Call of Power | Ryze Cinematic - League of Legends

  • Published on Jul 26, 2018
  • Ryze scours Runeterra for fragments of a forgotten past, each step bringing him closer to incredible power-and terrible ruin.
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  • Memes free my soul
    Memes free my soul 10 hours ago

    3:44 me watching my food in the microwave

  • Aldo Noyola
    Aldo Noyola 11 hours ago

    Why this charachter looks like Kratos?

  • Fernando Victor
    Fernando Victor Day ago

    For God so loved the world that He gave His Only Begotten Son that whosoever who believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16

  • TelBM 12
    TelBM 12 Day ago

    That's like infinity stones

  • The Virtuoso
    The Virtuoso Day ago

    Gawan na ng movie yan riot 😁

  • misavn
    misavn Day ago

    Infinity stones nice

  • Jarod Dempsey
    Jarod Dempsey 2 days ago

    this cinematic is under appreciated

  • PaulGaming101
    PaulGaming101 2 days ago

    Because of this i now think that ryze is the strongest legend in runeterra

  • Chanz M
    Chanz M 2 days ago

    This is the story where the infinity gauntlet where born 😂😂😂

  • Ducks
    Ducks 2 days ago

    My boy nAsus looking *fffffffffit*

  • Daniel Cohen
    Daniel Cohen 2 days ago

    is that velkoz that tries to take the world fragment?

  • Ryan Brown Bear
    Ryan Brown Bear 3 days ago

    Which rework is this ryze?

  • Febri Pranata
    Febri Pranata 3 days ago

    blue stone is missing, i think rize just take blue stone, becouse rize can teleport.

  • Moon Tasir
    Moon Tasir 3 days ago

    3:09 isnt they supposed to dance here?

  • Rose Black
    Rose Black 3 days ago

    When is riot going to finally make a movie?

  • OPSetEver
    OPSetEver 5 days ago

    Let it go!

  • teach dr
    teach dr 6 days ago


  • Ian Moone
    Ian Moone 6 days ago

    This is everytime Ryze get nerf

  • Ahmet ÇAM
    Ahmet ÇAM 6 days ago +1


  • AMagicMuffin
    AMagicMuffin 7 days ago +1

    ryze has a lot of powerful friends and powerful enemies.

  • No ser lo Lhama
    No ser lo Lhama 7 days ago

    Oh cool another Ryze remake, look's great

    CONÓMAGA 7 days ago

    Riot recomends me this when the stream of ryze is on xD lol celebrate 10 years of lol !

  • Lucifer Morningstar
    Lucifer Morningstar 8 days ago

    True story...

  • mnemosine itahncristos

    i think the rune is missing, is the one that ryze gets on the comic where he fights against Brand.

  • Ahmet Bozkurt
    Ahmet Bozkurt 8 days ago

    9 sezon oldu artık bir film çıkarında izleyelim yaw

  • giorgos andreatos
    giorgos andreatos 9 days ago +1

    If only ryze didnt find the yellow one so conqueror didnt exist

  • VikkzedHD
    VikkzedHD 10 days ago

    I guess Ryze got full build during this cinematic

  • Skittles smacc time
    Skittles smacc time 12 days ago

    Thanos confirmed

  • DarkSky
    DarkSky 16 days ago

    1:23 if only ryze's ult was that cool

  • El Boufo
    El Boufo 17 days ago

    the la *UDYR* it calls

  • CarisTopher Vlogs
    CarisTopher Vlogs 17 days ago

    He ult to find inspiration rune.

  • red smr
    red smr 19 days ago +1

    so Ryze is the strongest of all? If the situation is really bad, he can use any rune he was hiding and destroy anything

  • 1Hugo1
    1Hugo1 20 days ago

    How did ryze use his ult in the anti-magic forest???

  • disembark
    disembark 20 days ago

    How did i never see this

  • nekochuu
    nekochuu 22 days ago

    Sona be looking finna nice in here but in game she looks like the head of the minions :/

  • Ben Okland
    Ben Okland 22 days ago

    A movie pls !!! :D

  • WickedWitcher01
    WickedWitcher01 23 days ago +1

    Ryze is like the Doctor Strange of League of Legends, I'm so here for this

  • D. Robinson
    D. Robinson 24 days ago

    I know the "frozen watcher" is just a "spawn" from the "voidborn watchers" so maybe it isn't THAT powerful, but I don't think ryze should've been able to kill it so easily even WITH his "full" power.

  • blenk side
    blenk side 24 days ago

    I hope league of legends make a movie . So that no one can forget the beauty and the awesomeness of this game . Like make a movie for every character .

  • theYellow flash
    theYellow flash 28 days ago

    2:22 when u play ryze in rank

  • x3pher
    x3pher 28 days ago

    Anybody know if he ever got his inspiration rune build yet?

  • Flying Ostrich
    Flying Ostrich Month ago

    Nasus: *+3!*

  • Vivek Ganesan
    Vivek Ganesan Month ago

    Imagine the story if sylas escaped demacia and found this in the petricite forest. You could definitely make a movie out of that.

  • evan chen
    evan chen Month ago

    sona visual update plz

  • R SAT
    R SAT Month ago


  • Dima Gamolya
    Dima Gamolya Month ago

    Champions spawning in and backing looks like the Ryze teleport in-game. The runes seem to match the ones in-game. Maybe they are used to set up such an eternal arena and their energy keeps the champions alive?

  • Saša Bogdanović
    Saša Bogdanović Month ago

    the rune keeper .the only man who is keeping it togeder if he would not exist another rune war would come and destroy all runetra . great story riot

  • micahel jason japson

    His Scroll is still broken from that fight with Nocturne

  • Hazooki
    Hazooki Month ago

    jesus trundle looks scary

  • _MisuinDygelia_ 1
    _MisuinDygelia_ 1 Month ago

    Movie pleeaaaseeee!!

  • ?adwadswadsda
    ?adwadswadsda Month ago

    Cmon rito, can u stop beating a old man to a pulp...

  • Sexydrexy
    Sexydrexy Month ago

    "many say i wield too much power" imagine Ritze with every single rune in the game. That'd be broken asf

  • Harvey Miantezila
    Harvey Miantezila Month ago

    Ryze when he visits London 3:02

  • duygu türkmen
    duygu türkmen Month ago


  • duygu türkmen
    duygu türkmen Month ago


  • Ioannis Hussein
    Ioannis Hussein Month ago +2

    3:08: CRESCENDO!
    3:11: Aria of Perseverance!

  • TMT God
    TMT God Month ago

    No one truly know about ryze ... He is the most powerful in league of legends since s1 LOL ... Thats why Ryze get nerf and nerf and reworked :3

  • goldfishislovely
    goldfishislovely Month ago

    Timeless rune left

  • Gabrielius Vaišvila

    hmm spell flux is actaully more op than i thought

  • Rene Balic
    Rene Balic Month ago +2

    Sad they won't be doing these, apparently TFT and eternals take to much resources.

    • fizzydinosaur
      fizzydinosaur Month ago

      TFT is simply Riot admitting they themselves don't pay much attention to League anymore, are bored of it, and have moved onto other things. Eternals is them keeping their jobs with newer, greasier cash-grab tactics to appease papa-Tencent. Still better than your average AAA dev though. At their current rate they won't be compared to EA for at least 15 more years.