Why Do Wisdom Teeth Suck?

  • Published on Oct 14, 2018
  • Every year, 5 million Americans have their wisdom teeth removed. These pesky molars can cause infections tooth decay, and even tumors. The problem? Wisdom teeth often can’t fit in our mouths. But that wasn’t always the case. Early human ancestors used these teeth to grind up tough, uncooked food.
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    Why Do Wisdom Teeth Suck?
    Following is a transcript of the video:
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  • Bubblelene Lene
    Bubblelene Lene 5 hours ago

    I’m just 12 and I am growing it now 😭 I just realised...while eating eggs... it’s halfly grown...but I only grown in around 14 tooths...this ain’t gonna end well, I know...

  • The Splatoon gamer
    The Splatoon gamer 17 hours ago

    I can remove it free

  • The Splatoon gamer
    The Splatoon gamer 17 hours ago

    It does not cost 3 billion... Wtf

  • Sahal reviews Something

    0:48 that jawline

  • Himm
    Himm 19 hours ago

    Didn't develop about 5 of my other teeth, but at least I have wisdom teeth to fill in the gaps.

    KITTYPUP Day ago


  • RabuHina
    RabuHina Day ago

    I still got my wisdom teeth. Never had a need to get them taken out :D

  • Josh Gaming
    Josh Gaming Day ago


  • Jacksepticeye Jr
    Jacksepticeye Jr Day ago +1

    I got my wisdom teeth at 12?))

  • Rainbow Cloud
    Rainbow Cloud Day ago

    when my wisdom grow I have space for them

  • Sub To PewdiePie

    i don’t have any wisdom for teeth

  • Weekly- Potato
    Weekly- Potato Day ago

    My mom have them all xD

  • kitty czeska
    kitty czeska 2 days ago

    Im 9 and i already have wisdom teeth. How did this happend already???!?!?!

  • You are next Lol
    You are next Lol 2 days ago

    They really S U C

  • Cooper Scott
    Cooper Scott 2 days ago

    They make the wisdom teeth look so mean that it seems it’s a good thing they are rotting

  • Amy lazri
    Amy lazri 2 days ago

    uh so i’m one of the 38% of people with no wisdom teeth?

  • LämbÖ'sÄrt
    LämbÖ'sÄrt 2 days ago

    Who the fck invented Cooking? I wanna Beat him or her up

  • _DamnItzme _
    _DamnItzme _ 3 days ago

    Who else cane here their wisdom teeth started to grow

  • Five minutes at Golden Freddy’s

    i have allot of wisdom teeth and i am 10

  • Vincent Valenzuela
    Vincent Valenzuela 4 days ago


  • Abigail Delgado
    Abigail Delgado 4 days ago

    If you grow them early (If thats possible) do they pose a threat?

  • Ace Gamer142
    Ace Gamer142 4 days ago

    Mine barely started coming out and im 20. Just the top ones for now.

  • Lime Diamond
    Lime Diamond 4 days ago

    Am I the only one who feels bad for the back molars?

  • Kingブランドン
    Kingブランドン 4 days ago

    If you can't brush them they're useless, but genes are stupid af~

  • DerpyDoesLyrics
    DerpyDoesLyrics 5 days ago

    Damm I'm really healthy

  • NickTheGoldGamer
    NickTheGoldGamer 5 days ago

    I’m lucky that my teeth have big spaces between them. My dentist said that my wisdom teeth will fit and my teeth will be back together

  • Serbia ball
    Serbia ball 5 days ago +1

    0:27 DAMN SHE'S VERY *THICC*!!!!

  • jackkk 36
    jackkk 36 6 days ago

    I'm only 14, this is scaring me....

  • Daniel Neufeld
    Daniel Neufeld 6 days ago

    Wisdom teeth grow due to puberty. When you're a teenager, your body changes, your mouth changes too. Wisdom teeth grow at the near end of puberty. I am 12 years old and I lost 13 teeth. My second molars won't grow until I lose my remaining 7 baby teeth. I will most likely get my wisdom teeth when I'm a high school senior, I predict.

  • Alexander Carrillo
    Alexander Carrillo 6 days ago

    Didn't really answer how you can get a tumor from a wisdom tooth

  • nya-coolbeans
    nya-coolbeans 7 days ago

    I’m nine and I got my wisdom teach when i was five

  • Glitchxed Fix
    Glitchxed Fix 7 days ago

    It sucks because they landed me in the hospital for a few days

  • and.elvin henriquez#2

    I have one but I'm 10 years old

  • Mr mackerel Fishy
    Mr mackerel Fishy 7 days ago +1

    And that my friends is why we have JAWBREAKERS

  • Pippin Lacey
    Pippin Lacey 8 days ago +1

    I’ve had all four wisdom teeth since I was eleven 😂🦷

  • TheDragonfriday
    TheDragonfriday 8 days ago

    I got wisdom teeth just got it been biting my gums all day whenever I chew.

  • Jelly_Linn Plays
    Jelly_Linn Plays 8 days ago

    My wisdom teeth have grown and im only 9 years old and i dont have the teeth on my lower half near le wisdpm teeths

  • teamrandom21
    teamrandom21 8 days ago

    Trust me I wish I was the 38 percent that didn’t need that damn thing to get removed

  • Sans
    Sans 8 days ago

    So i need to die if there is wisdom teeth

  • Ong Joey
    Ong Joey 9 days ago

    I have two wisdom at the age of 11 that's weird n they never cause me any problem

  • Mr Mister
    Mr Mister 9 days ago

    How come we even have wisdom teeth if they hurt

  • qwecy appiah junior
    qwecy appiah junior 9 days ago

    why do they *S U C C*

  • Princess Ally
    Princess Ally 9 days ago

    That 13 yo boy though his teeth are ugly

  • proto pc
    proto pc 10 days ago

    How much does wisdom teeth removal cost???

  • Gaming Monster
    Gaming Monster 10 days ago

    The club should have been called "Mouth"

  • Johnny Brisk
    Johnny Brisk 10 days ago

    What is wisdom teeth

  • Yuyo !
    Yuyo ! 10 days ago

    Does it hurt?

  • SinonMiqote
    SinonMiqote 11 days ago

    Mine came in when I was between 19 and 21. I had them removed when I turned 22 because yep, they came in at odd angles and one even impacted itself. Was put to sleep in one room and woke up in another room with a mouth ful of gauze. I went back to normal life after 48 hrs.

  • AwesomeSpartanViking300

    Had to get one of mine surgically removed.

  • Amir Danish
    Amir Danish 11 days ago

    Is wisdom teeth happen to everyone????

  • Brielle Horton
    Brielle Horton 12 days ago

    They worst part is when your still in horrendous pain and the insurance won't cover it until it's bad enough.

  • Karen Mermaid
    Karen Mermaid 12 days ago +1

    I'm 10 my wisdom teeth is growing I'm scared...

  • Saad Ali
    Saad Ali 12 days ago

    my all 4 wisdom teeth exist and they grew all together and never gave me any infection or pain

  • Andrew Tiono
    Andrew Tiono 12 days ago

    2:16 wow that tooth went flying

  • Ivana Wiratma
    Ivana Wiratma 13 days ago

    Is everyone here gonna hate me if i say that i NEVER had problems with my teeth?😁 i have no idea what tootaches feel like 🤣😂😂 i'm sorry 🙌🏽

  • Mia's world
    Mia's world 13 days ago

    I'm nine years old and I need braces

  • Some1Random
    Some1Random 13 days ago

    Does everyone get wisdom teeth

  • Thearticfox Kingfox
    Thearticfox Kingfox 13 days ago +1

    Idc about all of that I Hate! When they inject u with num and I freaking hate it

  • blveberry
    blveberry 13 days ago

    I'm pretty sure they bite.

  • Da Ghostly Warrior
    Da Ghostly Warrior 13 days ago

    I am wearing my braces right now and I am getting my braces off soon and I brush my teeth does that mean I make more room in my mouth for my wisdom teeth to grow and if I grow I grow mine


    PERSON 13 days ago

    I got a dental add during this video....

  • Chef_jeff_gaming 2006
    Chef_jeff_gaming 2006 13 days ago

    I’ve already had my wisdom teeth grow in when I was 11 (I’m 12) and nobody believed me but their fully grown in now

    • What
      What 12 days ago

      I think you got your 12 year molars. Wisdom teeth can never fully grow in because they are angled. I got my 12 year Molars when I was 11 too. Your wisdom teeth start growing after 15 (some cases 14) But never have I heard 11. Check how many teeth you have, If you have 28, You dont have your wisdom teeth yet. If you have 32, Then you have wisdom teeth sir. But I highly doubt you do. ✌

  • Aiyhmin Xin Ngo
    Aiyhmin Xin Ngo 13 days ago

    Hey it looks like i have 1 left tooth i removing it and it start growing thanks goodnes i have a broken teeth

  • When mom doesnt find poop sock

    I kept my wisdom teeth for 365 days..

    This is what happened to my mouth.

  • Sofia Castro
    Sofia Castro 14 days ago

    do asians have wisdom teeth

  • Edna Bitara
    Edna Bitara 14 days ago

    When i heard of wisdom teeth for the first time i thought it was wizard related

  • Akbar Mukanbetov
    Akbar Mukanbetov 14 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who got a wisdom tooth ad before the vid started?

    MOBILE GAMER 15 days ago

    I do prefer eat raw meat than wisdom teeth

  • victoria the gacha
    victoria the gacha 15 days ago +1

    Welp now I'm brushing my teeth everyday...

    OIGARA ALEX 15 days ago

    Evolution?... Why evolve to have a sick world, with uncertain life?...I would rather say adaptation... Our world is messed up because we are rebellious beings that doesn't obey the creator...

  • victory hunters in the case

    My wisdom tooth is fine lol

  • VASILIS Tsalikis
    VASILIS Tsalikis 15 days ago

    Cuz she picked tracer

  • chris Ez
    chris Ez 15 days ago

    The beast from split has his wisdom teeth

  • Elisha Golez
    Elisha Golez 15 days ago

    Im so lucky becuz my wisdom teeth grow like a normal tooth😇

  • Au xit
    Au xit 16 days ago

    When i was 9 why did i get a wisdom tooth?

  • Mr GaMiNg
    Mr GaMiNg 16 days ago


  • FreeFire #
    FreeFire # 16 days ago

    Im 11 and i am growing my wisdow teeth...

  • jc Aguilar
    jc Aguilar 16 days ago

    When the narrator say wisdom teeth grow at the age of 16
    I got mine on the right side at the age of 13 I am so early the 16 and wisdom teeth are really fain full coz it's hard to eat to, open you're mouth and to talk.....

  • Purple Crystals
    Purple Crystals 17 days ago

    Some are small but they still suck

  • Aida
    Aida 17 days ago

    I am almost 19 and there is still no sign of my wisdom teeth coming through, however my dentist said that I did have them since the age of 17 but they still didn’t come through so I am scared

  • Ella Bella
    Ella Bella 17 days ago

    I have an extra teeth it's behind my permanent teeth

  • Ella Bella
    Ella Bella 17 days ago

    Oh really? I'm 8 and my permanent Theeth grew NOW

  • KenIs Nooby
    KenIs Nooby 17 days ago

    I got a wisdom teeth ad

  • xX Crockpot Xx
    xX Crockpot Xx 17 days ago

    I’m 12 and I have all my teeth
    Even my wisdom ones
    And there grew in the best spots ever XD
    So it’s a non threat to me

    • xX Crockpot Xx
      xX Crockpot Xx 12 days ago

      Um I got those at like 11
      I know it’s wisdom to cuz my dentist even said something like dat

    • Jimmy
      Jimmy 12 days ago

      Twelve years old is usually the time where your 2nd molars come in. Are you sure, do you have 12 molars?

  • Teeth X
    Teeth X 17 days ago

    One of mine are growing

  • Cool Bro Thorogood
    Cool Bro Thorogood 17 days ago

    I got my wisdom teeth out

    o wait wrong channel

  • jose segura
    jose segura 17 days ago

    I got a wisdom Teeth ad before this

  • Markysss Channel
    Markysss Channel 18 days ago

    That Dentist is so PRO It Just Pull The Wisdom Tooth

  • a. kasyifah_ cahya_nabila

    This is weird but i am 9 almost 10 years old and i already have grown my wisdom teeth

  • The Triggered froggo
    The Triggered froggo 18 days ago +2

    I got a wisdom teeth removal add befor this XD

  • B Tab
    B Tab 18 days ago +2

    Did you people see how hard that dentist pulled it out .common

  • Ashleigh Milosevich
    Ashleigh Milosevich 18 days ago

    I never got wisdom teeth😁

  • PokémonGoLiker
    PokémonGoLiker 18 days ago

    I just got a wisdom teeth ad! How ironic

  • Xx_ CookieKatz _xX
    Xx_ CookieKatz _xX 18 days ago +3

    I got a wisdom teeth ad when I clicked on this video

  • Lola Dev
    Lola Dev 18 days ago

    Add about wisdom teeth played before the video played 😂

  • Mobile Myth
    Mobile Myth 18 days ago +1

    I’m 10 and my wisdom teeth are growing in right now!

  • yeet god
    yeet god 18 days ago


  • Elimitity
    Elimitity 18 days ago


  • Flora
    Flora 18 days ago

    Why did I get a ad about wisdom teeth.................

  • Teris
    Teris 18 days ago

    Im 13 years old and i already got wisdom teeth