Anthony Joshua DESTROYS Punching Bag Record! | The Graham Norton Show

  • Published on Jun 9, 2017
  • It would've been a little embarrassing if he didn't win, to be honest...
    #AnthonyJoshua #GrahamNorton #RecordBreaking
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  • CHARIS Tube
    CHARIS Tube 2 hours ago

    Ι have punch 863 and I am 14years old

  • 101ghostriderdigger101

    i mean i scored a 850 on one td i scored a 802

  • Brendan R
    Brendan R 2 days ago +4

    He was a student at my secondary school in kings Langley hertfordshire

  • MrA
    MrA 3 days ago +1

    Destroys? My little brother hits 900

  • know body
    know body 3 days ago +1

    He barley put any effort in and broke the record

  • TheLambo2
    TheLambo2 3 days ago

    Fat lot of good it did him

  • O Jayy
    O Jayy 4 days ago

    Everyone saying he didn't even try ofcourse he put effort in it FFS

    • TheScribe
      TheScribe 2 days ago

      People actually believe that those things are real measurements of punching power. Considering they are Accelerometer and only estimate punching power based on average weight means that bigger people nearly always get a lower score. You know, the the world champion did. You have to convert his weight into the machines estimates to get a better reading.

  • Judy Ni
    Judy Ni 4 days ago +1

    Could he do that to Ruiz??

    • Fredo's Mum
      Fredo's Mum Day ago

      But he could do that to your mum in bed

  • Anthony Martin
    Anthony Martin 6 days ago

    Wow thats all? I gotta 913

    MELEKH HA OLAM 8 days ago

    Cheating. Short hook from the side of the bag and very tight. That's what every boxer thinks he will do best with apparently. The other tall guy didn't even keep both feet firmly on the ground and just swung wildly and sloppily, not even fully extending nor turning completely. He definitely could have done better than he did.

  • Madara Uchihaa
    Madara Uchihaa 8 days ago


  • errol kim
    errol kim 8 days ago

    Graham Norton want's Joshua to back him right up.

  • Lava Juice
    Lava Juice 9 days ago

    Im 15 and my punch is 839

  • CallMeSxphie ツ
    CallMeSxphie ツ 9 days ago

    I’m confused my friend got 888

  • John Yi
    John Yi 9 days ago

    lmfaooo he wasnt even trying i'm p sure on a similar machine i hit 897, AJ could do at least 1200 if he hit full force

  • tristman 84
    tristman 84 10 days ago

    Punch bag not hit back

  • RedBox 81
    RedBox 81 10 days ago

    Le da mike tyson y parte la maquina xd

  • Friendly Simple Guy
    Friendly Simple Guy 11 days ago

    Naah!!! just search youtube , you could see guys punching them in OUT of RANGE Limits

  • Stars Story
    Stars Story 12 days ago +2

    the problem with punching machine they all different they have no standard.carbureted different no two machines are the should be a universal punching machine

    • Ben Dev
      Ben Dev 10 days ago

      Stars Story Yh true cos the one in my local town goes higher. I punch decent and got 890 but for sure Aj punch on my machine would do in 950+ seeing his technique and power .every machine different

  • akvassar
    akvassar 13 days ago

    I beat him

    COYS FC 15 days ago

    tyson would obliviated the machine so would tommy morrison left hook.

  • Angelica Sabau
    Angelica Sabau 15 days ago

    My cousin got about 1000 when he was like 19 or 20.

    • Ben Dev
      Ben Dev 10 days ago

      Angelica Sabau u are stupid

  • Lhord Byron Faigao
    Lhord Byron Faigao 16 days ago +1

    MT or AJ

  • Long Jawn
    Long Jawn 16 days ago +2

    Ruiz still gave Joshua the 3 piece and a Snickers

  • Austin Lilley
    Austin Lilley 19 days ago

    If he would’ve hit it for real it would’ve broken the machine

  • Fahimus Alimus
    Fahimus Alimus 19 days ago

    Pffft I got 914.

    • Ben Dev
      Ben Dev 8 days ago

      @Fahimus Alimus ur clearly a troll

    • Fahimus Alimus
      Fahimus Alimus 10 days ago

      Ben Dev you’re just jealous

    • Ben Dev
      Ben Dev 10 days ago

      Fahimus Alimus ur dumb

  • DEFAULT power
    DEFAULT power 19 days ago

    Guest: * breaths *
    Audience: * wheeze *

  • xpert aab
    xpert aab 20 days ago

    848 isn't the world record

  • broxi2
    broxi2 22 days ago

    Graham has been beaten round the ring a few times...

  • the oodlesofthechickennuggets

    Deontay wilder's left has more power than aj's right

  • efccoyney
    efccoyney 23 days ago +2

    Joshua could have broke the machine had he tried

    DFLMDJ 23 days ago

    I can get more than them all except for joshua and im only 14

  • The_ Slasherrr
    The_ Slasherrr 26 days ago

    I got 790 and I’m 15

    • Ben Dev
      Ben Dev 10 days ago

      @The_ Slasherrr ur such an idiot...they all have similar looks dumbass..theresa reason i said ur young

    • The_ Slasherrr
      The_ Slasherrr 10 days ago

      Ben Dev oh my god it was the exact same machine I found it at an arcade

    • Ben Dev
      Ben Dev 10 days ago

      @The_ Slasherrr all machines are diferent made by different companies.Aj could have done a different machine and got 950 depending on the company.

    • The_ Slasherrr
      The_ Slasherrr 10 days ago

      Ben Dev what are you on about???

    • Ben Dev
      Ben Dev 10 days ago

      cringe fest 101 ffs u idiot

  • LyleverythinG
    LyleverythinG 27 days ago

    Let Manny pacquaio try this come on

  • Bill Randall
    Bill Randall 27 days ago

    this is why you learn to kick and keep out of arm's reach, guys. You simply cannot reliably block or dodge or slip all blows when you get inside arm's reach. Stay at kicking distance, and "snipe" at his legs.

  • Nexy Oddshots
    Nexy Oddshots 29 days ago

    I hawe for one hit 904 😒

  • Thor Nado
    Thor Nado Month ago

    the technique is hitting with velocity.

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man Month ago

    I think no one like to do bro first with this guy


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  • Anthony TV
    Anthony TV Month ago

    Im 13 and Im not even kidding i was at this arcade and I got 954

    • Ben Dev
      Ben Dev 10 days ago

      Anthony TV ur just stupid

  • True Channel
    True Channel Month ago

    3:20 bro thats nothing im 15 and im punch 500

    • True Channel
      True Channel 27 days ago

      Swooper i know its a joke but thats not very good joke the maximum punch power is 999 and the 19,789 os too if you can say 1000 thats a great joke beacuse didnt show 1000 only 999 and only 1+
      but nit very bad joke i give a like

    • Swooper
      Swooper 27 days ago +2

      my record is 19,789 you weaklings..

    • True Channel
      True Channel Month ago

      Anthony TV you know why is fake beacuse my friend is muscular and he reach the 830 amd why you not take a video and make a punching machine video in your channel and im beliave that but only and only you make a video to show

    • True Channel
      True Channel Month ago

      Anthony TV do you workout or you muscular or something

    • Anthony TV
      Anthony TV Month ago

      Im 13 my record is 954 not kidding

  • Higgzmusik
    Higgzmusik Month ago

    Yeah but bilbo wasn’t wearing the ring!!

  • JokerHaHaHA HaHaHa
    JokerHaHaHA HaHaHa Month ago

    My recort are 823 when i Was drunk :D

  • nicholas rees
    nicholas rees Month ago

    Hahaha on that machine I had 832 and I'm 14 he should be embarrassed

  • Bailey Harrell
    Bailey Harrell Month ago

    "You go boom it goes back up"

  • Anton von Voss
    Anton von Voss Month ago

    Bruh i almost Got 900 on That machine and im 14

    • Ben Dev
      Ben Dev 10 days ago

      @Anton von Voss every company makes different scales dumbass.

    • Anton von Voss
      Anton von Voss 10 days ago

      @Ben Dev ?

    • Ben Dev
      Ben Dev 10 days ago

      Anton von Voss set 8

  • Sivy
    Sivy Month ago

    This is some of the worst content on TVclip

  • JoKer
    JoKer Month ago

    4:20 yeah with recent events this joke is even more funny

  • Umut Demir
    Umut Demir Month ago

    Diss to massaka

  • mau mac
    mau mac Month ago +1

    Andy Ruiz ..... boooooommmm !!! KO

  • Wilbo Mc
    Wilbo Mc Month ago +1

    "Bags don't punch back" - Andy Ruiz

  • MERUEM is god
    MERUEM is god Month ago +1

    I Have 12 yo and i punch 818

  • Borz95
    Borz95 Month ago

    Ask to Andy How Is Scored

  • Barzani Amariah Salih

    But you didn’t do that to ruiz

  • HelenaBlack80
    HelenaBlack80 Month ago +2

    I mean, is there anyone on the planet, male or female who doesn’t crush on AJ??? He’s B.E.A.utiful!

    • HelenaBlack80
      HelenaBlack80 Month ago

      mr worldwide I’m pretty sure Andy Ruiz’s appreciation of AJ is on a vastly different level to mine.

    • mr worldwide
      mr worldwide Month ago

      Your answer is 'Andy Ruiz Jr.'

  • Четкие Нигеры

    I punched 950 but my weight 65 kg . And i am 18 old year

  • Death Rone
    Death Rone Month ago

    McGregor hit 900

  • E Cervantes
    E Cervantes Month ago

    Andy hit a 967 n AJ felt that in round

  • SavagePanda10101
    SavagePanda10101 Month ago

    I got an ad with aj n it before the vid

  • Mr. Boss
    Mr. Boss Month ago

    My dad always hits over 1000

  • Mr. Boss
    Mr. Boss Month ago

    I got a 866 and I’m 13

  • Max _1401
    Max _1401 Month ago

    Its nothing

  • DZK Progen
    DZK Progen Month ago

    Ptdr qui sest perdu

  • Brzi
    Brzi Month ago

    Erko Jun je batalio krusku

  • lucas vinicius
    lucas vinicius Month ago

    Bilbo dont like it .

  • Gaming With Hopi
    Gaming With Hopi Month ago

    ?Record is 999

  • Soul Chicken
    Soul Chicken Month ago

    Meh. Ivan Drago got over 2000...

  • a v
    a v Month ago

    Wilder registered 910+ with a left hand he put nothing into lol

    • Ben Dev
      Ben Dev 10 days ago

      @a v im not Aj fan im more fury fan but anyway im saying ur clearly slow cos all the machines are different.For instance the local punching machine in my town lets me hit 900 but can telll the power Aj hit on that machine would be 970+ on my machine .Every company makes different scales dumbass.

    • a v
      a v 10 days ago

      Ben Dev not at all and you’re clearly a biased brit who’s mad that your roided up puppet got KO’d by Michelin man haha

    • Ben Dev
      Ben Dev 10 days ago

      a v ur clearly 14

  • Morgan's Father
    Morgan's Father Month ago +4

    Is that the headmaster of y11 on The Inbetweeners

  • Slix FN
    Slix FN Month ago

    So Anthony Joshua got 840 and my 15 year old mates get 820 consistently 😂 ok then

    • Ben Dev
      Ben Dev 10 days ago

      Slix FN every machine different like the local one in my town I could get 900.his machine is clearly vet downgraded

  • Karacam
    Karacam Month ago

    Deli mi ne

  • Crystal Games
    Crystal Games Month ago

    I am flippin 13 and I hit same

    PEACE IN LOVE Month ago

    The must poweful is Ngannou

  • Stephen Collier
    Stephen Collier Month ago

    Andy Ruiz 😆

  • Ακη μη βριζεις

    Thank me later 2:34