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  • Ohana Boys
    Ohana Boys  Month ago +36

    What other challenges should we play?
    Don't miss the other LAST TO LEAVE challenges:

  • Mollie Broome
    Mollie Broome 3 hours ago +1

    I like shae hes so funny

  • Julie Tentindo
    Julie Tentindo 7 hours ago

    I love watching your videos

  • Noor Fatima
    Noor Fatima 16 hours ago +1


    LOOK AT THE second WORD

  • Alexa and Shaelyn Fun with toys

    My name is Shae!

  • Deann Grindle
    Deann Grindle Day ago

    Yall are ugly

  • Ella Robson
    Ella Robson Day ago

    I play ROBLOX I don’t have any rubux please give it to me

  • Debbie Carnes
    Debbie Carnes Day ago

    1of the rules should not to push people out

  • Mackenzie Kerniskey
    Mackenzie Kerniskey 2 days ago

    There’s NOT at least 1 million that’s under 10 dollars lol

  • Andy Pereira
    Andy Pereira 2 days ago

    The girls are Losers

  • Gemma Gibb
    Gemma Gibb 3 days ago

    I am 29 years old.

  • Alvin Paglomutan
    Alvin Paglomutan 4 days ago

    ummm guys dear s somtingn wrong whit some time im evil hahaha or beat me sorry that was my evil me in my left i have red yey s hahaha whatever bye

  • Hina Pinky
    Hina Pinky 4 days ago


  • Evie Davies
    Evie Davies 4 days ago

    Cora and evees hair is horrible
    What happened to it

  • Catallieallyallieah Stockbridgelow

    Hide and seek in the circle tag

  • Katarzyna Uchwat
    Katarzyna Uchwat 5 days ago


  • Katarzyna Uchwat
    Katarzyna Uchwat 5 days ago

    Shake was ou when he was laying down

  • Gemma Gibb
    Gemma Gibb 6 days ago

    I like your vids

  • arnold Fam
    arnold Fam 7 days ago


  • Gemma Gibb
    Gemma Gibb 7 days ago

    Share hi

  • Millymoo Gamergirl
    Millymoo Gamergirl 7 days ago

    That is so funny

  • Sharon Batiste
    Sharon Batiste 8 days ago

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  • Makenna Gesch
    Makenna Gesch 8 days ago

    That is not 1`000

  • Kenna Parsons
    Kenna Parsons 8 days ago

    Oh me a dolla

  • Maddie, Francesca/
    Maddie, Francesca/ 8 days ago

    Shay is a cheater

  • Maddie, Francesca/
    Maddie, Francesca/ 8 days ago

    The boys are cheaters they push the girls out

  • Atlantic Paris
    Atlantic Paris 8 days ago

    2:22 so iconic oof

  • Bryonie Connell
    Bryonie Connell 8 days ago

    Your little sisters are cute 😦🐕🐯🦄

  • nicojoy beya
    nicojoy beya 8 days ago

    hip hop challenges

  • Chloe Mccluskey
    Chloe Mccluskey 8 days ago

    It's not fair

  • Reed Eubanks
    Reed Eubanks 9 days ago


  • Tenley Dasuqi
    Tenley Dasuqi 9 days ago


    look at the seconded word

  • Addyson Callahan
    Addyson Callahan 9 days ago

    The boys look cute ❤️

  • Sarah Blackwelder
    Sarah Blackwelder 10 days ago


  • Danielle Harrison
    Danielle Harrison 10 days ago

    I am a big fan of yours🐶🤣🐶🤣🐶🤣🐶🤣🐶🤣🐶💣💥💥💥💥💥💥

  • Danielle Harrison
    Danielle Harrison 10 days ago

    Why did he put the Sellotape on the mat😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮💣💥

  • Cora ‘Tervet
    Cora ‘Tervet 10 days ago

    My name is Cora

  • Cora ‘Tervet
    Cora ‘Tervet 10 days ago

    My name is Cora

  • Camila Happy Happy
    Camila Happy Happy 11 days ago

    2:46That time of

  • Camila Happy Happy
    Camila Happy Happy 11 days ago


  • Jonny Utah
    Jonny Utah 11 days ago

    Shae got out before Rykel that is not fair Rachel you are not fair and Shae you pushed Eve witch made her lose

  • Oscar Arzate
    Oscar Arzate 11 days ago

    Whaytt pishwd rykel

  • Allyson Orzuna
    Allyson Orzuna 12 days ago

    There is like $100

  • fun games TT squad
    fun games TT squad 12 days ago

    GOOD Try WYATT......

  • Antonio Gamez
    Antonio Gamez 12 days ago

    Rykel was out then she pushed her off and that shouldn’t have counted I hate this video ugghhh 😡

  • Taysha Tymryk
    Taysha Tymryk 12 days ago

    Why is Cora so ugly,batty

  • Ainsley Boone
    Ainsley Boone 12 days ago

    This wasn’t fair at all the boys kept pushing everyone out and then when Shae got out he still stayed in so this was very rigged!

  • Luz Polanco
    Luz Polanco 12 days ago


  • Abby Wagner
    Abby Wagner 12 days ago

    I feel like you just tell your kids what to say instead of being real

  • maria prokos
    maria prokos 13 days ago


  • Abria Bayliff
    Abria Bayliff 13 days ago


    Look at the second word :)

  • Na Grabakiss
    Na Grabakiss 14 days ago

    Does klailea make music videos like priority look what you made me do?

  • Unicornswag Qeeun
    Unicornswag Qeeun 14 days ago

    Not goin to lie but shae really did pushed evee out not being mean

  • Chris Reid
    Chris Reid 16 days ago


  • Johnie Manley
    Johnie Manley 16 days ago

    R Plot twist the treasures a high-five 🤣

  • Linda Dudley
    Linda Dudley 16 days ago


  • Michel Mpobi
    Michel Mpobi 17 days ago

    I love your videos even before I even see it

  • jessiecake99
    jessiecake99 18 days ago


  • YaBoiDrew Sheppard
    YaBoiDrew Sheppard 18 days ago

    I love your shows💕❤️

  • KatieDaLlamaLady
    KatieDaLlamaLady 18 days ago

    dude that’s like 5 dollars 😆

  • Ivan Solis
    Ivan Solis 18 days ago

    Had sex with me

  • Aleah Medeiros
    Aleah Medeiros 18 days ago

    Ha Shae❤❤❤🎁🍦

  • Aleah Medeiros
    Aleah Medeiros 18 days ago


  • Jarrett Billy
    Jarrett Billy 19 days ago

    That was so funny

  • Carmen Valdez
    Carmen Valdez 20 days ago

    One million dollars you mean one dollar

    KYLE CARR 20 days ago +2

    You don’t win anything!😒

  • Derrick Gibson
    Derrick Gibson 20 days ago

    I love shae's aditude

  • Lowrowbloxlee Lee
    Lowrowbloxlee Lee 20 days ago

    I like how she’s just standing there at 1:36

  • Manuela Diego
    Manuela Diego 21 day ago

    Shaw is mean

  • Karin McMurphy
    Karin McMurphy 21 day ago

    Do it again

  • Sean Redican
    Sean Redican 21 day ago

    I love you with all my heart

  • Abigayle Sadaj
    Abigayle Sadaj 22 days ago

    I think it should be for the next challenge last to leave the kitchen wins 2,000$

  • Sara Gurung
    Sara Gurung 23 days ago

    can i get a shoutout please

  • Gracee Johnson
    Gracee Johnson 23 days ago

    Hi shae

  • Gillian Ryan
    Gillian Ryan 24 days ago

    6:44 isnt blue shirt guy out
    7:05 look stripe shirt girl out

  • Lucee Brown
    Lucee Brown 24 days ago

    They boys cheated because they pushed the girls out so I think the boys should of got out of the circle and girls should stay in

  • Ivelina Grancharova
    Ivelina Grancharova 24 days ago

    You should do more 24 hour challenge's

  • Natasha Fredson
    Natasha Fredson 24 days ago

    It is not sizzles it is sizers

  • Nasia Polydaki
    Nasia Polydaki 24 days ago

    Shae cheated he was out multiple times

  • Ella Anderson
    Ella Anderson 24 days ago

    U have such an amazing family

  • Beach Twines
    Beach Twines 25 days ago

    Guess who’s awesome
    I am
    Actually not
    Look at the second line
    To find out who is


  • Luna Belle31
    Luna Belle31 25 days ago

    oMg a MilLiOn dOlLArS🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    FRCW GAMING 25 days ago

    They did t-pose

  • Rahma Imam
    Rahma Imam 26 days ago

    Shea walked out the circle completely y was he still in

  • Eliza Dennis
    Eliza Dennis 26 days ago

    You should play a fashion game you dress up and vote for the best one 🤔

  • Double Trouble MUUSKA
    Double Trouble MUUSKA 26 days ago

    That is not a lot of money it’s only like ten dollars

  • Darren Fennessy
    Darren Fennessy 26 days ago

    Shae is acting mean to Wyatt

  • Lisaann Fisher
    Lisaann Fisher 26 days ago

    Hey rykel i have that shirt

  • # theyyyluvv.kaykay
    # theyyyluvv.kaykay 27 days ago

    8:22 someone said the f word

  • katrina watlow
    katrina watlow 27 days ago

    I think with the strip top

  • Abria Bayliff
    Abria Bayliff 27 days ago

    “At least a million dollars” more like 5 lol

  • Jocelyn Verdoza
    Jocelyn Verdoza 27 days ago

    😘😘. Love you Clrcle

  • Bpatricks89
    Bpatricks89 27 days ago

    There is only like 5or6 dolers in there

  • Rosalia Randazzo
    Rosalia Randazzo 27 days ago

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  • Eldena Cartwright
    Eldena Cartwright 27 days ago


  • Eldena Cartwright
    Eldena Cartwright 27 days ago


  • Mylene Capili
    Mylene Capili 27 days ago

    It's not fair shae cheat because shae must to go out of the circle shae was first is out then rykle was second and then evvewas behind shae and shae push evve out so at the and wyyat won so it means wyyat get the money and shae don't and where is the money?

  • LaShaunda Lastrapes
    LaShaunda Lastrapes 29 days ago


    SHANON BODINE 29 days ago

    Do you know who is awesome look at the second word

  • Lincoln DeCarlo
    Lincoln DeCarlo 29 days ago

    I have a crush on you😘