Candy Canes | How It's Made


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  • Leeann Albritton
    Leeann Albritton 12 hours ago

    I love candy canes and used to love them as a kid also

  • Computer Cloud
    Computer Cloud 19 hours ago

    Welcome to the world of Candy Crush.

  • CRIO
    CRIO Day ago +1

    Now I gotta go buy Candy Canes🍭🤦

  • Bad Cattitude
    Bad Cattitude Day ago

    I like the fruity ones, the normal ones are kinda meh

  • Laura Richards
    Laura Richards 2 days ago

    I love Peppermint candy canes

  • Cere S
    Cere S 3 days ago

    I love the sour kind.

  • vanillamania gamer
    vanillamania gamer 4 days ago +1

    I saw this in class and I jump out the window

  • Coral The Anime Girl

    “Candy canes come in many different colors and sizes”......that’s it?

  • achanwahn
    achanwahn 6 days ago +1

    This is not how the mom and pop places do it. Interesting

    ONCEWhOrE 6 days ago

    0:57. That's what's inside my nose

  • Pendlera
    Pendlera 6 days ago

    Lofty Pursuits does it better 😛

  • G Bro
    G Bro 7 days ago

    Amazing video. I am pretty sure the coolest part was the robotic arm boxing the candy canes!

  • Doge yt /ennard0683 Yt

    Eeewwwww that orange slimey stuff looks disgusting

  • ethan cheng
    ethan cheng 7 days ago +2

    Can we have a candy cane creation asmr next?^_^

  • T'Layna McSwain
    T'Layna McSwain 7 days ago


  • Weedy Wardaddy
    Weedy Wardaddy 8 days ago

    Thought it was Huggbee
    Though I'm not that disappointed

  • Emily Martinez
    Emily Martinez 8 days ago +1

    We also watched this in 5th hour
    Why did we watch this that class is informational writing

  • JuanCaloy18 TV
    JuanCaloy18 TV 9 days ago

    Will you help me gain 1k subscriber please🙏, it would be a big help for me. Can I have your subscription?🙏 Pretty please💙

  • Mushroom Gaming
    Mushroom Gaming 10 days ago

    The beginning was oddly satisfying

  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki Kaminari 10 days ago

    I probably eat a whole batch of candy canes during Christmas. I still have 40+ boxes of them and it’s almost valentines day

  • meme boi
    meme boi 11 days ago

    How are babies made??

  • ian smith
    ian smith 11 days ago

    These are cool

  • Noob Playz
    Noob Playz 12 days ago +1

    2:25 that’s 1 big candy cane

  • Noob Playz
    Noob Playz 12 days ago +1

    I like candy canes

  • Noob Playz
    Noob Playz 12 days ago +1

    How did I sub to u ...

  • p a p i n o o k
    p a p i n o o k 12 days ago

    can they make candy canes not break when i drop them tho

  • Sonic47 Doesit
    Sonic47 Doesit 12 days ago

    Who just wants to eat some of this

    Add a like if you do
    (Not begging)

  • A.B 129
    A.B 129 12 days ago

    watching candy making is one of the nicer things in my life

  • Annie N
    Annie N 13 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who wants to play with the syrupy slab?

  • Blueberry Muffin Cat
    Blueberry Muffin Cat 13 days ago +1

    OK, so I have the recipe, now I just need the ingredients and a factory with workers...And maybe a science channel to document the process...

  • Wolf Clan Nation
    Wolf Clan Nation 13 days ago

    I’m usually not even wondering it’s just satisfying

  • Wolf Clan Nation
    Wolf Clan Nation 13 days ago

    Here we are the man I know and love

  • Toni Kavorkias
    Toni Kavorkias 13 days ago

    They don't even taste them first before wrapping them up...? 😕

  • Sandra A QUEEN
    Sandra A QUEEN 13 days ago

    Looks yummyyy 😋😋 😋

  • Limited Speicial
    Limited Speicial 13 days ago +1

    1:24 who sees metallic slime?! I know I do, leave a like if ya see it too

  • Kassidy Lynn
    Kassidy Lynn 13 days ago +2

    I have watched this 20 times. No kidding

  • The Gaming Mack V
    The Gaming Mack V 13 days ago

    I've always wanted to eat it while its in taffy form.

  • Jakey Jake
    Jakey Jake 13 days ago

    Bs they just paint the red on

  • Aya Once
    Aya Once 14 days ago

    0:51 oddly satisfying
    noo, the whole video is satisfying

  • lambchopxoxo
    lambchopxoxo 15 days ago

    What do you do for a living? I make candy canes.

  • Sharmin Akter
    Sharmin Akter 15 days ago +1


  • Frank Lesser
    Frank Lesser 15 days ago

    I don't like the ones with green stripes. I don't like yellow striped ones, either. They shouldn't be allowed to make green nor yellow striped candy canes. Is there someone I can call?

  • Zari Witt
    Zari Witt 15 days ago

    Any one watching in 2019😇😇🙂🥰😍

  • Lmao why are you here T_T

    I,m gonna say the cc word


  • Lmao why are you here T_T


  • Grace Osborn
    Grace Osborn 16 days ago

    So satisfied

  • Lil Pikachu
    Lil Pikachu 16 days ago

    Well, I've been here for 30 minutes when I'm supposed to be getting ready for school.

  • Octavian Nica
    Octavian Nica 16 days ago

    Ai want too Candy of this is like a good Candy.

  • Laura Ortiz
    Laura Ortiz 16 days ago

    Really really really really really really wanted to see the blue one being made 💀 I know it’s the same process but still

  • ImBlueDaBaDeeDaBaDaa
    ImBlueDaBaDeeDaBaDaa 17 days ago


  • PaigeTheCreativeNotepad !

    2:20 the guy on the right looks like Freddy Mercury

  • Enchilad_
    Enchilad_ 17 days ago

    I was gonna play on my pc, know I've spent an hour watching these..

  • Marcel P.
    Marcel P. 18 days ago

    Sweet. Sugar. Candy cane

  • JellyAnimations428
    JellyAnimations428 18 days ago

    Who else stuck in a “How It’s Made” Vortex

  • Honey_hearts Lps
    Honey_hearts Lps 18 days ago

    Watched it in school

  • Leo Dancor
    Leo Dancor 19 days ago

    What's the song it's so good?

  • Niko The doge
    Niko The doge 19 days ago


  • HowToIz Good
    HowToIz Good 19 days ago

    Why do they bend the tips it's so unnecessary

  • Team Gartin
    Team Gartin 20 days ago

    Such a cool video, we love your channel!!!

  • Max / Sakurek
    Max / Sakurek 23 days ago

    *Grinch wants to know your location*

  • :0 :0
    :0 :0 23 days ago

    Most British thing I’ve seen all day.

  • shutup shit head
    shutup shit head 23 days ago

    Lofty Pursuits on crack

  • ChloeIsWeird ;-;
    ChloeIsWeird ;-; 24 days ago

    I'm here *January 2019* anyone else?

  • Yo Boii DecWec
    Yo Boii DecWec 25 days ago


  • BitchyCatInTheRoom
    BitchyCatInTheRoom 25 days ago

    0:48 omg idk why but I just wanna bite into that

  • Logal Gold
    Logal Gold 26 days ago +1

    its KNEADED for the next step hAHa

  • beep bop
    beep bop 26 days ago

    i need those wheels for my body, time to thin down ammirite guys

  • YETE1
    YETE1 26 days ago

    Give me blue one pls

  • Merari Rodriguez
    Merari Rodriguez 27 days ago

    it looks like slime

  • Dont use your real name On youtube

    Why is so little automated? At least automate the mixing

  • Daniel Peña
    Daniel Peña 28 days ago


  • Daniel Peña
    Daniel Peña 28 days ago

    It looks like tooth past

  • Zenith Greyz
    Zenith Greyz 28 days ago

    You know they are lubing that machinery stuff with petroleum which gets into the food. Yuck!! I wanna see how is the Doritos cheese powder is made and the machinery.

  • Ashy Kat
    Ashy Kat 28 days ago


  • sophi ariell
    sophi ariell Month ago

    Who else was eating candy canes during this video

  • Im DaMug
    Im DaMug Month ago +1

    New video by how it's made:
    How It's Made | How It's Made

  • TobySenpai
    TobySenpai Month ago

    "So it takes two Workers"
    every disrespectful woman ever :

  • Sky Bussanich
    Sky Bussanich Month ago

    I wanna eat that corn syrup stuff at the beginning xD

  • Jess Jessica
    Jess Jessica Month ago

    I kept clicking related videos then somehow ended up here. It started with a kpop video, then funny news bloopers, random facts about other countries,
    the downfall of Wal-Mart in Brazil and now "How It's Made" videos.

  • Barbara Hammer
    Barbara Hammer Month ago +1

    thank you.good show.. why they don't make candy cane year round???

  • Webtoon hunter
    Webtoon hunter Month ago

    Your tellin me...... the red means nothing

  • arcy wymer
    arcy wymer Month ago

    :/don't get it

  • Ryan Thao
    Ryan Thao Month ago


  • InstantNoodles Snow

    Damn, technology tho

  • Grayson Nazworth
    Grayson Nazworth Month ago

    this makes me happy to watch

  • Finn Finno
    Finn Finno Month ago

    I wanna eat it already

  • ayesha rahman
    ayesha rahman Month ago


  • TheEpicCrimson
    TheEpicCrimson Month ago

    I really want to eat the cornstarch-sugar caramel looking thing. It looks delicious. And also the part where it looks like a giant candy cane at 1:46.

  • How It's Made KH
    How It's Made KH Month ago

    Very interesting

  • knocknockify
    knocknockify Month ago

    So the cellophane goes on first, then the candy is bent?? 🤯

  • Andrew Brasfield
    Andrew Brasfield Month ago

    1:51 And everyone was complaining about what McDonald’s chicken nuggets looked like...

  • Putri Azaria
    Putri Azaria Month ago

    i think i just heard the narattor say Yenni and Yenni is my classmate at school and were friends and we sit next to each other and i kinda feel this satisfying i kinda feel this should be on ASMR

  • Salmon Fam
    Salmon Fam Month ago

    I always thought that candy canes was a lollipop twirled together

  • Lebana Metz
    Lebana Metz Month ago

    What happens during the rest of the year ?

  • Peri Dot
    Peri Dot Month ago

    Ive fallen into a worm hole! 😳😳

  • Roundzz 40
    Roundzz 40 Month ago

    0:22 be looking like one huge melted gummy bear

  • lauren sparkles
    lauren sparkles Month ago +1

    cool and goods

  • GageTheBoss -GD&MORE-

    From 3:01 to 3:16 everything looks fake

  • Leah_Croissant
    Leah_Croissant Month ago

    *how many break during that bending process*

  • toby tobster jr
    toby tobster jr Month ago

    0:40 so satisfying......