Boeing 777-300ER Pushback with Descriptions [HD]

  • Published on Nov 21, 2011
  • This video includes descriptions of the certain parts of a pushback. Hope it answers and informs you of some interesting information
    A few things to note:
    1. Yes I have ear protection. I'm wearing ear plugs since it was summer and over the ear protection gets really hot really quick.
    2. The front right tire does look to be flat. This plane was leaving extremely heavy so there was a lot of weight on the wheels. We would not let a plane leave that might endanger the lives of the passengers on board.
    3. YES you are suppose to disconnect the towbar from the tug before disconnecting from the airplane first. What I did was not correct.
    Registration is JA735A
    Pushback of All Nippon Airways (ANA) NH flight 1 from Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) heading back to Narita International Airport (NRT).

    Pushback with the aircraft, Boeing 777-300ER, facing to the East.

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    Those mighty GE90115B's.......💪😎

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    Cristian Serlenga 12 days ago

    Le cuffie

  • Brendan Forde
    Brendan Forde 14 days ago

    It didn't look like he was wearing hearing protection?

  • David M Ambrose
    David M Ambrose 15 days ago

    where is the hearing prortection?

  • Blerim Lowkey
    Blerim Lowkey 17 days ago

    That pushback was on point great push bro.

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    Where is your hearing protection or do you want to be a deaf old man

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    Such a cool job!

  • The Commenter Version
    The Commenter Version 28 days ago

    Thanks! Now I know how to move my neighbors plane outta the way or dunk it in a pond

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    David McC 28 days ago +1

    Great footage and simple description and instruction of what is going on before, during and after pushback....

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    azizulw 29 days ago

    Thumbs up for this great informative video.

  • James Coco
    James Coco Month ago

    How can such a small machine push around such a beast? This is the thing I can’t get around my head..

  • KhaliD ALKhaliD
    KhaliD ALKhaliD Month ago

    Why they don’t use gloves 🧤 and safety hat

  • Creative Newborns
    Creative Newborns Month ago

    Never knew what pushback was! Very neat to see! 👍

  • Dirty Hobo
    Dirty Hobo Month ago

    The strain on the nose gear has got to be tremendous..!

  • ray seva
    ray seva Month ago +1

    And here I was...thinking that my buddy's Ram-3500 Diesel Dually had amazing low-end torque...

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    Maxfli82 Month ago

    Seems like a cool job but I would be worried about hearing loss over time

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    WHY ... "WHY" would ANYONE thumb this clip down ? !!! "incredible". GREAT-CLIP !!

  • Emre Göktuğ
    Emre Göktuğ Month ago

    03:56 it must be scaring working beneath a huge plane while two giant engines works. There are interesting passenger vehicles at this airport.

  • BrokenMummy
    BrokenMummy Month ago

    Good push did this at DFW American as a Ramp Rat for years. Tail east or tail west captain?

  • Convoy81
    Convoy81 Month ago +1

    Front right tire on landing gear looked a little low on air.

    • nightstalker
      nightstalker 14 hours ago

      That's not how plane tires works.

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    am i the only one to see that oil leakage on that front wheel cylinder?

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    JUDAH720 Month ago

    Have you pushed the Airbus Super? I'm sure it no problem because you are blessed too do this job.

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    You are the lead man perfect pushback 👍👍👍👍

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    Show de bola,parabéns e as musicas,ótimas mesmo!!!

  • SB9P4
    SB9P4 2 months ago

    Where l can find a job of push back?

  • 8BitGamer
    8BitGamer 2 months ago

    This is what I do for a living as an ramper at ORD but I push out smaller airplanes ERJ-145, CRJ-700, and CRJ-200. We use the Lektro tug and cart to push out the small planes and we use straps instead of towbars. Also, my teammates use the wireless headsets to communicate with each other during the pushout and wingwalking. However most of the wireless headsets in my zone are broken down because of the winter. Electronics easily break down during the cold winter.

  • 90snostalgicgal
    90snostalgicgal 2 months ago

    I love this video especially the engine start up!!

  • HoneyTann
    HoneyTann 2 months ago

    In 22ish on the ground, I've witnessed maybe, maybee 55ish perfect pushba

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    GODISGOOD71 2 months ago +1

    I used to be a ramp agent for Delta so many moons ago, my time if you was on the ramp without earmuffs like the dude in the video, your behind was in big trouble.

  • Jon Castonguay
    Jon Castonguay 2 months ago

    Hey neighbor, you're in my backyard! Dulles rocks!

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    SB9P4 2 months ago

    Where l can apply for job pushback aircrafts?

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    Awesome, amazing, marvellous. 👍🏿👍🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  • john knowing
    john knowing 3 months ago

    Really I've been dien to see how you hook up for a push back and they stupidly didn't show that

  • msbrownbeast
    msbrownbeast 3 months ago

    That front tire looks underinflated

    • nightstalker
      nightstalker 14 hours ago

      Plane tires and car tires are different.

  • stateniland
    stateniland 3 months ago

    even Eric tRUMP could do this job.

  • Roberto R. MOLA
    Roberto R. MOLA 3 months ago +40

    Yes, that's for all my ground friends from all over the world. How many pushes I got from you. How helpful you have been reporting what only you and your vast experience could notice. How many hints you gave me. As I said goodbye to the window, I always saluted you in the military style, because I always felt that you were absolutely honorable and worthy. You keep "pushing" me with happiness, even under the rain, snow, wind or sun heat. I can only say ... thank you!

  • blewyd
    blewyd 3 months ago

    Is this mod free

  • Daniel Petrucci
    Daniel Petrucci 3 months ago

    Lol I did this for my training today all thoe we departed a 737-600 lol

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  • latham area
    latham area 3 months ago

    I just flew out of Charlotte, they didnt just push back the plane, the front wheel was lifted off the ground by the push stuff

  • Rob Harris
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    No airmuffs guy in yellow jacket.

    • Fletcher Moar
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      @Rob Harris bah dum tiss

    • Rob Harris
      Rob Harris Month ago

      @Fletcher Moar Glad to 'hear' that.

    • Fletcher Moar
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      Rob Harris he had ear plugs which is more than suitable. They block out more noise than you realise.

  • Rajendra Kumar Maharana

    just I have been watching for a curiosity.

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    A little bit to the left. Not going to pass in LAX

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    lenny108 3 months ago

    amazing that the front wheel is not breaking off when pushing 200 tons with this thin pin

  • Nhutal
    Nhutal 4 months ago

    Oh now I get it! That’s why I have to wait on the plane for a bit of long time

  • McBiggie1
    McBiggie1 4 months ago

    nice push. We use the same technique ( straighten out at the end)

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    Post more please...I love these push back videos

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    Zachary Stephenson 4 months ago

    what is the scraping noise coming from?

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    The disconnection is a mistake.....

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    You could be a model in X plane.

  • Aqim Julayhi
    Aqim Julayhi 4 months ago

    I'm watching this a week before going for my ramp agent interview. Hope I can get the job. Seems thrilling.

  • Viswanathan Suresh
    Viswanathan Suresh 4 months ago

    How close can these guys get to the engines without endangering themselves? There was a case in India when someone on the ground got sucked in as the pilot started the engines too early...

    ALA AL-BADRAN 4 months ago +1

    NO hearing protection
    NO gloves
    iS THAT OK

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    Beautiful work and an awesome aircraft 🖤🖤🖤

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    3:20 WTF! Um Japonês negro!

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    Oh yea... BNA AA, AE, 8N, FA, I miss you.

  • Kevin Darrell
    Kevin Darrell 4 months ago

    Pushback 727’s, super 80’s in the 80s to mid 90s . The sphincter definitely tightens. I love them days. It was an amazing job.

  • gregori perelman
    gregori perelman 4 months ago

    have a reverse gear instead in the plane!

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    Great video!!

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    Nice to have the descriptions.

  • Zayyan Samad
    Zayyan Samad 4 months ago

    Where can I buy a 777 300er?

    • Rarity Nguyen Belle
      Rarity Nguyen Belle 3 months ago

      You can look in the Magazine and find the Boeing 777 model just keep looking thru pages and you will find it

  • 57connor
    57connor 4 months ago +3

    Extremely dangerous disconnect. You are suppose to disconnect from the tractor first ! Thats how guys get hurt !!! 35 Years exp!

  • Steven H.
    Steven H. 4 months ago

    As a first time viewer I have a question. There are alot of comments mentioning removing the tow bar from the tug before the plane. Why is that? Thanks.

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    Nobody noticed the low front tire?

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    Great to see someone enjoying their job and with that sound! wow :D

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    Driver push and agent ramp No applic procedure SWP
    I'm superviser morocco

  • 黒明修次
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    ボーイング ANA 787-818便 岡山桃太郎空港から羽田空港 までの長距離の時間75分 フライトの旅 最高のフライト 僕は ボーイング ANA 787818便 が 好きです チャンネル登録お願いします 2019年 31年 1月18日金曜日 午前8時10分

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    So cool!

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    2:13 my favorite part

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    أحمر أحمد ؤلئد

  • monuranjan chowdang
    monuranjan chowdang 5 months ago

    Give me international pushback operator recruitment link. I work at dibrugarh Airport (India)

    • David Alexandrovitch
      David Alexandrovitch 5 months ago

      It's called a ramp agent. You dont just do push backs. Sometimes you have to marshal or do luggage.

    • monuranjan chowdang
      monuranjan chowdang 5 months ago

      My email address

  • monuranjan chowdang
    monuranjan chowdang 5 months ago

    I am a pushback operator

  • Dzirt D'Urden
    Dzirt D'Urden 6 months ago

    What is your salary in ground handling?

    • Dzirt D'Urden
      Dzirt D'Urden 5 months ago

      @David Alexandrovitch in ROV (Russia) we have 3-3,5 an hour for ground hanging

    • David Alexandrovitch
      David Alexandrovitch 5 months ago

      No more than 13 an hour give or take.

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    The 777 will always be the most handsome plane of all time for me.

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    Thank you! I enjoyed watching and listening to this. Love the sound of those jet engines rotating.

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    Pushback em um 777, incrível
    Já fiz em um 737- 800, Embraer 195, Airbus, 320
    Ótimo vídeo

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    That right front tire on plane looks like needs some air pressure.

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    Cool, thx for posting.

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    Nice video. Thanks for sharing!

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    Great video. Always wanted to see this up close

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    So you’re allowed to push back onto the movement area?? Interesting. Not at my airport. Gotta push back and stay in the nonmovement area

    • nightstalker
      nightstalker 4 months ago

      It's called, "ground control." You can do it anywhere.

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    Wery well

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    I'm concerned that flat tyre! Is it normal tyre?🤔

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    How do you know the maximum angle that you can turn the gear?

    • mysticportal85
      mysticportal85 8 months ago

      That vertical red stripe on the nose gear doors. When the tow bar meets that that red vertical stripe on the nose gear door during a turn, that marks the maximum you can turn it. If it's the same throughout all 777 types, it would be 70 degrees maximum it can turn. The tow bar should not be near it just to be safe but some of my coworkers usually ride out the line to the taxiway anyways with no issue. If the towbar does go past it, the towbar will break and damage the nose gear.

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    can anyone tall me how to enter the ground operations job?

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    Very cool to see it from this perspective! It explains a few questions that I've always had about this process. Thanks!

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    thank you for this video, please, Q. what are the differences between Headset with Pushback and Headset with Marshalling?

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    Great video.☺️ My most favourite plane in the world is the British Airways Boeing 777-200ER with a set of two GE90-115B engines.☺️

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      there is no 772ER with 115B engines. What are you on about?

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    3:00 swiss ? Is it in Zürich?

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    What a great view and perspective of a push back! Thanks for posting!! I used to be an assembly mechanic for Boeing on their 777 line my favorite aircraft of all time!

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    He is not a driver his post is as an operator

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    Was Pilot monitoring DCA departures and Ground at Pushback?

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    camera badly placed, we can't see anything.