I Tried Following a PatrickStarrr Khloe Kardashian Makeup Tutorial | MeganBatoon


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  • Dolly Leiva
    Dolly Leiva 26 days ago

    “How did we get here?” Me after I eat a whole bag of chips.

  • MsMonkeymen
    MsMonkeymen Month ago

    I am dying of laughter! The contact lenses part!!! Oh my gosh. I can't breath

  • Amy Rose
    Amy Rose Month ago

    You Look Like My Childhood BRATZ Doll!!!!! XDDD

  • bradley oliver
    bradley oliver Month ago

    You did good I think you did better

  • Nikki George
    Nikki George Month ago

    I'm literally crying 😂

  • Zekum IsHere
    Zekum IsHere Month ago

    She looks like a mic of zendaya and sssniperwolf bruh

  • Julia
    Julia Month ago

    The whole thing with the contacts just made me cry laugh 😂😂😂😂

  • None Bye
    None Bye Month ago

    I laughed so hard during this omg I snorted, Megan you are great

    VINES ARE BACK 2 months ago

    As someone who wears contacts this was really painful to watch

  • Kermit the Frog
    Kermit the Frog 2 months ago

    You don’t even look like Megan anymore you look lik sssniperwolf

  • Kermit the Frog
    Kermit the Frog 2 months ago

    Omg I was sad that this good video idea was by buzzfeed AND THEN I SAW MY QUEEN MEGAN AND I WAS LIKE AYYYYYYY 🥰😹😂🤠🤠

  • Chloe Caine
    Chloe Caine 2 months ago

    Drink every time megan says "shimmer" 🤣🤣

  • Joi Barnes
    Joi Barnes 2 months ago

    "Is this a gardening tool? "

  • Ginja Ninja
    Ginja Ninja 2 months ago

    Why does she look just like Kat Von D

  • Dieuwke Ariëns
    Dieuwke Ariëns 3 months ago

    What lip products did u use?!

  • Lucy T
    Lucy T 3 months ago

    Shes so gorg and better lookin than chloe xxx

  • isabella rose waterloo
    isabella rose waterloo 3 months ago

    You trying to put your eye contacts in is so funny

  • Ydome 9
    Ydome 9 3 months ago

    8:57 me

  • Cece Burn
    Cece Burn 3 months ago

    pleeease tell me your eye is ok, bc when i got contacts the dr. highly stressed clean hands and the clean contact when shoving something like that into your eye

  • Irene Piorischin
    Irene Piorischin 3 months ago

    My names Irene

  • ThatCosplay
    ThatCosplay 3 months ago

    how are you so pretty

  • Alicia Scheld
    Alicia Scheld 3 months ago

    She looks like Kourtney at 9.09

  • Olivia Hipskind
    Olivia Hipskind 3 months ago

    ive never laughed so hard during a video and for that I thank you😂😂

    JESSICA BRAWLEY 3 months ago +1

    What is Irene’s last name?! Anybody?!

  • Shannoncbuck
    Shannoncbuck 4 months ago

    anyone else thinks she looks like Kat Von D when she was blonde? or is it just me

  • Kayla Shaul
    Kayla Shaul 4 months ago

    You look like Kat Von D with the makeup on

  • Q U E E N • N E E U Q

    You should do the following make up tutorial by just listening. That would be so much fun! 😂

  • maddie grace
    maddie grace 4 months ago

    “I’ve never been more excited to look like a thumb” 😂😂❤️❤️

  • Hayy Jayy
    Hayy Jayy 4 months ago

    Omg I couldn’t stop laughing. Love your personality.

  • Best Flaviu
    Best Flaviu 4 months ago

    I think you are better than KK we don't know how much have much fake from his body I m not a hater but no fens your beautiful come from your soul you put so much plaster to look like he to your face. You look 100x better out all that plaster :) I think you ar a younger version of Thalia :P

  • Olivia Barnes
    Olivia Barnes 4 months ago

    this is my favorite thing that ive ever seen

  • ItsGabbyTee!
    ItsGabbyTee! 5 months ago

    Lol this is my life in a video! 😭😭😂😂😂

  • Angela Onate
    Angela Onate 5 months ago

    does anyone know what lip liner she used in this video?!?! her lip color is gorgeous!!

  • savage unicorn 111
    savage unicorn 111 5 months ago +1

    Beautiful just really beautiful good makeup

  • Bonnie Sigler
    Bonnie Sigler 5 months ago

    I am absolutely in love with your personality!! your always so hilarious!!

  • Amber Archer
    Amber Archer 5 months ago

    She looks just like Kay Von D! With her hair back in a bun 💗😍

  • Mica lol Cayco
    Mica lol Cayco 6 months ago

    Can you do more of this cause its funny

  • Avanthe Cedillo
    Avanthe Cedillo 6 months ago

    Rule of contacts: PUT THEM ON BEFORE APPLYING MAKEUP, especially heavy caked on makeup 😂😂

  • Maria Andaya
    Maria Andaya 7 months ago

    9:07 lololol

  • David Alvarenga S.
    David Alvarenga S. 8 months ago

    Me either youre so beautiful without makeup

  • Chloe A
    Chloe A 8 months ago

    Before 3:26 I maxed out my volume 'cause I thought I heard another video playing on another browser and that "PATRICK STARRR" at 3:26 made me scream & laugh OMG lol

  • Hussain Akbary
    Hussain Akbary 8 months ago

    That was actual really good

    RAJESH KANNA 8 months ago

    I love this video! Girlllll this was so much fun 😂😂😂😂

  • Deem
    Deem 8 months ago


  • Finem ReSpice
    Finem ReSpice 8 months ago

    Those contact things got my arse cringing

  • jhommys12
    jhommys12 8 months ago

    Kat Von D

  • Joseph
    Joseph 9 months ago

    She’s so beautiful. Dam

  • Alex Fish
    Alex Fish 9 months ago

    Isn't 'foundation' on your face called your 'skin'?... :P You definitely have ADHD. (Sigh) you're awesome!

  • Nathanielle Arca
    Nathanielle Arca 9 months ago


    SUMMER 9 months ago

    I used to watch you a lot but i have been so busy with school and college and shizzz and wowww ur hair is so long now!!! I love it.

  • Disha
    Disha 9 months ago


  • Addison Reifsnider
    Addison Reifsnider 9 months ago

    Happy birthday

  • liza moreno
    liza moreno 9 months ago

    that long island accent bit was EVERYTHING.

  • Kelly Lin
    Kelly Lin 9 months ago

    Megan struggling w her contacts is me

  • Lily Kelson
    Lily Kelson 9 months ago

    The whole video :THIS IS BAD! That looks so bad. This is horrible! and then at the end. I LOOK GOOD!

  • Mmina Maclang
    Mmina Maclang 10 months ago

    I have a few wishes in life and they include Megan Batoon choreography to Kiana Valenciano's Does She Know, and also maybe a video with just a bunch of Filipino youtubers. Megan, Bretman, Patrick, Chester, a bunch of others

  • Kate Lynne Baluyot
    Kate Lynne Baluyot 10 months ago

    You are so funny for my life. I was literally dying watching you smack your face while baking. Def, going to come back for the kendall and kylie part.

  • Mica lol Cayco
    Mica lol Cayco 10 months ago

    Megan still looks pretty with or without make up

  • Sarah Dunn
    Sarah Dunn 10 months ago

    you actually look amazing holy shit

  • Melissa Telicious
    Melissa Telicious 10 months ago

    You‘ll probably never gonna read this. But I think it would be so cool if you would do a „I tried following a [...] dance tutorial“ 💃🏻😍

  • Royal Celero
    Royal Celero 10 months ago

    Isoos Kristos! I'm not a fan of make-up at all! I prefer natural product usage.

  • Lucas Nordlinger
    Lucas Nordlinger 10 months ago

    " were going to scrach are noise" its snach lol and i spelt everything wrong but idk u people so who cares like if i agree

  • Mary Michelle Liwanag
    Mary Michelle Liwanag 10 months ago

    OMG she's Filipino? I'm shook. Also, please update on Andreeew ❤

  • charlie riser
    charlie riser 10 months ago

    0:39 what's up with your eye ??

  • Sofia Cabrera Fuentes
    Sofia Cabrera Fuentes 10 months ago +2

    9:45 Sofia Vergara, is that you??!!!!

  • Cyra Gallardo
    Cyra Gallardo 10 months ago

    She made me laugh so hard, eventhough she's not even trying to

  • Renee Christine
    Renee Christine 10 months ago


  • Emily Duffer
    Emily Duffer 10 months ago

    The contact part tho 😂😂

  • Anthony Orque
    Anthony Orque 10 months ago

    Bahahaha "I look like I wear a shoelace for a belt"

  • Fayza
    Fayza 10 months ago +1

    Omg Megan you look like you had so much fun doing this and now I want to make an "I try following" video too! :D

  • Princess K
    Princess K 10 months ago +1

    She looks like the girl from bring it on

  • Person
    Person 10 months ago +1

    Can you do another hair tutorial 'cause your last one was 2 years ago?

  • KayKay Rutledge
    KayKay Rutledge 10 months ago

    I cried laughing so hard when you were putting in the contacts cause it was so relatable 😭😂

  • Shiela Francisco
    Shiela Francisco 10 months ago

    I'm a Filipina subscriber who watches a Filipina TVclipr that also supports a fellow Filipino TVclipr. ❤ Lotsa love from the Philippines, Megan Batoon and Patrick Starr!

  • Courtney
    Courtney 10 months ago +1

    Laughed so hard at “do you think you can help me?” Ily megan!

  • RaePlays
    RaePlays 10 months ago

    I love how real this is

  • joe woodchuck
    joe woodchuck 10 months ago

    I've been hearing about Kardashian for quite a while now and no one has ever said who/what a Kardashian is or does.

  • radaradaitsbob
    radaradaitsbob 10 months ago +1

    Megan putting her contacts in is me trying to live

  • Uncle Kimo
    Uncle Kimo 10 months ago

    fckn hot.

  • Britta Olson
    Britta Olson 10 months ago

    AHH YOURE THE ONE WHO GOT WITH ANDREW, SHANE DAWSON’S CAMERA MAN. I didn’t get that till like 5 minutes in

  • Katie Alvarado
    Katie Alvarado 10 months ago

    Lmfao! Your videos never fail to make me laugh! 😂😭💕

  • Ana Garrett
    Ana Garrett 10 months ago

    Freaking always having me dying Megan LOVE THIS! I also tried following a PatrickStarrr makeup tutorial and it was a total fail... go check out mine if you want :)

  • Signe
    Signe 10 months ago +2


  • MeAttemptingAtLife2
    MeAttemptingAtLife2 10 months ago


  • TheSparklingGypsy
    TheSparklingGypsy 10 months ago

    Omg !!!! Girl ! Lmfao 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Marianne Gonzalez
    Marianne Gonzalez 10 months ago

    I’m laughing so hard I’m crying

  • Leslie
    Leslie 10 months ago


  • Arissa Hopkins
    Arissa Hopkins 10 months ago

    Uh she did really good

  • isaballer
    isaballer 10 months ago

    why does megan kinda remind me of grace helbig

  • syn vengenz
    syn vengenz 10 months ago

    you look like an emo girl doing a emo to normal video

  • Samriddhi Kumar
    Samriddhi Kumar 10 months ago

    Oh god. My day has been made. I laughed way too much for this video. Ahhh Megan, you're hilarious!!!! I love you!! 😂😂❤❤❤

  • Kayley Balasis
    Kayley Balasis 10 months ago

    Am i the only one who thinks she looks pretty with this makeup😂

  • Marinelle Fernandez
    Marinelle Fernandez 10 months ago

    Chubby cheeks 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻😍

  • Samriddhi Kumar
    Samriddhi Kumar 10 months ago


  • Samriddhi Kumar
    Samriddhi Kumar 10 months ago

    Oh god. I can't stop laughing at the helicopter part. "Slow.. then Patrick starrrr" 😂❤

  • _ chocci
    _ chocci 10 months ago

    this was hilarious!😂

  • Adiel Alias
    Adiel Alias 10 months ago

    "Is this a gardening tool?" OMG I dieddddddd

    PCY BBH 10 months ago

    *Megan trying to put in contacts*
    Me: why is she doing it like she's never put in contacts before... >_>
    *continues to watch her fail with the contacts*
    Me: ... maybe she hasn't put them in before? O_o
    Me: *puts contacts in my eyes in 2 seconds without even looking*
    Yep... I'm an OG.

  • PoeticSlum
    PoeticSlum 10 months ago

    I look like I just ate a backseat 😭 I’m dead!

  • Simply Alleeeberry
    Simply Alleeeberry 10 months ago