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  • FraserReacts
    FraserReacts 12 hours ago

    Didn’t Kelly and Abby get into a fight on Dance Moms?

  • Emily
    Emily 12 hours ago

    Hello random person scrolling through the comments...
    Who thinks Jojo is to young to drive?

  • Sanaz Sharafatian
    Sanaz Sharafatian 13 hours ago

    Damn, Jojo must be pulled over a lot, because she look sooo underage

  • Gabriella Castaldo
    Gabriella Castaldo 13 hours ago

    Does Abby have hair?

  • Kaine Johnson
    Kaine Johnson 13 hours ago


  • Celeste Tirre
    Celeste Tirre 13 hours ago

    Does Abby have cancer😥😥😥😥

  • Kyler Mad
    Kyler Mad 13 hours ago

    How old are you Jo Jo

  • Tom Williams
    Tom Williams 15 hours ago

    She’s driving an automatic lmao she isn’t talented

  • kashoutati
    kashoutati 15 hours ago

    idk why y’all are so surprised don’t let all the little kid clothes and bows hide the fact that she’s actually 15 😂😂

  • Emily Harrison
    Emily Harrison 15 hours ago

    Abby seems so different she’s really nice

  • Naomi Nash
    Naomi Nash 15 hours ago

    Thought Abby would loose her lips on JoJo's four head 😂

  • Lara x
    Lara x 15 hours ago

    why does Jojo always shout?! holy moly. my ears are going to explode.

  • Alexandra Montiel
    Alexandra Montiel 15 hours ago

    Can you give me a heart i think I have some of your merch I loved you sence I was small sence I was 1 and I’m am 9

  • Emilee Coutelle
    Emilee Coutelle 15 hours ago

    Hi Jojo your my favorite tell Abby I said hi please

  • Jahmirr Carl Fajardo
    Jahmirr Carl Fajardo 16 hours ago

    Jojo Siwa is Kind

  • Roxie Brookes
    Roxie Brookes 16 hours ago

    It's weird how you can be 14 to drive in America but in Britain you need to be 17....

  • Ali Ziegler
    Ali Ziegler 16 hours ago

    How old is jojo?

  • Iben Johnson
    Iben Johnson 16 hours ago

    rip abbys ears in the intro

  • Ecrin Karta
    Ecrin Karta 17 hours ago


  • Crystals Fun channels
    Crystals Fun channels 17 hours ago

    Wow Abby Lee is still alive?!?

  • Alexander Ryfinski
    Alexander Ryfinski 18 hours ago

    James cordon better bruv get of the stage

  • Éloïse Chartrand
    Éloïse Chartrand 18 hours ago

    Is abby ok now? I want news

  • Ruby Whitfield
    Ruby Whitfield 19 hours ago

    She’s 15, how can she dry?

  • Ibrahim majeid
    Ibrahim majeid 19 hours ago

    abby look great

  • Sammy Miller
    Sammy Miller 19 hours ago +1

    *left lanes have joined the chat*

  • Megan Boyle
    Megan Boyle 19 hours ago

    4:21 “you like pornos?” 😂

  • amber Isabel
    amber Isabel 19 hours ago


  • Mariem Chouaibi
    Mariem Chouaibi 19 hours ago

    I remember Maddie I love her!

  • Emily McMillen
    Emily McMillen 20 hours ago

    Wait Abby got outta jail? I am confusion

  • Molly's Thinking
    Molly's Thinking 20 hours ago

    Lol it's so weird seeing jojo and abby getting along abby is so calm now

  • Ariadna Perez
    Ariadna Perez 21 hour ago

    Qué chido ya sabes manejar😘😋

  • Arianatorsquad234 4
    Arianatorsquad234 4 21 hour ago

    Oh shet😂

  • Orhan Betul
    Orhan Betul 21 hour ago

    How old are you?

  • Casey Lamb
    Casey Lamb 22 hours ago

    "while you were where?" omlll

  • Ollie Sliper
    Ollie Sliper 23 hours ago

    How old are you

  • Cailey Reid
    Cailey Reid Day ago

    I love this side of abby!! ❤

  • G K
    G K Day ago +1

    Who let this 13 yo drive a *cAr?*
    She for sure is going to have a car crash soon *let’s be honest*

  • Naraly Medina
    Naraly Medina Day ago

    it’s weird that the dancer that Abby was harsh on and least favorite is the one actually sticking by her even after the show and every one of her favorite dancers is nowhere to be found.

  • Jorja Tasker
    Jorja Tasker Day ago

    Can't believe she is already driving a car!

  • Fabiana Herrera
    Fabiana Herrera Day ago


  • Fabiana Herrera
    Fabiana Herrera Day ago

    OMG 😯😱

  • Felicity Graham
    Felicity Graham Day ago

    Why is nobody thinking, is this even legal? Like if you agree

  • Kosmetics Queen
    Kosmetics Queen Day ago

    Jojo, jojo…… keep both hands on the damn wheel !!!!!!!!

  • Daisycmi a bit of every thing

    She’s doesn’t look like she is old enough to drive

  • Cloudy Shanez
    Cloudy Shanez Day ago

    JoJo queen why would you wanna be around her. After how mean she was to you. sorry but like :p

  • Megan Halpain
    Megan Halpain Day ago

    Abby looks so beautiful💕💕💕

  • Veronica Escobar

    Jojo thats your teacher from before

  • James Kent
    James Kent Day ago

    0:45 "I am a GREAT drivers ed teacher"
    STOP IT.
    You should check your blind spot by looking over your shoulder before changing lanes. If you were to get in a wreck because there was a car in your blind spot & you changed lanes YOU would be at fault, NOT the other driver.

  • heather b
    heather b Day ago

    “the red g wagon is what i learned how to drive in” ... imagine being that rich

  • Emerybinghameditor Benavidez

    Omg lol I love this epic duo ❤️

  • Isabella Perez
    Isabella Perez Day ago

    I wish I can meet u Abby!!

  • Sophia’s channel Channel

    Wonders we’re Abby wants to go* NEW IT THE RESTAURANT UGH

  • Beep Chase
    Beep Chase Day ago

    The amount of times that jojo siwa interrupts Abby it like 1 million

  • Megin Marie
    Megin Marie Day ago

    You stop AT the white line, not before it girl

  • Whitney Lilen
    Whitney Lilen Day ago

    *i'm SHOOK.*

  • Fabiona Bishi
    Fabiona Bishi Day ago

    Why is Jojo the only one that makes vids with Abby and not MADDIE OR KENZIE OR BROOKE OR PAIGE OR CHLOEEE

  • Nicki Rivera
    Nicki Rivera Day ago


  • Rainbow GamingCorner


  • Jaycee Saylors
    Jaycee Saylors Day ago

    Abby’s our of jail

  • Not Jessie
    Not Jessie Day ago

    An eight year old driving. Yup.

  • Mike Click
    Mike Click Day ago

    Jojo is a good driver👏

  • Uni Frog
    Uni Frog Day ago

    I also talk very very loudly but goddamn

  • Ashley Hope
    Ashley Hope Day ago

    Haha this was so cute Jojo! So happy to see you and abby get along so good.

  • GracieTheQueen
    GracieTheQueen Day ago

    Abby wearing her dance shirt still...

  • nikol vitti
    nikol vitti Day ago

    Abby looks so beautiful for her age❤️❤️

  • Shelby Guerrette

    I feel like Abby changed

  • Love for Reborns

    Is she still alive

  • Chloe Juelch
    Chloe Juelch Day ago

    your good at driving jojo

  • outro tear
    outro tear Day ago

    imagine being on the highway and seeing a 5”9, 15 y/o toddler pull up next to you 💀

  • Mellissa Smith
    Mellissa Smith Day ago

    How can you let JoJo drive, shes like 8yrs old... or at least acts like it.

  • gigi chavez
    gigi chavez Day ago

    Wait I’m sorry I don’t pay attention to these people but what happened to abby

  • Quinteze King
    Quinteze King Day ago

    She hated you so much


    0:29 hjjjsjanamjzizmamkajsmsmajsnjjjj

  • Alfonso Hernadez

    Jo jo siwa can you
    To my birth

  • Betsy Ross
    Betsy Ross Day ago

    Their eyes match😄

  • Betsy Ross
    Betsy Ross Day ago

    Jojo and Abby are hilarious together!!!!

  • ET YT
    ET YT Day ago

    Abby Lee is one of my favorite people I love her u and Abby have a great bond

  • Im Ugly
    Im Ugly Day ago

    *Oh...she's still alive?👀*

  • Trinity Morris
    Trinity Morris Day ago

    It's kinda weird seeing a toddler drive

  • Gacha Tears
    Gacha Tears Day ago

    I thought she was 10.

  • Sunrise Reborns
    Sunrise Reborns Day ago

    Remember when Abby threw a chair at Paige and then Kelly (Paige’s mom) started yelling at Abby and blew up the dance studio?? That was funny and I just sat there in disbelief! I took Kelly’s side but that’s nothing against anybody else. I hope Abby changed

  • Sally Storm
    Sally Storm Day ago

    Person driving:see’s jojo driving

  • Hey it's Stormi
    Hey it's Stormi Day ago

    Two bitchy bratts in one car 🤔 didn't know it was possible.

  • Suljo Okanovic
    Suljo Okanovic Day ago +1

    I love Burger king

  • Ärÿñ Tv!
    Ärÿñ Tv! Day ago

    What door is she gonna unlock with those earrings😂💀

  • Khadija Ba
    Khadija Ba Day ago

    OOF stirring some expired dance mom tea

  • Suke McK
    Suke McK Day ago +1

    ngl this video made me love both of them. they were both so comfortable and chill.

  • Zack Gowen
    Zack Gowen Day ago +1

    Isnt that ur dancing teacher??

  • NoodleGoYeet 11
    NoodleGoYeet 11 Day ago +1


  • David Henning
    David Henning Day ago

    I heat you

  • Dxrcivia
    Dxrcivia Day ago +1

    McDonalds hair line

  • Garret What's
    Garret What's Day ago

    It's really nice to see that at least Jojo cares for Abby

  • Eden Müllen
    Eden Müllen Day ago +2

    They got a whole grown baby child driving.

  • Maggie the Magit

    I sort of like you know bc your more mature btw my step mum went through the same thing Abby it’s hard I hope you get well soon

  • Jessie Mae
    Jessie Mae Day ago +2

    How old is JoJo?? And WHY is she driving?!?!?!

  • Oliver Davis
    Oliver Davis Day ago

    She's 15 though is that the legal age for driving in America??

  • Katie Harrison
    Katie Harrison Day ago

    Nah if there’s someone up your arse you go even slower for being them impatience and driving unsafe and too close to the car in front

  • s a n i y a *—*

    millie tease 😍

  • AmazingAimee
    AmazingAimee Day ago +1