'You don't want the circus!' - Rex Ryan reacts to Colin Kaepernick's private workout | Get Up

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
  • Chris Mortensen explains what Colin Kaepernick's private workout means for his potential return to the NFL, then Damien Woody and Rex Ryan discuss whether Kaepernick should be signed by an NFL team.
    #GetUp #NFL
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Comments • 2 706

  • Robert McClurg
    Robert McClurg 6 days ago

    Why doses this joker even get air time??? Asking for a friend LOL!!!

  • cock blocker
    cock blocker 19 days ago +1

    kap sucks! He should take aknee....to the groin....permanently.

  • Charles Morey
    Charles Morey 27 days ago

    Why doesn't kaperdick just go play in Canada no one wants him here for football or anything

  • Jon Kline
    Jon Kline 29 days ago

    It’s all about Collin ! This has nothing to do with playing football again!

  • Billy Hill
    Billy Hill Month ago

    he doesn't have a job is cuz he's not good enough he was a f****** third string quarterback she's got demoted the third string behind Brian Hoyer because he lost 10 and 11 games it wasn't because it took a f****** knee I'm tired of hearing that he's not good enough

  • MySean Miller
    MySean Miller Month ago

    Circus... they already white balled him from the league lol. They don't want him playing in the nfl.

  • TheSSUltimateGoku
    TheSSUltimateGoku Month ago

    Rex Ryan knows this best he had Tim Tebow as a back up...

  • Paradigm Shift TV
    Paradigm Shift TV Month ago

    Rex is a racist and so is everyone else in the comments bashing him

  • takforce06
    takforce06 Month ago

    Thumbnail of my two favorite people. 👎 NOT 👎

  • Indrid Cold
    Indrid Cold Month ago

    The poor victim that never was will likely say it is racism why he is not playing. He was nothing but a bench warmer riding the bench through game after game, anyway. He was never good.

  • roger mueller
    roger mueller Month ago

    Hey Kaepernick...shut the f...up and throw the ball.

  • PAS S
    PAS S Month ago

    Listen sport should be a sport, not a circus. I don't think any NFL teams want media exposure that may distract the team plan especially going into 2020. CK is becoming a political arena that should be taken out of sports. If he wants to make a statement then let that be a political platform. Sports and politics don't mix and I'm sure the fans don't want that either. In my opinion, he's done and I said this before. He made is bed then let him sleep on it.

  • Brian Maves
    Brian Maves Month ago

    Why is the NFL running from me. Why don't they give me a workout. I think they are discriminating against me because I'm 59 and in a wheelchair. I've been waiting since kindergarten and if they don't sign me then I want my contract with Nike. Besides have you ever seen what damage a motorized wheelchair can do to an offensive lineman.

  • Larry Banks
    Larry Banks Month ago

    Kaepernick getting exactually what he deserves..... nothing

  • wayne derby
    wayne derby Month ago


  • R Presley
    R Presley Month ago

    Thanks to the NFL for doing the right thing. Colin maybe Iran will start a League...

  • Rodney Allen
    Rodney Allen Month ago +2

    If it wasn’t for him getting on his knees nobody would know who he is.

  • Howard Levner
    Howard Levner Month ago

    In pro sports if you produce you play, politics does not matter, race does not matter, if you are a nice guy does not matter, produce you play end of story...…….

  • Abyxis
    Abyxis Month ago

    No. He isn’t worth it.
    He’s a backup, and he’d be a great backup.
    However like Rex Ryan said you don’t want a backup that’s
    A. Wants starter money
    B. Dosent really want to be a backup and won’t be happy with it and will just call you racist if he dosent start
    C. Will bring a media shitstorm with him

  • James Thompson
    James Thompson Month ago

    The last thing he wants is to play football.

  • bubba watson
    bubba watson Month ago

    They brainwashed him with paper in stacks. Sold soul.

  • Richard Head111
    Richard Head111 Month ago

    If Bozo the clown gets back in the NFL I will never watch another game again and I’m not the minority on this one.

  • Alonzo Wade
    Alonzo Wade Month ago

    We all know him not having a job has nothing to do with playing football 😏

  • Greg Austin
    Greg Austin Month ago

    Rex is 100% spot on!! And u could tell the woman host tried to spin it to a negative on the nfl which is bull!! The other man had a great point making plain, kaperdick had a shot and he spit at it!

  • Ron Baker
    Ron Baker Month ago

    Conduct Unbecoming of a professional athlete. Every NFL' er signs it. He has broken his agreement- hence his contract is null and void. He should've been fired on the spot. Get lost- and we will think on you no more

  • Attilio De Moliner
    Attilio De Moliner Month ago

    We ahve nothing to hide? Are there more than one of these .....s?

  • Jakabok Botch
    Jakabok Botch Month ago

    @4:35 I like how she uses the word “pundits” in order to avoid saying “we”. Typical media...always refusing blame.

  • Brandon 203
    Brandon 203 Month ago

    Definitely should of cut the hair prior to the workout

  • Ed Mendoza
    Ed Mendoza Month ago

    He listened and paid attention to the folks that got him into the NFL by working hard.........thennnnnnn he's now got the wrong people talking in his ears. It's so obvious. It's like someone who tells a lie over and over until he believes it's true. He's too far committed to the lie. Sad

  • Pinger Lock
    Pinger Lock Month ago

    Collin Cancer needs to go away!! The NFL does not want him.

  • Buddha Belly
    Buddha Belly Month ago

    I support Colin coming back to the NFL when he wears his “Toby” t-shirt.

  • Robert Neely
    Robert Neely Month ago

    dont show up to a job interview with a tshirt comparing yourself to a slave.... I don't think Colin actually knows what a slave is, he keeps calling himself one but he hasn't had a job in 3 years.

  • phyllis johnson
    phyllis johnson Month ago

    I'm sure JayZ arranged this for him and he didn't appreciate it. Now he can pursue his new career as a civil rights leader.

  • Russell Miller
    Russell Miller Month ago

    The NFL is racist.May I please have my job back? Anybody?

  • Maurice Jones
    Maurice Jones Month ago

    Hue Jackson a well known NFL coach? Someone with one of the worst NFL records in history who also seemed to find out he was the workout coach on Social Media.
    This coach said he would not want the circus but I bet he never said.that about the White player who was a racist and retired then brought back to a team ful of Black players.
    We also see why the NFL is not like the NBA because of how people who have jobs afterward that relies on NFL seem to say you just have to.shut up and play. That it is unrealistic to want to be free. They have view it is not their league but.the owners league, no wonder they take what they take from them and the NBA players are deciding their futures.

  • Pete McCormick
    Pete McCormick Month ago

    Maybe he can get a job with Nadler and Shiff for brains on Capital Hill with that circus. They all hate this country along with kapp.

  • Mike
    Mike Month ago

    Duck Colin

  • Dave Steelss
    Dave Steelss Month ago

    A good example Dennis Rodman. He was a circus and a pain to coach BUT he got you 20 def rebounds a night.
    What can Kaepernick guArantee?

  • Gary McIntire
    Gary McIntire Month ago

    Racist black man begging for attention. Who wants that on their team? The NFL needs to stand up to racist not cater to them.

  • Don Diego Vega
    Don Diego Vega Month ago +1

    A “work out! “ lol. Crazy. Spoiled rich kid believes that he is entitled to being an NFL player.

  • caddydaddy 67
    caddydaddy 67 Month ago

    He had 24 employers offer a job just show up here and we'll interview he declined the offer game over plain and simple i hope they never offer again

  • 99percentrslaves
    99percentrslaves Month ago

    Kancerknick is definitely a cancer to any team who is ignorant enough to pick him up

  • Jake Ellis
    Jake Ellis Month ago

    Crapnick watched to much Ballers, trying get to be relevant.

  • Paul Mitchell
    Paul Mitchell Month ago

    Sorry Chris little Colon Kraperdick just isn't good and his little tryout video he looked out of shape and not NFL caliber...

  • Wallace Mulls
    Wallace Mulls Month ago

    Colin is nothing more than a second rate QB!

  • Jules Winnfield
    Jules Winnfield Month ago

    2:18 Lady host seems to be a Crapondick fangirl?! She looks like she bit on a lemon all the time. She can't even look the guy in the eyes...

  • Just and Ordinary Joe

    He needs more publicity for Niki so they can sell their over price made in china sneakers 👟

  • Upside
    Upside Month ago

    It's a simple question none of you grown men can answer is he a funny guy or a snob.

  • Alan T
    Alan T Month ago

    “But resist we much, we must and we will much about that be committed.”

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User Month ago

    Eric Reid was protesting with Kaepernick and he has been vocal alongside Kaepernick yet he has a job in the NFL. NFL teams aren't willing to take on a media circus that also is a mediocre at best player just to appease some easily offended SJWs

  • Bob Symonds
    Bob Symonds Month ago

    He is the exact thing he preaches against. He is a true racist. No talent garbage.

  • YoBro
    YoBro Month ago

    This all goes back to slavery. CK wants to sign up for slavery and then buy the plantation. Sell t-shirts. Bang white girls. Pay child support. Dream up PR stunts. Grow a bigger bush on his head. Just because he isn't very black gives him the right to talk about oppression of blacks, but leave out all the attacks on whites, (like the white baby thrown off the mall second floor). CK is very intelligent, and that's why he is first string QB on the Patriots.

  • Abdulla Abu-Zayed
    Abdulla Abu-Zayed Month ago

    I was hoping he would get back in the NFL to prove himself but after that stunt he doesn’t deserve to be back

  • Matthew Burke
    Matthew Burke Month ago

    Kaepernick's next conference "I've been ready for 10 years. I've been denied for 10 years. We've got nothing to hide."

  • Mr. Clark
    Mr. Clark Month ago

    Thank you
    Life has never fair and nevr will be

  • D15c0nn3ct
    D15c0nn3ct Month ago

    Call it what it is.
    A football player trying to be a politician.
    Colin(direct quote): *This time I won’t be standing or kneeling. This time I will be taking action*

  • Sean Williams
    Sean Williams Month ago

    Poor Kunta even the former slave masters don’t want him back on the so called NFL plantation 🤣🤣🤣.

  • Sean Williams
    Sean Williams Month ago +1

    I thought former slaves runaway from plantations not to them 😂😂😂😂😂.

  • Banjo Miner
    Banjo Miner Month ago

    Kap is a f@g.I hope he needs the pokice one day..they show up remember his socks and walk away..

  • Michae Butler
    Michae Butler Month ago

    im glad the NFL has taken a pass on colin,,