I Tried Following a PatrickStarrr Khloe Kardashian Makeup Tutorial | MeganBatoon


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  • Ginja Ninja
    Ginja Ninja 15 hours ago

    Why does she look just like Kat Von D

  • Dieuwke Ariëns
    Dieuwke Ariëns 6 days ago

    What lip products did u use?!

  • Lucy T
    Lucy T 7 days ago

    Shes so gorg and better lookin than chloe xxx

  • isabella rose waterloo

    You trying to put your eye contacts in is so funny

  • Ydome 9
    Ydome 9 8 days ago

    8:57 me

  • Cece Burn
    Cece Burn 9 days ago

    pleeease tell me your eye is ok, bc when i got contacts the dr. highly stressed clean hands and the clean contact when shoving something like that into your eye

  • Irene Piorischin
    Irene Piorischin 11 days ago

    My names Irene

  • ThatCosplay
    ThatCosplay 15 days ago

    how are you so pretty

  • Alicia Scheld
    Alicia Scheld 15 days ago

    She looks like Kourtney at 9.09

  • Olivia Hipskind
    Olivia Hipskind 18 days ago

    ive never laughed so hard during a video and for that I thank you😂😂

    JESSICA BRAWLEY 29 days ago +1

    What is Irene’s last name?! Anybody?!

  • Shannoncbuck
    Shannoncbuck Month ago

    anyone else thinks she looks like Kat Von D when she was blonde? or is it just me

  • Kayla Shaul
    Kayla Shaul Month ago

    You look like Kat Von D with the makeup on

  • Q U E E N • N E E U Q

    You should do the following make up tutorial by just listening. That would be so much fun! 😂

  • maddie grace
    maddie grace Month ago

    “I’ve never been more excited to look like a thumb” 😂😂❤️❤️

  • Hannah B
    Hannah B Month ago

    Omg I couldn’t stop laughing. Love your personality.

  • Best Flaviu
    Best Flaviu Month ago

    I think you are better than KK we don't know how much have much fake from his body I m not a hater but no fens your beautiful come from your soul you put so much plaster to look like he to your face. You look 100x better out all that plaster :) I think you ar a younger version of Thalia :P

  • Olivia Barnes
    Olivia Barnes 2 months ago

    this is my favorite thing that ive ever seen

  • GabbyTee!
    GabbyTee! 2 months ago

    Lol this is my life in a video! 😭😭😂😂😂

  • Angela Onate
    Angela Onate 2 months ago

    does anyone know what lip liner she used in this video?!?! her lip color is gorgeous!!

  • savage unicorn 111
    savage unicorn 111 2 months ago +1

    Beautiful just really beautiful good makeup

  • Bonnie Sigler
    Bonnie Sigler 2 months ago

    I am absolutely in love with your personality!! your always so hilarious!!

  • Amber Archer
    Amber Archer 2 months ago

    She looks just like Kay Von D! With her hair back in a bun 💗😍

  • Mica lol Cayco
    Mica lol Cayco 3 months ago

    Can you do more of this cause its funny

  • Avanthe Cedillo
    Avanthe Cedillo 3 months ago

    Rule of contacts: PUT THEM ON BEFORE APPLYING MAKEUP, especially heavy caked on makeup 😂😂

  • Maria Andaya
    Maria Andaya 4 months ago

    9:07 lololol

  • David Alvarenga S.
    David Alvarenga S. 5 months ago

    Me either youre so beautiful without makeup

  • Chloe A
    Chloe A 5 months ago

    Before 3:26 I maxed out my volume 'cause I thought I heard another video playing on another browser and that "PATRICK STARRR" at 3:26 made me scream & laugh OMG lol

  • Hussain Akbary
    Hussain Akbary 5 months ago

    That was actual really good

    RAJESH KANNA 5 months ago

    I love this video! Girlllll this was so much fun 😂😂😂😂

  • Deem
    Deem 5 months ago


  • Finem ReSpice
    Finem ReSpice 5 months ago

    Those contact things got my arse cringing

  • jhommys12
    jhommys12 5 months ago

    Kat Von D

  • Joseph
    Joseph 6 months ago

    She’s so beautiful. Dam

  • Alex Fish
    Alex Fish 6 months ago

    Isn't 'foundation' on your face called your 'skin'?... :P You definitely have ADHD. (Sigh) you're awesome!

  • Nathanielle Arca
    Nathanielle Arca 6 months ago


    SUMMER 6 months ago

    I used to watch you a lot but i have been so busy with school and college and shizzz and wowww ur hair is so long now!!! I love it.

  • Disha
    Disha 6 months ago


  • Addison Reifsnider
    Addison Reifsnider 6 months ago

    Happy birthday

  • liza moreno
    liza moreno 6 months ago

    that long island accent bit was EVERYTHING.

  • Kelly Lin
    Kelly Lin 6 months ago

    Megan struggling w her contacts is me

  • Lily Kelson
    Lily Kelson 6 months ago

    The whole video :THIS IS BAD! That looks so bad. This is horrible! and then at the end. I LOOK GOOD!

  • Mmina Maclang
    Mmina Maclang 7 months ago

    I have a few wishes in life and they include Megan Batoon choreography to Kiana Valenciano's Does She Know, and also maybe a video with just a bunch of Filipino youtubers. Megan, Bretman, Patrick, Chester, a bunch of others

  • Kate Lynne Baluyot
    Kate Lynne Baluyot 7 months ago

    You are so funny for my life. I was literally dying watching you smack your face while baking. Def, going to come back for the kendall and kylie part.

  • Mica lol Cayco
    Mica lol Cayco 7 months ago

    Megan still looks pretty with or without make up

  • Flying Panda
    Flying Panda 7 months ago

    you actually look amazing holy shit

  • Melissa Telicious
    Melissa Telicious 7 months ago

    You‘ll probably never gonna read this. But I think it would be so cool if you would do a „I tried following a [...] dance tutorial“ 💃🏻😍

  • Royal Celero
    Royal Celero 7 months ago

    Isoos Kristos! I'm not a fan of make-up at all! I prefer natural product usage.

  • Lucas Nordlinger
    Lucas Nordlinger 7 months ago

    " were going to scrach are noise" its snach lol and i spelt everything wrong but idk u people so who cares like if i agree

  • Mary Michelle Liwanag
    Mary Michelle Liwanag 7 months ago

    OMG she's Filipino? I'm shook. Also, please update on Andreeew ❤

  • charlie riser
    charlie riser 7 months ago

    0:39 what's up with your eye ??

  • Sofia Cabrera Fuentes
    Sofia Cabrera Fuentes 7 months ago +2

    9:45 Sofia Vergara, is that you??!!!!

  • Cyra Gallardo
    Cyra Gallardo 7 months ago

    She made me laugh so hard, eventhough she's not even trying to

  • Renee Christine
    Renee Christine 7 months ago


  • Emily Duffer
    Emily Duffer 7 months ago

    The contact part tho 😂😂

  • Anthony Orque
    Anthony Orque 7 months ago

    Bahahaha "I look like I wear a shoelace for a belt"

  • Fayza
    Fayza 7 months ago +1

    Omg Megan you look like you had so much fun doing this and now I want to make an "I try following" video too! :D

  • Princess K
    Princess K 7 months ago +1

    She looks like the girl from bring it on

  • Person
    Person 7 months ago +1

    Can you do another hair tutorial 'cause your last one was 2 years ago?

  • KayKay Rutledge
    KayKay Rutledge 7 months ago

    I cried laughing so hard when you were putting in the contacts cause it was so relatable 😭😂

  • Shiela Francisco
    Shiela Francisco 7 months ago

    I'm a Filipina subscriber who watches a Filipina TVclipr that also supports a fellow Filipino TVclipr. ❤ Lotsa love from the Philippines, Megan Batoon and Patrick Starr!

  • Courtney
    Courtney 7 months ago +1

    Laughed so hard at “do you think you can help me?” Ily megan!

  • RaePlays
    RaePlays 7 months ago

    I love how real this is

  • joe woodchuck
    joe woodchuck 7 months ago

    I've been hearing about Kardashian for quite a while now and no one has ever said who/what a Kardashian is or does.

  • radaradaitsbob
    radaradaitsbob 7 months ago +1

    Megan putting her contacts in is me trying to live

  • Uncle Kimo
    Uncle Kimo 7 months ago

    fckn hot.

  • Britta Olson
    Britta Olson 7 months ago

    AHH YOURE THE ONE WHO GOT WITH ANDREW, SHANE DAWSON’S CAMERA MAN. I didn’t get that till like 5 minutes in

  • Katie Alvarado
    Katie Alvarado 7 months ago

    Lmfao! Your videos never fail to make me laugh! 😂😭💕

  • Ana Garrett
    Ana Garrett 7 months ago

    Freaking always having me dying Megan LOVE THIS! I also tried following a PatrickStarrr makeup tutorial and it was a total fail... go check out mine if you want :)

  • Signe
    Signe 7 months ago +2


  • MeAttemptingAtLife2
    MeAttemptingAtLife2 7 months ago


  • TheSparklingGypsy
    TheSparklingGypsy 7 months ago

    Omg !!!! Girl ! Lmfao 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Marianne Gonzalez
    Marianne Gonzalez 7 months ago

    I’m laughing so hard I’m crying

  • Leslie
    Leslie 7 months ago


  • Arissa Hopkins
    Arissa Hopkins 7 months ago

    Uh she did really good

  • isabella ramirez
    isabella ramirez 7 months ago

    why does megan kinda remind me of grace helbig

  • syn vengenz
    syn vengenz 7 months ago

    you look like an emo girl doing a emo to normal video

  • Samriddhi Kumar
    Samriddhi Kumar 7 months ago

    Oh god. My day has been made. I laughed way too much for this video. Ahhh Megan, you're hilarious!!!! I love you!! 😂😂❤❤❤

  • Kayley Balasis
    Kayley Balasis 7 months ago

    Am i the only one who thinks she looks pretty with this makeup😂

  • Marinelle Fernandez
    Marinelle Fernandez 7 months ago

    Chubby cheeks 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻😍

  • Samriddhi Kumar
    Samriddhi Kumar 7 months ago


  • Samriddhi Kumar
    Samriddhi Kumar 7 months ago

    Oh god. I can't stop laughing at the helicopter part. "Slow.. then Patrick starrrr" 😂❤

  • _ chocci
    _ chocci 7 months ago

    this was hilarious!😂

  • Adiel Alias
    Adiel Alias 7 months ago

    "Is this a gardening tool?" OMG I dieddddddd

  • Arcturus
    Arcturus 7 months ago

    *Megan trying to put in contacts*
    Me: why is she doing it like she's never put in contacts before... >_>
    *continues to watch her fail with the contacts*
    Me: ... maybe she hasn't put them in before? O_o
    Me: *puts contacts in my eyes in 2 seconds without even looking*
    Yep... I'm an OG.

  • PoeticSlum
    PoeticSlum 7 months ago

    I look like I just ate a backseat 😭 I’m dead!

  • Simply Alleeeberry
    Simply Alleeeberry 7 months ago


  • Rihna M
    Rihna M 7 months ago

    King Tutorial 😂😂😂😂

  • Kara White
    Kara White 7 months ago

    Actully REALLY good

  • Jackie C
    Jackie C 7 months ago

    I love you and the Filipina in you.

  • Elpha Gaming
    Elpha Gaming 7 months ago

    Ive laughed more in this video then in my whole life

  • Dana Guerrero
    Dana Guerrero 7 months ago

    Hows you and andrew?

  • Stasha Ledezma
    Stasha Ledezma 7 months ago

    Oh my gawd! You are hysterical! I loved every second of watching you! This was my first ever video I’ve seen. You are so funny! You need to make more makeup tutorials! Definitely subscribing!

  • Lucy Cabrera
    Lucy Cabrera 7 months ago +1

    Megan!! Will you please make a video on your Keto lifestyle! Your grocery haul, meal planning,etc.

  • lassfrooby noo
    lassfrooby noo 7 months ago

    12:22 what’s wrong with using a shoelace for a belt?? exCUSE ME i’m offended

  • alejandra palomino
    alejandra palomino 7 months ago +2

    I wonder if she’s still talking to Shane’s camera man

  • Maddie’s Exotics
    Maddie’s Exotics 7 months ago

    We need a follow up in andrewwww

  • SadieBug Hankinses
    SadieBug Hankinses 7 months ago

    You should do a Q'n'A video :)

  • Doha Hossary
    Doha Hossary 7 months ago

    Can you please post your work out routines

  • hugsfromdad
    hugsfromdad 7 months ago +2

    HELP. I took a sip of water right before she tried putting the second contact in and im now gagging cause im trying not to spew water all over my laptop but also not swallow and choke on it...