HOW TO Write Russian ALPHABET (+Cursive)


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  • shamim sky
    shamim sky 7 days ago

    Thank you.

  • alireza sepah
    alireza sepah 3 months ago

    In persian we have ( آ ) . its like ur (ge) but we call that ( A ) and u call that ( ge ) 😁

  • alireza sepah
    alireza sepah 3 months ago +1

    Hi . what if i write them like windows keyboard alphabet? 😅 the word (ge) keyboard version is so esiest than writting version

  • Unver Hosayn
    Unver Hosayn 3 months ago

    Very nice approach. I like your teaching style very much.

  • harvi singh
    harvi singh 3 months ago

    Very useful thanks Godbless you

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  • Ainaz Daniel
    Ainaz Daniel 3 months ago

    very hard ....oh I want sleep

  • Zulkifli Jamil
    Zulkifli Jamil 5 months ago

    Very clear and understood. Thank you for sharing.

  • Новогодняя шапка Димы

    Ты забыла печатную г

  • А н д р о м е д а

    i really dk how to write д

  • Максим Неред


  • Ajla
    Ajla 8 months ago

    Awesome, thank you!!

  • 77777774444
    77777774444 8 months ago

    I like your more informal approach to cursive writing. This allows a learner to recognize many different styles of writing. You omitted Й. Also, other sites showed a different way to write a lower case Р. Thank you for this lesson; well done !

  • Mc Hobbit
    Mc Hobbit 9 months ago

    This was definitely a BIG source of confusion for me. Do some Russians gets confused with English cursive and which letter is which when learning the language too? I always assumed English was easier to write , but there are many different types of cursive and the people who learned them then modify them further as adults. Some would have only tiny differences but I can think of three valid ways to write "A" and one way to write "G" that probably doesn't look like G to someone unfamiliar with it. I think Russian writing would be much easier for me if none of the letters resembled English ones. My head always thinks it's equivalent to the English letters when it isn't.

    • Mc Hobbit
      Mc Hobbit 9 months ago

      Probably. It is frustrating when your speaking ability is so far beyond your writing ability. I'll just have to keep practicing. Makes you feel for all of the little children learning to read and write when they, too, can speak just fine.

    • Dasha Mayon
      Dasha Mayon  9 months ago

      I would say that there is not that much of confusion with English cursive, but of course, it depends on a person.
      And the fact that russian letters do resemble english ones is definitely a confusing thing, i guess you just need time to get used to differentiating them

  • Dmitri
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  • CD GF
    CD GF 11 months ago

    12:30 Not Like This

  • ali azeba
    ali azeba 11 months ago

    So helpful thanks so mush

  • Nanda
    Nanda 11 months ago

    This is the most helpful video I've found so far! Thank you!

  • 241hnd
    241hnd Year ago

    Very clear and easy to understand. Thank you.

  • OP Phoenix
    OP Phoenix Year ago +7

    You forgot the letter Й

  • Tabitha Rangsnamei
    Tabitha Rangsnamei Year ago +2

    Thank you for the video..

  • Michael Deatherage
    Michael Deatherage Year ago +2

    An idea, mainly because I am finally learning cursive Russian (I learned block print first because I read print Russian, studying Andrei Platonov's works), but could you write the print version and then the cursive? I absolutely love your video, by the way! I like how you write all the versions, whether they are old or modern written ways, which I find fascinating in that there are various ways to write letters.
    I wonder though, is the differences related only to modern versus old, or are there differences demographically/geographically. Especially considering that Russia is so very large and has incorporated various cultures and even languages into its language acquisition, through both conquests and incursions. Anyone know of linguistic similarities in the written language, both print and cursive?

  • Юлия Элизабет - I Don't Know Fam

    Soooo helpful! Thank you! It was driving me insane. I figured it would be easier to write words while I was learning them because I learn better by writing and I could not for the life of me figure out how to write some of these. ж was pissing me off.

    • Youngblood
      Youngblood 10 months ago

      You've probably already figured this out by now but for anyone who is also having trouble with ш and щ:
      ш is just "sh" like in 'she '
      щ is more similar to "sch" which might not make sense but we make this noise all the time! The "sh" sound in 'she' is different than the sound in 'fresh'; it sounds less sharp. To make the "sch" sound, position your tongue as if you were going to say "ch". You could say it's like an extended "ch".
      It's hard to hear the difference especially if someone is talking fast.

    • Юлия Элизабет - I Don't Know Fam
      Юлия Элизабет - I Don't Know Fam Year ago +1

      Also, I can't really understand the difference between ш and щ. They just sound like the same letter.

  • TJ Moore
    TJ Moore Year ago +7

    Спасибо 😊, new to learning Russian I only know general words, but the problem I'm having the most is trilling my Р, с, и ф. You should do a tutorial teaching people how to trill their letters. Subscribed☺️

    • Michael Deatherage
      Michael Deatherage Year ago +1

      I learned how to trill by studying Spanish R's. There are ALOT of videos on it versus finding Russian videos. One way that I was able to practice was by first whispering Throw and forcing much more air out during the THR part and making it soft consonant. Then, I gradually started saying it louder and incorporating it into words. I learned the La Cucaracha song!!! I may be wrong, but I believe the voicing for P is soft? Or that it does not use vocal chords to pronounce the sound. I may be wrong, as it is late here. I was born in Texas, don't judge me, and if I can learn how to trill, you can too!!! After 20 years of not living there, I do not have an accent at all.
      I am a polyglot so I have learned various ways to pronounce phonetics in relationship to other languages. One way was to study the languages that are Portuguese sounds and then apply those sounds to other languages. As an example. A, E, I, O, U is pronounced Aye, Eee, Eye, Oh, You in Germanic. In Portuguese phonetics, it is Ah, Eh, Eee, Oow, Eww. The O is difficult to write phonetically here. So, my recommendation is to learn the Portuguese phonetics of the vowels and then go into learning how to pronounce. Russian vowels are unique in that there are more sounds than there are symbols in the alphabet! Also, by learning the Portuguese phonetics, almost all languages that are not Germanic follow Portuguese rules! Latin, I am not sure of since I do not speak it, but I speak Polynesian, Marshallese, Russian, Spanish, Japanese (albeit poorly at best) and Esperanto. All of these languages follow Portuguese sounds, though Russian has a very much larger sound alphabet than the others!
      Another idea, and considering Esperanto was invented by the USSR-ish, learn that one also! It was created to be the universal language and there are many, many people who still speak it, though Stalin deemed it anti-Socialist and had many of the original speakers sent to the Gulag! Now, there are many who do speak it and it is a growing language. Beautiful also. Not as pretty as Русския.

  • kaiyou
    kaiyou Year ago +6

    That "Б" looks a like the hiragana for "お"!

  • Hyeree Ryoo
    Hyeree Ryoo Year ago +1

    thanks a lot! ( love from Korea ♡♡)

  • jopo2122
    jopo2122 Year ago

    By the way, how do I pronounce a word that has a soft sign in it? Especially a word with "ль" for examples только, спальня, больной for example? it's hard for me to pronounce it, thank you!

    • Dasha Mayon
      Dasha Mayon  Year ago

      well i can not tell you much apart from practicing! the sound is very similiar to the spanish soft consonants, so maybe if you are familiar with the spanish pronunciation, it will help

    • jopo2122
      jopo2122 Year ago

      Well, I already know that the consonant before it is soft... Only problem is, how? I tried and it's really hard to do. I heard you raise your tongue to roof of mouth, but it is still hard to do

    • Dasha Mayon
      Dasha Mayon  Year ago

      +jopo2122 you just make the consonant before the soft sign soft!

  • jopo2122
    jopo2122 Year ago +12

    thanks for showing the different ways to hand write a letter!!! i was confused since i watched other videos and some had different ways to write out a letter!!!!

  • Michael Villarreal

    7:35 KKK

  • Wally The Champ
    Wally The Champ Year ago +7

    Dat letter tho XD --------> 13:42 Should put some hairs on it.

    • holly
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  • crauser kra
    crauser kra Year ago +1

    thank you so much, this video is very useful , I have a question , can I make the letter ( a ) in the cursive form in a written text in print ? please answer me

    • shiba inu
      shiba inu 4 months ago

      crauser kra, вау, ты правда учишь русский?

    • crauser kra
      crauser kra Year ago

      Dasha Mayon ok thank you so so much I appreciate it

    • Dasha Mayon
      Dasha Mayon  Year ago +1

      +crauser kra you can)

  • Vitor Mendes
    Vitor Mendes Year ago

    Thank you! This is really helpful. One question: is it only the small letters' tails which go beneath the line or does the same happen with the capital letters?

    • Dasha Mayon
      Dasha Mayon  Year ago

      +Vitor Mendes it's only for the small letters!

  • Tim Strasser
    Tim Strasser Year ago +1

    When i started learning russian i was suprised how many german and english words are almost the same in russian so learning the vocabulary was pretty easy but the cursive is really hard to learn and to read.

  • stephen hoy
    stephen hoy Year ago

    Spasibo ! learned so much from this video

  • Olivia Chen
    Olivia Chen Year ago

    thank you so much for this video, helped lots

  • Alice Anastasia
    Alice Anastasia Year ago +3

    how come you don't include the letter that looks like U with a curve above it?

  • Jack Daniels
    Jack Daniels 2 years ago

    russian ain't easy it gonna take me a while to learn how to write in cursive way :D

    • Dasha Mayon
      Dasha Mayon  2 years ago

      +Jack Daniels it is definitely not easy, unfortunately! Good luck with learning!

  • owtena
    owtena 2 years ago +5

    Заглавная буква "Е" не такая! У тебя печатный вариант, правильно её округлить! Посмотри в букваре! И я ни разу не видела, чтобы маленькую "е" писали как заглавную.
    Также маленькую "р" пишут не закрывая её, не обазуя "о", а как при написании "п"
    Маленькая "ы" пишется соединяя "ь" и "|" - это же ПРОПИСЬ, а не печатание букв.
    Заглавная "Ю" пишется с хвостиками, как "К" или "Н".
    Кстати, маленькую "т" по старому стилю пишут с чёрточкой над буквой, а "ш" с чёрточкой под буквой.
    Я не придираюсь, просто эти варианты правильнее (так надо писать эти буквы) и соответственно чаще встречаются.

    • kamilrioru
      kamilrioru Year ago

      +owtena Каждый пишет по-своему, и у каждого свой почерк. Я некоторые буквы пишу печатными буквами, потому что мне так удобнее и быстрее. Это же не урок каллиграфии.

    • Dasha Mayon
      Dasha Mayon  2 years ago +2

      +owtena Ох. Вы сказали своё мнение, я сказала своё мнение. Я буду делать так,как считаю нужным.

    • owtena
      owtena 2 years ago

      +Dasha Mayon Умейте воспринимать критику раз уж взялись за обучение других!

    • Dasha Mayon
      Dasha Mayon  2 years ago +1

      +owtena Вы можете снять своё видео и показать там то,что хотите. К тому же я никого не заставляла и не заставляю делать только так,как показываю я

    • owtena
      owtena 2 years ago +1

      +Dasha Mayon Я вообще-то тоже русская и если вы показываете как буквы пишите не только вы, но и как они пишутся вообще, то будьте добры показать ВСЕ варианты написания букв, тем более если эти написания являются правильными - то как надо писать буквы!
      А то получается какой-то избирательный подход к буквам!

  • Miss Mary
    Miss Mary 2 years ago

    wow thankssss 💕

  • Ahmed Føaz
    Ahmed Føaz 2 years ago

    "Лили" always looks confusing in Russian:p

    • owtena
      owtena 2 years ago +1

      try шиншилла, лишили лилии, дышишь. Пиши не пиши - шиш напишешь! :DDD

    • Dasha Mayon
      Dasha Mayon  2 years ago

      +Ahmed Føaz hahah!! You are right:D

  • Solo Bat-Erdene
    Solo Bat-Erdene 2 years ago +5

    EZ PZ.
    I love to play around with occidental and oriental calligraphy.
    (I.S.Turgenev's handwriting is wicked awesome.)

    • Dasha Mayon
      Dasha Mayon  2 years ago

      +Solo Bat-Erdene как интересно! Это так прекрасно:)

    • Solo Bat-Erdene
      Solo Bat-Erdene 2 years ago

      Dasha Mayon Родная бабушка моя научила мне как писать по кириллический в детстве, и так и со мной остался. Теперь, я только могу писать рукопись, потому что не как по другому не знаю.

    • Dasha Mayon
      Dasha Mayon  2 years ago

      +Solo Bat-Erdene awesome!!
      Yes!! I love Turgenev!