• Published on Dec 8, 2019
  • BUYING MY BROTHER A BRAND NEW TESLA CYBERTRUCK IF HE COMPLETES 10 CHALLENGES! - GIVEAWAY! IN THIS VIDEO WE DO SOME AMAZING CHALLENGES, jonny challenged tommy to alot of challenges to see if he could win any of those amazing prizes including the tesla cybertruck!
    music by: DEAF KEV - Invincible [NCS Release]
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  • XtremeGamez
    XtremeGamez  Month ago +5649

    If this comment hits 100k likes we will Giveaway an iPhone in our next video
    👇 god bless you all!!

    • Bretton Stevens
      Bretton Stevens 18 days ago

      I phone should be mine lol😂

    • soney .h
      soney .h Month ago

      I love iPhones

    • JackyJones
      JackyJones Month ago

      I would love the phone because I only have a IPhone 7😢😁

    • ariff aqmar
      ariff aqmar Month ago

      i hope i can win the give away 😌😔 i really need a new phone 😔

    • Chris Lond
      Chris Lond Month ago

      I would love to win the phone because I haven't seen my mum in 12 year's so I would love to win the phone for her

  • יונתן כהן
    יונתן כהן 28 minutes ago


  • Pieter Ate Dijkstra
    Pieter Ate Dijkstra 42 minutes ago

    Plz me phone is stuk 😭

  • The RunCrew
    The RunCrew Hour ago +1

    I need a new phone because my phone has a super huge crack in it and it has a glitch in it and i cant see halve of my screen
    Because its a samsung haha

  • Mohit Nayal
    Mohit Nayal 2 hours ago

    Muje cahiye plz brother

  • Mohammed Raiyan
    Mohammed Raiyan 2 hours ago

    I like it

  • Megan Gray
    Megan Gray 2 hours ago +1

    I really want to win it for my dad

    AWANG HASBI 3 hours ago

    Because I have to buy it but it so expensive

  • Dhruval rathod123
    Dhruval rathod123 3 hours ago


  • Liniboy
    Liniboy 3 hours ago

    I will vinn cus my telefon is trash and i will so Get
    The iPhone 11

  • Kalle Axelsen
    Kalle Axelsen 3 hours ago


  • Kalle Axelsen
    Kalle Axelsen 3 hours ago

    My mom are mad at me becus i haven’t talk anout any other thing els soooo

  • Lyn Pelagio
    Lyn Pelagio 4 hours ago

    I want iPhone 11 because I'm only borrowing a phone

  • Nikolaus Keller
    Nikolaus Keller 5 hours ago

    Because my mom broke my iPhone 6 in half

  • Gaming Bros
    Gaming Bros 5 hours ago

    Because my phone is old

  • Mary Slater
    Mary Slater 5 hours ago

    I love I phone 11 pro

  • Tabbiebear19 Washbrooke

    My mums phone just broke on her so it would be very nice if I could win this for her

  • Filip Taworski
    Filip Taworski 5 hours ago

    I have iPhone 5

  • Azariah Cosme
    Azariah Cosme 5 hours ago

    Because tomorrow is my birthday

  • faze_hassan 2010 55
    faze_hassan 2010 55 6 hours ago

    I want to win the iPhone 11 because I don't have any phone

  • Benj Yzziah Api
    Benj Yzziah Api 6 hours ago

    I'm your biggest fan love your vids your my favorite TVclipr

  • Heather Lefler
    Heather Lefler 7 hours ago

    I need it because I am homeless

  • Julien Allaeys
    Julien Allaeys 8 hours ago

    i need the iphone kuz my phone is broken

    Mr.MARLO NO_NAME 8 hours ago

    Because i dont have a phone

  • Ruli Hassan
    Ruli Hassan 8 hours ago

    I love it 😗😗😗

  • Brayden Culbreath
    Brayden Culbreath 8 hours ago

    I love you

  • ديفيد اسحق
    ديفيد اسحق 9 hours ago


  • Forever Apex
    Forever Apex 9 hours ago

    hey i think i should win the phone bc i have been wanting a phone for ages and my mum said i get one when i'm 13 but i'm 11 hope i win good luck everyone in the challenge. love your vids

  • Nikolas Actypis
    Nikolas Actypis 9 hours ago

    Become it is my mum’s birthday and she has a Samsung and I want to surprise her with other than the road off money

  • Jamila Hassan
    Jamila Hassan 10 hours ago

    I really want to give this as a present to my dad for every thing he has done for me

  • Jinky Yadao
    Jinky Yadao 10 hours ago

    Hoping to be the winner i dont like android phone anymore.

  • Michael O’Malley
    Michael O’Malley 11 hours ago

    I think I should win because my phone does not work and I don’t have the money to get a new one so please can I have it

  • Amelia McEneaney
    Amelia McEneaney 11 hours ago

    I have an iPhone 5c pls

  • PeytonAyla Perez
    PeytonAyla Perez 11 hours ago

    Bc I don't have enough money for one and it been hard my 19 year old cuz pasted away

  • Tee See
    Tee See 11 hours ago

    Ugh waste full..

  • winnie zhang
    winnie zhang 12 hours ago +1

    Thanks I like this episode 😀

  • jaque jaque
    jaque jaque 14 hours ago

    And I was heartbroken

  • jaque jaque
    jaque jaque 14 hours ago

    I think I should win because that my mom got me a phone for Christmas and she took it away because she lost hers

  • Jose Vega
    Jose Vega 15 hours ago

    I should win because I did everything and I'm broke

  • Kylee Tapp
    Kylee Tapp 15 hours ago

    Did he post the reveal in another video?

  • Kaleb Garland
    Kaleb Garland 16 hours ago

    I have a iPhone 6got it for Christmas I want a better one pls😥

  • joe miller
    joe miller 16 hours ago

    I would win because I have never had a phone
    And I love your TVclip videos a subscribed and liked

  • aiddyn stidham
    aiddyn stidham 16 hours ago

    Why do you think I should win the iPhone 11 because I love it so much

  • Olivia Hernandez
    Olivia Hernandez 16 hours ago

    Cause i always want one and I’m working hard to get it

  • Dominic Demessie
    Dominic Demessie 16 hours ago

    Because I subed👍👍👍👍👍

  • Bentley Zosel
    Bentley Zosel 16 hours ago


  • Elijah Morgan
    Elijah Morgan 17 hours ago

    You won that in another video

    God bless

  • Kaeden Sanderson
    Kaeden Sanderson 18 hours ago +1

    I want a iPhone 11

  • Evan Ross
    Evan Ross 18 hours ago

    I need an iPhone11 because my phone is messed up

  • mcvfdlady
    mcvfdlady 18 hours ago

    I should win because I've allwas wanted a iPhone 11 pro

  • Mason Catena
    Mason Catena 18 hours ago

    I need it for my mum she broke her phone

  • Eliud Castro
    Eliud Castro 18 hours ago

    I want it because i want to suprise my dad with the

  • Jordan Comstock
    Jordan Comstock 18 hours ago

    im which on a LG

  • OL LEGO Studio
    OL LEGO Studio 19 hours ago

    He won this car in a mystery box

  • Adam Whitehouse
    Adam Whitehouse 19 hours ago

    I'm a big fan I see every video l love when you don the enderchest

  • joshua jayden
    joshua jayden 19 hours ago

    And i need one because I have a android and kids in school was making fun of me

  • Jace Johnson
    Jace Johnson 20 hours ago

    I should get the phone because I am epic god.

  • joshua jayden
    joshua jayden 20 hours ago

    Are you rich or what , your so nice and a good bother and i always whach your channel and i sup to your channel always your channel is the best because you are nice people

  • Sara Tribaudino
    Sara Tribaudino 20 hours ago

    I really want one

  • Michael Fishet
    Michael Fishet 20 hours ago

    I already have one lol