What It Was Like for Woman Trapped Underneath Bus

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
  • A terrified woman called 911 for help after she was locked in the luggage compartment of a Peter Pan bus. The woman, who has not been identified, told the operator that she crawled into the compartment to get something out of her bag when the bus driver closed the compartment, locking her in. Fortunately, she had her cellphone to dial 911. "I need help. Nobody knows where I am," the desperate woman says. "Please, is someone going to be able to help?"

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  • Gigi Gigi
    Gigi Gigi 20 days ago

    Of course the Bus Driver did not know about the women inside the luggage compartment. The woman saw the luggage compartment open got inside, the bus driver closed the luggage compartment as usual and left. Bus Driver Not Guilty!!!

  • Anya Vlad
    Anya Vlad 20 days ago

    The only thing I wouldn't like is being in the dark..other than that, seems like a cozy spot to me haha
    But its the girls fault..Parents, teach your children that certain things you're not supposed to do, like crawling under the bus without a warning..I'm pretty sure it's illegal too 🤦‍♀️

  • Michael Moran
    Michael Moran 27 days ago

    I don't buy she just did it to get a pay day

  • Taylor Croom
    Taylor Croom Month ago

    "Relax, relax, relax, relax."
    you get stuck underneath a bus and let's see if you relax

  • TheNinja07
    TheNinja07 Month ago

    Wtf....the woman who went in the luggage part sounds shady af. How she gonna "forget" something after everyone is already on the bus ready for departure? Arrest her for being stupid.

  • madam vertud
    madam vertud Month ago

    Bus driver didn't locked u intentionally...ur statement is misleading...

  • Scare Bear
    Scare Bear Month ago

    Sorry but that twit has only herself to blame for crawling in there and not telling the bus driver beforehand.

  • Fake Real
    Fake Real Month ago

    I would've loved to be in there IF I had unlimited air.

  • Living The Dash
    Living The Dash Month ago

    She did it on purpose. Hate crime.

  • Daily Watermelon
    Daily Watermelon Month ago

    just make it into a Vado hangout

  • White Devil
    White Devil Month ago +1

    Don’t blame the bus driver when she decided to climb into the luggage compartment to get her belongings. Any person would have at least asked the driver to pull the luggage back out
    //shakes my head

  • Elle M
    Elle M Month ago +1

    She should let the driver know that she was getting her luggage cause seems like they were for about to leave.

  • justice is served
    justice is served Month ago

    You damn Americans arrest people for the most silliest of reasons...hope y'all grow a brain

  • Brenden Xiong
    Brenden Xiong Month ago

    Free ticket to wherever

  • Lilly
    Lilly Month ago

    Wtf what she doing crawling in there in the first place? She could have at least notified the driver that shes going in. I swear some people lack common sense.

  • Done Poppy
    Done Poppy Month ago +1


  • Done Poppy
    Done Poppy Month ago +1

    OMG lol

  • Rhiley Weislocher
    Rhiley Weislocher Month ago

    Hehe ive been to bosten it Was great

  • Shaquille Oatmeal
    Shaquille Oatmeal Month ago

    Y’all make this title sound so dramatic. I thought she literally got stuck under the bus

  • Edgar Sanchez
    Edgar Sanchez Month ago

    Ever since I watched this I want do it now

  • Unknown
    Unknown Month ago

    Why would you crawl in without anyone knowing

  • Lanie’s Life
    Lanie’s Life Month ago

    On behalf of the black community, we disown her.

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump Month ago

    I was on the bus . Anyone want to know more let me know. This comment will likely get burried.

  • Riche' Wilson
    Riche' Wilson Month ago

    Why didn't the woman yell before they close the door like "stop I'm in here". another thing why didn't the bus driver check to see if there wasn't anybody trying to hitch a ride in there?

  • Dachdog
    Dachdog Month ago

    Lol, I live in a 3rd world country. There weren't enough seats in the bus for our 6 hour drive. They had a space with a mattress and a small window in the luggage area. I was so happy. I took it. First class all the way, haha. I got to be laying down. It's not scary. People need to chill. Call 911 and just wait.

  • Dani Morrow
    Dani Morrow Month ago

    *she prob did it on purpose to get on inside edition lol*

  • Mad Planet
    Mad Planet Month ago

    she didindonuffin

  • Oc TripWire
    Oc TripWire Month ago

    *Cough* Cover Up *Cough*

  • Milind Brijesh
    Milind Brijesh Month ago

    Person: I'm scared it's dark, and no one knows where I am
    Dispatcher: ReLaX, rElAx, ReLaX, rElAx

  • uriituw
    uriituw Month ago

    Kind of dumb.

  • Jeffy Potato
    Jeffy Potato Month ago

    Private room damn she is so lucky

  • joulupukkix
    joulupukkix Month ago

    Why would you get scared?

  • ajhaux19
    ajhaux19 Month ago

    Why would you climb in far enough for them to not be able to see you lol?

  • Damian van de Geer
    Damian van de Geer Month ago

    Free Stuff!

  • Jaskanwar Randhawa
    Jaskanwar Randhawa Month ago +1

    get out of luggage compartment miss can i see your ticket

  • Alli Kitchens
    Alli Kitchens Month ago +1

    Lisa Guerrero would have stop the bus her self 😂

  • Abby Beard
    Abby Beard Month ago

    You’re not supposed to go in the luggage compartment and as soon as the door closed behind her she should have screamed. Someone would hear her. This is fishy. Someone’s looking for money.

  • Leon’s YT Channel

    They should have manual door openers.

  • Phyllis Arrington
    Phyllis Arrington Month ago

    Dang, from the captian, I thought she was trapped under a wrecked bus. LOL

  • john smith
    john smith Month ago

    I would have been laughing my ass off If I was the dispatcher.

  • Taj Rice
    Taj Rice Month ago

    How the hell was the bus driver supposed to know someone was in there? "Oh yea let me go check the luggage compartment because people tend to crawl in there..." NO, tf.

  • the champ
    the champ Month ago

    It's her fault you could've told the driver she was gonna get her bag and she shouldn't have crawled in there

  • Roddy
    Roddy Month ago

    They never would’ve arrested that bus driver if she was a white woman 😒
    I’m sure it was pretty scary being stuck under the bus, but it was obviously a mistake. Ridiculous

  • random293
    random293 Month ago

    there should be an emergency button in there just in case someone gets trapped

    I AM DOCTORCAT Month ago

    Is it accident?

  • Aaron Puzon
    Aaron Puzon Month ago

    She didn't say "accidentally locked inside"

  • VJ
    VJ Month ago

    The bus driver probably didn’t see her because she was hiding behind the luggage. The 👮‍♀️ should dig into the ladies finances. Guarantee you she is suing the bus company and she has a ton of debt.

  • farxiyo Dahir
    farxiyo Dahir Month ago +1

    At least the operator was nice .

  • Natasha Powell
    Natasha Powell Month ago

    omg this is such a white thing to do.

  • Edgars Skele
    Edgars Skele Month ago

    i don’t know about y’all but i have always wanted to go on a ride while sitting there

  • Kool Aid Kitty
    Kool Aid Kitty Month ago

    *makes comment 801*

  • ms 3533
    ms 3533 Month ago

    This woman is dumber than a sack of hammers!

  • Jack Aurora
    Jack Aurora Month ago +1

    Man they really threw her under bus.

  • Erik  Raigoso
    Erik Raigoso Month ago

    For those saying “there’s no way she didn’t see her” you could he right. But you could also be wrong cause all you have to do is close it with out having to get on your knees. So there’s a chance the bus driver closed it with her hands with out ducking down and locked it

  • Benito Sanchez
    Benito Sanchez Month ago

    Redefining the definition of “getting thrown under the bus.”

  • Person Incognito
    Person Incognito Month ago

    Tells her to relax!

  • Just Matt Here
    Just Matt Here Month ago

    That's why you always ask the driver if you can retrieve something from your bag.

  • Artstudy
    Artstudy Month ago

    I hope the bus driver doesn't get any hate for this I can see this as a actual accident

  • NyanPopTart Gaming
    NyanPopTart Gaming Month ago

    It’s honestly the lady’s fault for climbing in there😑. They arrested the bus driver for no reason.

  • JeanDylanKevin
    JeanDylanKevin Month ago

    I wouldnt mind being trapped with that blonde