Modern Warfare In Depth: Secret Weapons (AK74u, RPK, MPX, M16, Honey Badger, & More!)

  • Published on Nov 12, 2019
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has several secret weapons that you can unlock via clever usage of Gunsmith and max leveling. The weapons often have radically different performance damage, range, and recoil than the base variant. Today's video will include the AK74u, RPK, MPX, M16, Honey Badger, and Star Wars Blaster cosmetic.
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  • Mr. Mayo
    Mr. Mayo Month ago +5171

    Hey, Drift0r, Im the guy that made the reddit post. Thanks for the shoutout! I put many hours into researching and making the guide. Glad to see you made a guide for it as well. Always enjoy the content!

    • radical raptor
      radical raptor 5 days ago

      Drift0r you actually need the skeleton stock to make the ak74-u

    • Talon Vaughn
      Talon Vaughn 8 days ago

      Mpx is basically a new MP5 not an AR 15

    • Toxic Milk11
      Toxic Milk11 12 days ago

      @Drift0r If you get the m4 up to 115 you get the m16

    • Think4yourself ForOnce
      Think4yourself ForOnce 18 days ago

      Drift0r funny how you made it seem like you were making this video at the exact time he posted to make it seem like you didn’t rip his work from him for your own pocket to grow larger. After seeing your private messages to eight thoughts I’ll never watch one of your video again. Just came here to tell you that and what do you know? Just happens to be a video you made from someone else efforts. Cuck

    • rustyz8
      rustyz8 19 days ago

      Maybe your channel is dying because of things like the 20+ seconds of black screen at 13:42 when we're supposed to be seeing the attachments.

  • vegeta hernandez
    vegeta hernandez 2 hours ago

    Dam I just took an L leveled up the Kilo thinking that was the gun for the honey badger not the M13 sound of double check I guess I'll start on the M13 now

  • TheWicked696
    TheWicked696 6 hours ago

    Thats not a honey badger. Honey badger would be the m4 with integrated suppressor...

  • TheWicked696
    TheWicked696 6 hours ago

    Thats not an mpx.. like at all. Its an m4 with 9mm receiver. Mpx is a varient of the mp5

    CRASH PRO 12 hours ago

    Not an MPX. MPX is a built from the ground up piston driven 9mm firearm. Also being has a unique recoil spring system that's above the bolt carrier which means it doesn't have the big buffer tube sticking out the back. MCX and MPX are however siblings. What you made us a blowback 9mm AR which is not even remotely close.

  • CardiacYew 3805
    CardiacYew 3805 20 hours ago +1

    Piccadilly is a good map

  • billyyank123
    billyyank123 20 hours ago

    Sorry but NO that is not what an MPX is... MPX is made by Sig Sauer and generally in 40 s&w and looks more like a hk mp5 mixed with an mp45... completely different gun all togeather and looks nothing like it. The mp5 in the game with 10mm rounds looks more like an MPX...

  • Pazij
    Pazij 23 hours ago

    Just had to squeeze a religious comment in

  • Nich Cousins
    Nich Cousins Day ago

    It’s not really a secret weapon if you and others know about it

  • Joey McNeill
    Joey McNeill Day ago

    I had a blast using the aug

  • Harry Taylor
    Harry Taylor Day ago

    my man said "i use the stippled grip tape to get more recoil control" literally says in massive green writing "+ ADS and + sprint to fire speed" THEN LITERALLY SAYS "- Aim Stability" dude you have no idea what you're going on about

    • durkadur27
      durkadur27 10 hours ago

      Aim stability =/= recoil control

  • Aldoogie
    Aldoogie 2 days ago

    Reminds of the good old days when we’d play claymores only.

  • Future Dawn
    Future Dawn 2 days ago

    Damn I just got the 556 ammo for the aug that sucks maybe it’s fixed by now and the snake shot revolver!? How is it that good snake shot shouldn’t be that good

  • HondaBrandy
    HondaBrandy 2 days ago

    wow its almost as if these "secret weapons" are original just modifications of existing weapons, via changing parts for specific uses irl. kind of dumb these are no way secret. in the real world, the 74u was a caliber swap of the ak to 556, rpk was a heavy barreled ak with a drum magazine, etc therefore these arent secret weapons lmfao. the first thing I did when i played this was make the rpk, make a 9mm m4, etc. by this standard, any gun in this game that is modified even slightly becomes a "secret weapon"

  • Ranko1980 ROST
    Ranko1980 ROST 2 days ago

    AK70 is a Serbian gun 😁

    JUST RAZU 3 days ago

    to me and the gang *draco... 😂

  • RealExivus
    RealExivus 3 days ago

    Getting to lvl 155 before season 1 dropped gave the "OG" armory loadout for the m4. Basically, it's got the m16 parts, but it also has the handle rail thing that the m16 had in classic MW. Equipping any optic removes it, but the only way to get the absolute closest to m16 visually was to get 155 before S1. i don't know if S1 grants the same armory loadout for hitting 155, it may not be attainable anymore

  • Thatclimbingguy
    Thatclimbingguy 3 days ago

    Who gave this video the right to go from an informative in-game weapon customization guide to the most heartwarming paid sponsorship I've ever heard. Channel slowing down or not, youtube is still just youtube and so long as people enjoy your videos and get something out of it (which they clearly do), you'll still be a great content creator and should be proud of your work.

  • Folk Punk Fist Fuck
    Folk Punk Fist Fuck 3 days ago

    You got the AK-74u wrong. While it has no stock in game and some models use slings as a brace,almost all models of the AKS-74u use some type of wire folding stock, typically side folding like in game or underfolding
    If you find that the current set up is bad due to no stock go for the folding stock honestly it shreds in CQC for me

  • Kevin Mendez
    Kevin Mendez 3 days ago +2

    Who else misses XboxAhoy’s weapon guides 😓

  • クEnho
    クEnho 3 days ago

    when comment section useless and doesn't put a timestamp in the comments for other users while not being top comment too...makes me discuss how low the time stamp community has come...use to look up to yall so i wouldn't waste my time on parts of videos that i dont care about

  • Armaniac 70
    Armaniac 70 3 days ago

    The MPX is a stand alone gun made by Sig Sauer

  • RiddyOnline
    RiddyOnline 4 days ago

    I did notice that you could basically change a few of these weapons into a totally different (or different feeling/performing) weapon with attachments - namely the AK-47 (AK-74u), the P90 (basically becomes an assault rifle with no recoil with the TAC Forge barrel ) and the kilo with the integrated surpressor barrel and no stock basically becomes an awesome SMG that's still very accurate at all ranges (this is my main weapon right now). Didn't realize they were "secret weapons"

  • Slot Hut
    Slot Hut 4 days ago

    Honeybadger is a real gun made by AAC.

  • Last Lotus
    Last Lotus 4 days ago

    Ok boomer

  • Jordan Harris
    Jordan Harris 4 days ago

    that m4 looks lothing like an mpx tho lol

  • Luke Purcell
    Luke Purcell 5 days ago

    You are missing a few hidden/secret weapons like the mp10. The first gun you made looks nothing like a MPX, Nor is the MPX based on a m4 platform. By converting the m4 to 9mm you are pretty much making a colt 9mm.

  • woknded fan
    woknded fan 5 days ago

    Wrong!!! MPX is a Sig Sauer, not Colt. That set up is an AR platform with a 9mm mag block in the magazine well. An MPX is a dedicated proprietary firearm

  • Bill Bro
    Bill Bro 5 days ago

    console players get aim assist

  • lanslater
    lanslater 5 days ago +1

    A very interesting show until at circa 13minutes :42seconds where I should be seeing you up-configure the Aug theres nothing but blackscreen argh!! a showstopping problem enough to make try some other youtube on the subject Please correct and update
    And please dont superimpose the big white typed statements on the top (like at 17:57 for instance) which means the gunsmith config. details below are obscured
    As it is, you flash through the config of weapons so damn fast the typed statements are damnedably frustrating

  • Zay Too Saucyy
    Zay Too Saucyy 5 days ago +8

    The ak74u performs better with the skeleton stock and I prefer the monolithic suppressor

  • Daniel Hesse
    Daniel Hesse 5 days ago +2

    "It's the MPX of the real gun"

  • Daniel Hesse
    Daniel Hesse 5 days ago

    That's not an MPX...
    An MPX is made by SIG and is essentially an MP5 with an AR manual of arms...

  • WolfDude87
    WolfDude87 5 days ago

    The MPX in bo4 (GKS) is soo bad

  • Juan Brown
    Juan Brown 6 days ago

    This channel will never die🙏

  • Z J
    Z J 6 days ago

    Weird, I use the 5.56 with the AUG and it seems more powerful to me. In fact in hardcore it will just 1 tap people to the head all day at long ranges

  • Lukabazooka stj
    Lukabazooka stj 6 days ago +3

    You couldn’t be more incorrect about the MPX.

  • 73 There
    73 There 6 days ago


  • Jeffery B
    Jeffery B 6 days ago

    Whats the deal with the black screen at @13:45? @Drift0r please watch your videos. You are starting to get lazy and its becoming obvious.

  • Rob dob slob
    Rob dob slob 6 days ago

    TVclip dinosaur 🤦🤦🤦😂😂😂

    CMM RIP 6 days ago +3

    The M13 is noting similar to the Q honey badger, it’s literal just a Sig MCX

  • Early Cuyler
    Early Cuyler 6 days ago

    Call of duty is responsible for more future "gun experts" that have no idea what they are talking about. For the last 15 years ive been working as an aromorer and gunsmith and tons of people( including cops, military, and PILES cod fans) think they can " upgrade" their guns like in these games.but they take a lot of liberties with how guns work.
    A 9mm ar is not an "mpx", while the sig mpx Comes in 9mm, caliber and barrel are not what make it LOOKS like an ar but doesnt require a buffer tube as it is a piston operated submachinegun. not at all based on the eugene stoner direct inpingement.
    No " m16a1" or "m4a1" are issued in .458 socom, nor would it EVER pass millitary trials, or requirements. Doing so cuts your capacity in half.
    Ak(m)47 to Ak74u good luck, probably one of the more difficult caliber conversions and even then it wouldnt be an ak74u.74us are built on a differnt receiver, trunion, gasblock, gas piston, ect. Sure they look like an ak but thet are entirely doffernt rifles
    Same exact thing with the ak to rpk. Just because the designs are similar going from one to another is next to imposible and itd be smarter to just start with the rifle you want( i know this one for a fact. Ive built one from an ak built on an rpk receiver and it was still a waste of time amd money, i should have just bought an rpk.
    The aug is pretty much spot can pull the entire rifle out the back of the stock.but the magwell needs an insert and the caliber conversion kits are only slightly less costly than a new rifle.
    Real 357 mag "Snakes hot" round are GARBAGE. No way that is accurately represented in the game.
    The "honey badger" is more than a 300blk suppressed conversion.they were made to make a 30 caliber rifle as small and quiet as possible.
    And this " star wars blaster" looks more like the " patriot pistol" from mgs... Just a stripped down ar pistol with a delta mag.nothing starwars about it( other than they are both old outdated concepts of what the future will hold, and both were really made for kids and adults looking to kill some time, waste some money, and be entertained.)

  • Almtyhalfbreed
    Almtyhalfbreed 7 days ago

    If your really 32 and youtube not working need to go bac to school. Something i think I'll do

  • Almtyhalfbreed
    Almtyhalfbreed 7 days ago

    Do u have a video explaining the .300 ammo for the M13 cuz its still crap

  • الهيثم الزهراني

    There is real m16 in this game look for it . I see it ones

  • Capri Sun
    Capri Sun 7 days ago

    I got the honey badger free when I digitally purchased on ps4

  • Console MonsterX
    Console MonsterX 7 days ago

    Astro pads suck. I have the Elite and the Scuf Vantage. Both custom.

  • Jacob Bebko
    Jacob Bebko 7 days ago

    Time stamps ?

  • Sam Nukic
    Sam Nukic 7 days ago

    No, that is not a MPX, not even close. Maybe if the m13 had a 9mm variant, that would be a mpx, the first one would be a Colt SMG

  • Jay Are
    Jay Are 7 days ago

    1.44 million subs. 1.1 million views.

    Yeah, bro. Your channel is super dead.

  • joey millbach
    joey millbach 7 days ago

    Love your channel man

  • Chris Lambert
    Chris Lambert 7 days ago

    Time to make a Patriot from MGS3

  • Christian Ward
    Christian Ward 7 days ago

    Idk if you said a CoD game and an infinity Ward game or just corrected yourself to infinity ward only but the AK74u was in BlOps 1

  • Rick Twikler
    Rick Twikler 7 days ago

    MP5 with 10mm conversion is the mpx son....

  • A. M.
    A. M. 7 days ago

    No video 13.40 to 14.00

  • Hexigonz
    Hexigonz 7 days ago

    Going to update this with the G36 conversion and the Tar21 conversion on the new weapons?

  • Jayson Shelton
    Jayson Shelton 7 days ago +3

    In HC Team Deathmatch the “GLOCK” kills with 1 round.

  • wildbillinzero
    wildbillinzero 8 days ago

    Lol you're funny.. I'm 38 and still play whenever I can. Yeah the reaction time is slowing down but I have to change my play style a bit to keep up. Love the content as usual

  • Kenzy
    Kenzy 8 days ago

    I cringed alittle every time he said mpx

  • Chump Lunge
    Chump Lunge 8 days ago

    they nerfed the snakeshot :(