wan just gave it to luke

  • William Glass
    William Glass 2 days ago +1

    Book conveniently named "Darth Plagueis" backs Palpatine's story to Anakin. It was not speculative... It was cannon. Also note it was one of the best selling Star Wars novels so it was no secret either.

  • Mike Kight
    Mike Kight 2 days ago

    Why not retcon the last two movies altogether and restart? The horrible “Mary Sue” character of Rey. The bumbling, inept villain of Kylo. I don’t think you could ever fix the damage done in the last two movies with just one.

  • maarifadevgroup
    maarifadevgroup 2 days ago

    Now, for the REALLY important question? Where's Broomboy? ;)

  • :〉P
    :〉P 2 days ago

    This is impossible!!!!

  • Teepeli 2
    Teepeli 2 2 days ago

    Jarjar IS snoke

  • Chris D
    Chris D 2 days ago

    Sith Trooper / Tie Silencer @4:05