Why Do Wisdom Teeth Suck?

  • Published on Oct 14, 2018
  • Every year, 5 million Americans have their wisdom teeth removed. These pesky molars can cause infections tooth decay, and even tumors. The problem? Wisdom teeth often can’t fit in our mouths. But that wasn’t always the case. Early human ancestors used these teeth to grind up tough, uncooked food.
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    Why Do Wisdom Teeth Suck?
    Following is a transcript of the video:
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Comments • 2 916

  • Oreo Kitten 33
    Oreo Kitten 33 34 minutes ago

    Im pretty sure you only get them if removed if your very unhealthy...

  • Betzabe Velarojas
    Betzabe Velarojas 4 hours ago

    2: 18 Not to be nasty but it looks wrong why u ask because look like she is sitting on him.

  • xx r e d r o s e xx
    xx r e d r o s e xx 13 hours ago +1

    Im one of the 38% of people who dont develop wisdom teeth ....

  • ๛Altaïr Sapphire๛
    ๛Altaïr Sapphire๛ 13 hours ago

    *I'm 17 I Have 3 Wisdom Teeth And I Didn't Feel Anything When They Came Out...I Now Have Healthy Extra Teeth To Eat Carrots With*

  • bubble soda
    bubble soda 14 hours ago

    This was posted on my bday

  • Visal Aing
    Visal Aing Day ago

    Im 15 and all my wisdom teeth had grown since im 14

  • Rocker Squad
    Rocker Squad Day ago

    bruhh got my wisdom theeth came out no pain now

  • TGL PlayZ
    TGL PlayZ Day ago

    I would rather remove my wisdom teeth and live through pain for at most 4 days after he procedure then just sit there in anxiety and not knowing what to do and also feel pain if your wisdom teeth is not removed if it gets infected or anything

  • suga is mine!
    suga is mine! Day ago

    Whisdom teeth u sucks! Shut up!!😂

  • Jc Dizon
    Jc Dizon Day ago

    I got my lower wisdom teeth removed at 17 and the upper ones at 19. When I had them removed when I was 17, it was probably the most painful surgery I have experienced.

  • What is Life
    What is Life Day ago

    Wisdom teeth suck cuz if we don’t remove them teeth fairy will come to our house and beg for it

  • lucrio21 i like to play roblox

    what contury is this if this is america or usa or austraila im pilipinas

  • adkinsj29
    adkinsj29 2 days ago

    Hey it doesn't cost 3 billion$ to get your wisdom teeth removed

  • RoyaleJellyfish
    RoyaleJellyfish 2 days ago

    I’ve gotten mine out literally a day after my 16th birthday lmao

  • 1K_Michael
    1K_Michael 2 days ago

    Ok so when we were first made our jaws were like thanoses chin?

  • Spaetzle Monster XD
    Spaetzle Monster XD 2 days ago +1

    My wisdom teeth is totally fine, it doesn’t make any problems, I hope that it will stay like that in the future. I‘m just 13, so anything could happen...

  • krisanthemum H.
    krisanthemum H. 2 days ago

    I only have one wisdom tooth

  • Ja KarMa
    Ja KarMa 2 days ago

    Im 16 about to be 17 still don't have a wisdom teeth am I an alien?

  • BlackSwift
    BlackSwift 3 days ago

    I dont have wisdom teeth :D

  • Jace. Press. Play
    Jace. Press. Play 3 days ago

    Logan Paul has his removed and they food on them

  • Killer Ninja
    Killer Ninja 3 days ago


  • KiraPlayz
    KiraPlayz 3 days ago

    These sound affects tho 😨

  • ProjectScoped
    ProjectScoped 4 days ago

    I’m 11 and have all my wisdom teeth? EXPLAIN.

  • Max Luo
    Max Luo 4 days ago

    2:16 I never knew wisdom teeth can fly

  • Cautionary ThougHt
    Cautionary ThougHt 4 days ago +1

    Got my pulled early it did suck

  • Rasmus Bro
    Rasmus Bro 4 days ago +1

    Wisdom teeth stuck, stay's to give out Wisdom to you, and advice

  • Sebastian Ramirez
    Sebastian Ramirez 4 days ago

    I get to keep mine

  • OΒζΣRvEρ
    OΒζΣRvEρ 4 days ago +1

    My wisdom teeth are attacking and apparently my mouth is not big enough, so I haven't eaten anything solid for 5 days. I hate them soooo much. And the thing is that I can't get a surgery yet, because if I do now I'll suffer for even longer. That make's them the worst thing on the human body.

  • sweg
    sweg 4 days ago

    They fit though.

  • Short Shots
    Short Shots 4 days ago

    I'm only 13.

  • AstroMagic
    AstroMagic 5 days ago

    i got all four and no pain. They seem straight. Haven't been to the dentist in like 2 years though but i do have an orthodontist.

    JOHN DAVIS 5 days ago +3

    I hate wisdom teeth! I got my removed at 17 and I couldn't be happier! Everyone should get their wisdom teeth removed!

  • Twentyone100
    Twentyone100 5 days ago

    We never ate raw meat dude r u stupid?

  • Clarkirvin Mansayon
    Clarkirvin Mansayon 5 days ago

    I have wisdom teeth from now but it isn't hurt at all

  • campkira
    campkira 5 days ago

    Xray checked. I have to go to dentist to removed 3 times.

  • c313z k
    c313z k 5 days ago

    My bottom Wisdom Teeth were causing problems and needing removal.
    Top ones were A.OK

  • Alejandra Padilla
    Alejandra Padilla 5 days ago

    I'm 30 and I just got my wisdom tooth taking out..it didn't hurt ..I didn't take any medications... And that same day it i was eating fine ...

  • Welcome To Trench
    Welcome To Trench 6 days ago +1

    I apparently only have two of my wisdom teeth

  • Madelyn Oliveira
    Madelyn Oliveira 6 days ago

    Can someone tell me why I got a dentist related ad on this video?

  • TheMinecraftSquid - Minecraft, ROBLOX Y Mas

    Yeah, I have a WISDOM THOOTH
    sorry i know it’s tooth not thooth

  • Eeman Suhail
    Eeman Suhail 6 days ago

    i knew about wisdom teeth. when i was 11, oh boy, my gums started to swell and it was really painful. after 2 months the pain stopped (i was too scared to go to the dentist), and now i get the feeling i have all the perminent teeth.

  • cold braker
    cold braker 6 days ago +3


  • elelvennnibba surf stuff and fe2

    I think I only have 1

  • Summer Evanescence
    Summer Evanescence 6 days ago

    I had my wisdom teeth removed at 15 :(

  • Paul the gamer
    Paul the gamer 6 days ago

    I got no wisdom teeth so no worry's


    Why they *S U C C*

  • Miku Hatsune
    Miku Hatsune 7 days ago +1

    I have my wisdom teeth kicking my jaw and I’m only 13
    I don’t want the dentist to take them out

    • Osbaldo .Vasquez
      Osbaldo .Vasquez 5 days ago

      Don't worry. The procedure is very quick and painless. I just had mine removed. I also was not put to sleep.

  • Blk N Mob
    Blk N Mob 7 days ago

    First of all pure black people do not have the Neanderthal gene. So off rip this shit is in accurate. U white peopo are aliens

  • Chris Cicca
    Chris Cicca 7 days ago

    idk if its wisdom teeths but they growing in a good angle and its from the back back down from my jaws and im 11 and it happend when i was 10

  • シχghostオタク
    シχghostオタク 7 days ago

    Thank's god I'm still 12.

  • Hector M
    Hector M 7 days ago

    Wisdom teeth do suck

  • • Cookie •
    • Cookie • 7 days ago

    Well shit, I got 4

  • Dazed Banana
    Dazed Banana 7 days ago

    Americans are the only people who get their teeth removed... As they say theres men and theres men 😂

  • Saviour Ukpong
    Saviour Ukpong 7 days ago

    I got my wisdom tooth and it all fits fine no problem they all fully developed and it helps. Maybe cuz am not from America I need answers cuz in Nigeria wisdom tooth is like a blessing where I am from and it helps like crazy.

  • Mewni, the Hetalia Fan 013

    *Gasp* !! I'm 12 and I have 4 wisdom teeth beginning to grow!!

    • NicoleNaag2
      NicoleNaag2 Day ago +1


    • Mewni, the Hetalia Fan 013
      Mewni, the Hetalia Fan 013 6 days ago +1

      Sakura Sonobe I'm an idiot. It's just because I'm growing up. That's why adults have more teeth than children.

    • Sakura Sonobe
      Sakura Sonobe 7 days ago +1

      Ur not the only one... me too I’m scared D:

  • A Drum Tsukumogami
    A Drum Tsukumogami 7 days ago +1

    Because our mouth doesn't have enough wisdom to put them where they won't hurt

  • Precilla Ly
    Precilla Ly 8 days ago +1

    Also guys? Be careful your teeth’s in the your mouth? You mind get hurt your self and you need go to dentist, guys?

    • Precilla Ly
      Precilla Ly 8 days ago +1

      Also wisdom teeth start to grow your teeth? By the way, guys? You need to take out the wisdom teeth from your mouth

  • Trazmaball Gyster Myster

    Mine all grew in straight so they aren't affecting my other teeth

  • Galaxy Girl
    Galaxy Girl 8 days ago

    Im 12
    I have my wisdom teeth


  • Sir Justin of Port Town of Parm

    I kept mine in a sealed bag my dentist gave me. They've been torturing me for 2 years. I use them to scare my kids into brushing their teeth often.

  • negitivetime
    negitivetime 8 days ago

    i got a dental add while watching this

  • Roni Ponosheci
    Roni Ponosheci 8 days ago

    Im 16 no wisdom teeth here we all good

  • Lexie Lovelace
    Lexie Lovelace 8 days ago

    Does getting your wisdom teeth out hurt

  • Conqwiztadore22
    Conqwiztadore22 8 days ago

    yea dentists are money grubbers , even though only my bottom teeth were coming out impacted they wanted to remove my upper who came out straight like molars, douche bags

  • Hjklsdf Rodz
    Hjklsdf Rodz 8 days ago

    It sucks

  • Hjklsdf Rodz
    Hjklsdf Rodz 8 days ago

    I have a wisdom tooth

  • Lyonz Playz
    Lyonz Playz 8 days ago

    I'm 12 and the one on the left side on my mouth is starting to grow

  • Frans Tammo
    Frans Tammo 8 days ago +1


  • FoneArc
    FoneArc 9 days ago

    I had all 4 of mine removed. Used to always get swollen painful gums around the two impacted bottom ones. Not anymore, what a relief. Best money ever spent.

  • earth godzilla
    earth godzilla 9 days ago

    At first one tought I had one but noticed it was just a normal teeth that hurts xD

  • horse14t
    horse14t 9 days ago

    My dentist was awesome and told me that as long as my Wisdom teeth didn't cause any pain I could keep them... which I did! All 3 of them (never got a lower left one). My lower right tooth never even erupted though I can feel it under my gum.
    To make sure they get cleaned properly I got a small G.U.M. brush that's usually used to clean braces and gaps and trained myself to brush them with it because my fat toothbrush was to big to fit between the tooth and jaw to well.
    Good thing too, my mom made me extremely anxious about getting them removed... Guess I'll can thank my dad for giving me a big enough jaw to fit them :P

  • ツBrandon
    ツBrandon 9 days ago

    Did anyone else get a ad from a dentist😂

  • UrBoiPepe Ribbit
    UrBoiPepe Ribbit 9 days ago

    I got no teeth

  • way doh
    way doh 9 days ago

    That's what he said

  • The Slintea Show
    The Slintea Show 9 days ago


  • Natasha Holcombe
    Natasha Holcombe 9 days ago

    I have wisdom teeth but they now are back in place cuz my two teeth fell out.(I’m nine)

  • Gabby S
    Gabby S 9 days ago

    1:35 ur welcome

  • DeadlyPunisher66
    DeadlyPunisher66 9 days ago


  • ot jooce
    ot jooce 9 days ago

    those are some wise teeth

  • Ana Medel
    Ana Medel 9 days ago

    My. Brother Haas his wisdom tooth and they don't bother him and he is 13 pm

  • Romeo Romeo
    Romeo Romeo 9 days ago

    Use mouthwash

  • Felipe Suarez
    Felipe Suarez 9 days ago

    I have no wisdom thank god

  • Samfitz2007 Gaming
    Samfitz2007 Gaming 9 days ago

    I have all four wisdom teeth growing and I'm 11 years old

  • Zorica Pavičić
    Zorica Pavičić 9 days ago

    You have to say: "it sucks"

  • Applefilling
    Applefilling 9 days ago

    Well now im stressed about going to the dentist. I havent gone in like, 3 years and my wisdom teeth are half trapped under my gum and probably decaying.

  • eatmyags
    eatmyags 9 days ago

    I used to brag on my wisdom teeth because they came in perfectly and didn't bother me much, fast forward like 7 years later I just got the top 2 wisdom teeth removed like two weeks ago.

  • Lizzyunicorn Sugertreat

    im 11 and already have my wisdom teeth

  • Friday the 13
    Friday the 13 9 days ago

    I am supposed to have my 12 years molar in the top come in but I am 13 and they still have not come in and when my wisdom teeth come in I hope I have space

  • chue thao
    chue thao 9 days ago

    That's what happen to my mom they removed it

  • Luis Ramirez
    Luis Ramirez 10 days ago

    Ha i dont nees to get my wisdom teeth removed because i got a tooth pulled on the back top and bottom because the put my silver filling wrong

  • kiba the wolf
    kiba the wolf 10 days ago

    i had mine when i turned 23 i still have them today and everything is fine it dosen't hurt they came in as much

  • Shopkins Lover
    Shopkins Lover 10 days ago

    Wisdom teeth *wants to know your location*

  • Capitalist Anonymous Memer boi

    If you wanna be rich, study a dentist course, and Graduate as a dentist,
    And do your job well

  • BerryMist Hearts
    BerryMist Hearts 10 days ago

    the end tho
    shoo "wisdom" teeth

  • Samson Daadouch
    Samson Daadouch 10 days ago

    Mine started growing and hurts as hell when eating, but know bettter. Maybe I remove them later. Because mine are not affecting other teeth

  • Nikhil George
    Nikhil George 11 days ago

    I have wisdom teeth growing and I still have like a mile of space left in my mouth, so am I ok?

  • Ashley Burk
    Ashley Burk 11 days ago

    I got all 4 out at together when I was 18 since I had no room for those suckers and my parents had already spent 5k on my braces. WORST PAIN, EVER. worse than c-section recovery.

  • Shehab Alshugaa
    Shehab Alshugaa 11 days ago

    i hate a wisdom teeth

  • Foxy Lime
    Foxy Lime 11 days ago

    My wisdom teeth fell is that even possible and I am just 9

  • Leslia Marina
    Leslia Marina 11 days ago