Relax and watch the making of Lavender Image Candy. Episode #60


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  • Sabrina Guzman
    Sabrina Guzman 9 days ago

    What a bummer, Im in Michigan.

  • fortnite drug
    fortnite drug 26 days ago

    Great video with one ad perfect

  • Pratik Narayan
    Pratik Narayan 27 days ago

    Make rainbow candy

  • Thurnis Haley
    Thurnis Haley Month ago

    No way, I know that farm!!!

  • Nyx
    Nyx Month ago +1

    I had lavender soda once, I hated it cause it tasted like my dish soap😂

  • Running With Spoons

    I found y’all out after I moved out of Florida and into Oregon so I’m slightly disappointed lol

  • DestroBot
    DestroBot Month ago

    If I ever visit Florida you guys will be my first stop

  • bulen the wolf
    bulen the wolf Month ago

    That voice is amazing

  • Gustavowoah
    Gustavowoah Month ago

    I really appreciate the amount of art form that goes into your candy making

  • Sarah Steadman
    Sarah Steadman Month ago

    If I ever want to die from lavender I know where to go to. Lol
    I'm not deathly allergic to lavender. Just me whole face become runny eyes start to cry and my nose turns red. Attractive look really.

  • bailey arnold
    bailey arnold Month ago

    This is the best thing TVclip has ever birthed

  • Memelover420
    Memelover420 Month ago


  • Christine Eaton
    Christine Eaton Month ago

    I've been to the Red Barn Lavender farm!! It's an amazing place, and smells so good too❤️

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Month ago

      Say hi to my family next time you are there. I have not made it yet.

  • Mamandu 0
    Mamandu 0 Month ago

    fun fact: Earl Grey tea with Lavender is actually called Lady Grey tea!

  • luchog
    luchog Month ago

    I actually know where that lavender farm is, I have family nearby.

  • ΔƤØŁŁØ 69
    ΔƤØŁŁØ 69 Month ago

    Anyone else see the girls in the beginning? If that camera was higher :O

  • Coffee Cup
    Coffee Cup Month ago

    Just ordered some but didn’t see lavender.

  • JustSomeDude OnTheInternet

    Is this black magic?

  • NorybDrol82
    NorybDrol82 Month ago

    This is my new favorite channel. Awesome stuff!

  • M3M3
    M3M3 Month ago

    Lavender smells nice

  • {Fhonix}
    {Fhonix} Month ago

    Let it slide into my stomach😯

  • Aiden Fairchild😎

    I may get lavender seeds or somthin bcus I have a lot of sqcwcbhuwruirpions here in TX and they don't like lavender

  • Cool Watermelon ShowTM

    Wow cool things!!!!! 4:21

  • wailing cactus45
    wailing cactus45 Month ago

    what does lavender even taste like?🤔

  • Isaiah 55:1-13
    Isaiah 55:1-13 2 months ago

    Poetic candy making for the senses.

  • AbandonedVlogger
    AbandonedVlogger 2 months ago

    I have a new obsession I can’t stop watching 🤔

  • Kostaza Teasealot
    Kostaza Teasealot 2 months ago

    You could make "marbles" with the leftover candy! *STRiPES!

  • Pat Browne
    Pat Browne 2 months ago

    "Yeah sure thing bro I'll vote" Looks at video date"O-Oh nevermind then"

  • electrostatic1
    electrostatic1 2 months ago

    Have you considered violets? My mom used to make violet jelly when I was a kid...

  • Sam Zap
    Sam Zap 2 months ago

    why do you use plastic gloves? if the candy gets on the gloves whuldnt it burn right through?

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  2 months ago

      You get about three seconds notice before you get burned with the gloves. We are them as removable skin. Also they keep the insides of the other gloves clean. Lastly, I can wear my wedding ring when I make candy. Without the gloves good code prevents it.

  • Milo Springer
    Milo Springer 2 months ago

    I have Ben to your brothers farm

    FUCK YO DADDY 2 months ago

    Something is magic about his voice

  • DeMon Spencer
    DeMon Spencer 2 months ago

    Your videos are so interesting. I've watched 5 already and never intended to watch any at all. Next time I'm in Tallahassee I'm definitely stopping in to buy some candy and say hello in person.

  • I Created An Account For This

    It's great how you know so much about the flavours and ingredients you use.

  • Little me
    Little me 3 months ago

    I would love to order both lavender and rose candy from you soon. My fathers birthday is coming up and this will be the perfect gift for him. Hugs from Norway.

  • betty og Chr.L
    betty og Chr.L 3 months ago

    I hope in 2018 må famely Will Bay some candy this year, i cant watt to have Money to Bay your candy, our money is in dk, sow the € $ is expensive. Love your video.

  • SteelWarrior115
    SteelWarrior115 3 months ago

    Wait, so the clear candy secret from last episode (rose) was a joke?

  • Kevin Connors
    Kevin Connors 3 months ago

    You should read books online because your voice is so relaxing

  • the average everyday person

    it looks kinda like looking at lavender through a window while it's raining, I like it

  • Ronald The Ant
    Ronald The Ant 3 months ago

    Mmm... lavender oil 🤤

  • Birch Sweeney
    Birch Sweeney 3 months ago

    I live right by your cousins lavender farm in ferndale wa and it is so pretty to see all of the lavender growing and it always smells so nice, the candies are very pretty by the way!

  • THE Berrby
    THE Berrby 3 months ago

    I really love watching your Crystal Flower candies.
    Can't wait to buy my own one day and sharing it all around!

  • April R
    April R 4 months ago

    I love lavender, but I have several friends who were actually deathly allergic to it so I can't wear it around them.

  • Eve B
    Eve B 4 months ago

    Are you guys planning on making any more batches of this? I've been wanting to try it for a while, but I missed it while it was on sale.

    • Eve B
      Eve B 4 months ago

      Lofty Pursuits Thanks for the info! Good luck with your forbidden fruit crisis!

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  4 months ago +1

      +Eve B Possibly. We plan to make some lavender drops soon (no image)

  • Delphine BP
    Delphine BP 4 months ago

    I adore this channel

  • {Gabby. Hyped up}
    {Gabby. Hyped up} 4 months ago

    These videos never leave me unsatisfied! I love hearing the stories of how the candies are made and watching the art of it fold out I hope to visit one day to this lovely place

  • Axo Gaming
    Axo Gaming 4 months ago

    If there are two things I love in life it's Lavender and Ginger!

  • simon
    simon 4 months ago

    I think I've passed that farm

  • moose. soup
    moose. soup 4 months ago

    You should read audio books you have a perfect voice for it

  • Ash Y
    Ash Y 4 months ago +1

    He is the Bob Ross of Candy.

  • Jake Kaim
    Jake Kaim 4 months ago

    this is awesome

  • Treyola The crayola
    Treyola The crayola 4 months ago

    I love watching your videos so much. I can’t wait to be able to try what you make. They’re already making my day better

  • david gutierrez
    david gutierrez 4 months ago

    Weed leaf

  • Thaiz Betanzo
    Thaiz Betanzo 4 months ago

    I absoulety love lavender! I always have to drive about an hour to get it where I live and some sage, but now I can buy it online! 🤗 in advance.

  • kryzia
    kryzia 4 months ago

    is this where bennett foddy found his inspiration?

  • Sarah Pirkle
    Sarah Pirkle 4 months ago +3

    I love yalls videos and whos here in 2018

  • Lulan M
    Lulan M 4 months ago

    I'm a huge lavender fan and I use it all the time in my cooking and baking. this is so inspiring!!! I'd love to try your candies some day!

  • Todoliver69
    Todoliver69 4 months ago

    Hey, love your stuff I love to see how y'all make such cool designs. Also I'm pretty sure you get a reward or 500,000 subscribers

  • Heather Marks
    Heather Marks 4 months ago

    Can we order your candy online?

  • I cut off children's pinky toes

    A lavender farm sounds like it would be so pretty

  • Emily
    Emily 4 months ago

    I wish I still lived in St. Cloud (an area near Orlando). I was born there and grew up there, but I moved to Denver for work. When I go to visit family maybe I’ll take a drive up there and visit the shop :>

  • Wisdom Tooth
    Wisdom Tooth 4 months ago

    So sad I can't visit that place. I live in Europe :/

  • andy wood
    andy wood 4 months ago

    I wish I could buy some but I'm allergic to lavinda

  • The Half Artist From Wonderland

    That promo tho...

  • Snoopy
    Snoopy 4 months ago

    I’m still wondering why I find this so satisfying

  • mommy2kjy
    mommy2kjy 4 months ago

    I just came across your channel and I'm really enjoying it. I love watching videos of people making candy!

  • inspired by starr
    inspired by starr 4 months ago

    I just love listening to your voice. I watch your videos because I work with polymer clay and I to make canes.... I like to look at your videos for inspiration. keep up the great work and I hope one day I get to visit Tallahassee Florida

  • Maximus Car Videos
    Maximus Car Videos 4 months ago

    Wow I live in Washington and I’ve seen that lavender farm

  • Isabel Johnson
    Isabel Johnson 5 months ago

    Wow! That looks amazing! I live in Washington, I would love to visit your cousin's farm!

  • Ashleigh Richardson
    Ashleigh Richardson 5 months ago

    OMG I just found the Bob Ross of food!

  • Rebecca g
    Rebecca g 5 months ago

    I live not far from the red barn lavender farm. It beautiful farm. Also you made beautiful candy.

  • L CB
    L CB 5 months ago

    greg, check out polymer clay video's for some awesome "canes" to inspire your candy creations. some canes are very intricate and some simple, millifiori in glass is also inspiring. great vid

  • Inguna Gudareva
    Inguna Gudareva 5 months ago

    Sadly, you don't ship to my little corner of the world :(

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  5 months ago

      +Inguna Gudareva It's configured jow.

    • Inguna Gudareva
      Inguna Gudareva 5 months ago

      Lofty Pursuits Latvia, Eastern Europe. I saw that you ship to Lithuania (our neighboring country), but not to Latvia

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  5 months ago

      +Inguna Gudareva where is your corner of the world?

  • Johnny Davis
    Johnny Davis 6 months ago

    im from washington state... have to stop by the farm one day and mention you ... and possibly try your candy

  • Molly Fitzgerald
    Molly Fitzgerald 6 months ago

    Your voice is so soothing. It might sound weird but I watch your videos when I’m having a panic attack and it calms me down

  • Rebecca Tripp
    Rebecca Tripp 6 months ago

    Your videos make me so happy. :')

  • Ava Frisbee
    Ava Frisbee 6 months ago

    You’ve probably figured it out by now, but what if you wrapped the individual blossoms in a darker purple or like a royal blue or even outline in black.

  • TealAppeal
    TealAppeal 6 months ago

    can you try making tea flavours, like earl grey, orange pekoe, green tea, etc. I think little tea cups would be cute

  • carla davidson
    carla davidson 6 months ago

    Is the candy still hot when it's kind of set looking, how long does it stay hot? it looks hard to shape, do you get sore hands?

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana 7 months ago

    Ohhhhh I get it sorry I’m just 10 hehe

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana 7 months ago

    He showed his cousins phone number on the farm sign. Bad editing XD

  • Johna adrea T. silladora

    Your video is so amazing i love it

  • Lia Lin
    Lia Lin 7 months ago

    Try to make a blue bell candy ,they are beautiful

  • ClayArtGirl
    ClayArtGirl 7 months ago

    People eat lavender flavor? Wow that's interesting. What dose it taste like?

  • Lilskittlez
    Lilskittlez 7 months ago

    Wow I actually live really close to the lavender farms you talked about me and my family goes there often we really love their lavender shampoo.

  • kaylashalaylaaaaa
    kaylashalaylaaaaa 7 months ago

    it is SO HARD to find violet flavored things in the US, so i hope you soon make viola candies!!

  • SmallSushi Roll
    SmallSushi Roll 7 months ago

    Why am I watching this? I'm deathly allergic to lavender.

  • Hannah Moore
    Hannah Moore 7 months ago

    Does anyone else think his voice is so relaxing?

  • IsabelleHawman
    IsabelleHawman 7 months ago

    i would have loved this if lavender didn't make me nauseous

  • Jo B
    Jo B 8 months ago

    I really enjoy listening to your voice :) probably sounds weird, I watch TVclip videos while doing crafts so I listen more than watch.

  • cerberus144
    cerberus144 8 months ago +2

    I'm waving to you on the other end of the I-10 outside of Palm Springs California (not really but close enough :D )

  • QuestionableCaptain
    QuestionableCaptain 8 months ago

    Red Barn is 13 miles north of me. Small world! Love your videos :D

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  8 months ago

      +QuestionableCaptain say hi to my cousin for me :)

  • TennoHack
    TennoHack 8 months ago

    Wow, working with hard candy seems to be a lot like working with glass, just with lower temperatures

    • TennoHack
      TennoHack 8 months ago

      I figured xD
      I've always thought that Glassblowing was really cool, that and marbling.

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  8 months ago

      +TennoHack it's a lot like making candy but you're doing everything with tweezers from a distance. Glass also takes more lung capacity.

    • TennoHack
      TennoHack 8 months ago

      Oh you've actually worked with glass? That's interesting, what was that like, and what made you switch to candy?

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  8 months ago

      +TennoHack it is a lot like it. I've done both.

  • T C
    T C 8 months ago +1

    2:10 is what i want to see more of

  • DancingFlame10
    DancingFlame10 8 months ago

    Did he say "lol" ?

  • haliens official
    haliens official 8 months ago

    for some reason, these videos break my heart, and i love them.

  • Glenn Lee
    Glenn Lee 8 months ago

    Hey lofty pursuits, I love your videos, I was thinking, why not make a video with no commentary but with soothing music?

  • Gabriel Harvey
    Gabriel Harvey 8 months ago

    These videos are addictive...

  • Sarah Dyer
    Sarah Dyer 8 months ago

    greg i love u.

  • OldAccount PendingDelete
    OldAccount PendingDelete 8 months ago +1

    hey its autumn for u guys in america right? you should make one with a red/orange/yellow leaf :)