Beyonce - Halo on iPhone (GarageBand)

  • Published on Nov 4, 2018
  • Beyonce #Halo on iPhone X using iOS GarageBand app.
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    All instruments used for Beyonce Halo can be found in the video.
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  • Joevie John
    Joevie John 2 months ago

    Game of Thrones theme song please!!!

  • Hood Homie
    Hood Homie 3 months ago

    When making a beat on garegeband could you use it to make a song?

  • Rykensnow
    Rykensnow 4 months ago

    me like.

  • Your boi Chance
    Your boi Chance 5 months ago

    Do plug walk or going bad

  • Avery K
    Avery K 5 months ago

    Please do kiss and make up by black pink and dualipa

  • R2 j
    R2 j 5 months ago

    Dude make remix on fl studio plzz

  • Josimara Official
    Josimara Official 6 months ago


  • Larry banks
    Larry banks 6 months ago

    I knew you was a God at piano..

  • Jeff Ron
    Jeff Ron 8 months ago +1

    I love what you did at 2:22 . Amazing!

  • Emiel333 Official
    Emiel333 Official 8 months ago

    Great but in the fourth bar some notes are off key. Instead of using 1/32 for quantize, I recommend using 1/16.

  • Jochem van Zanten
    Jochem van Zanten 8 months ago


  • fabian garfias bucio
    fabian garfias bucio 8 months ago

    Do MO BAMBA please

  • Na100balov
    Na100balov 8 months ago

    yep, without charging cable apple can do nofing

  • NP13
    NP13 9 months ago

    What is that app?

  • Sid Ali
    Sid Ali 9 months ago

    Make this song of soolking plz

  • Alina Ruru
    Alina Ruru 9 months ago

    That's so cool! Can you do asap rocky - asap forever???

  • Jande Declarador
    Jande Declarador 9 months ago

    Do roses from juice world

  • Apkar Oganesian
    Apkar Oganesian 9 months ago

    Can you pls make Shakira Chantaje ft. Maluma

  • Mini Højgaard
    Mini Højgaard 9 months ago

    Naaaaah, Dagger Beatz is still better, you should check him out!

  • Diegovigiaguilar Cruising down the street in my 64

    PLS MAKE THE SONG OF 10 freaky girls of 21 Savage

  • Chickin Who Makes Video’s

    How do you take pressure sensitivity off, cause it looks like you have it off?

  • MopeySquawk
    MopeySquawk 9 months ago

    50 Cent - In Da Club

  • richi jo
    richi jo 9 months ago

    So...j just what apk?

  • Fresh Nardo
    Fresh Nardo 9 months ago

    I need This app on android

  • Jalen C
    Jalen C 9 months ago

    Please do “seven nation army”

  • Don Tran
    Don Tran 9 months ago

    Can you please do some Michael buble for the holidays?

  • Matteo Baiocco
    Matteo Baiocco 9 months ago

    Thanks in advance

  • Matteo Baiocco
    Matteo Baiocco 9 months ago

    Thanks in advance

  • Matteo Baiocco
    Matteo Baiocco 9 months ago

    Do Boulevard of Broken Dreams-Green Day. It would be fantastic made by you. I really ask you with all my heart to please

  • LowLite Channel
    LowLite Channel 9 months ago

    what is app

  • itsBlaze
    itsBlaze 9 months ago

    Thank U, Next. Plssssss ❤❤

  • Inco Nito
    Inco Nito 9 months ago

    Chiefs Keef Sosa

  • Rizza Espina
    Rizza Espina 9 months ago


  • Charismatic_hardyhbk
    Charismatic_hardyhbk 9 months ago

    Nice video hey can u do IMAGINE DRAGONS NATURAL plz

  • Blancj .u
    Blancj .u 9 months ago

    LIT bro

  • Monkey D. Luffy
    Monkey D. Luffy 9 months ago

    Do what they want by russ please? much appreciated

  • tstae
    tstae 9 months ago +1

    Pls make something from Bts

  • Sans TheComic9
    Sans TheComic9 9 months ago


    Pls pls pls

  • dylan orcutt
    dylan orcutt 9 months ago +1

    Plz compare it to the original at the end

  • Play Man
    Play Man 9 months ago +6

    Please play twenty one pilits-nico and the niners

  • Gabriel Galang
    Gabriel Galang 9 months ago

    Can you make a video on Fireflies by Owl City

  • Buboy 817
    Buboy 817 9 months ago +1

    It’s almost been a month since you’ve posted

  • Mind blowing
    Mind blowing 9 months ago

    Hey there.. can you do cover for “Dead president “ by jay z .. am a new subscriber Here :)

  • SprayDxl
    SprayDxl 9 months ago

    Can you please do the Harry Potter theme tune

  • sfx
    sfx 9 months ago

    MO BAMBA pls

  • BeliveSmile
    BeliveSmile 9 months ago

    *Dragon Ball*

  • Man 85
    Man 85 9 months ago

    Can u please do last memory- takeoff

  • Celuś
    Celuś 9 months ago

    Make skibidi

  • Deepa Ditya
    Deepa Ditya 9 months ago

    What is the wire you connect into?

  • Ben Stirk
    Ben Stirk 9 months ago

    Eminem Killshot please!!!! I can do the piano bit but can’t seem to nail the rest of the song haha

  • TheGodSlave
    TheGodSlave 9 months ago +1

    Eminem - lucky you

  • Tyreke Jones
    Tyreke Jones 9 months ago

    Do nba pour one pleeeaaasseeeeeeee!!!

  • just five
    just five 9 months ago

    Shahmen- mark please

  • gudalupe paz
    gudalupe paz 10 months ago

    Can you make Natural frontera imagine Dragon's please

  • Aazam khan
    Aazam khan 10 months ago


  • Callum  Curry
    Callum Curry 10 months ago

    Loved this so much!! Would love to see some Billie Eilish!!

  • StoKI
    StoKI 10 months ago +1

    Can you do Lil Peep?

  • Sans El Skeleto:3
    Sans El Skeleto:3 10 months ago

    Megalovania Sans please ;-;

  • Jikookland 3
    Jikookland 3 10 months ago

    You should do happier my marshmello

  • ElectroVibeS
    ElectroVibeS 10 months ago

    Anyone Needs 1 Subscribeeeeeeeeer?