Candy Canes | How It's Made

  • Published on Dec 18, 2015
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    Candy canes are delicious holiday treats that come in all shapes and sizes. See the carefully choreographed production process in action!
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  • kayelleah
    kayelleah 11 hours ago

    my family does it by hand XD

  • TheyCallMeSAD
    TheyCallMeSAD 12 hours ago

    Seeing them made by hand is more interesting in my opinion but this is still cool

  • Crystal Odame
    Crystal Odame 15 hours ago

    1:44 Beginning of weight loss story

  • Crystal Odame
    Crystal Odame 15 hours ago

    1:27 sO SaTiSfiNg

  • Crystal Odame
    Crystal Odame 15 hours ago


  • The devil within
    The devil within 22 hours ago

    God I just wanna eat it.

  • Danny
    Danny Day ago +2

    How are candy canes made?
    Answer: Robots

  • Arianna Baker
    Arianna Baker Day ago

    How are ores made

  • small pupper
    small pupper 5 days ago

    i'll take your entire stock 👉

  • CC Arco
    CC Arco 5 days ago +1


  • Fernando Rede
    Fernando Rede 6 days ago

    who has to watch like this comment

  • Daisy Edwards
    Daisy Edwards 7 days ago

    Where on the screen do u look then ?

  • Tanzerite Nye
    Tanzerite Nye 7 days ago

    0:45 this is the ear wax.

  • Will Abbott
    Will Abbott 7 days ago

    Looks like ear wax

  • Vanessa Smith
    Vanessa Smith 7 days ago

    This is soooooo weird♡

  • Monfetus
    Monfetus 8 days ago

    how did someone imagine all this process

  • Yup
    Yup 8 days ago

    Making candy canes seems pretty hard.

  • Vivienne Kreutzer
    Vivienne Kreutzer 8 days ago +1

    Working in one these places must be really satisfying

  • Swathi Sandhya
    Swathi Sandhya 10 days ago +1

    How many colors in candy canes
    Please reply me

  • Mrs Flibble
    Mrs Flibble 11 days ago

    Such love and care put in by those guys :) candy canes I presumed were a bunch of junk, but the method seems identical to British rock. Very simple, I like that quality in food.

  • Collier G
    Collier G 11 days ago


  • Bertha Montes
    Bertha Montes 12 days ago +1

    I thought candy corn was made by santas elfs poop now I know the truth

  • Hector Moncada
    Hector Moncada 13 days ago

    Great music

  • parallel VirtueFN
    parallel VirtueFN 13 days ago +1

    This whole video is so aesthetically pleasing

  • Jonathan Sng
    Jonathan Sng 14 days ago +4

    This show makes the simplest things so complex ...

    I love it

  • Solby & Corton
    Solby & Corton 14 days ago

    This was my favorite show as a kid. I now know why I loved it so much.

  • Kiersten
    Kiersten 14 days ago

    1:41 phat log

  • Lack the Goat
    Lack the Goat 15 days ago

    The beginning part looks like soft rosin.

  • AirielBleach61
    AirielBleach61 15 days ago

    I want Huggbees

  • Andrea Mcp24
    Andrea Mcp24 16 days ago

    1:54 I thought that was Freddie Mercury for a sec

  • Dragon Relm
    Dragon Relm 16 days ago

    Ah so that's where my plunger went

  • the Hunt
    the Hunt 16 days ago


  • Serious Yoga
    Serious Yoga 16 days ago

    no ones talking about the arm hair!!!!!!!

  • TiGeR _MoTh
    TiGeR _MoTh 16 days ago

    I wonder if he ever just grabs a chunk of the mixture and eats it

  • タクミ
    タクミ 17 days ago

    I’m late buuuuuuut..... 0:43 I found this quite satisfying :3

  • Fishy fish
    Fishy fish 17 days ago

    Imagine working here how many candy canes you can probably take 👌

  • Carrie Krout
    Carrie Krout 17 days ago


  • Baruchas
    Baruchas 17 days ago

    So much work for a thing one doesn't really need.

  • TeeJay
    TeeJay 18 days ago

    I clicked on this video thinking it was huggbees and got really confused.

  • Luis -Kun
    Luis -Kun 19 days ago

    Who’s also watching when it’s not Christmas?!?!

  • Matthewv1998
    Matthewv1998 20 days ago

    That awkward moment when you cone off a how its actually made video thinking this will be more jokes.

  • VPanda
    VPanda 21 day ago

    1:56 Holy shit its Freddie Murcury!

  • Blake Alfaro
    Blake Alfaro 21 day ago

    all this work they put into frickin candey canes and they aint even good

  • SS Academy
    SS Academy 21 day ago

    Nice video

  • Gino Asci
    Gino Asci 22 days ago

    You can't give a few people jobs where they can put the candy in the boxes instead of robots? Oh well, the robots don't complain, they don't come in late and leave early, no sick time and vacation pay, no salary, no liability, and they work 24/7. Yeah, but your establishment doesn't have any humans in it.
    How morbid, and greedy.

  • Beatrice Followill
    Beatrice Followill 22 days ago

    I can't stop watching this it's so satisfying I freaking love this shoe

  • hala a
    hala a 22 days ago

    i thought elves were responsible for making candy canes! these are just normal people!

  • Jesse Flowers
    Jesse Flowers 23 days ago

    Who else is here from lofty pursuits

  • Lola Allcock
    Lola Allcock 25 days ago

    Most of these videos are just...

    O D D L Y S A T I S F Y I N G

  • Jacob Currie
    Jacob Currie 28 days ago

    Make how it’s made how it’s made

  • v binkk
    v binkk 28 days ago

    when you already know how candy canes are made you just like watching it lol

  • Hunter Ludovicy
    Hunter Ludovicy 28 days ago +1

    now i kinda want a massive lump of unshaped candy canes (like at 1:32) just to sit and gnaw on for a few hours.

  • Laurie Jackson
    Laurie Jackson 29 days ago

    Mine lollipops an rainbows

  • mistyreiii
    mistyreiii 29 days ago

    Its amazing how these machines are made

  • Kiwi Bird
    Kiwi Bird 29 days ago

    The little robot with arms was so cute

  • Jeffrey Hoyt
    Jeffrey Hoyt Month ago

    I want to work in a candy factory!

  • Lisa Fancy
    Lisa Fancy Month ago

    I bet it smells like Christmas morning in there 🎄

  • Romi Zomi
    Romi Zomi Month ago

    I expected these to be auto-played after "how its really made" videos

  • Slaughter Street
    Slaughter Street Month ago

    Wait then hw does it curve when you try to snap it it snap and doesn’t curve?

  • Phoenix Fire cat
    Phoenix Fire cat Month ago

    When you’re allergic to any type of mint so you can’t have candy canes

  • stargir1e333
    stargir1e333 Month ago

    1like=5candy canes

  • CC Jones
    CC Jones Month ago

    I hope these Machines are clean

  • Jovielyn Matanguihan


  • Chay Elal
    Chay Elal Month ago

    I'd be over 30 one day and I'll still be watching videos like this and in the back of my mind I'll still be longing of that one hell of a night I had with you while watching this show.
    I want candy canes now.

  • Mariana Yanes
    Mariana Yanes Month ago

    I think this is a recipe how to make slime 😂😂

  • Leeza Stewart
    Leeza Stewart Month ago


  • Isabelle Gatenby
    Isabelle Gatenby Month ago

    Once after Xmas I got a full box of candy canes for 9p

  • Dan Anthony
    Dan Anthony Month ago

    I so wouldn't have any teeth left if I worked there.

  • Le Shurc
    Le Shurc Month ago +1

    Forget Cartoon Network, this was my jam as a kid

  • R
    R Month ago

    Are you SERIOUS that guy has his fingers like a half an inch from those giant rollers..... what asinine company allows this? And they will wonder why when someone gets their damn arms pulled off.

  • Sunny :
    Sunny : Month ago

    I don’t know if they are clean

  • Luna Gaby
    Luna Gaby Month ago

    Any else look at that and say ew because how dirty that factory looked. It look crusty dusty

  • Brooke Nguyen
    Brooke Nguyen Month ago

    This reminds me of slime

  • MyKindOfNormal
    MyKindOfNormal Month ago

    I do love spearmint though

  • MyKindOfNormal
    MyKindOfNormal Month ago

    I hate the taste and smell of peppermint

  • Babbleinc
    Babbleinc Month ago

    Candy Canes are a waste of resources. Disgusting candies. These should go along with packing peanuts candy and candy corn. Like why the fuck do these nasty ass candies exist?


    I’m need sweets na

  • Hannah Procopio
    Hannah Procopio Month ago

    i came from stop motion cooking animation and auto play was on and one of these played...that was 4 hours ago

  • chloe stokes
    chloe stokes Month ago

    F a t L o g

  • Gracie Cunningham
    Gracie Cunningham Month ago

    Personally, I prefer Hercules candy.

  • aldoreable kitten
    aldoreable kitten Month ago

    what about different flovor

  • Mochi Maddie
    Mochi Maddie Month ago

    Didn't I just see this exact video on. Insider? I'm onto youuuuu

  • Xochitl Martinez
    Xochitl Martinez Month ago

    The music and voice overs make these videos so soothing. They are perfect for putting me asleep

  • ItsMeElaine Sunshine

    Is the machine clean?????????

  • xXfirewolf 24Xx
    xXfirewolf 24Xx Month ago

    Are that canda have a mint sensations?

  • Kay Levanti
    Kay Levanti Month ago +1

    This show makes me sleepy

  • Dazzilo Foreboa
    Dazzilo Foreboa Month ago

    Wait this dude doesn't sound like the narrortor I heard and liked *EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*

  • Kurczak Kasia
    Kurczak Kasia Month ago

    Aahhh.. I want to eat this mass sooo much!

  • Life of Bea
    Life of Bea Month ago

    I watched Hercules Candy do this but by hand

  • LittleAD 23
    LittleAD 23 Month ago

    I don't want a shovel and a plunger on my candy canes..

  • Girly Naee
    Girly Naee Month ago

    Hey guys welcome back to my slime channel 0:17

  • Loyal Moji
    Loyal Moji Month ago

    Babies | How its Made

  • Hakku Loves Rin Okumura

    This was in my recommendations, it is from 4 years ago. I'm watching it anyways, the video is good.😂

  • HGP Gaming
    HGP Gaming Month ago


  • Mango The trash pile
    Mango The trash pile 2 months ago

    wait they don't come broken?

  • Charlie Puth Fan
    Charlie Puth Fan 2 months ago

    I love storing the peppermint candy cane in hot chocolate lol

  • ᚢᛁᚫᛁᚾᚷ
    ᚢᛁᚫᛁᚾᚷ 2 months ago +1

    It was invented in Sweden polkagris

  • doginho
    doginho 2 months ago

    Looks so good, bit in my country we dont have this type of candy.

  • chaim rabinowitsch
    chaim rabinowitsch 2 months ago

    make a how m and ms are made that would be cool

  • Alysha Lee
    Alysha Lee 2 months ago

    I thought they were just going to leave them as sticks for a second