The Truth About The Tesla Semi-Truck

  • Published on Dec 15, 2017
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  • Real Engineering
    Real Engineering  Year ago +562

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    • Kurt Burg
      Kurt Burg Month ago

      Ricky po

    • Jack Jammen
      Jack Jammen 3 months ago

      Real Engineering This video brought to you by big oil because big oil will not be out done.

    • So1ipse
      So1ipse 4 months ago

      Late reply but in the US you'll be shutting down coal plants the moment you get a 21st century sane president as you have stacks and stacks of sunshine space for focused heat turbine plants - no not solar panel - which will produce really cheap electric. The way the mathematics works on rechargeables and wear/tear from use is that if you buy two sets your wear is still only proportional to your use, not twice as fast. Because batteries cost depending on how fast they die your annual costs are the same for two sets, just the capital is larger. So.. It becomes a no brainer to buy two batches of cells for each truck and have one to fill at the cheapest rate, when solar gets properly going that'll be knocking on 25% of peak price.
      The way that e-transport is looking to be the biggest part of demand increase for power means that a lot of the storage costs for the periodic renewables can be shuffled onto the consumers who'll be only too delighted to invest at a return of 1/4 ing the price on transport that's already half price per mile cos of shift from fossil to electric.

    • eDrive
      eDrive 4 months ago

      Electric transportation is so cool!

  • Pete Taylor
    Pete Taylor 8 hours ago

    It's hard enough to find a parking spot now. Could you imagine trying to find one with a power cord? The infrastructure would be massive to create a charging network and I don't think the hydro would be as cheap as they think. What about fuel tax? Where would that come from?

  • CrateDigger
    CrateDigger 11 hours ago

    Do you know how many times elon musk prove people wrong?

  • Levi K
    Levi K Day ago

    Why is there not a Tesla bike yet?

  • Scott Tucker Jr.
    Scott Tucker Jr. 2 days ago +1

    The calculation is tremendously flawed. Youre assuming the barteries are the same as the type of your calculator type..which its not. Also, even if it was, youre still assumjng the weight.
    Think about this...weight if a dielse truck now...PLUS...weight of 200 gallons OF diesel fuel and 25 gallons of DEF. We are talking maybe 1500-1800 pounds added just for fuels. The Tesla truck is light weight and has done away with all the heavy interror clutter (easily 500LBS to 1000LBS). This allows them to compensate that into battery weight... so now, between the fuel weight and interor weight reduction and from redesign, we are around 2500/3000 poumds. Now...the engine is gone and replaced with 4 electric motors, no more mega heavy axles, hoses and fluids....easily up to 4500-6000 pounds...EASILY! that not including the light weight wheels, body now 5000-7000 pounds around to use as a BREAK EVEN POINT. THEN...AFTER 5000-7000lbs u can even toss on 2500-3000LBS extra. This is an incredible feat!!!!! HUGE!

    • Bottom text
      Bottom text Day ago

      Are you actually stupid, an average semi weights around 24 tons and the Tesla semi is around 22 tons you are talking about a 2 ton difference L 💀

  • 7316bobe
    7316bobe 2 days ago +1 This Tesla truck will never work. I think that Musk is smoking tooooooooooo much dope.

  • ohene sakaevans
    ohene sakaevans 2 days ago

    Why are u criticizing the man, is olny a fool who won't like a new technology..

  • Bomana Budukluke
    Bomana Budukluke 3 days ago

    It’s dumb cuz where do ppl think our electricity comes from, we are not fully fueled by electricity(solar panels, wind turbines etc..) so rn this is worst than regular diesel fueled trucks

  • Eastern Explorer
    Eastern Explorer 3 days ago

    If I'm pulling logs from forest to mill and then I have to stop and charge for 2 hours I've lost 3 loads. That means I'm losing $15,000 per charge. So I've saved $1500 in fuel but I've still lost $13,500

  • Jared Wylie
    Jared Wylie 5 days ago

    Awesome video Sir!

  • JA CK
    JA CK 5 days ago

    0:17 why did the door look so weird when closing

  • 13thAMG
    13thAMG 6 days ago

    Possible you're kind of missing the point of Musk's grand show announcement and demo.
    He wasn't talking to you and I. He wasn't even talking to potential buyers/trucking companies.
    He was really talking to his shareholders and investors.
    There's a saying in public company land: 'Publish announcements - anything at all - and publish often'.
    But nice to hear a fellow Celtic voice (I'm Scots). :-)

  • Craig Martin
    Craig Martin 6 days ago +2

    If 35 percent of the trucks in the American are driven by electric it would cause a power shortage in most areas to charge these trucks causing the electric kilowatts to go up in price and then every home owner will mad at Tesla! But there is nothing about electricity that others call it green! The power energy plants put more hazardous chemicals waste in our in investment like radiation waste that is a problem in all ocean water ruining are sea life an the fish we eat our effected by radiation poisoning that is going on right now that will blame all liberals and Democrats that want green! And if you use coal the electric power planets will put more co2 in are atmosphere then thousands of diesel trucks on the highways in the United States so why are all this ignorant an stupid idiots talking about electric trucks when it’s not going to work an our earth needs carbon dioxide for plants to photosynthesis to live if it was not for carbon monoxide all plants will be dead you idiots! And if you put a electric motor under load it is half the life of a Diesel engine an i now this for fact electric motors will never climb a mountain on 25 percent battery life so if you have a low energy Tesla truck on the highway stuck in the desert we got nothing but a road hazard! An if you jack the electric kilowatts up its going to be costly operating a Tesla truck ok an if diesel fuel is at a 1.90 dollars the a diesel powered truck is cheaper to operate than a Tesla truck so why are liberals a leftist or communist Democrats ignorance so stupid it’s because there trying to destroy the economy ok ! My question is why do others get suck into their crap? Because the rest of you are idiots! Go ahead and try this idiot idea it will never work Elon musk Tesla products are crap the cars have a lot of electronic problems and the truck he created looks like a vacuum cleaner that will never work over the road only it might in cities but I would never own a Tesla truck thy have a very poor design! I drove over 2 million miles in my life an don’t tell me I don’t know then I have done my own repairs the new trucks are more problems then the older trucks an the older trucks are the best today! This Tesla truck is nothing but crap so get use to it!

    • neogator26
      neogator26 4 days ago

      +Craig Martin Carbon monoxide is not an element, it is a compound. Each molecule contains 1 atom of carbon and 1 atom of oxygen. It is known as the silent killer and is the leading cause of accidental death in Britain and causes more than 500 deaths each year in the US so I'm really not sure where you are getting that it is a non-toxic gas. My aunt lost a set of twins due to an unknown leak in their furnace. The carbon monoxide levels in her system only caused minor symptoms in her but her levels were high enough to kill the babies.
      I fully understand the concept of density and displacement and I can assure you that carbon monoxide neither floats up into the atmosphere fast enough to avoid harm to living things nor does it leave the atmosphere. The theory of carbon emissions causing a hole in the O-zone layer is a hole between two of the many layers of our atmosphere, nothing just leaves. Building engines will help you learn the fundamentals but it does not teach you the science and chemistry behind their operation outside what is needed to keep them running. I was a Field Service Rep III/Instructor of Oshkosh. I taught classes to teach drivers how to operate the vehicles as well as taught mechanics how to maintain them. The only thing we were taught about emissions was pretty much not to run the trucks inside without ventilation. I learned displacement, buoyancy, chemistry and thermodynamics while becoming an engineer.
      As for cost of operation of an EV, it is cheaper but they typically cost more to purchase. A typical vehicle getting and average of 15 mpg costs an average of 9.5 cents per mile to operate. A Tesla Model S would cost me 3 cents a mile to operate. That simple calculation is only factoring in the price of gas vs. electricity. You save even more when you factor in regenerative braking that recycles some of that electricity and saves on brake pad and rotor replacement due to significantly less wear as well as things like oil changes, transmission repair etc. A young man did a video review of a Model 3 after 10,000 miles. His cost of operation over 10,000 miles was under $300. The major obstacle for operating the Tesla semi right now is the availability of the mega charging stations. Battery size and capacity along with efficiency are all rising at an exponential rate at this point in time so to think an E-semi would never be able to go cross country is incorrect. Also they have not started production on the Tesla semi so they could not have already stopped production because it can't go cross country.

    • Craig Martin
      Craig Martin 4 days ago

      neogator26 well I disagree on you about carbon monoxide it’s a natural element it is not a toxic gas like the DEF has water in it an the oxygen drakes away from the water under heat an corrodes the DPF an throws the par-decals finer than dust into our air causing gas poisoning it was already tested but the EPA don’t approve it because they know there lying about emissions thy were sued for the gas trapped in the in closed cattle hauling trailers in the winter! Dead cattle were fond an thy did autopsy on the cattle an the cause was Lead gas poisoning that why the EPA was sued by the cattle man’s division! The EPA emissions are toxic from the erosion of the exhaust filtering system! Carbon monoxide is only displacement in the air it is much lighter than air an it enters out of the atmosphere causing the hole in the ozone which is not but only a displacement of carbon monoxide leaving the atmosphere it is not possible to put enough carbon monoxide in the air to threaten life it cleans up on its own because the air pushes the displacement out just like a air bubble on the bottom of the water tank it goes up ! But the toxic gas the new emissions cause is heavy an hangs in the air which is toxic an the EPA are the ones destroying your environment! A for don’t even bother telling what you because I built engines and know the fundamentals ! Don’t even bother about a Tesla truck thy already know the problem is to have the energy to run them these trucks will never make it to go cross country truck Tesla knows that that’s why thy stopped production if electricity would go twice the money it would cost more to operate the Tesla truck! So don’t even waste your time on a Tesla truck thy don’t work thy are to heavy because of the batteries thy are about 30 thousand pounds an thy can’t meet the payload of 45 thousand pound loads before there over weight! The Tesla truck has to much wrong with it an no use lying to me anymore!

    • neogator26
      neogator26 4 days ago

      Just to clarify since you seemed to have used these interchangeably:
      Carbon monoxide - about 0.1 ppm on average on Earth
      - 700 ppm is considered life-threatening
      - plants do not need it to survive and it can kill them too
      - produce by combustion vehicles without catalytic converters
      - naturally occurring in our atmosphere from volcanoes and forest fires
      Carbon dioxide - about 400 ppm on average on Earth
      - 80,000 ppm is considered life-threatening
      - plants use if for photosynthesis
      - produced by vehicles with catalytic converters
      - naturally occurring from our breath
      Also my Dyson cordless vacuum is programmed to increase amperage to the motor as the battery charge decreases to maintain wattage so there is no loss of power. Do you really think Tesla doesn't have similar technology in their vehicles? You are also missing the fact that most Tesla charging stations are powered by solar panels and use little to no grid power at all. So the only energy used was during the manufacturing of the components and that is all. If the sale of electric trucks increases significantly so will the availability of charging stations. Also the irradiated water from nuclear plants is stored in an underground vault until they figure out how to make it usable again, they don't typically put it back in the ocean.
      I was a heavy diesel tech for about a decade with a few miles under my belt before switching to engineering so I am not clueless with regards to trucking. Older vehicles are more reliable and last longer because they have larger tolerances required to operate than newer vehicles. This is why my '49 New Yorker started right up after being parked for a year but my 2001 Katana had to have the fuel system torn down and cleaned. Newer vehicles are more efficient and elaborate. This directly translates to complicated. If you don't keep up with the times and learn how to work on newer technology you will only see it as over complicated and irritating. Most of the guys that are use to adjusting a P pump with a screw driver to tune their 12 valve Cummins won't know how to use CAT ET to troubleshoot a C7 or the difference between a variable volume and variable geometry HEUI pump. They likely don't care either but they also don't comment on videos about highly technologically advanced vehicles like this one.

      The aesthetics of his truck were designed to reduce drag so I'm sure it is an acquired taste at best. Teslas will also inform you of the battery level along with a list of the closest charging stations as your battery percentage drops with little messages on your display. So if anyone ends up in the middle of the desert because they run out of juice they need to find a different job. I have done a fair amount of research on the Tesla semi and have yet to find very detailed design information other than estimated specifications. So you are either involved in some corporate espionage or lack the information to claim it is a poor design.
      I do have to give you credit on one point however. The Leftists and Social Democrats (they claim to not be completely communist) are trying to destroy our economy among other things.

  • DDavy
    DDavy 6 days ago

    Someone answer me this, but at 2:15, is that downtown Athens, GA?


    The absolute best application for EV is in school buses. In

  • Joe Jia
    Joe Jia 7 days ago

    Elon has laser beam eyes with a BZZZS competition ded hype up

  • Sir
    Sir 9 days ago

    I cant take you seriously when you start off saying we can stop climate change. Don't get me wrong, im all for clean air but it's not us changing the climate by pollution. Its natural. Or HAARP.

  • Jamison Massae
    Jamison Massae 9 days ago

    Diesel is way better

  • Karl Slicher
    Karl Slicher 10 days ago

    He's a real milkfloat mogul. You would think the military would maybe also want a cold running and silent transport solution at some point.

  • Gull Lars
    Gull Lars 10 days ago

    About working these in mountainous terrains, it might actually be even more beneficial than on flat roads compared to diesel trucks due to regenerative breaking. The same also applies for city driving with lots of starts and stops where a good amount of the acceleration energy can be recouped (and good acceleration probably will be much appreciated or reduce travel time), or heavily congested roads as fluctuations in speed can be be averaged using some regeneration, and electric motors are much more efficient than diesel at lower speeds.
    I think focusing on max gross weight long-haul trucks might have been a slight mistake, given the above comments on regeneration, and considering the empty weight, but it might also be a case of focusing on the worst-case for these and showing they are still operating cost competitive. Though it might require a longer time to recoup investment, the service life TCO (total cost of ownership) might still be lower, possibly to a large extent, and the employee satisfaction would probably be much higher, along with a good PR boost for the green profile.

  • Fact Universe
    Fact Universe 11 days ago

    Steratypical Canadian voice?

  • burli0071
    burli0071 11 days ago

    Warum ist die Beschreibung des Video auf deutsch?

  • MirzzG
    MirzzG 12 days ago

    All hail diesel engine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John hulm
    John hulm 12 days ago

    Elon Musk is going to kill the industry and we’re all going to be living off the government!!!!

    FSEVENMAN 12 days ago

    Wow that was the 1st video of yours I've ever seen that actually sucked

  • Garth Williams
    Garth Williams 13 days ago

    Can truck drivers afford to wait for the re-charging though?

  • Tarquin Kellough
    Tarquin Kellough 13 days ago

    These trucks are perfect for local applications, even if I work a 13 hour day I wont go more than 400 miles. companies like FedEx, ups, sysco, etc. Can afford these trucks new while gradually phasing out diesel then ngv trucks

  • chazo Nation
    chazo Nation 14 days ago
    This is all they really need to do

    CAPT: SUN 14 days ago +1

    Only problem is electriciy is not coming from Trump's butt hole😞😞😞😞😞

  • Eddie Alv
    Eddie Alv 14 days ago

    It should have a small diesel generater to recharge the batteries plus as a bonus it will still be able to go to the truck stops

  • Rusty Pistol
    Rusty Pistol 14 days ago

    Biased content!!

  • Jadon T
    Jadon T 15 days ago

    I love this channel!

  • Suck MyUnit
    Suck MyUnit 15 days ago

    Trucks have greater range than 900... My Volvo gets 1100-1200 miles with full tanks (6 mpg)... Mileage obviously depends on the payload weight,road conditions,hills,etc...

  • Tonio Antonio
    Tonio Antonio 16 days ago

    1:58 Jihadies ?

  • Adam David
    Adam David 16 days ago

    Will help with climate change lol don't joke

  • jMGutierrez
    jMGutierrez 17 days ago +1

    Nice truck !!!!

  • Gamer Thegamer
    Gamer Thegamer 17 days ago

    3:15 I dont understand

  • Joe A
    Joe A 17 days ago

    If you have ever driven a fully loaded semi truck and felt the effect of the weight as you drive and feel what it takes for the very powerful diesel engines to overcome that weight with each gear, you understand what a huge amount of energy is needed to make this work. Driving a fully loaded truck and an empty one, a world of difference. Empty electric demonstrator trucks still are not "proof of concept".

  • The Corrupted Guest
    The Corrupted Guest 19 days ago

    lol it was canceled

  • Skippydips
    Skippydips 19 days ago

    Why are you all complaining? Are you trying to change the world? Are you making cars that will try to blow the oil use for cars out of the water? Are you running 3 different company's at once? to try to make the world better? Are you creating the worlds most powerful rockets that damn land themselves? Are you shooting for the stars to make the human race interplanetary? Are you creating towns entirely run on solar power? No you are not, so stop complaining.

    • Skippydips
      Skippydips 19 days ago

      When the world runs out of oil lets see how the diesel trucks hold up. I mean they got more miles right?

  • Marie BCFHS
    Marie BCFHS 19 days ago

    truck you mother trucker

  • Robert Lightle
    Robert Lightle 20 days ago

    @ 1:07 you say trucks are regulated at 36 tons by fed regulations while showing a graphic of a truck and trailer where the tractor vis marked as 36,000 kg. Ok this is wrong on two levels, firstly only a few tractors are over 12,000 lbs or 6 tons, my Freightliner was 11,000 lbs and change. Secondly, in the US your maximum weight without being a heavy hauler is 80,000 lbs total weight, ie truck, trailer and cargo. 80,000 lbs is 40 tons. So maybe brush up on your math before making video's involving specific numbers, just saying cause now the rest of your video is suspect for similar errors.

  • Napster2002 . aspx
    Napster2002 . aspx 21 day ago

    The first thing I noticed about the Tesla trucks is how the front has a way more streamlined design. The really old trucks still in use have a flat, boxy front that I am sure reduces their efficiency.

  • lloyd dung christmas

    I agree with with the whole electric thingy ma bobber, I'm not super mechanic but I have learned about big rigs, Elon musk should stick to cars,,,,,,,,,,, if his idea works I'll be actually Happy, no new iPads next delivery

    • lloyd dung christmas
      lloyd dung christmas 21 day ago

      It'll never work as he explains, many many attempts,, stick to cars and Mars.... He's a fuckn dork

  • Vj Toys Review and Vlogs

    Why Philippines Can’t Get Tesla to be used in Philippines?

  • Klif lord
    Klif lord 23 days ago

    How long does it take to charge, i can refuel in under 15 min.

  • SpaceTek
    SpaceTek 23 days ago +1

    Excellent video. Elon is a fraud and he needs to exposed....

    • SpaceTek
      SpaceTek 19 days ago

      I will let Time respond that one....

    • Skippydips
      Skippydips 19 days ago

      Excellent comment. Now send me evidence of you creating the worlds most powerful rocket and aiming to change the human race to interplanetary. Have you also considered what happens when the world runs out of oil. :\ Until fusion energy is perfected i do not think a gasoline car will help you that much.

  • CubbyTech
    CubbyTech 24 days ago

    Would be interesting to see how things change with the 2170 cell @ $114 per kW price!

  • Alan Noble
    Alan Noble 24 days ago

    I think the big savings will be in the self driving aspect. Also semi truck drivers are the worst drivers on the road, they are constantly swerving off and hitting the rumble strips. Not to mention cutting you off to pass another truck and taking 10 mins to pass them when they could have waited 3 seconds for you to clear them.

  • Clinton Neal
    Clinton Neal 24 days ago

    Energy density isnt the only consideration for Tesla, lithium batteries add up in cost pretty quickly. They need to strike the right balance to beat conventional combustion engines, with the lowest weight of the batteries and lowest cost so that it actually makes financial sense to invest in fleets of these things. The cost will likely be in the millions of dollars.

  • Eclipse Now
    Eclipse Now 26 days ago

    Automation may make 'range anxiety' issues with truck distances disappear. I'm sorry for all truck drivers, but this is coming. With salary costs gone, trucking companies can invest in more equipment. That may mean things unimaginable until now, like trucks that pull into battery swap stations for an instant swap, trucks that just pull into a super-charge, or even a relay system where trucks pass cargo trailers onto the next truck and stop for a decent slow charge that is less damaging to the batteries. Then when the slow charged truck is ready to go, it grabs the next cargo and drives that freight where-ever it is going. There would be all sorts of algorithms calculated to get the most cargo moved by the most efficient trucks over the most efficient routes, all without human salaries getting in the way.

  • bobbycone2
    bobbycone2 26 days ago

    It's not converting to renewable energy sources until we stop using so much coal to produce electricity and mining lithium is horrible for the environment when they make the batteries that go in these trucks!

  • Frank Blackcrow
    Frank Blackcrow 26 days ago

    How long would it take a small 240v petrol (how much petrol) generator to recharge the battery pack, could also be an added feature to be included, considering that it might be needed for no recharge station availability.

  • Enes Said Sezer
    Enes Said Sezer 26 days ago

    Changing law is not that hard in most contries...

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 27 days ago

    Elon and Tesla don't generate hype. The truth of their vision and their products generate their own hype.

  • goldtitan 337
    goldtitan 337 28 days ago

    i had a ford add

  • Vic Moridon
    Vic Moridon 28 days ago

    Did he say if you work on mountains this truck may not be for you? Then it's limited and not reliable. Weird for a company located in California

  • Tyler Fields
    Tyler Fields 28 days ago

    That's crazy, a single youtuber these days can know more than hundreds of master engineers for one of the top automotive companies.
    What a world we live in.

  • Dbf Crell
    Dbf Crell 29 days ago

    I think we should all start calling the power plants in all electric vehicles "motors" instead of "engines". I know there's been a long debate on engine vs. motor, but we're getting to the point where it would help clear up legal misunderstandings such as, and this is just one small example, the problems that have been caused by the NO MOTOR VEHICLES signs on my local bike path. These signs are placed where the path meets the roadway and are there to prevent cars and motorcycles from taking access to the bike path. Due to these signs, some older folks and other types of path users that mistakenly believe electric bikes and handicap escooters are not allowed on the path, which they are, and have caused confrontations. The police have intervened and tried to clear up these misunderstandsing. I have talked to the police and suggested they explain to those who are upset that EVs are not "motor vehicles" per sey, but are "motorized vehicles". This difference seems to clarify it better to those who don't understand. Other than than that, I think the NO MOTOR VEHICLE signs should be changed to be more precise... NO CARS OR MOTORCYCLES or NO COMBUSTION POWERED VEHICLES.

  • Level UP
    Level UP Month ago

    Start by using less advertisement. If you are good, you don't need to sell yourself

  • TheCazlerOne
    TheCazlerOne Month ago

    Make the battery Solar powered to recharge the battery

  • Miguel Dominic
    Miguel Dominic Month ago

    Not to mention there aren't a lot of charging stations in most areas of the country. Also you need charging stations that can accommodate the size of a truck and trailer just like a truck stop

  • AdamFra
    AdamFra Month ago

    It seems like if you threw out the wheels and everything inside the truck's front, you have a spacecraft capsule shell.

  • M.yunus Varu
    M.yunus Varu Month ago

    So you a real engineer or is the name just for show?

  • WanderLust
    WanderLust Month ago +1

    Should also consider the cost of a driver ;) Fully autonomous truck would be 70-80 K cheaper a year on top of fuel savings etc.. :P

  • cmhammo
    cmhammo Month ago

    you misspelled lithium.

  • kyle drake
    kyle drake Month ago

    you forgot two back wheels, well really (4) in ur tesla semi cab graphic.

  • Dr Soot
    Dr Soot Month ago

    Does anyone truly know how long the truck last on a single charge? Life span of the batteries? So many questions? I can take a pencil and paper and write down a bunch of shit and say oh this will work and will work just like what my paper says... how often does that happen? All educated guesses.

    • Roger Starkey
      Roger Starkey Month ago

      Watch the launch video complete.
      The answers are there.

  • nadamasdisponible
    nadamasdisponible Month ago

    very good channel

  • Vergmo G.
    Vergmo G. Month ago +1

    Phewwee.... I am glad now! Tesla survives....

  • Alexander Mehta
    Alexander Mehta Month ago +2

    Elon Musk does not do this because of climate change. If he did why would he continue with SpaceX, a company which produces tons of CO2 every launch. This outweighs the benefit from his cars

  • No Thanks
    No Thanks Month ago

    its a real shame that 1.4 million people subbing to this channel. I guess being a conman really does pay. good for you.

  • Zayjug
    Zayjug Month ago

    Wouldn't it be better to use carbon-neutral fuel, since we know how to produce one?

  • Todd Beaulieu
    Todd Beaulieu Month ago

    I can’t help but notice that you forgot quotes, to mention that Tesla releases their patents. Oh wow. Could that be a factor?

  • bruh 1
    bruh 1 Month ago +1

    The Americans could use our efficient German Mercedes trucks but no they need to drive with super inefficient v12 trucks just to show who has „the bigger balls“. That’s so stupid who needs a cool truck it must be fuel efficient and transport goods from a to b.

    • Roger Starkey
      Roger Starkey Month ago

      You mean your "relatively efficient German trucks"? (Actually not "efficient")

  • Shivek Dhar
    Shivek Dhar Month ago +1

    @real engineering, At 3:26 you seem like an idiot man. Saying "venkata subramian vishwanathan" would take up lesser video time than "another lad who needs less syllables in his name"
    It not only shows ur lazy work but nonchalant behaviour towards a scholar who helped in deducing something ure using for free in your video.

  • Shivek Dhar
    Shivek Dhar Month ago

    Why not hydrogen??

  • Karthikeyan Jayachandran

    Slow down man. Why so hurry??

  • y25151956
    y25151956 Month ago

    this is a day cab type truck. even at its max distance of 500miles per charge. its only capable to to really travel 250 mile and back to the yard since the infastructure is not able to handel 100s of tesla trucks that require a charge. as you can see they haven't inclulded a sleeper in the truck because the space that would be allocated to the sleeper is now a battery bank. i like the fact that the driver seat is in the middle but i would like to experiance how that would feel since this ergonomic shift is highly unusual. btw who ever designed the stairwell inside the tesla is straight up retarded...conclusion give it another 20 years of hard work this is not the silver bullet

    • Roger Starkey
      Roger Starkey Month ago

      Day truck?
      The truck out-ranges the driver who has to stop before the truck runs out of power.
      If a truck is at a depot overnight, it's not fast charging.
      Do you know where the batteries are?
      Look at the size of the Nikola truck in comparison? *That* looks like it has the tanks behind the cab.
      If seems Nikola had the same idea?

  • Danny Laughlin
    Danny Laughlin Month ago +1

    Just a well marketed brand ? Before Elon musk showed up there was stagnant progress in electric vehicles. He has said ok numerous occasions he is happy if another company takes the lead, unfortunately oil companies have their claws that deep in car manufacturers, it has taken an Elon musk to push the whole thing forward.
    I think you missed the point of all this to be honest

  • Justin Lewis
    Justin Lewis Month ago

    Tesla is friggin amazing and we all love it! So much disinformation and attacks. Think maybe the oil and auto energy are a bit angry about Tesla? Ha ha.

  • Ivan Hernandez
    Ivan Hernandez Month ago

    Some of the stuff you claim is wrong

  • Ultimate Tech Reviews

    You got a dislike at "climate change"

  • asoka nelson
    asoka nelson Month ago

    Most suitable for trucks that are city bound not suitable for long distance travel that represents maybe 30% of the truck community

  • Ac Anderson
    Ac Anderson Month ago

    This concept will keep oil prices lower. How long will the batteries last ? How much to replace. The new batteries used in my trucks only last 5 years.

    • Roger Starkey
      Roger Starkey Month ago

      I million miles?
      How much to replace?
      By the time they need it, *much* cheaper and probably *much* better technology than they are now.
      Much less than the cost of diesel they will save over 10 years (they'd be free before that!).
      Also consider, we don't know the exact battery tech yet. The cells are improving all the time, they will be "better" by the time the truck is in production.

  • Sam Zaremba
    Sam Zaremba Month ago

    The truth about TVclip creators using the headline "the truth about"

  • MWB Gaming
    MWB Gaming Month ago

    4:50 lmao "metric conversions for the barbarians" XD

  • KGames
    KGames Month ago

    Can someone tell me what happens if one of these things bottoms out... I have heard nothing about that which seems a little weird, not ever for the Tesla cars. I am a fan of Tesla and have watched so many videos from many channels. Is there a reason no one talks about this..?

  • Amber Maynard
    Amber Maynard Month ago

    How much mileage will you get with an 80,000 pound load in the trailer? An electric truck would be good if we ran out of oil. I'd prefer modernized steam engines, trains and trucks. Right now electric trucks might work good for bread trucks, maybe U Haul.

  • the modfather
    the modfather Month ago

    Dumb video, it's just a larger Model 3...

  • Emmanuel Paz
    Emmanuel Paz Month ago

    if they don't want to buy the tesla semi, they should not. so many know it alls

  • christinearmington
    christinearmington Month ago

    Don’t know the weight of the truck, but he did claim 80,000 lb. payload.

  • Jack F
    Jack F Month ago

    lots of trucking involves mountainous and extreme cold weather? i think you should have factored in how much this effects batteries and electric motors , i remember one thanx giving in a remote area of alaska , it was 30 below zero and when we went to leave ,, turned the key on our vehicle and there wasnt a noise or light to be had,,,,the car was absoloutly lifeless,, we had to build a tent over it and heat it and jump start the battery at same time,,,,,,, your rite. tesla isnt as awesome as they are tryn to tell us

  • Lebron Traveled
    Lebron Traveled Month ago +1

    So many beta males going to war for a company and a guy who doesn’t even know your name. The Tesla semi isn’t practical and has a long way to go. It’s obvious. If you have to start putting conditions on how/when/where the truck operates, then it’s automatically inferior to diesel trucks.

  • joseph prosser
    joseph prosser Month ago

    Given that the Tesla model 3 car battery, motor and transmission are only about 3% heavier than the full fuel tank, engine, transmission and exhaust system of a legacy vehicle I would assume Tesla’s engineers are able to achieve something similar when designing a truck. The biggest barrier to uptake of electric long haul trucks will be the availability of a truck stop network with rapid recharging facilities.

  • MarkHD
    MarkHD Month ago

    when a truck is going to beat you in a 0 - 60

  • Jake
    Jake Month ago

    Or here's an idea: get rid of the regulations around truck parameters

  • Dmytro Berbasov
    Dmytro Berbasov Month ago

    I think one way to solve charging problems with EV is to make batteries easily replacable. You come to EV station, and pack of already charged batteries is waiting for you like gas is waiting for you at gas station. plus you can charge while parking or waiting to unload. Your battaries can be charged at the station and used by another car,

  • Yashodeep Patil
    Yashodeep Patil Month ago

    First of all, kudos for a great video..
    Being a Tesla employee and working at a place where the Semi would be manufactured, I can definitely say that you lack the understanding of how much efforts are made to make a machine like that which has the capability to destroy a century old industry...
    Proud of working for Tesla..!!

  • MultiTacs
    MultiTacs Month ago +1

    I have a giant problem with batteries period. The only reason electric vehicles are being researched is climate change. The only reason Musk has spent the money he has is like wind and solar, massive tax payer subsidies.
    If your worried about burning more fossil fuels electric cars are useless unless we go nuclear and build huge capacity. Wind and solar are way to expensive and unrealiabke to put 110, 000.00 plus trucks on the road that need recharging???This is a very poorly thought out approach. More batteries means more energy generation and coal, natural gas and nuclear are the only efficient reliable sources.

    • Skippydips
      Skippydips 19 days ago

      *Insert Picture Of Solar Panel Here*