The Truth About The Tesla Semi-Truck

  • Published on Dec 15, 2017
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  • Real Engineering
    Real Engineering  11 months ago +550

    Here's the website: Seriously though, if you want to see more sites like this, and better ones, please consider supporting on Patreon.

    • Jack Jammen
      Jack Jammen Month ago

      Real Engineering This video brought to you by big oil because big oil will not be out done.

    • So1ipse
      So1ipse 2 months ago

      Late reply but in the US you'll be shutting down coal plants the moment you get a 21st century sane president as you have stacks and stacks of sunshine space for focused heat turbine plants - no not solar panel - which will produce really cheap electric. The way the mathematics works on rechargeables and wear/tear from use is that if you buy two sets your wear is still only proportional to your use, not twice as fast. Because batteries cost depending on how fast they die your annual costs are the same for two sets, just the capital is larger. So.. It becomes a no brainer to buy two batches of cells for each truck and have one to fill at the cheapest rate, when solar gets properly going that'll be knocking on 25% of peak price.
      The way that e-transport is looking to be the biggest part of demand increase for power means that a lot of the storage costs for the periodic renewables can be shuffled onto the consumers who'll be only too delighted to invest at a return of 1/4 ing the price on transport that's already half price per mile cos of shift from fossil to electric.

    • eDrive
      eDrive 2 months ago

      Electric transportation is so cool!

    • Adam A.
      Adam A. 3 months ago
      You can use 70-80% less batteries with a good micro-turbine electric generator.

  • adrian xxxx
    adrian xxxx 11 hours ago

    Buy the track 10 times dearer and get 5 times less range. Tesla technology very good Haha. The guy is selling very old idea in 1945 German Army resign from electric power source and put gas engine instead in their very small tanks. I cannot believe people want to buy so impractical devices for such money.

  • Edsterspeed 100
    Edsterspeed 100 13 hours ago

    Fuck Elon Musk

  • Joseph Staley
    Joseph Staley 23 hours ago

    I hate it I will never own one and why is everyone so excited about technology doing peoples jobs has it really got that bad? Thank about it people if we keep letting technology do our jobs we are setting are self up for failure I guess when everyone is without a job will all be homeless that’s what government wants us to live off them

  • Super ATP Synthase

    3:10 Bruh
    3:13 HOLY SHIT

  • Andres Molina
    Andres Molina Day ago

    Straight up Tesla hater. Keep living in the Stone Age.

  • P Schmied
    P Schmied 3 days ago

    Never got to "the truth, other that a preconception about a conspiracy to conceal cargo capacity was wrong.
    The primary application for these truck is short haul, not intermodal. Diesel semis operated in short haul applications operate in the least efficient part of their engines's efficiency curve and generate a MUCH higher amount of destructive pollutants than when operated intemodal at high speed. The introduction of a medium range variant of the Model 3 car. is an indication that there be a range of battery capacities offered for each tractor type to allow a balance between drive time, down time and cargo capacity.

  • Gammareign
    Gammareign 3 days ago

    Electric trains would beat this handily.

  • anthony dyson
    anthony dyson 4 days ago

    Electricity is present all over the universe, every planet, it's energy, it's just that we have a premature infrastructure to capture it, just like before gas stations, but we got stations all around us because wealthy individuals invested in it. Now it's time to move to the next step in evolution. You haters can doubt all you want, but it's here and it's not going back.

  • Insert NameHere
    Insert NameHere 4 days ago

    No one gonna comment on the metric conversions for barbarians lol

  • Deborah chesser
    Deborah chesser 4 days ago

    Wheel speed monitoring of each wheel etc. traction would be unmatched

  • Deborah chesser
    Deborah chesser 4 days ago

    Is there a motor on each wheel? There should be if not, control would be unmatched

  • Deborah chesser
    Deborah chesser 4 days ago

    They should just make the whole truck one big solar panel. That and inductive charging patches of road 10 mi long

  • Leo Araiza
    Leo Araiza 4 days ago

    3:25-3:28 lol

  • Andrew Jewer
    Andrew Jewer 5 days ago

    Owner operators probably won't get much use out of this truck. But equip a whole fleet of these and never have to pay your emissions taxes? A LOT of bigger companies would be interested in this

  • Rogy Doj
    Rogy Doj 5 days ago

    Still sceptical. In practice a smaller battery would die quicker due to the higher relative drain and when climbing a grade the truck would suck a huge amount more energy so that touted range would wind down like a flat tyre on anything less than a flat run. The practicalities of recharging have been only lightly touched on and is the huge elephant in the room. The charging current even overnight is not going to work especially on solar renewables, so the grid has to do the work with associated massive upgrades. Burning fossil fuel to charge "clean" vehicles is just a sleight of hand furphy moving the emissions elsewhere, the so called coal powered vehicle. Elon Musk charisma is not the same as pragmatic facts.

  • Oblithian
    Oblithian 5 days ago

    Your math is elabourate (which is good) but your conceptualized approach is overly simplistic and incomplete.

  • ben mccullough
    ben mccullough 6 days ago

    I don't see it happening any time soon. Maybe years from now nice try tesla

  • Ultralagger R.E.V
    Ultralagger R.E.V 6 days ago

    Then Nikola sued the Tesla semi because of supposed (in my opinion) copying the design patent of Nikola’s Nikole One hydrogen powered semi

  • Racist Yoda
    Racist Yoda 7 days ago

    they wont be possible for quite some time

  • Pootis needed
    Pootis needed 8 days ago

    You are my favorite TVclip channel

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers 9 days ago

    Wow, you don't know shit about trucking. And how do people still think climate change is man made? We were always told that a hole was being burned into the ozone, that also trapped heat, and gradually increased the overall temperature of the planet. But that's not what b is happening, so keep the lemmings running, they changed global warming to climate change.

  • douglas david misas camacho

    Awesome video Ur channel Rocks!!!!!!

  • dillondecal
    dillondecal 10 days ago

    So much wrong information. The energy density of the batteries, the weight of the electric truck wouldn’t start at the same weight as a diesel it loses things like the engine and other things that have weight.

  • tegf4
    tegf4 10 days ago

    Put a Small Thorium Reactor in it. Or make the 53 foot trailer out of solar power producing materials.

  • The Ultimate Reductionist

    To all the antiMarxist anticommunist conservatards full of hatred to anything renewable:
    Oil will run out & become unimaginably expensive. And the longer we wait to change over to all electric, the harder & more expensive it will be. So, since you offer no better solution, we will have to make do with electric trucks with less range & power & long charging times. I don't like it, but none of you rightards have proposed a better solution.

  • Damian Herrera
    Damian Herrera 11 days ago

    Crazy idea, they can slap an solar panel on the truck and have more distance

  • kbkesq
    kbkesq 12 days ago

    Love to see engineering analysis. These will be game changers on fuel cost alone. Seems it would have volume regardless of weight, so it could still take lighter, but still voluminous cargo even given your worst case.

  • Libe Man girl
    Libe Man girl 12 days ago

    Man U are so wrong and don't have any idea 💡. But I like your videos

  • Bugsy
    Bugsy 13 days ago

    This is not the idea I know, but, why not have a small, efficient, diesel engine that powers a generator to charge it? Less battery weight, longer range, and would charge on it's own. Still being way less harmful to the environment, and the power to charge has to come from somewhere. Remember a trucker, unless team driving, has to stop half hr out of 8. And after 11 hrs of driving has to stop for 10 hrs. I drive long range and need to heat the bunk during the night in the colder months. And would solve the issue of being able to plug in while stopped in small town Montana. About hills, I would assume every time you take your foot off the throttle going downhill it will be charging.

  • Noodle Spadoodle
    Noodle Spadoodle 13 days ago

    I bet a diesel engine is stronger than an electric.

  • s trav
    s trav 13 days ago

    The typical lithium ion battery in Tesla cars stops working at 80,000 miles and needs replacing. The one in the truck would be about 20 $30,000 for a new battery. The average tesla car goes through three motors by 100,000 miles. Those motors cost between five and $10,000. In a truck Id guess 20,000. That truck would be one giant money pit as are Tesla vehicles in general. Current diesel tractor trailers can run 1,000,000 miles on the original motor. They are highly reliable vehicles.

  • Chris Wells
    Chris Wells 13 days ago

    Dreaming of a day where my daily commute doesn't involve me being poisoned by diesel exhaust.

  • Wayne Gough
    Wayne Gough 14 days ago

    You also obviously have never driven a truck for a company. You can get fired for being early as well a being late for a pick up or delivery.

  • Wayne Gough
    Wayne Gough 14 days ago

    Trucks and Cars produce Carbon Monoxide NOT Carbon Dioxide. Big difference, so why are you getting basic Chemistry wrong????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Wolfgang Breitenseher
    Wolfgang Breitenseher 15 days ago

    I always ask myself, why people can be tricked into believing that electric cars euqals less CO2 emissions? Nobody seems to take in account that batteries are not growing on trees. The poduction process is poisoneus, energy intensive and them batteries have a life span of maybe 2-3 years witin a suitable performance window. Everytime people think about the scale of the benefits, they simply ignore the scale of the problems created by that. We don't even have the power plants required to refill those batteries. And while refuelling a diesel truck needs 10 minutes including payment, refilling a battery of this size qill require half a day at least. Unless you have thrice as much prepared and loaded batteries in stocks for a fast replacement. With special machinery of course. Battries don't fit through hoses.

  • constantinos schinas
    constantinos schinas 15 days ago

    *to all the regenerative retards:* use gas for main power and a small battery and e-motor for that added boost when needed. simple, usable stuff with no gay musks.

  • constantinos schinas
    constantinos schinas 15 days ago

    elon musk is not only utterly ugly. he is a deep idiot as well.

  • tuusnullorum
    tuusnullorum 16 days ago

    This doesn't even come close to addressing the top issue with Tesla automated electric trucks: the overwhelming majority of highschool educated males (the most likely to revolt successfully if pissed off) are truck drivers. When you automate trucking you simultaneously wreck the country.

  • Carlos Venegas
    Carlos Venegas 17 days ago

    Let's talk about greenhouse gasses Took about vehicles and semi trucks how much they put out of the air But what I wanna ask you is what happens when you plug in your TV radio phone house to charge it something will go back electric vehicles What is the electric company or plant emitting into year charge your devices including the vehicles are you talking about

    • Carlos Venegas
      Carlos Venegas 17 days ago

      I was speaking to a Mike sorry about miss spells

  • Marc T
    Marc T 19 days ago

    Wait, what were the advantages again? I'm still not convinced that Elon Musk isn't just an incompetent fraud with a knack for taking people's money and bankrupting companies.

  • Jellyfrosh
    Jellyfrosh 19 days ago

    The amount of Tesla fanboys in the comments is hilarious.

  • news
    news 20 days ago

    Biggest problems. The battery charge time it take for ever compared gas. Cold weather also eats batterys. So it will be worthless is the winter. If the batterys are easy to switch out it would be a good idea. Still useless in the winter. Think best Idea is a hybrid. Good MPG gas, mpg drops a bit in the winter but nowhere close to a electric. Fast refuelling

  • KillerGaming115
    KillerGaming115 20 days ago

    didn't he say the distance was calculated in a worst case scenario?

  • ninja noodle4462
    ninja noodle4462 20 days ago

    Umm Idk but climate change is just weather

  • Play Girls
    Play Girls 21 day ago +2

    so how much percent less cargo is in tesla semi than the ordinary truck?

  • S9Steve
    S9Steve 22 days ago

    Lets not forget this is the only semi that offers a full refund if it fails to survive a nuclear explosion.

  • Motomby Esele
    Motomby Esele 22 days ago

    Which graphic tool do you use to create this blue background anime?

  • abcd
    abcd 24 days ago

    No! You didn't consider the inertial mass. When the truck brakes it charge a lot the battery

  • ArkaelDren
    ArkaelDren 24 days ago

    DONT dis on my Boy buddy ;)

  • Peter Muller
    Peter Muller 24 days ago

    Do they franchise charging stations? Battery swaps like a pit stop perhaps?

  • Admiral Lemons
    Admiral Lemons 25 days ago

    I hate how all new electric cars and motor cars are super ugly

    NORTHIE 5 25 days ago

    In my opinion this Truck looks like shit

  • José Vasco Branco Francisco

    Ford is now creating the F vision

  • Kylander 257
    Kylander 257 26 days ago

    Your calculations are based on assumptions about the tesla trucks since you have zero information about their actual design capabilities/efficiencies aside from what was revealed by Elon. At 4:52 I started to cringe because at this point I realized your video is about getting views.

  • 3D Videos VR
    3D Videos VR 27 days ago

    "And another lad who needs less syllables in his name." 😂😂😂

  • niri2506
    niri2506 27 days ago

    Did you actuallly watch the presentation of the semi? :D

  • Pamfilo Abion Jr
    Pamfilo Abion Jr 28 days ago

    you are wrong. elon already answered all the question

  • J Oakley
    J Oakley 28 days ago

    Tesla is just like Taco Bell.... Trying to make something new from the same old ingredients... Tesla marketing is really similar to Apple's... A big funded show just to Dazzle the potential buyer.. and lock them into high dollar service repair and upkeep.

  • Gamma Sharma
    Gamma Sharma Month ago

    You are forgetting the salary of the driver that can be replaced by an ai ,with some law maneuver, also no stopping for breaks.

  • ShadowOfDeath24
    ShadowOfDeath24 Month ago

    Teslas batteries are at 103-104 per 1 kw/h as of October 10th 2018 and will be easily at 100/ kw/r by week 1 of November 2018 so thafs already down to $120,000 for the batteries for the 600 mile range one(yes its 600 now not 500) instead of the 180,000 you quoted

  • BossSpringsteen69
    BossSpringsteen69 Month ago

    As soon the product consistently makes money for the consumer it will a very useful tool. As far as economical sense in owning the product is to be determined. There are so many real world challenges that trump all of the hype that electric and hybrid vehicles promise. I speak this as an owner of an electric vehicle and as a heavy duty hybrid equipment operator.

  • Insects Inside
    Insects Inside Month ago

    This was a good video

  • Jaymin
    Jaymin Month ago

    It costs Tesla $100 per kWh right now and will be under $100 pretty soon. So a 947kWh battery pack would cost roughly $95k not $180k

    XCV_DRYMMO Month ago

    tesla alredy got panasonic super batteries in there hands .

  • Jonathan La Rosa
    Jonathan La Rosa Month ago

    Jonathan La Rosa
    Jonathan La Rosa 10/10/2018 Every one is starting to be so native and bias opinion on Elon Musk. This man is brilliant. Witch make's him a little quirky. He's Under a lot of pressure to succeed. So we don't have really on foreign oil. Or cars' that have any kind of tail pipe emissions. This is the greatest car and truck on the planet, In the crash test the car Tesla is rated over 6. 5 is being the highest ever. And in second is. I think crash test rated 4th being Volvo and Audi. Jonathan La Rosa With La Rosa's Automotive 40 year's in business in Automotive repair. And loving this Tesla space shuttle car. This is the future. Its a no brainer. And this is just my opinion,

  • Dane Christmas
    Dane Christmas Month ago

    Just seems to me that an electric motor wouldn't have the torque to pull a fully loaded 40' container plus the weight of the body and battery, either over long distances or uphill without the constant threat of burning out its windings.
    My guess is that it would depend on the size of the motor.
    Maybe a different type of locomotion is needed, like compact, powerful independent hydraulic motors on each wheel like what is used to drive bulldozers, probably modified, if possible for higher speed.

  • BrewPub
    BrewPub Month ago

    0-60mph would be important for drivers, because all truck drivers would like to get going from a stop light a lot quicker than what current trucks are capable of. I don't drive a Class 8 truck, just a diesel Silverado . Even with 765 lb / ft of torque , it is slow getting off the line.

  • Young Yun
    Young Yun Month ago +3

    Tesla is beast!!!!!

  • gopunga bear
    gopunga bear Month ago

    heres an idea make more trains and train tracks

  • Miki Estrada
    Miki Estrada Month ago

    500 miles is not enough...charging trucks is not convenient at the will be a huge tax right off with the energy fed. This trucks are meant for local not regional...but..if they were 1500 mile we talking.

  • John Barney
    John Barney Month ago

    The Tesla tractor is already obsolete! Look up Nikola Motor Co., they will be producing a tractor that is powered by a combination of hydrogen and batteries.

  • GH1618
    GH1618 Month ago

    Wrightspeed technology is more interesting for heavy trucks.

  • Somebody3928
    Somebody3928 Month ago

    lol the plutonium though

  • 101perspective
    101perspective Month ago

    This video seems incomplete. Electric engines are usually MUCH lighter. So, how much does a truck diesel engine normally weigh? I suspect you could remove at least 2/3rds of that weight from the battery operated one. How much would that add to available cargo weight?

  • ancient hunter
    ancient hunter Month ago

    can i say, that i've looked at charts, and in history over all, we are leaving one of the few times in history where co2 has been at its lowest, and kind of the same for temperature. And it seems that from one graph thats a bit vague (cause how small it is) shows a general trend in co2 decreasing since life began. But, its warming. I agree. But i think "end of the world" is a bit exaggerated. As the world has suffered way worse and we're descendants of those survivors, and also, the day changes in temperature much more drastically and always has than the 0.5 or 1 degree difference in average temperature (forgot the exact number). But i like the telsa vehicles. Cause they are, definitely, a cool series of vehicles.

  • Paul anon
    Paul anon Month ago

    The thing about bigots is they never learn they just keep spouting the same bigotry year after year. About 90% of the negative comments are based on 1990s battery technology, billions are being invested every year to produce better batteries and the science is behind them, a battery that stores enough energy and is cheap to make is physically possible, meanwhile a combustion engine has reached it's physical limits it's never going to get better than 50% efficient with today's engines at 30% and whatever you think about the environment the atmosphere is a fixed volume, there will be a limit to how much poison you can pump into it. Don't forget that the reason we switched from coal powered steam engines to internal combustion engines was the efficiency of oil was so much better, even though the cost of coal was much cheaper. The same factors are at play here and yet so many dumb asses want to bet on the internal combustion engine and that's without even considering pollution.

  • Rove the Wolf
    Rove the Wolf Month ago

    Makeing these trucks with produce 2x more gasses than trucks that we are using, and climate change is not real, the earth goes through hot and cold cycles, its proven by science

  • James Sempy
    James Sempy Month ago

    the whole tric is to make buzz ... to help M3 and Tesla get out of troubles

  • Jean-Pierre De Vent

    I dream more a lowtech adaption of his hyperloop excl. for cargo transport through a network of rather narrow so cheap tubes, even tunnels through which simple even open unmanned vehicles on rails move unhindered and dry.(vacuum probably too costly, speed in fact not so important for freight but predictability is) These tubes could be just under the surface so easy to inspect and repair. Or put all the cargo on the trains and the people into public (automatic?) public electric or hydrogen cars that pick you up at your house after your order on internet. (In Belgium we have a lot of traffic congestion and problems because of all those trucks, I don't like them very much)

  • Lyle Barnard
    Lyle Barnard Month ago

    Two other things you did not take into account cycles of the battery and time to charge the batteries time is money

  • Marco Vargas
    Marco Vargas Month ago

    The source of an electric power always be the problem with everything :/

  • Youtube Acc
    Youtube Acc Month ago

    Add a solar panel at the top. And... BOOM

  • mrspeigle1
    mrspeigle1 Month ago

    Speaking as a truck driver with over 10 years of experience, you can reasonably expect to spend about $34,000 per year on fuel assuming you're averaging 2500 miles per week, and in a truck that average is 10.1 miles to the gallon which is very good fuel economy. That being said the range estimates on these vehicles are extremely limiting in my humble opinion with diesel fuel I expect to get approximately 700 to 800 miles on each fill up. There would need to be very serious changes to improve structure to make this a viable solution particularly for warehouses and loading docks where trucks will spend an hour to two hours sitting and getting unloaded. And don't quote the 30-minute break rule at me because I can tell you from experience it is very rare that you get to choose where to take your 30 minute break. Personally I think Tesla dropped the ball on this in putting its Research into semi trucks, a much better investment would be short-range buses such as city transportation and school buses where the shorter-range and lighter weight of the cargo will offset the disadvantages of battery power.

  • john
    john Month ago

    Awesome man .u work hard

  • tårtan J
    tårtan J Month ago

    Its just so ugly

  • yesterdaysguy
    yesterdaysguy Month ago

    Considering it's not just an engine block, there's also no fuel tanks, no alternator, no cooling radiators/fans and possibly no actual transmission/driveshaft, less firewall and noise dampening material, and no struts (for holding the engine) - I would think the weight will likely be a wash. I've now seen two of your videos, the other on Bitcoin (which I'm actually very involved in), maybe spend more than a week on a subject if you plan to speak as an authority on a topic, and definitely stop going into a video with an outcome in mind.

  • Willaev
    Willaev Month ago

    "That's going to make the return-on-investime time longer, even if the operating cost per mile is 20% lower than a conventional diesel semi-truck. But profitability isn't everything."
    And this is where your video fails, going from facts to fantasy.

  • Im Phanta
    Im Phanta Month ago

    I can still imagine that the main chassis (without batterie/engine) will be ighter than traditionally, offsetting some of the additional weight through the batteries.

  • Zarviroff Serge
    Zarviroff Serge Month ago

    1:21 typo: "litium-ion" should be "lithium-ion". Missed the 'h'.

  • 4 star diesel
    4 star diesel Month ago +1

    the Tesla semi-truck looks like a square space helmet

  • Matt H.
    Matt H. Month ago

    I've got an idea, just stay with the trucks we have now. they work great! Man made climate change is a myth, why are we making things hard on ourselves? Truckers don't have time to wait around for trucks to charge, if a truck isn't moving it's not making money. No matter if you have truckers driving or computers driving these trucks.

  • Yannick Kuhn
    Yannick Kuhn Month ago

    Gotta love how the comparison at 1:17 includes nuclear fuel.
    "Here you go with your uranium-powered submar- errrr, I mean truck!"
    "Great! But where do I refuel it?"
    "You don't."
    "We will fill her up again when you come back for repairs in five years!"

  • tolstuie bear
    tolstuie bear Month ago

    It's not renewable energy fu*kwit, it, electricity, comes from coal and nuclear

  • renogiza -
    renogiza - Month ago

    Easy answer, theres a lot of real estate on the roof of the trailers, just install a modular solar array on top.. to make it work with existing containers it can use the same locking mechanisms normally used by shipyard cranes.

  • jozefsan
    jozefsan Month ago

    people need understand one major problem with Elon Musk.......he is exactly same as Edison

  • Dan R
    Dan R Month ago

    There will never be a Tesla truck. They aren't zero green house gas! The electricity comes from natural gas and coal. There is no Santa Clause and most of what you put in your recycle bin goes to landfills.

  • smile444
    smile444 Month ago

    isn't train an already good long-distance high-cargo all-electrical transport ?
    What about hybrid trucks ?

  • SuperPasquale76
    SuperPasquale76 Month ago

    the problem with this truck is, this truck looks not like a bad Ass truck it looks like a truck build from sjw warriors victim peoples. but the cars from tesla are pretty bad ass and i love the tesla cars

  • Sentient Engine
    Sentient Engine Month ago

    A major problem I see for these trucks is IFTA. If OTR companies but these trucks, are they going to end up paying extra taxes for ever state simply because they cannot buy fuel? I don't think current laws are set up to handle electric trucks.
    The 500 or 300 mile range seems more for local or regional trucks, but I've seen regional trucks put on 600+ miles per day, similar to OTR drivers.
    This will not suit team drivers, whose job it seems is to never or rarely stop.
    And what about off duty? Drivers carry their home behind them in the sleeper. So when their day is done and they have to charge, can they use their TV to unwind. When I drove OTR, I had crocpots, laptops, a refrigerator (or 12 volt cooler for smaller sleepers), etc. May we use devices while charging? And, some of those things need to run while you're driving...does that cut in to your 300 or 500 mile range? I know drivers that have 3-6 12volt devices plugged in while running down the road.
    Most of these are just questions for no one in particular. I'm sure Elon Musk has a lot of these questions answered on his website, but I'd rather just watch videos and place my questions here.
    For me, these truck won't fit my application, as I am a heavy hauler and I don't think we are technologically capable to build an electric truck that will do what I do day in and day out without constantly breaking.
    I would like to see these truck at least local units and maybe some regional units, because if they aren't on the road making companies money, then there is no need (or money) to do research.
    The hyperloop is a lie.