Gigantic Bowl of Just Cereal Marshmallows

  • Published on Mar 10, 2018
  • We bought 720 pounds of Just Cereal Marshmallows, commissioned a 6-foot spoon, and made a giant bowl...then filled 'er up.
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    A regular bag of Just Cereal Marshmallows is awesome, but at Vat19 we like to DO IT JUMBO! We filled up our custom-made giant cereal bowl with 2 MILLION cereal marshmallows and milk (as well as three grown men). It was delicious!
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  • Vat19
    Vat19  10 months ago +1257

    Would you rather be in our Giant Bowl Of Cereal Marshmallows or our Giant Dirt Cake (with pudding and World's Largest Gummy Worms)?

  • Art With Ginny
    Art With Ginny 2 minutes ago

    “There might be OTHER giant bowls of cereal out there,” omg Rhett and link are shook

    KTLA 5 NEWS 2 hours ago

    so gay

  • Emma 11
    Emma 11 3 hours ago +1

    **when your boss gets into a giant bowl of marshmallows with you**

  • The Earth is flat
    The Earth is flat 4 hours ago

    They put the milk in first
    Big mistake

  • I love you
    I love you 6 hours ago +1

    At every like, i’m gonna add a 💎.

  • evan atchison
    evan atchison 8 hours ago

    This has got to be their weirdest video yet.

  • Giulianna Tonti
    Giulianna Tonti 9 hours ago

    They should do a 24hour challenge in that

  • PatrickTube HD
    PatrickTube HD 11 hours ago


  • Zekoo
    Zekoo 11 hours ago +1

    *lucky charms wants to know your location*

  • ArnoGator YT
    ArnoGator YT 13 hours ago +1

    This video isn't making me hungry.. the exact opposite 🤢

  • Kookie Gatcha
    Kookie Gatcha 14 hours ago

    *ThErE sTucK iN mI nIpPleS!!!🤣😂*

  • Savannah Eloise
    Savannah Eloise 14 hours ago


  • Kennedy Shurnaik
    Kennedy Shurnaik 15 hours ago

    How long does it take you guys

  • Biotic Metal
    Biotic Metal 15 hours ago

    _hello_ to _who_ ever *can* -do- this

  • addmeonfriends
    addmeonfriends 23 hours ago +1

    honey I shrunk the kids scene?

  • Kookies Oppa
    Kookies Oppa 23 hours ago

    They messed up xD

  • Lena Lam
    Lena Lam 23 hours ago

    #ripcamerainbowl 😂😂😂😂

  • LegendGirl
    LegendGirl Day ago

    It's all ruined now..

  • vincent florez
    vincent florez Day ago

    hmm sweet diabetes

  • Paches Pride
    Paches Pride Day ago


  • luna lovegood wanna be

    How many boxes of marshmallows were in that bowl
    How much did all this cost

    Can I have that bowlso i can sleep in it?

  • Jaxxy
    Jaxxy Day ago

    My dream:

  • FishyTacoBoy
    FishyTacoBoy Day ago


  • Laura Jensen
    Laura Jensen Day ago

    Hey how much milk does it need

  • Lyric Schmitz
    Lyric Schmitz Day ago

    Make a giant bowl of popcorn.

  • Thomas McCleod
    Thomas McCleod Day ago

    Imagine the marshmallows are giant, but the bowl is tiny.

  • Codered1228 XD
    Codered1228 XD Day ago

    Most important meal of the day serving it up Gary’s way

  • Core Vortex
    Core Vortex Day ago

    @vat19 the dirt and worms

  • michael cunningham


  • michael cunningham

    I won't own

  • Paddy Gorman
    Paddy Gorman Day ago

    I feel so sorry

  • Bunny Cute
    Bunny Cute Day ago

    No hates

  • Sereen Ali
    Sereen Ali Day ago

    And till this day the camera is still there

  • Yeetto 17o
    Yeetto 17o Day ago

    3:59 after a party

  • FNAF XD Girl
    FNAF XD Girl 2 days ago

    why not giant marsh mallows?

  • Horrible content Maker

    99.99% of the comment sections saying “ThAts waStIng UGhh PeOpLe coUldvE EaTeN tHat”
    If you’re saying that it’s a waste, and other people could’e had some food to eat, why don’t you do something? You won’t. I won’t because i’m not saying this is a waste. I’m just saying people who comment these sorts of things obviously want other people to think it.



  • Ka Boo
    Ka Boo 2 days ago


  • NightTimeGalaxy
    NightTimeGalaxy 2 days ago

    Then who made the box

  • Rachel Ferland-Turbis
    Rachel Ferland-Turbis 2 days ago +1

    2 of ur 5 million subscribers! Can I have a like it’s my bday

  • Bella_flowers _
    Bella_flowers _ 2 days ago

    And what do you gone whit all after you are done?

  • xox Darkness55 xox fox addict


  • SuperTree 9678
    SuperTree 9678 2 days ago

    Poor camera some say its still in side

  • 긴상의 파르페는 맛좋은 파르페ᅳ

    one dish three man.

  • Isaac Janness
    Isaac Janness 3 days ago +1

    It's like they tried to make a gay porno, but forgot the porn

  • Genevieve Newell
    Genevieve Newell 3 days ago

    Wow, what a beautiful giant bowl of diabetes!😍

  • Love Is The New Hate Believe It Or Not

    i wonder what they did with the rest.

  • Life As a Kid
    Life As a Kid 3 days ago

    No no, I’m fine with the bigger size.

  • Jose Bottom
    Jose Bottom 3 days ago

    Me: wow a pool of cereal.
    African kids: 😭

  • Angi Dronen
    Angi Dronen 3 days ago

    Weird but cool

  • S/Angelina Yang
    S/Angelina Yang 3 days ago +2

    I actually hate the cereal marshmallows

    Deal with it

  • Kremit Brepit
    Kremit Brepit 3 days ago

    but where did it all go?

  • Udval Altangerel
    Udval Altangerel 3 days ago

    Ewww gross but it is fun to watch them saying help meh

  • Katherine Phelka
    Katherine Phelka 3 days ago

    I wached this whale I ate lucky chrms

  • Tien Davis
    Tien Davis 3 days ago

    3 guys chilling in marshmallows

  • Cuddley PusheenPal
    Cuddley PusheenPal 3 days ago

    Must be cold in that workshop :p

  • Cuddley PusheenPal
    Cuddley PusheenPal 3 days ago

    Must be cold in that workshop :p

  • Squidkarp
    Squidkarp 4 days ago

    *3 guys sitting in a cereal bowl a few inches apart because they might be gay!!*

  • lukas -_-
    lukas -_- 4 days ago


  • Keta Nema
    Keta Nema 4 days ago


  • Eliza wolf124395
    Eliza wolf124395 4 days ago

    Do you ship to Australia

  • ViVi 526
    ViVi 526 4 days ago

    Cereal first or milk first?

  • unstoppable gamer
    unstoppable gamer 4 days ago

    Stop world hunger

  • Pablito Cleetus
    Pablito Cleetus 4 days ago +4

    Warning may include diabetes with each cereal box

  • Jonny Glendinning
    Jonny Glendinning 4 days ago

    The amount of food and resources I’ve seen these guys waste over the years smh

  • Olivia Weir
    Olivia Weir 5 days ago

    I wish I could order their yummy stuff but I don't live in the USA😓😢😭

  • HuskyLover 33
    HuskyLover 33 5 days ago

    “I Feel Like I have some type of disease!


  • HuskyLover 33
    HuskyLover 33 5 days ago

    How about a huge bowl of puppies??

  • Cousin's And Craft's

    When I have lucky charms I mostly eat the marshmallows

  • Isabella Palowitch
    Isabella Palowitch 5 days ago

    Can u guys start making mini things

  • Roman Slyusarchuk
    Roman Slyusarchuk 5 days ago

    I love yoir produces they are so good my favorite is the marshmellow.

  • Almond Glue
    Almond Glue 5 days ago

    3:57 when your feeding your goat

  • Zarnab Habib
    Zarnab Habib 5 days ago

    they are wasting food....

  • Davids Heinrihsons
    Davids Heinrihsons 5 days ago

    Hey vat19 what did yous do with the marshmallows

  • Heidi Merry
    Heidi Merry 5 days ago

    This g

  • Karla Briones
    Karla Briones 5 days ago


  • Irene Banerjee
    Irene Banerjee 5 days ago

    Not hating but. There are people who die due to starvation and people do this for views😢.

  • Leona Bricault
    Leona Bricault 6 days ago

    Yo! How many calories are there

  • Yin Yang Night and Day

    You are what you eat

  • Bà Chín
    Bà Chín 6 days ago

    Well have fun taking a shower and taking that off your armpits😂😂

  • Thiago Lira fierro
    Thiago Lira fierro 6 days ago

    Vat 19 on the shirt

  • Lucy Vo
    Lucy Vo 6 days ago

    I live in Australia soooo...

  • Eva the roblox gamer

    I know the box is a pretty cool part of this but in my opinion if I were just making this for fun I would just buy a bunch of the marshmallows and eat them from the bag or if I had to work and make the ball in the spoon but I want to make the box because you fill them in then you’re just gonna pour them out

  • Eva the roblox gamer

    Imagine if you rub it all that boat stuff I think all over your face your face would be solid I think LOL

  • Double Trouble MUUSKA

    Can you subscribe to double trouble muuska

  • Sammy Ho
    Sammy Ho 6 days ago

    No instructions? How am I supposed to get diabetes at home?

  • IzzyEverything
    IzzyEverything 6 days ago

    The three men are having such a good time.😂

  • monika. hmb
    monika. hmb 6 days ago


  • David Boss
    David Boss 6 days ago

    i got something from ur site and it didn't deliver

  • [ Content ] [ X ] A.K.A. The 1st Ego Core fangirl

    4 words

    *Death by lotsa diabetes*

  • Michael Robins
    Michael Robins 7 days ago +2

    Black kids in Africa would satisfy their hunger just looking at all that food🤣🤣

  • Sushii
    Sushii 7 days ago


  • KyaKayNelLovesGanz Forever

    That should be a hot tub for kids

  • FeaR Lead
    FeaR Lead 7 days ago

    3 guys chillin in a cereal bowl 1 inch apart cuz they are gay

  • Reece Robinson
    Reece Robinson 7 days ago

    I love your shop I got you're cereal and glow in the dark putty

    LAURA ATONDO MEDINA 7 days ago

    *About to buy this cereal*
    *sees this vid*
    Ok then nvm

  • Angel R.
    Angel R. 7 days ago

    This video = my dream

  • Allison's Pug World
    Allison's Pug World 7 days ago +1

    Subscribe! To my BTS, ART, SKITS, COOKING, DIY, SEWING, PAINTING, OTHER RANDOM STUFF Awesome Channel sisters!!!!!

  • Ava Plays
    Ava Plays 7 days ago +1

    2:35 Is what your looking for thank me later 😎