Kitchen Nightmares US S02E04 The Black Pearl


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  • edo kalkman
    edo kalkman 4 days ago +1

    that david creeps me out

  • JosePerez1220
    JosePerez1220 4 days ago +4

    I feel bad for Steven. Such a good worker with enthusiasm being washed out in a toxic environment

  • Darboiux
    Darboiux 3 months ago +3

    The restaurant is closed now thanks to David.

  • Darboiux
    Darboiux 3 months ago +1

    You could tell David was a loser by his 1st entrance....the over-sized coat and sunglasses. It screams "I am short, stupid and have no original thought."
    Shoot him in the face...he will not be missed.

  • Serious But Frequent News

    He wasn't saying the lobster was from maine, he was saying that the way it's prepared is from maine

    • pyro light
      pyro light 3 days ago

      It really doesn’t matter what the fuck he meant when I see a menu that says Maine lobster I expect (and clearly so does Gordon) a Maine lobster...

  • Loki Mirazita
    Loki Mirazita 4 months ago

    David is one stupid dickhead

  • concerned liberal
    concerned liberal 5 months ago

    I am Canadian and I absolootly resent Gordon Ramsee for criticizing our lobsters as inferior to the American lobsters. Maybe our lobsters don't taste as good, but Canada has free health care and socialism and has banned guns unlike the United Racists of America. David is a liberal hero for standing up to Gordon Ramsee. Michael Avenatti may have failed to defeat Trump, but David will NOT fail. Canada loves you David!!!

    • Mysticlover Fairy
      Mysticlover Fairy 2 months ago +1

      He wasn’t criticising the lobster from Canada ,he even said he uses Canadian lobster for some of his dishes,he didn’t say it was inferior,David was trying to pass of Canadian lobster as Maine lobster ,when it clearly wasn’t. If he had told the truth on the menu even just putting “Lobster roll” it would have been fine,but he put “Maine Lobster roll” when it clearly wasn’t from Maine. That’s why Gordon was pissed.

    • quєєn ѕαrcαѕm
      quєєn ѕαrcαѕm 3 months ago

      Lmafo im a liberal too who wants to move to Canada asap but what the fuck man XD

    • jeffsomer
      jeffsomer 5 months ago +1

      concerned liberal
      STFU you lowlife libtard piece of shit beta male Cuck

    SPARKY 5 months ago +1

    2017 and yet it's still in 240p
    Watefak !

  • marvin O'Neale
    marvin O'Neale 5 months ago

    I have to agree on the lobster. Main is right by Canada what's the difference???? Just the price

    • pyro light
      pyro light 3 days ago

      GareBear not to mention why would there be a price difference in favor of Canada if there was no difference... just logically it has to cross a border which instantly means more regulation which means it’s more expensive... yet somehow is half the price?

    • GareBear
      GareBear 5 days ago +1

      marvin O'Neale the meat in a Maine lobster is actually a bit more tender and sweet compared to the Canadian lobster which still has a sweet yet less pronounced taste to it and is more dense.

  • Oleometer
    Oleometer 5 months ago +3

    I just want an entire episode of Steven and Gordon going back and forth cause that was adorable.

  • stephanie daigle
    stephanie daigle 5 months ago +1

    Watching Greg expodite gives me sooo much anxiety omgg!!! Why not have the other guy? The one who always complains? How about have HIM Expo, and have Greg out front doing what he does best!?! You can't Manage your restaurant when you're stuck behind the line Expo'ing! Greg is Reaally good w the staff and his customers, so keep him there and the other guys seems to know how to expo calmly , so let him do that? And if the staff have any issues w his attitude, they can easily bring up the issuwes to Greg, for Greg to go outback to fix them which would minimise the communication from the staff to him, which could help solve a lot of issues..

  • Julie Sullivant
    Julie Sullivant 5 months ago +1

    David is a major douche!! Everything about him is just negative negative negative!!! He sees GR and he is just jealous of GRs success, go to hell David!!

  • Kimberly M
    Kimberly M 5 months ago +3

    David's a moron...

  • Eric Allison
    Eric Allison 5 months ago +12

    I'm not a violent person, but I really want to punch David directly in the face

  • Shareka Jones
    Shareka Jones 5 months ago

    Who funds the makeovers? I’d be pissed 😡

    • Mysticlover Fairy
      Mysticlover Fairy 2 months ago +1

      Shareka Jones I am pretty sure Gordon Ramsay does since he can afford it because he is successful I doubt he is having failing restaurants fund the renovations especially since some of them can’t afford it

  • Mario Leal-Hernandez
    Mario Leal-Hernandez 5 months ago +1

    Gordon "Nice guys don't run restaurants" Ramsey.

  • Cat Santos
    Cat Santos 5 months ago +16

    Omg after looking up our boy Steven on IMBD, u guys were right! Not only was he a casting assistant/associate for Disney channel & Nickelodeon, but for u fannibals out there he ALSO was a casting assistant on an episode of nbc’s Hannibal!!
    *stands & applauds*
    👏🏽 oh the irony!

  • Allah Allen
    Allah Allen 6 months ago +3

    David is so negative

  • Germanglo
    Germanglo 6 months ago +4

    "The problems started when we started to run low on money"
    You don't say

  • MondayMayhem
    MondayMayhem 6 months ago +2

    Of course, wild boar and domestic pig are the same as well! It goes 'oink oink' and eats what it digs up from the mud. So obviously it's the same in every aspect.

  • Jen
    Jen 7 months ago +10

    now steven is a producer for disney channel!!

  • Jen
    Jen 7 months ago +8

    and now steven is a producer for many disney shows!

  • Lunamy
    Lunamy 8 months ago

    My only thought: "you're so full of shit the toilet is jealous"

  • Aneta S
    Aneta S 11 months ago +8

    The lobster machine was kinda cruel

    • Mysticlover Fairy
      Mysticlover Fairy 2 months ago

      Aneta S Not really a lot of places have a tank where you pick out your lobster they just made it fun,the lobster is going to get cooked either way and I am sure lobster tastes better freshly cooked than precooked and sitting around

  • Christina R
    Christina R Year ago +4

    nino would never do this

    • Smash Revino
      Smash Revino 3 months ago

      Christina R HA! “Hello, I’m NINOOOO!!”

  • Schmitty Von Baun
    Schmitty Von Baun Year ago +4

    4:35 i honestly thought that was Dan Akroid when he had the glasses on lmao

  • artemisjackson1
    artemisjackson1 Year ago +9

    16:46 is when this guy needs to be shot in the face......what a slimy, pasty scammer.

  • TheGreekMamba
    TheGreekMamba Year ago +6

    David just looks like a D*ck

  • Paperbagman555
    Paperbagman555 Year ago +13

    David has a scary ego. I really hope I never become like that in real life - it's frightening.

  • Mohan Ram
    Mohan Ram Year ago +5

    uncomfortable being pulled out of his restaurant and hes happy to be going home :D now that guy is the dopy

  • firepiplup
    firepiplup Year ago +11

    I was concerned that the whole thing was in black and white

  • xXTheSpeedsterGamerXx -gamer-

    Ramsay has quick reflexes 1:47 mann

  • NitroFairyWing
    NitroFairyWing Year ago +1

    David has a huge fucking ego, I hope the restaurant is still going, without him

    • djanime317
      djanime317 Year ago

      It closed years ago and is replaced by another restaurant called the Hog Pit, and that new place is still there with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars

  • NitroFairyWing
    NitroFairyWing Year ago +7

    One question,do they season thier lobster in Maine? This episode got me questioning XD

    • GareBear
      GareBear 5 days ago

      Yeah it’s quite simple. We usually just put salt. Not a lot of seasoning. But it’s better than nothing.

    • XoxeroThePoet
      XoxeroThePoet Year ago +3

      Well, from what I've heard they put salt on the lobster, but that's about it.

  • Trinity
    Trinity Year ago +34

    after all this the black pearl is closed and had a 1.7 out of 5 stars. what a shame

    • Wilbur Jenkins
      Wilbur Jenkins Year ago +1

      I guess that's why Gordon didn't do the recap a month or so after.
      Can't blame Gordon either, your restaurant was a failure and in debt. Gordon just failed to save it.

    • djanime317
      djanime317 Year ago +3

      I just love the end of that rant where it said, "Note, David says that he did not write this review" and I'm just like yeah, you're full of shit as always.....

    • hellooldfriend 617
      hellooldfriend 617 Year ago +9

      +Kimber Prime I did, and it reeks of David. Even though he added it did not come from him directly. What a pathetic piece of work.

    • Kimber Prime
      Kimber Prime Year ago +9

      Did you read the rant the owners posted about it? They basically blamed Gordon.

  • Aero
    Aero Year ago +56

    Gordan-"You're so full of s**t you'd make a great politician." Best. Quote. Ever.

    • Lunamy
      Lunamy 8 months ago +1

      Aero Neon "you're so full of shit, the toilet is jealous..."

  • Athaniel Gonzales
    Athaniel Gonzales Year ago +2

    im addicted to this now XD

  • Steve Ostrowski
    Steve Ostrowski Year ago +12

    Chris, thanks for making these available.

    • Aero
      Aero Year ago +3

      Thank you extremely for Hotel Hell to watch in quite good quality (Lots of Kitchen Nightmare episodes are banned in the U.S. for copyright)

    • MrChrisDynamite
      MrChrisDynamite  Year ago +3

      no worries

  • EnderWolf
    EnderWolf Year ago +20

    Thank you for posting these in such amazing quality

    • djanime317
      djanime317 Year ago

      Right, I was gonna say, even though it said 240p it felt like I was watching in almost 480p, thanks man :)

    • MrChrisDynamite
      MrChrisDynamite  Year ago +5

      no worries