• Published on Jun 13, 2019
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  • Miracle
    Miracle 35 minutes ago

    I'm so freaking obsessed with this song! thanks to jisoo and jennie

  • Milene Dayana
    Milene Dayana Hour ago

    Waiting for more of Somi ♡

  • 오필승
    오필승 Hour ago

    소미 최고다

  • Dayla Bowen
    Dayla Bowen Hour ago +1

    Did anyone notice jeon some and jeon jungkook!!!! Brother and sister ?????? YES!!!

  • 可愛い鬼
    可愛い鬼 2 hours ago

    Somi? From sixteen losers?

  • Aki Niumi
    Aki Niumi 4 hours ago +2


  • Aastha _BTS_Fanfictions
    Aastha _BTS_Fanfictions 5 hours ago +2

    Her english accent is pretty much like me 😂

  • Siqueira Góes
    Siqueira Góes 5 hours ago

    E o meu niver hoje( 20/10/2006 )kkkkk no dia que eu tô vendo

  • 한다은
    한다은 7 hours ago

    소미 잘한다 멋있다

  • Vali Vip
    Vali Vip 9 hours ago

    Amo esta canción ❤ y ella es tan linda 😍

  • 123 ImOne
    123 ImOne 9 hours ago

    Bop song always

  • Marah Tarroza1122
    Marah Tarroza1122 9 hours ago

    Whos here because of donnalyn's HBD?

  • 123 ImOne
    123 ImOne 9 hours ago +1

    Somi is Life

  • 123 ImOne
    123 ImOne 9 hours ago

    SOMI is lovee

  • 123 ImOne
    123 ImOne 9 hours ago

    Everyday is myyy birthday

  • 123 ImOne
    123 ImOne 9 hours ago

    Somi the best ever

  • 123 ImOne
    123 ImOne 9 hours ago

    We love you always somi 💕

  • August The Fifth
    August The Fifth 10 hours ago

    HBD ph brought me here

  • Marcio dantas
    Marcio dantas 11 hours ago

  • -sparkling_slaylisa-
    -sparkling_slaylisa- 11 hours ago +1

    shake it shake it shock it hater .. ops you not invited

  • Sabihah Islam
    Sabihah Islam 11 hours ago +1

    wow I just finished watching SIXTEEN and i'm so happy she finally got to debut with a GREAT song after all she went through in sixteen and produce 101

  • Belgie
    Belgie 12 hours ago +3

    Lettsss keeeep going to 60M!!!!!!!

  • Jessy CA
    Jessy CA 12 hours ago +3

    Hi Somi :)

  • lis the weirdo
    lis the weirdo 13 hours ago +4

    today is literally my birthday
    and thats why i came here 😂
    and also sang this in smule 😂
    way to celebrate birthday oof

  • Hades
    Hades 13 hours ago

    Wow, ay, y pensar que pudo estar e n sixteen

  • Henata Uzamaki
    Henata Uzamaki 15 hours ago +1

    happy birthday

  • 은현조
    은현조 16 hours ago

    전소미언니 진짜 눈빛딴곳으로 돌렸다 크게 뜨고 하는거 진짜 매력이다 ㅠㅠ어떻게 사람이 그렇게 이쁘게 생길 수 있지 ♥^♥

  • parvion w
    parvion w 17 hours ago +3

    somi we love u💖💖💖💖

  • 3 dollar chain
    3 dollar chain 17 hours ago +3

    Producer: How many colours would you like?
    Somi: Yes

  • trece1three
    trece1three 18 hours ago

    I love you somiiiiii ❤❤🧡❤🧡

  • Nur Janah
    Nur Janah 19 hours ago

    Sulli는 당신의 노래는 매우 좋았고, 당신의 목소리는 매우 좋고 뻣뻣하고 매우 아름답다고 말했습니다.

  • Sopo ae Isok
    Sopo ae Isok 19 hours ago

    I love somi 🥰

  • seeker independent
    seeker independent 19 hours ago

    Everyday is my birthday😘

  • Kristel Angelique Belo Official

    Somi:blacklabel invited
    *Sm,yg ,jyp,comes *
    Somi :opss you're not invited
    -not the owner of the acct hahahah

  • Julia Jey
    Julia Jey 21 hour ago

    Somi~ya i love it

  • Mi Miymo
    Mi Miymo 22 hours ago +1

    Cool awesome best music video song ever!! I'ma shake it shake it like it was my Birthday

  • Mi Miymo
    Mi Miymo 22 hours ago

    Maknae on Top somiii

  • Mi Miymo
    Mi Miymo 22 hours ago

    I love you somi 💕

  • Mi Miymo
    Mi Miymo 22 hours ago

    Somi Queen

  • 민짐
    민짐 22 hours ago

    화이팅 소미 사랑해❤️

    JOHANN DAVID TITULAR 22 hours ago

    Please stream HBD by Donnalyn Bartolome😊💯

    • _ Unique _
      _ Unique _ 58 minutes ago

      6.6M VS 56M
      Work harder~~

    • Alaqe Moll
      Alaqe Moll 22 hours ago +8

      Fckk off clout chaser eww🤢 embarrassing doin free promo here 💀 wow that donnlyn fans are really toxic and disgusting yikes

    HAZIMIN ABU 23 hours ago

    Yeah why somi voice just like lisa blackpink i thought it was lisa song and Somi voice just like Sana Twice too

    • Alaqe Moll
      Alaqe Moll 22 hours ago +3

      That just all somi voice not other person.. Somi has a unique awesome tone of voice

  • 123 ImOne
    123 ImOne 23 hours ago +1

    Bop song periodtt ✨💃🏻

  • 123 ImOne
    123 ImOne 23 hours ago +1

    Somi the bestttt 🤗♥️

  • r m
    r m Day ago +1

    Waiting to reach 100m

  • Mayra Alexa Y.
    Mayra Alexa Y. Day ago

    pueden pausar el vídeo en cualquier momento y queda impresionante, siempre va a quedar bien

  • kinny heenim
    kinny heenim Day ago +2

    Gosh.....she's so gorgeous😍

  • Ashely smith
    Ashely smith Day ago +1

    This jawn a real bop PERIODTT 😂🔥

  • Rofiqoh khusnul Khotimah


  • Esmeralda Bts
    Esmeralda Bts Day ago +2

    Today is my birthday 10|20|19

  • Bruno Oliver
    Bruno Oliver Day ago +1

    @Pabllo Vittar tá diferente 🤔♥️🍰

    • bi a
      bi a 10 hours ago


  • KING slayer
    KING slayer Day ago +1

    All I see from this video a teenager being forced by her parents do things she may not want to do. People think south Korea is all Rosie dosy but I've been there and it's not also they have a major homelessness problem

    • _ Unique _
      _ Unique _ 56 minutes ago

      @KING slayer Lmao. Her father supports her. Being a singer was her dream since she was young. Somi has a lot of successful friends and she was able to become an idol in two big companies. Stop talking when you clearly doesn't know anything.

    • Jayne 11kidz
      Jayne 11kidz 13 hours ago +3

      KING slayer I think it’s your sad story not her.

    • KING slayer
      KING slayer 20 hours ago

      Clearly I've triggered some fan girls here 😂😂😂😂😂 like it not, not everyone is perfect everyone has their own secrets.

    • Ahura Mazda
      Ahura Mazda 21 hour ago

      Lol why you talk whole story about West Korea

    • 123 ImOne
      123 ImOne 23 hours ago +5

      U are so dumb . She already said when she was a kid she want to be a singer when she grows up ,u clown not because her parents 😑 lol u didn’t watch her journey since she was a kid so stfu .go watch it before talking nonsense here eww embarrassing

  • Roger -
    Roger - Day ago +4

    I love 😚SOMI💗💗💪

  • Carolliny Batista


  • Alldapop
    Alldapop Day ago +1

    Somi should be in blackpink lol

  • Gambobur
    Gambobur Day ago +7

    I’m actually glad she didin’t get to TWICE because her unique voice needs to be heard in whole songs. I think she’ll become the best solo artist (she has already became one for me, omg love her)

  • ʚ lcvenami
    ʚ lcvenami Day ago +1

    This song always manages to hype me up. And now that it's my birthday it make me the happiest to ironically listen to it now
    :( 💗

  • Renad albakri
    Renad albakri Day ago

    Somi isn’t koren right?

    • katy_sone
      katy_sone Day ago +2

      Her mother is Korean and her father is Dutch Canadian.

  • WeiWei_niah
    WeiWei_niah Day ago +4


  • Alfredo Martinez
    Alfredo Martinez Day ago +1

    You rule somi😁😃😃