• Published on Jun 13, 2019
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  • Jomar Galicia
    Jomar Galicia Day ago

    She looks like maria ozawa

  • Manar **
    Manar ** Day ago

    بداخلے انت..... رغم بُعدگ💞

  • Manar **
    Manar ** Day ago


  • Miko Nhoc
    Miko Nhoc Day ago +1

    Somi . I love you

  • i'm jisoo i'm Okay

    *I'm almost a month listening to this song and yet i still not invited.*

  • Phuong Anh Chu
    Phuong Anh Chu Day ago

    Somi: It’s goes Bang Bang
    BIGBANG: She’s call me
    Somi: Ot te Love Shot
    EXO: Oh, she is call me, not you
    Somi: O du ryo Firework
    Katy Perry: Nonono, she is call me

  • Loona Kpopfangirl07

    Let's get this to 40 million by the end of this month
    Fighting Somi💞💞💞

  • somi somi
    somi somi Day ago

    7/16/2019 34m

  • Audrey Nana
    Audrey Nana Day ago

    Badass and cute :

  • Evangeline Samano

    Somi i like your song 😃😃😃😃😃

  • 검정바이크
    검정바이크 Day ago

    비타솜~홧팅~매일매일 벌스데이~

  • Nooran Mirza
    Nooran Mirza Day ago

    Yukkkkk I hope that blackpink stays the best and I said d yukkk for the haters somi

  • Tanushree Chowdhury

    My birthday is just a week later!!! And I'm gonna jam this for the whole daYYYYY

  • maria Galang
    maria Galang Day ago

    She is so beautiful and she looks in i.o.i

  • Xgfxthdytdytdy Jkgkjgkuh

    Fighting Baby❤️❤️

  • kaavya
    kaavya Day ago +2

    Somi: oops you're not invited
    Dispatch: but I didn't even say a word
    Somi😎: yeah you're not invited

  • Lucia carolina AVILA ACOSTA

    Temazo loroooooo

  • Alexia Ralar Javier

    Fake friend: didn't receive an invitation in your birthday
    Me: oops you're not invited yeah you're not invited

  • Precious Pascua
    Precious Pascua Day ago

    She really got that look like Meghan Trainor but just a little bit. 😍💗💓💖

  • Min tix
    Min tix Day ago +1

    I like Somi

  • Zoe Noel
    Zoe Noel Day ago +1

    At the day of my birthday i will listen to this the whole day...
    but wait today is not my birthday.... but i am still watching this mv 😂😜

  • Alfa Hotelhrp
    Alfa Hotelhrp Day ago


  • bunnylover1098 Ashley

    I danced this song in k-pop dancing lessons..!

  • Emie Makeup
    Emie Makeup Day ago +1

    리사가이 노래를 부른다면 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Apriloot TV
    Apriloot TV Day ago

    Kaja for 100 million guys🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻

  • Yeontae chan
    Yeontae chan Day ago +2


  • Fredrick Reminton
    Fredrick Reminton Day ago +1

    Sorry but too much autotune

  • My My
    My My Day ago

    ở VN chụp hình thẻ đâu đc makeup đâu..

  • 지워닝jiwoning

    소미언니 프듀때부터 보고있는데
    넘치는 끼가 저도 미소짓게 만듭니다❤️❤️

  • 너의사랑
    너의사랑 Day ago

    It's my birthday but u'r not invited

  • Kim Sally
    Kim Sally Day ago +1

    I don't like this. I'm not sure she can sing it live. I mean.. there's no rest. Lipsync win

  • Sri Sulistyawati

    Aku gak percaya kalau itu suaranya Jennie dn Lisa

  • Alc Shot
    Alc Shot Day ago

    It has this early 2000 vibe

  • Ar Van
    Ar Van Day ago

    why does this feel like korean maggie lindemann

  • KJane Gerance
    KJane Gerance Day ago

    Is it just me or this song sounds so much alike to Grown by Little Mix?

  • 하양부사
    하양부사 Day ago

    노래 너무 좋다.

  • Curtis Martin
    Curtis Martin Day ago +3

    She's already better than blackpink, New YG Queen😈😈

    • Jennie
      Jennie Day ago

      No :c

    • 爱你ikonct
      爱你ikonct Day ago

      Blackpink are yg money makers
      YG is nothing without BLACKPINK
      Somi is nothing compared to BLACKPINK

  • mc무현
    mc무현 Day ago


  • 지현근
    지현근 Day ago

    good girl

  • Lizet Martinez
    Lizet Martinez Day ago +1

    If you love lanky box
    "Ops your not in-Fry-day"
    How many people know🤔

  • Tomie yuki
    Tomie yuki Day ago

    the song reminds me of melanie Martinez soap... Some of the parts thoe... Still i like this song

  • Cassclover27 iKONICs

    as an iKONIC I like u somi :)

  • Mark Ross MUA
    Mark Ross MUA Day ago +1

    this song is super catchy

  • benjamin arellano

    es la ex integrante de AOA o no

  • Chris Gonzales
    Chris Gonzales Day ago +1

    back off happy birthday to you

    *imma shake it shake it shake it like it was my birthday will forever be the greatest birthday song*

  • Detox
    Detox Day ago +3

    Tbh this isn’t that good. I feel like it’s overhyped ,she’s not gonna survive as a soloist. I said what I said don’t get upset.🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Dannika Esq
    Dannika Esq Day ago

    19 YEARRRS OLD WHat????????????????????????????

  • Mariate Amaya
    Mariate Amaya Day ago

    I love theblacklabel💕🍒

  • alex torres
    alex torres Day ago +1

    She looks she pretty also her music sounds like Melanie Martinez Soap at 1:01

  • júlia fereguetti

    new my birthday

  • เด็กกวน tv


  • One In A Million

    I feel dua lipa in her....

  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi Day ago


  • Axel Jiseup
    Axel Jiseup Day ago

    This song is great but i feel like i have already hear this melody somewhere else but i can’t find where ?

  • 팅커벨
    팅커벨 Day ago +1

    노래 너무 신나고 좋은데.. 소미 왤케 힘이없어 맥아리없어 좀 신나게 파워풀하게 하지

  • Kali
    Kali Day ago +1

    Can I just say that in 2019 solo artist have been *KILLING* it

  • Sofia Del Mar Moreno Seidel

    Ya mismo a descargar esta cancioooon

  • Woozi Carat_17
    Woozi Carat_17 Day ago +2

    It’s so close to 40M views, guys come on let’s make it happen 👌 good luck also don’t forget to share the video with everyone 💕

    • Yeah Right
      Yeah Right Day ago

      Don't use vi3ws in full words it will freeze the vi3ws count

  • melina F
    melina F Day ago

    look like six different music, the mv, her voice and the beat are pretty messy

  • oursummcr
    oursummcr Day ago +3

    queen snapped

  • Jichu Pikachu1109
    Jichu Pikachu1109 Day ago +2

    I was like ,wasnt this the girl from SixTeen??

  • Dan
    Dan Day ago +2

    Somi: bang bang it's the "Love shot"
    Blackpink: hit you with that Ddu-du-Ddu-du, and now let's just "kill this love"
    BTS: Well I'm so sick of this "Fake love".
    Exo: Somi no we have the "Love shot"

  • yukai ll kpop
    yukai ll kpop Day ago +2

    Ohh ! ....

  • Ahgase_ 4Life
    Ahgase_ 4Life Day ago

    At the beginning of the video arent that the backgrounddancers from chungha 😂

    • ak0n12 X
      ak0n12 X Day ago

      They are from different agency. Borrowing back up dancers will never happen.

    • Yeah Right
      Yeah Right Day ago


  • Pinkypie 311
    Pinkypie 311 Day ago +1

    I love how her english sounds it’s so raw and sounds so cool💕

  • Daniel Alex
    Daniel Alex Day ago +3

    My queen thanks so much I LOVE U 💙 BRAZIL LOVE U

  • Salama Ali
    Salama Ali Day ago +1

    Just a teenager 😂😍

  • o h h o n e y
    o h h o n e y Day ago +3


  • no one
    no one Day ago +5

    The stylish: how do you want to look like!
    Somi: show me everything you got

  • Zuhal Hadid
    Zuhal Hadid Day ago +1

    Everyday is my birthday Duhhh