The Truth About The Tesla Semi-Truck

  • Published on Dec 15, 2017
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  • Real Engineering
    Real Engineering  Year ago +603

    Here's the website: Seriously though, if you want to see more sites like this, and better ones, please consider supporting on Patreon.

    • Emmerich August
      Emmerich August 5 days ago

      Real Engineering Frankly, I don’t see the point of skepticism of Tesla. Everyone knows it’s new technology, and that it’s incomplete. But it still gives people hope that someone is trying to make it work. The first computers weren’t that great either, yet after 30 years they revolutionized our lives.

    • RenchesAndSords
      RenchesAndSords 8 days ago

      Hi, just a thought regarding the point you brought up with the weight question if we were to use the stated two acceleration times and the mass difference we can calculate the mass of the cab itself.

      v2=final speed
      m=mass of the bare cab


      I will be using kilograms to avoid possible conversion issues in the equations


      m=9071.8475 Kg

      which translates to around 20000 pounds, as compared to the usual average of around 19,000 pounds, so about a 2000 loss in carriable weight, this is assuming cab plus cargo is 80k pounds, if it's cab plus a separate 80k pounds, then the cab works out to about 26k-27k pounds

    • Simon Hansmann
      Simon Hansmann 29 days ago

      Those trucks make tremendous sense for some industries: especially "one way industries" -> for example trucks transporting mineral deposits out of a quarry usually make theyre way there empty (usually thats uphill) get loaded up and then descend with a higher weight. With regenerative breaking they could generate the same amount of power or even more than used! Plus they avoid break overheating issues.

    • Kurt Burg
      Kurt Burg 3 months ago

      Ricky po

  • Smith
    Smith 3 hours ago

    The biggest thing not mentioned, is that these interstate trucks, will be unmanned. That is our future, unmanned trucks. It will come. Because the profit margin is freaking gigantic for the trucking industry.. (sorry, for the bad news boys.)

  • alivia4907
    alivia4907 14 hours ago

    I drive truck for a huge LTL (less than truckload) outfit and I'd like to point out that we rarely get close to 40 tons for the maximum weight limits so that wouldn't effect my work at all. This would be perfect for what I do. Also we only use daycabs so a sleeper wouldn't be necessary so there's more weight saved if you cared about that. 600 mile range would be perfect for what I do taking into consideration that you can lose 40% of range in the winter. I've only drove over 400 miles 3x in 6 years. But the amount of fluids alone saved In our 40 trucks per year could be a crazy number. I couldn't even imagine.

  • Zyipitoe
    Zyipitoe Day ago

  • SargeantPrepper
    SargeantPrepper Day ago


  • SargeantPrepper
    SargeantPrepper Day ago

    Hahaha this guys accent is funny yet authentic electric keahrs, electric trook

  • D O
    D O Day ago +3

    Tesla is not just a well marketed brand without their battery production, that's a huge over simplification.

  • Dygit
    Dygit 2 days ago

    How does this have so many likes

  • FlatBrimSickDope
    FlatBrimSickDope 2 days ago

    so, half a million for a truck and trailer combo with 1/2 to 2/3 the capacity of diesel power? Can't pull any trailer but a tesla trailer? Seems like a really rich mans folly, what about tankers? What about flatbeds, and heavy haul trucks? Probably ok for regional delivery, but over the road, heavy haul? Nope. Cold weather mountain hauling? Nope. What about reefer units? It may have a place, but diesel power isn't going to be usurped by batteries in the next 10 years, at least.

    • peter dozal
      peter dozal 2 days ago

      uhhhh where the hell did you hear that it has a proprietary trailer? because that is just flat out wrong lol. It can use any kind of trailer. They have not even said if they would make a trailer or not yet. Also, where are you getting that 1/2 a million dollar number? The long-range Truck is only $180,000 so even if they do sell a trailer are you saying that the trailer would cost 2.5X more then the Truck itself? LOL. Tesla also came out and said that the truck would weigh about the same as a standard diesel truck so that means it can carry about just as much as any normal truck. Even if it was heavier and could only carry say 2/3 of a standard truck, ok so you are hauling less but you are saving so much money on gas and repairs that it offsets the cost. They even said in the press conference that you would be saying money day ONE by buying a Tesla truck, so clearly the carrying capacity is a non-issue if you are making more money. Why do you say it can't do cold weather mountain hauling? Tesla trucks will perform wayyy better on mountants then normal trucks. They can get up to speed way faster, they will not burn out the breaks like normal trucks because they use regenerative braking, they have a much lower center of gravity so they will not fall over nearly as much as normal trucks, They have 4 motors so that way they can prevent tipping by changing the power that goes to each one, I really don't see any problem with the Tesla truck on mountain roads? Just like how Tesla put up superchargers everywhere they will do the same for these trucks, refueling will never be a problem. Hell also 80% of all truck drives are quite short, so short in fact that the Tesla truck has enough range to make it to its destination and back without charging. So literally 80% of the time you will never need to charge!

  • Don DP
    Don DP 3 days ago

    Electricity is new-able energy? Unless we get all our electricity via solar or wind- it is definitely not renewable energy 😬😬😬

    • peter dozal
      peter dozal 2 days ago

      They already said that the chargers for these trucks would run on solar... Also, yeah sure there will be times where you get your electricity from coal power however at least Electric cars have the ability to use renewables and to not kill the planet, unlike other cars.

  • Taffle T
    Taffle T 3 days ago

    Strange... German title but englich language.

  • Benedek Halda-Kiss
    Benedek Halda-Kiss 3 days ago

    This is a crazy idea and would never happen but what about putting pantographs on the roof and whenever you reach a tram track or trolley route you put them up and take energy from there.

  • Mr. Quindazzi
    Mr. Quindazzi 3 days ago +1

    Seems to me electric trucks would be much better suited to smaller trucks doing short local and intra state runs in densely populated areas. The reduction in noise and pollution would be very significant. The government could encourage this by reducing tolling/registration fees for such vehicles. I also wonder about the efficacy of recharging such gigantic batteries on long range routes. Given the weight limitations of the cargo, you'd need multiple very expensive trucks AND additional drivers (until they go autonomous) to ship the same load in the same time-frame. As for Musk interesting guy who more grifter than anything else.

    • Raymond Serpa
      Raymond Serpa Day ago

      Mr.Quindazzi:I'm glad somebody else can see Musk clearly!He has to provide bs to continue to raise revenue.Tesla has 9 billion in debt to refinance in 2019!Like the video said;nobody will ever drive the trucks Musk just showed.They are concept vehicles.The cars that are in use now are commuter vehicles,like a smart car.You would not drive one across country.Innovation is great!But realistically to replace all vehicles,we would have to upgrade the nation's power grid!(Trillions$$$).In about 20 years,to be optomistic,we may have about 5% of our cars electric.Electric vehicles were invented in 1890!

  • General Prodigy
    General Prodigy 3 days ago +9

    A Tesla Plane would be sexy AF

    • General Prodigy
      General Prodigy 2 days ago

      +Siddhant Dorman as if the same problem hasn't been solved for cars

    • Siddhant Dorman
      Siddhant Dorman 2 days ago +1

      If you mean an electric plane that's not a great idea as the power required to fly the plane will require more batteries and thus add more weight, which will in turn require more power and so on.

    • AaronWhy
      AaronWhy 3 days ago +1

      General Prodigy i believe hes planning to use his space x rockets for traveling around earth

  • fadingbeleifs
    fadingbeleifs 4 days ago +1

    80,000 pounds people.

  • Adeum Deus
    Adeum Deus 4 days ago

    It's garbage and entirely unrealistic for the trucking industry. Truckers, and the economy, DEPEND on maximizing the speed and number of deliveries. Truckers cannot afford to have 90 minutes of downtime every 200-300 miles.
    Pure stupidity. But liberal morons believe Musk is literally Jesus Christ, and yuck up every single word that dribbles from his mouth.

  • HylanderSB
    HylanderSB 4 days ago +1

    This channel also sponsored by Irish Spring. How's that for coincidence?

  • Craig Jones
    Craig Jones 5 days ago

    Does this equation allow for the rolling weight? wouldn't the weight drop a lot lower and the amount of energy to keep the truck moving after the initial acceleration and increase efficiency.

  • M AC
    M AC 5 days ago

    Why don't they, stick solar panels all over the truck ?

    • Sneaky7110
      Sneaky7110 4 days ago

      because what if it's dark outside

  • Llaneel Yort
    Llaneel Yort 5 days ago +1

    Why can't we merge the railroad industry and trucking industry? Use rail system to deliver goods to a hub in a specific state THEN use these 18 wheelers to deliver to end user.

  • Nick's
    Nick's 5 days ago

    Make the trailer wheels the generators/magnetic brakes, and have consistently continually charging when moving. Just gotta find a way to cool em.

    • Logan Harrold
      Logan Harrold 4 days ago +2

      Tesla's already have this. Coasting and breaking produces some charge

  • ItsJustAidan
    ItsJustAidan 6 days ago +11

    Some men just want the future to never arrive, hope you are happy...

  • Anonymous 14
    Anonymous 14 6 days ago +1

    The problem with electric cars is that it won't solve global warming. This is because you will just be using power from your house or station and if everyone is using a electric car, the world will have to provide way more power and that means we will have to burn more oil or coal because that's what the world mainly runs on right now. Until we get a better more efficent way of making power. Gas cars are the way to go. Also new cars that run on gas today are pretty efficient actually and are getting better.

    • Karan Lobana
      Karan Lobana 4 days ago +1

      You can't blame Elon for this though. Its the Department of Energy for nations across the world that are responsible for creating energy in cleaner ways. Elon has done his part in making EVs go mainstream, the time has come for the Trumps of the world to make energy production green.

    • david33811
      david33811 6 days ago +2

      Anonymous 14 the goal is to reduce the pollution that the car puts out and make the recharging stations reusable energy like solar panels etc. if i remember correctly he said every charger for these trucks will be powered by solar energy

  • Barskor1
    Barskor1 6 days ago

    I wonder how long it will take them to realize that motorizing the trailer wheels will drastically change how much you can haul and at greater efficiency.

  • Shawn Rasquinha
    Shawn Rasquinha 7 days ago +3

    Just based how loud old diesel trucks are from the sheer smell of them we really need these trucks to go mainstream.

  • Cody Ramirez
    Cody Ramirez 7 days ago +3

    Saw one of these on the freeway the other day (I live right by the Tesla factory) these trucks looks so cool on the road!!

  • Harry Roger
    Harry Roger 7 days ago

    This is a stupid idea. Tesla sucks. Electric prices and lithium will cost more than plutonium as this jeeps going.

  • Giuseppe Esposito
    Giuseppe Esposito 7 days ago

    About total weight, laws can change to stop petrol and pollution era. Remember in next hundred and thousand of years we need petrol to create plastic and fossil lubricant. And, until an alternative will be discovered, petrol is need to create low cost plastic.
    As I just said before (because is important).

  • Giuseppe Esposito
    Giuseppe Esposito 7 days ago +1

    Regenerative brake, regenerative descent. This technology can be integrated also in a diesel hybrid truck. And, at the end you can insert a small high efficency thermal engine (also a sterling can do this job) to charge batteries in the middle of nothing.

      FRANKLIN Z 6 days ago

      Hybrids got their electricity from gas, so it does not reduce nearly as much CO2 as purely electrical systems do. Plus, you need two sets of heavy and fragile power systems.

  • Cliff Kachina
    Cliff Kachina 8 days ago +3

    Why is it that this truck don't have sleeping bed area?.

  • Official_mehdi_10
    Official_mehdi_10 8 days ago

    Letts Do Itt..!!

  • Tristan N
    Tristan N 8 days ago +1

    Ya sound Canadian

  • Intended
    Intended 8 days ago

    U forgot that he makes everything himself

  • Rodrigo Nogueira Mota
    Rodrigo Nogueira Mota 9 days ago +2

    Metric convertion for the Barbarians? hahahahahahha!!!

  • evasuser xyz
    evasuser xyz 9 days ago

    The Shashank Sripad and Venkatasubramanian Viswanathan paper mentioned at 03:28

    GOUCHO 9 days ago +2

    Already over 300 KW Kg and the weight of the truck will weigh less given the use of electric engines. That should improve even more as the capacitors are introduced.

  • Spy Targaryen
    Spy Targaryen 9 days ago +1

    How weird is that a channel called real engineering,doesn’t support and says lies without them having good information about the reality,about the the best engineer of our times...disgraceful by your channel delete your waste immediately idiots

  • John Cameron
    John Cameron 10 days ago +1

    Don't watch this video. It's FULL of speculation just to drum up money for this guy's website. He admits that he doesn't know the truth about Tesla's trucks.

  • Legopilot
    Legopilot 11 days ago +2

    1:16 Why don`t we just use Plutonium?

    • Eric Hathaway
      Eric Hathaway 8 days ago +1

      We'd have to go all the way to Pluto to get it.

  • David Mays
    David Mays 11 days ago

    Flatbed or the floor half of the trailer is the battery

  • Ishan Baichoo
    Ishan Baichoo 11 days ago +2

    "Elon Musk's Hype-er Powers" XD

  • Justin Barbary
    Justin Barbary 12 days ago +1

    Looked like Tesla was just hoping for funding. Hey BTW gimme money on patreon I love money from patreon hey gimme cash. Lmao

  • Angel M
    Angel M 12 days ago

    Is it only me or does the front look like a helmet?

  • SteveVi0lence
    SteveVi0lence 12 days ago

    Tesla's are fragile and weak. One pothole and the frame would shatter destroying the product on board

    • Enigma McC
      Enigma McC 7 days ago

      SteveVi0lence all cars are designed to bend and break to resist impact to operator. If you can point out a specific instance of a Tesla, from Tesla that wasn’t found in 6 feet of salt water. That just is miraculously falling to pieces I’ll be glad to entertain it.

    • SteveVi0lence
      SteveVi0lence 8 days ago

      +Enigma McC they might be rated "the safest" but that doesn't equal "the strongest." Just watch some of rich rebuilds and you can see have massive important parts just snap. Tesla's just don't have flexibility, and the entire car is a crumble zone. Essentially a Tesla is a concert building and every other vehicle is a reinforced concrete building

    • Enigma McC
      Enigma McC 9 days ago

      SteveVi0lence they are proven to be the strongest vehicles In the history of cars. With a perfect 5 star rating

  • Gaming Cappuccino Guy
    Gaming Cappuccino Guy 12 days ago

    What he is doing is building up hype to save the planet, making everyone wanting to buy a Tesla so the Earth is saved!

    • GTX 1080Ti
      GTX 1080Ti 12 days ago

      Gaming Cappuccino Guy Electric cars will never become the future, sure, people think it’s “good” for the earth, but is it really? Where does the electricity come from? As always, fossil fuels, causing more and more emissions which is ultimately worse for the environment, we will never be able to create enough energy without destroying the atmosphere. But what about solar energy and wind energy? It would cost billions and billions to create that many solar panels and windmills, and you know how much the government likes money right? Countries banning electric cars are just leading their country to a power crisis.

  • Elder_God
    Elder_God 12 days ago

    Is it n idea to maybe put solarpanels on the trailer and truck and put motors on the trailer so the truck doenst have to pull all the weight? That way the range will improve and cost will be safed☀️👌🏼

  • Markkwon
    Markkwon 12 days ago

    You are just jumping into conclusions

  • Nathan Fulps
    Nathan Fulps 13 days ago +6

    I could have sworn Elon said the battery was under the truck Chassis. Thus you wouldn’t need cargo space for batteries.

    • Matthew Jenkinson
      Matthew Jenkinson 7 days ago +1

      Cargo capacity is measured in tonnes, not volume (though of course there are limits on the size of the trailer). It's about GVM, which can only be 40 tonnes (ish) for a standard truck for the entire system. Ergo if the truck weighs more, then it can carry less, by weight.

    • HyperVlogz
      HyperVlogz 12 days ago +7

      hes not saying it will be in the cargo space, hes just trying to represent the relationship between the trucks weight and its cargo capacity

  • CB BC
    CB BC 13 days ago +3

    2 quibbles: Traditional truck engines are heavier than electric motors that deliver the same power... and nobody drives uphill forever! How well the truck does on the uphill test is entirely a product of how efficient the regenerative braking is when it comes back down. I would agree that Tesla needs to release more specifics. I've seen the numbers pencilled out elsewhere, and they do seem legit.

  • Jingpeng Xu
    Jingpeng Xu 14 days ago +1

    I ride a electronic bike during the summer for work. The specification indicated that it will handle a person 230 pounds or under and on fully charged, the battery can last 15 miles. I am 160 pounds, and the battery never lasted more than 6 miles lol. I have suspect it might be a problem with the weather. Battery runs inefficiently on low temperature(0-5 degrees celsius) or high temperature(>40 degrees celsius)

  • 0v3rKillGaming
    0v3rKillGaming 14 days ago

    Lol, so apparently this fucking rando on the internet knows more than the Tesla engineers. Ok.

  • Elliot Bochey
    Elliot Bochey 16 days ago +18

    What if solar panels were added to the roof

    • Vertigo
      Vertigo 2 days ago +1

      To give you an idea how little power solar panels provide, all you need to do is look at solar car races in the Australian desert: Super aerodynamic and ultra light weight. But if you added pedals instead of solar cells, the result wouldnt be much slower, thats how little power these things provide. Now imagine how much more surface area you would need to accelerate a 30 ton truck, or even make the slightest bit of difference in range. You might as well add pedals for the driver :)

    • Choptactless
      Choptactless 4 days ago

      Although additional surface area on a trailer would be cool to use for solar panels, I think the weight of the solar panels would offset the energy gain from them

    • Rohan Gangar
      Rohan Gangar 4 days ago

      +Dielanboooyyy Niks he was just putting it out there, chill

    • Nirmal Sabu
      Nirmal Sabu 4 days ago +1

      High initial cost and lack of fuel saving potential. Diesel manufacturers already demoed this years ago...

    • Jam Bun
      Jam Bun 5 days ago +2

      It would be good for taking a break and then continuing if you need I guess?

  • Mike Robinson
    Mike Robinson 16 days ago

    I just came across this. Excellent video. One thing you left out of the cost benefit analysis is the cost of the driver. If you could remove the driver @ $100K/year and the battery uplift costs $180K as mentioned then your payback time on that part is under 2 years.
    But it gets complicated, especially until we know all the details.
    An autonomous truck (w/o a driver) could maybe be productive for 24 hours a day. Depends on how you consider productivity. If I'm a long haul driver then I can work what 12 hours a day or something like that? These trucks would have no requirement to do so. Now of course you'd have to take into account the charging time, absolutely (and availability, etc). What about say the driver that makes deliveries to 6 McDonald's store in a day? They spend 1 hour unloading. Now you'd still need the human (or offload that to the store employee) but you could I'm sure hire a cheaper laborer vs a driver. Plus that same truck could go 24 hours/day using 2 or 3 laborers.
    Here's the thing about Musk for me however and why I say in the long term it doesn't matter if the Model S, Y, truck, van, whatever is perfect. There is something to be said about rethinking the market. For example the 500 mile truck can't deliver to McDonald's 24 hours a day, the battery wouldn't last. Well maybe each restaurant has a charger. Or maybe Tesla offers a truck with a swappable battery pack. Drive to 6 stores, come back, swap out the pack like you swap out the payload, and move to the next assignment.

    Pretty much everyone thinks we've come close to maximizing efficiency for combustion engines and gains aren't massive. An electric engine changes that. For now it moves the key part into the battery. Now if we had 20% of our vehicles with electric batteries, imagine if you could have a 20% improvement every year (on average). Its not out of the question.
    Anyway I look at all the current Tesla vehicles (except maybe the Model 3) as sort of Generation 1 vehicles. Imagine where we'll go next. And it won't necessarily be Tesla doing it either.

  • Hakar Doski
    Hakar Doski 16 days ago +1

    Elon is a genius
    he will figure it out

  • MrNihilist74
    MrNihilist74 17 days ago

    I wonder how much it would fudge the numbers if it has a small diesel or gasoline generator on it to recharge the batteries. Maybe lesser weight of the batteries and a small amount of pollution from the generator.

  • Liam Clink
    Liam Clink 18 days ago

    You can’t just plug in the average velocity to get average energy, you have to find the average of v^3, which is not the same thing

  • Funnyshish
    Funnyshish 18 days ago

    So many Musk fanboys in the comments

  • Morteza Ahmadi
    Morteza Ahmadi 18 days ago +2

    Lol at @0:14 when he was exiting he truck her banged his head 😭😭

  • Jerret Stallworth
    Jerret Stallworth 18 days ago +1

    This truck is a turkey.

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 19 days ago

    1:18 Well then why don’t they use plutonium 238 to power their trucks?😂😂

  • Christopher Poulsen
    Christopher Poulsen 19 days ago

    This is very incorrect

  • Mark Sanchez
    Mark Sanchez 20 days ago +2

    I drive 300 miles in 5 hours we can log 11 driving hours a day.

    • Matthew Jenkinson
      Matthew Jenkinson 7 days ago

      The hard part of this is the charging infrastructure. If you can do say 700 miles in that 11 hours (roughly based on your 300miles/5hrs), then a truck that can do 500 miles on a charge can do that with one short stop in the middle somewhere. The trick is having enough chargers that you can be somewhat flexible with where you stop, as you'll likely want to combine charging and lunch - for example - to cut down on the total time span spent working. Having one charger on your route means you have to stop there. Having 5+ means you have a choice, within the range of an hour or so.

  • Kevin Schug
    Kevin Schug 20 days ago

    I wanna see one of these bitches on ice road truckers. The way they drive through them shit roads. Hitting a big ole moose would be pretty cool too.

  • NatarisX
    NatarisX 20 days ago +2

    Tesla cars have been performing great pretty much across the bosrd. Musk isn't some clown trying to make a fast buck. He is changing the way the world works. You can't expect the product to be perfect version 1.
    He starts from the ground up and continuously improves things.

  • Vita b
    Vita b 21 day ago

    Why brits is so jealous?

  • Jared Schottin
    Jared Schottin 21 day ago


  • Rocky Ugsod
    Rocky Ugsod 21 day ago

    It will all be solved by the new battery technology.

  • Nate
    Nate 21 day ago +4


    • Sandesh Bhandari
      Sandesh Bhandari 16 hours ago

      isn't metric THE standard unit? i think you mean "metric and imperial units"

  • The Chosen One
    The Chosen One 22 days ago

    What if you make the thing out of carbon fiber and aluminum

  • martK banjoboy
    martK banjoboy 22 days ago

    it is hype because the batteries are deteriorating as soon as they leave the factory. replacement is $$$$$$$

  • Peter Petrov
    Peter Petrov 24 days ago

    lol. The empty weight of the truck is not a big issue (unless you ship bricks). Truck drivers don't get paid by the kilo, right? The money you get by mile or per load depend on a million other things--it's a free market. A ton of foam will still be shipped on a Tesla truck; it might get kind of expensive for the shipper to use 15 minivans, am I right? Only workoholics manly man ship heavy objects. I personally get more pride shipping lighter loads and earn extra money for my family by saving on fuel.

  • wade cooper
    wade cooper 24 days ago

    Long equations can screw up an estimate. Tesla's Roadster has a 620 mile per charge range and 3 motors. The truck weighs a little more and has a fourth motor but the battery pack may be the same and thus have only a 500 mile range. Perhaps you should find out what the roadster's battery pack weighs. When you consider how energy dense diesel is you might think it is cheaper than an electric to operate. The problem is that ICE engines are routinely only about 25% efficient and top out around 35% in economy models. So slash your energy density of gas to one fourth. Secondly Elon bought Maxwell batteries and ultra capacitors' factory and rights so this will add 20% to the range and the Capacitors as a buffer may add another 5% to that range. Also newer lithium batteries promise twice the energy densities and ranges. In 3 more years I expect a top end vehicle to get 1000 miles per charge. The trucks will work and work fine and pay for themselves faster than a diesel truck will.

  • rishiraje
    rishiraje 25 days ago

    Actually for inclines the battery capacity does not need to change.
    If you have an incline in one direction the return direction will have a decline. So any range lost to incline will be recovered to regenerative braking on return.

    • igorruch
      igorruch 23 days ago

      Have you seen something in a real world runs at 100% efficiency?

  • James Garlick
    James Garlick 26 days ago

    Payload issue fixed with one thing:
    Extended range electric hybrids. Se up using something like a propane generator and you can get away with less batteries hence increasing payload without losing range

  • Mario Magracia
    Mario Magracia 26 days ago

    ultra capacitor is the answer.

  • aditya thakur
    aditya thakur 27 days ago +2

    When a TVclipr thinks they can do a few simple calculations in a few hours and find something the engineers of Tesla wouldn't have considered while working full time for years.

  • Gerald Nordahl
    Gerald Nordahl 27 days ago

    A nuclear powered truck

  • Gerald Nordahl
    Gerald Nordahl 27 days ago

    Don't forget about the sheep in the sleeper.

  • Jonathan Brochu
    Jonathan Brochu 27 days ago

    I guess Elon has some inside information regarding the development of graphene batteries. I think the tech is gonna hit the market soon. Grabat, might be the first provider worldwide.

    LUNAR BLOODDROP 27 days ago

    I love math but I saw that math problem and gulp in fear

  • Maurice
    Maurice 29 days ago

    Elon can put solar panels on top of the entire truck which probably increase the range a lot not sure tho

  • DarkLight
    DarkLight 29 days ago

    This will fail because they haven't had a big competitor up to this point, literally one brand controls almost all trucks in the US.

  • DarkLight
    DarkLight 29 days ago +2

    If they do create, they will be competing against Daimler. The biggest truck manufacturer with sub brands. And I don't think they will watch while a small company like tesla take their market place.

  • Sharp
    Sharp 29 days ago

    I still hate elon musk and his ego

  • Anthony Calleja
    Anthony Calleja 29 days ago

    Why do you assume that the electricity for this truck will be mostly from renewable sources? Sure it will pollute less in the city but won't solve global warming unless we go nuclear or invest massively in renewables.

  • F. Roosevelt
    F. Roosevelt 29 days ago

    I came to an math's lesson instead of a Real Engineering video

  • jmh4ggg
    jmh4ggg 29 days ago

    Most of these trucks have a range of 1200-1400 miles, not 900

  • Dylan
    Dylan 29 days ago

    Some really bad points/counter arguments to something that has been calculated and proven by Geniusses/mechanica/engineers..

    • George Ford
      George Ford 26 days ago

      Are those the same "geniuses" that did the calculations for the Tesla S? You know, the car that currently has a projected 33% driveline failure rate before 70,000 miles (per Tesla, announced by Elon himself) and that is with the "new and improved" motor; it is 66% for Teslas made before the 2017 model year. Diesel semi trucks go 1-1.5 million miles before they need a rebuild, I hope they came up with a new formula for their truck calculations.

  • j4ck3t
    j4ck3t 29 days ago

    I think something important to take into consideration is that trucks driving through cities will contribute less to pollution in these cities. We don't have to swap out the entire market in one go, this transition is perfectly suited to happen in a span of 10-20 years. In my opinion it is way more important that we make the steps instead of shying away, capitalism has this large flaw if it isn't profitable then don't do it, that's what got us in this situation in the first place (poor climate conditions).

    XCON VIC 29 days ago

    Stop trying to make something of yourself on someone elses coat tails you jealous little boy

  • Phillip Shaku
    Phillip Shaku 29 days ago +1

    We already have hybrid trucks using green energy :)

  • alan connelly
    alan connelly 29 days ago

    A lot of anti Tesla bull shit, lies so far Tesla has proven videos like this one all undecuated no facts anti Tesla bullshit.
    Presenter leaves out weight if fuel and Tesla brilliant real engineering.

  • Charles Duke
    Charles Duke Month ago

    Is it not possible thay the weight limit laws thay exist for current trucks could be changed to accommodate electric trucks and their battery weight?

    • Charles Duke
      Charles Duke 26 days ago

      +George Ford , ah! That makes sense. Thanks for the info!

    • George Ford
      George Ford 26 days ago

      Sure, if they redesign and rebuild every bridge and every mile of road in the U.S.. The weight limit for trucks is not arbitrary, it was set at the weight where the trucks can drive over the roads we have and do minimal damage. Increase the weight and you will shorten the life of the roads and bridges, not to mention the fact that the diesel trucks would then be less expensive to operate, which would make the electric trucks even more undesirable.

  • BChomby
    BChomby Month ago

    Battery tech will need to get much better before Australia can even bother.. 700 miles with a 64 ton b-double at the absolute minimum. Plus quick swap batteries need to be a thing for trucks too.. my truck does 700 miles with me, 700 with the next driver and then another 700 with me again. So over 2000 miles before it gets a break..
    At the moment it feels like this will only work in the states where trucks are lighter and roads are much smoother

    • BChomby
      BChomby Month ago

      Oh and forget about the road train drivers all together.. 125 tonnes isn’t gonna happen any time soon

  • chocolate abi
    chocolate abi Month ago

    The Elon fanboys in this bih like crazy

  • kkeith 742
    kkeith 742 Month ago

    All I known is that they look cool as shit

  • SalZeus
    SalZeus Month ago

    Smells like dinosaur gasoline in here lol

  • SalZeus
    SalZeus Month ago


  • Greg Lawson
    Greg Lawson Month ago

    Doesn't the manufacturing process of batteries and carbon fiber require a lot of fossil fuels?
    Not to mention the burden of disposing used batteries.

    • Greg Lawson
      Greg Lawson 2 days ago

      +Elijah Bentley - ahh solar panels.
      6 to 10 year life span, environmentally unfriendly manufacturing process, hazardous disposal costs and fossil fuel still required to make them.
      What are the benefits of solar panels again?

    • Elijah Bentley
      Elijah Bentley 2 days ago

      Tesla's gigafactory uses solar

  • Alexsteffo
    Alexsteffo Month ago

    stick some fuckin solar panels on that bih