Police Discover a A New Dog Breed

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • This is the greatest dog breed of All Time
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  • Ty S.
    Ty S. Day ago

    Pro tip on shoplifting thank you Florida PD lol

  • SuperBlackonyx
    SuperBlackonyx 2 days ago

    i like how charlie wont admit to doing whippets yet on the official podcast he said he's done cocaine

  • Azure Gaming
    Azure Gaming 2 days ago

    The life hack car somehow worked

  • mosher2001
    mosher2001 2 days ago

    Not true. Whip its are nitrous oxide and are used to dispense whip cream made at home, hence the name. It's also used in dentistry except they use medical grade and control the oxygen level. Its not the same as keyboard cleaner and other inhalants which are far more dangerous. Whip its wont kill you if you exercise common sense. Most other inhalants can.

  • velazquez armouries
    velazquez armouries 4 days ago


  • Mr Lasagna
    Mr Lasagna 4 days ago +2

    Ham man
    Patriot of Pork
    Sir Loin
    Hock Jock
    Naughty Trotter

  • Jeremy Cremen
    Jeremy Cremen 5 days ago

    Shes fucken whippen it hard

  • 15 years ago
    15 years ago 5 days ago

    I think Charlie thinks dogs have two nips like a human

  • DAT Wagonator
    DAT Wagonator 6 days ago

    air duster is not whip its lol.

  • pilot puntastic
    pilot puntastic 8 days ago

    Charlie: I pulled you over because I could smell your dick was small
    subtitles: WOMAN
    Charlie: SEE?

  • Blain Brookshire
    Blain Brookshire 9 days ago

    Whipits is nitrous oxide(laughing gas) which is "relatively harmless" compared to air duster which is an ether based aerosol.

  • Sloopy moosad Job
    Sloopy moosad Job 9 days ago

    Hanging out ILLEGAL

  • Boomexplodey
    Boomexplodey 11 days ago

    Put a brand new NVIDIA graphics card under the hood

  • oskey o
    oskey o 11 days ago

    No you take whiped cream canisters and crack it into a balloon

  • SR Brant
    SR Brant 12 days ago

    Those whip-its burned off that woman’s eyebrows.

  • ian ss
    ian ss 12 days ago

    bad description of whip its.
    its NOs

  • Tyler Hassey
    Tyler Hassey 12 days ago

    whipits are like the dumbest shit,the only reason you get "high" is because you're brain is (no bullshit,look it up)losing so many cells that it doesn't function properly for a few minutes,just stick to pot kids

  • Dxff
    Dxff 13 days ago

    So no ones gonna mention how the lady at 3:00 is thicc? Ok

  • Weebless
    Weebless 14 days ago

    Man the fact that they lying by saying i swear to god, thats the worst shit i ever seen

  • Andrew Seeber
    Andrew Seeber 14 days ago

    People r heavy on whip it's in Bloomington indiana lmao

  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla 14 days ago

    What if you're like triple jointed and even with handcuffs on you can get your arms to the front by

  • nexus gaming
    nexus gaming 16 days ago

    3:55 why the fuck did u have that next to you, ready to show like a fuckin show and tell

  • deedlede2222
    deedlede2222 17 days ago

    Whippits are totally safe. Holding your breath too long is what is bad for you. Nobody knows shit about drugs, its frustrating and dangerous. Nobody dies from doing one whippit. DUSTER IS NOT WHIPPIT. DUSTER KILLS YOU. You know "all about them," right.

  • Synyster
    Synyster 17 days ago

    You cover your mouth with a shirt and spray it into your mouth

  • Elycia X
    Elycia X 17 days ago

    In Australia we call whip it’s, nangs

  • Rogerbonks
    Rogerbonks 18 days ago

    1:40 laif hac

  • Explodingpanda
    Explodingpanda 20 days ago

    most of the time people use "whippits" they mean they take the nitrous oxide out of whipped cream cans which they inhale to get real real high

  • A Poinsettia
    A Poinsettia 21 day ago +2

    hang on did you say Ryan Gosling or Bryan Gosling lol this is important

  • Chris D
    Chris D 21 day ago

    I love you Charlie but please don't talk about whip-its if you have no clue what you're talking about. Whip-its = Nitrous oxide = laughing gas = the shit the dentist gives you the entire time they pull your tooth

  • Frank T.
    Frank T. 23 days ago

    Obviously Charlie hasn't seen a zip-gun before.

  • cooper williams
    cooper williams 23 days ago

    It’s called a nang not a fucking whip it

  • Gunther McCullough
    Gunther McCullough 23 days ago +1

    Ok so nobody is going to mention the turd cutter on that asian chick at 2:39? That thing is fatttt bruh

  • Perpetually in the Past

    Charlie don't tell kids how to do whippits. Whatya thinkin!? That shit probably gives you brain cancer. I've used them and that shit is definitely bad for your brain.

  • Im On Da Web
    Im On Da Web 23 days ago

    Is that your first time seeing a bitch

  • kedololx
    kedololx 24 days ago

    Penguinz is like the kind of 1 liners lmao

  • Chunkiezz
    Chunkiezz 25 days ago

    Charlie, WhipIts are supposed to be using whipped cream bottles, they contain nitrous oxide AKA laughing gas. Nitrous isn't very harmful at all and it is used as anestesia in wisdom tooth surgery. That's why they are called "Whip-Its" because you use whip cream for them. Never use other compressed shit as that is actually really bad for you and can kill you fast as fuck. Since I know the dangers of this, every once in a while if I feel like it im like yo fuck it and take a whipit off whipcream, but it only gets you high for like legit 10 seconds so its not even worth it tbh.

  • Ethan _
    Ethan _ 26 days ago

    That fact that you guys still use motor coordination tests like walking down a straight line makes this more funny

  • Hunter Vankoughnett
    Hunter Vankoughnett 27 days ago

    What the heck is a whip it

  • xdd xd
    xdd xd 28 days ago +3

    Thanks Charlie I just tried my first whip it pog

  • Bob Boogerface
    Bob Boogerface 28 days ago

    Doing whippets right in the store = blacking out and waking up inside a hidden toilet paper fort

  • conveyance
    conveyance Month ago

    that's my county lmao

  • Red Gasx
    Red Gasx Month ago

    Girl at 2:45 had a fat ass

  • Dead Juice
    Dead Juice Month ago +1

    What is it with tattooed ex-prisoner looking guys and ham. I demand an answer.

    Did some 2 minute research: Apparently it's high in protein and B2, so energizing and bulk-making. Def sounds like a diet you'd learn from prison or something.

  • Mizztress Bella
    Mizztress Bella Month ago


  • yeet :0
    yeet :0 Month ago

    wait don’t wippet highs only last like two minutes

  • Jade Stephens
    Jade Stephens Month ago


  • Dill Pickle
    Dill Pickle Month ago +2

    "a A"
    Charlie- 2019

  • Dan Leon
    Dan Leon Month ago

    4:06 "I dont think the AC works anymore."

  • Dude STOP
    Dude STOP Month ago

    "Police discover new, Unshootable dog breed"

  • 0AK
    0AK Month ago

    you talk too fucking much can you shut up and let us watch the video as well

  • BGamers
    BGamers Month ago

    6:09 nice

  • Krystal Myth
    Krystal Myth Month ago

    Uhm, a true whip-it is done with nitrous. Hence the term. You use nitrous cartridges used for whipped cream. Dusting is just huffing.

  • Virtual Soul
    Virtual Soul Month ago

    Whip-its are really different than huffing air duster. Whip-its (also known as hippy-crack) you use No2 chargers for whip cream and blow the No2 into a balloon. Then suck down the No2. No2 is the same stuff they use at the dentist and make you breathe for the duration of your operation. It's typically believed they are dangerous but that's not true and there's plenty of sources to confirm it because you breathe significantly less in that you would at a dentist.
    If you do a whip-it on LSD it's comparable to a DMT breakthrough in terms of visuals but without any real introspective boost. People and I typically don't like whip-it's cause people get really hooked on doing it, the litter everywhere and it's just a trashy high.
    I've done whip-it's in the past but it's not something I've done for a long time.
    The high lasts about 3 minutes and they're also perfectly legal and there's no way she could have operated that vehicle while actively using one.

  • Max McCormick
    Max McCormick Month ago

    Air dusters aren't the same as whippets tho... whippets are nitrous oxide but air dusters are propane with probably some ether or isopropyl nitrite or something as well. Huffing air dusters=super dangerous, Whippets=pretty much harmless

  • Max McCormick
    Max McCormick Month ago

    ??? Whippets are super safe; you'd have to try really hard to hurt yourself with nitrous oxide in such small quantities. Doing it while driving is still obviously a bad idea though

  • Pitbvllx -akaTris-
    Pitbvllx -akaTris- Month ago

    That's an American Pit Bull Terrier for the idiot who said Whippet.

  • Vec
    Vec Month ago


  • Roxy Codone
    Roxy Codone Month ago

    That ham dude is pretty handsome

  • Panzerschreck
    Panzerschreck Month ago

    Homemade shotguns ain't illegal fam

  • The Dude
    The Dude Month ago

    its hurcuham