• Published on Apr 21, 2019
  • oof owie ouchie
    This video is about a time I got hurt. I don't know how much of the video I should explain without spoiling it. Then again who reads the youtube description before watching the video? If you are that person: hello. You are using youtube wrong. You will be dealt with accordingly.
    This video took too long. I could have been done with it months ago but I kept second guessing myself and rerecording the audio and reformatting and blah blah blah. It was a terrible work flow and I think for future videos I need to just embrace imperfection and commit to what I have (if I don't want to take literally half a year to post something). The problem is that embracing imperfection is HARD. I said I would do the same thing in the last video and look where that got us.
    Anyway I have a flight to catch literally today so I'm glad I crunched this out and got it posted. I hope you are also glad, and I also hope you enjoy the video.

    bye ✨🤠✨
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  • Majestic xo
    Majestic xo 4 hours ago

    when you break a bone you don’t feel it until later on.

  • the pen bender
    the pen bender 4 hours ago +1

    Actually, if there are about 7 million bone fractures each year, and the population is 300 million, it wouldn’t give you 2 out of every 10 people. You see 300 divided by 7 is roughly 48.8, therefore the amount of people who break a bone each year is one out of every 48 or 49 people. So in conclusion, you are not every 8 Americans, you are every 47.8 americans.

  • angela hargrove
    angela hargrove 6 hours ago

    I jever broke my bones ever

  • Tom Sun
    Tom Sun 6 hours ago

    teeth are bones.... right?

  • Emilia Morisseau
    Emilia Morisseau 7 hours ago

    I saw the first part on tik tok

  • Easy Art
    Easy Art 8 hours ago

    Go to 2:46 and put ur playback speed to 0.25. Ur welcome

  • little chocolate
    little chocolate 9 hours ago

    My brother is one of them he has broke his arm once 😐

  • anikavaidya
    anikavaidya 9 hours ago +1

    Maybe it was bc all the milk🤷🏻‍♀️😂

  • Gacha_ Edits UwU
    Gacha_ Edits UwU 10 hours ago +1

    Your toooooo funnyyyyyy!

  • MIKO Mihael64
    MIKO Mihael64 11 hours ago

    When you break a bone you feel like time is running sliwer and you feel so much pain but like 15 min. l8r you are perfectly fine and nothing hurts. It only hurts if you do certain things with the broken part. Believe me. I broke the joint in my wrist during the introduction to Judo where you see if you like it or not. It was because the teacher let us do advanced moves without any training unsupervised. He was fired cause the same thing happened to a girl some time l8r.
    The second time i split the middle of my ring finger in half because i hit it very hard in the stairs. Oof.
    It actuallu didn't hurt that much. Also this was day one of five on a school trip. Once per year we go somewhere for 5 days. Nobody knew that it was broken and they thought it was i bruise. It really did look like a bruise. It didn't bother me for the 5 days. I still get complaints like: "WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY THAT IT HURT BECAUSE THEN YOU COULD GO TO THE DOCTOR TO GET TREATED?!?!" Look, i did NOT know that it was actually BROKEN and we did not even asume that. I didn't know untill i got my x-ray.

  • ai ko
    ai ko 14 hours ago

    I didnt break my neck and spine but yesterday I fell on the back of my neck doing gymnastics and I swear to God i heard the loudest cracks I've ever heard.

  • Jenna Allen
    Jenna Allen 15 hours ago

    “I wanted to have......some blast”

  • GalaxyGamergirl1836
    GalaxyGamergirl1836 16 hours ago +1

    I’m one of that 2 percent of this year.. (rubs nose) Rest In Peace nose...

  • Crazy Christian Chocolate

    My mom’s school brings in puppies for exams. I almost gotta go see them but by the time we got there, all the puppos were gone. I was so sad.

  • Dominika Windak
    Dominika Windak 18 hours ago

    Actually breaking a Bone is less painfull than spraining ur ancle

  • Izuku midioriya
    Izuku midioriya 18 hours ago

    2:46 the spider in my room
    I’m almost 12 an I’ve broken by arm once

  • John Zockt
    John Zockt 19 hours ago

    So heart broken on that 'my Spagetti' part... 😂

  • iiomqkristenYT
    iiomqkristenYT 19 hours ago

    Where did you find the scream because I think it's super funny

  • Ben Riley
    Ben Riley 19 hours ago

    Spranes can be alot worse than broken bones

  • Pablo Avila
    Pablo Avila 20 hours ago

    Ay breaking that shit sucks ass

  • L.S. CAT
    L.S. CAT 20 hours ago

    someone got Bonked

  • Wies animation
    Wies animation 23 hours ago

    I always fall 1 time from a big tree

  • Wies animation
    Wies animation 23 hours ago

    Me too

  • SCP- l3ONEs
    SCP- l3ONEs Day ago

    This is calming entertainment education other

  • m y . s t a r s
    m y . s t a r s Day ago

    wow i havent laughed so hard in a long time!! This video was so funny, it made me happy! :) ♡ thank you so much

  • Two Eyes
    Two Eyes Day ago

    *squeaks in pain*

  • lauren elizabeth k

    me: *slams knee on corner of wall*


  • Derpy Studios
    Derpy Studios Day ago

    Hi I would like some *b o n e l e s s p i z z a*

  • Echo Superior
    Echo Superior Day ago


  • xXNotAlishaXx
    xXNotAlishaXx Day ago +2

    *You know...I relate...I have never broken a bone either...I'm also a wiggly noodle...*

  • Chleo Zachare
    Chleo Zachare Day ago

    3:39 my friend when I YEETED a stick and she didn't have her umbrella

  • SkybreakerPlays
    SkybreakerPlays Day ago +1

    my body is...wiggly.

    PAT ME PLZ Day ago +1

    When i was about 3 or 4 years old, i got hit by a SUV and i flew a few feet but i broke nothing... My cheek was scratched from the asphalt road.

    I just wanted to go to the park =(

    Then a biker died in the same spot 6 or 7 years later. I SAW IT. HE WAS BLEEDING FROM HIS HEAD. Also my brother and hi friend saw. They were 5 or 6 years old...

  • Shin. Miyagami.
    Shin. Miyagami. Day ago

    I've sprained one of my fingers in sports like a year ago and it still occassionaly hurts. And from what I know spraining does hurt more than a broken bone. I've luckily never broken something myself but I did sprain the lower part of my back years ago so I don't think breaking anything will ever hurt me more than that.

  • UniSlippers -:3
    UniSlippers -:3 Day ago

    My cousin kinda umm broke my rib when I was a baby

  • Evan Thompson
    Evan Thompson Day ago

    I'm a scatman

  • CadenAnimates UwU

    I remember I broke my arm and I just rolled over and said “OW” once

  • Galaxy_Penquin 35209

    I broke my wrist by tripping over a pebble lol😂

  • Yugen Animations
    Yugen Animations 2 days ago +1

    2:55 BIG BRAIN!

  • Megan Zhang
    Megan Zhang 2 days ago +5

    I've never broken a bone, but I have twisted and sprained my ankles (multiple times) and my wrist.

    Does that count

  • Foxfrost *
    Foxfrost * 2 days ago

    I broke my arm last year in September. And this year in August I thought I just stubbed my toe but NOPE! It's broken!
    And I was only twelve!

  • Ventric Dual
    Ventric Dual 2 days ago

    I was walking in my backyard and for some reason I accidentally walked on the OUTER SIDE of my foot. The pain... Of god, the pain. I don't know what happened. I was only walking. I didn't trip, I wasn't running, just walking. I was on crutches for 3 days but man, it was sore to move it!

  • despacito spider
    despacito spider 2 days ago

    *I ' M A S C A T M A N*

  • Snow Cannon
    Snow Cannon 2 days ago

    You might have tore some ligaments or tendants. From a person who has both broken and tore ligaments and tendants, I am going to half to say that both suck a lot, and sounds like you should have gotten an MRI as well in that wanky looking foot.

  • LoveCreeper
    LoveCreeper 2 days ago +1

    W I G G L Y

  • Sarasplenda
    Sarasplenda 2 days ago

    I got whapped in the face with a cold hot dog once.

  • Rain Santos
    Rain Santos 2 days ago +1

    This video is amazing

  • Furi- Phantom
    Furi- Phantom 2 days ago +6

    He drop his spaghetti
    Then he regretti

  • Miki Lin
    Miki Lin 2 days ago +1


  • Gabriela Ortiz
    Gabriela Ortiz 2 days ago +1

    I'm in a really bad place right now, emotionally and your video made me laugh so much. Brought a few minutes of happiness to me. Thank you.

  • TheRebelTitan
    TheRebelTitan 2 days ago

    I’m just going to say this, if you do end up doing another thing stupid, don’t do it as stupid as I did, I slid on some icy stairs and broke it on the ankle. Moral of the story, watch out for ice, there out for you

  • Griffin Fairclough
    Griffin Fairclough 2 days ago

    I have a break

  • Baby Squeaker
    Baby Squeaker 2 days ago

    2:02 that looks like prison

  • RethaSetiawan
    RethaSetiawan 2 days ago

    It's so relateable I cried, but with my bad I broke my ankle

  • SuperGirl Studios
    SuperGirl Studios 2 days ago

    3:35 I did something similar with my inflatable pool that had a water slide I had when I was younger except I over-estimated how much force I needed and jumped OVER the pool and landed on the ground on my back. It hurt.

  • Alan my hand warm
    Alan my hand warm 2 days ago

    Like 2 years ago I was doing a dance assessment and I did like a jump thing and fell on my ankle
    so all summer I had to wear a pot >:(

  • Aarreei i
    Aarreei i 3 days ago +2

    You will be hurt
    You are hurt
    You were hurt

  • Melody Blanket
    Melody Blanket 3 days ago

    Ha I’ve felt more pain then you ALL THOSE THINGS ARE NOTHING you know why? *because I stepped on a lego.*

  • xXInsomnia GamerXx
    xXInsomnia GamerXx 3 days ago +2

    I literally cried watching this omg XD
    4:39 after the first day of school

  • Daintier_13_yt e
    Daintier_13_yt e 3 days ago

    Big brain time

  • Chippy
    Chippy 3 days ago

    The first 8 seconds of the video is my favorite part

  • Ranger Hannah
    Ranger Hannah 3 days ago

    Some sprains are actually worse than breaks

  • Saul M.
    Saul M. 3 days ago

    Sprains hurt more than fractures/break

  • Ivan H. Honningsvåg

    Your nurse friend should have told you that spraining something is 9/10 times more painful than breaking something! So you are probably better off breaking something, but I hope you don't just to be clear.

  • EggsOver Easy
    EggsOver Easy 3 days ago

    When I broke my arm I didn’t even feel it but I did feel it later oof so the initial paint wasn’t that bad

  • Cat Of The Day /COTD

    I got bit by a dog when I was four

  • littlejessie 2008
    littlejessie 2008 3 days ago

    Sometimes you don’t feel pain when you you break a bone

  • Ankush Suryavanshi
    Ankush Suryavanshi 3 days ago

    I have injured myself today and this video was on my recommendation. TVclip is GOd.

  • KayJayComicArt
    KayJayComicArt 3 days ago

    I've sprained my ankle before but never broken a bone. But honest to God it hurt to the point where I actually thought it had broken!
    I got a week off school but couldn't move so it wasn't fun. :(

  • Arik Greer
    Arik Greer 3 days ago


  • Serena Szalai-Raymond
    Serena Szalai-Raymond 3 days ago +1

    I broke my finger once.........

  • Hey _its _lampy
    Hey _its _lampy 3 days ago

    We have that obstacle course at my karate school

  • Rose Bee
    Rose Bee 3 days ago +1

    Bro the scream 🤣🤣I wheezed

  • Moist
    Moist 3 days ago

    6/300 is totaly = 2/10

  • walking like Rudy
    walking like Rudy 3 days ago +3

    3:37 and 5:39 is wut got me