CAM REDDISH MIGHT BE BETTER THAN! 2019 NBA DRAFT - First and Second Round Picks

  • Published on Jun 21, 2019
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Comments • 1 960

  • FireShot
    FireShot 5 days ago +1

    Osn was like I can scout players and all he would do is watch a mixtape for each player

  • Nba Slime
    Nba Slime 11 days ago

    He gone know who quinndary weatherspoon is befo the year out ‼️

  • CVP's Productions
    CVP's Productions 21 day ago

    I think Jalen Lecque is in the draft as a high school player because he played overseas a year i think

  • Hoop Dreamz
    Hoop Dreamz 21 day ago +2

    Cam the most skilled in the draft for sure!

  • Joseph Ventura
    Joseph Ventura 21 day ago +2

    Bruh Coby White is a BEAST You’re Sleepin on him

  • Carlos Ellis
    Carlos Ellis 21 day ago

    You need to do a reaction to N’Keal Harry Arizona State Highlights. He got picked up by the patriots

  • Justin Torain
    Justin Torain 21 day ago

    He said Coby was gone be a bust because he played at unc and he really likes cam so he obviously thinks he should go there

  • Spider Comics
    Spider Comics 22 days ago +1

    We drafted cam reddish and trae young gonna go on a tear two great players deandre Hunter via trade is a beast as well go hawks

  • Living Like Jalen
    Living Like Jalen 22 days ago

    Jalen Lecque did a 5th year of HS at Brewster (it's similar to a graduate year at college). Just like Anfernee Simons who came out of IMG last year on Portland.

  • The pasty Mamba
    The pasty Mamba 22 days ago

    I miss the intro my G
    OSN: Whatisupughughhuhgnibbajnjdsbackatitagainwithanothervideoughbuh

  • G Music Attractions
    G Music Attractions 23 days ago

    Coby White looks like a Corey Brewer type player

    • Rudy Servin
      Rudy Servin 22 days ago

      Because he looks like him 💀

  • 4FO4 Entertainment
    4FO4 Entertainment 23 days ago

    Love your work👍🏾😁

  • Brendan Zhang
    Brendan Zhang 24 days ago

    OSN is really funny because he knows literally nothing about basketball

  • 1kamlighty Savage
    1kamlighty Savage 24 days ago

    Bro thank u cam reddish is a bucket

  • YaBoi Prod
    YaBoi Prod 24 days ago

    How he don’t know who hunter is. Did he not watch the championship game?😂

  • CarpeDiem Property Investments

    Bol bol was traded to Denver

  • HotBoyDe !
    HotBoyDe ! 24 days ago

    Th was ranked 1 and Zion was ranked 2

  • cody deyoung
    cody deyoung 24 days ago

    Tacko Fall is sighing with Celtics

  • Ronnythelitt Boi
    Ronnythelitt Boi 24 days ago

    Jalen Leque re classed

  • Lance Naff
    Lance Naff 24 days ago

    Better than what? This man cant talk.

  • Kenneth Freeman
    Kenneth Freeman 24 days ago

    It was actually RJ then Cam then Zion coming out of high school lmao

  • Blake Hailey
    Blake Hailey 24 days ago

    Coby is gonna be a all star

  • Zauxy
    Zauxy 24 days ago

    this nigga osn used to sleep on raptors and never watch their games

  • Dawson Metcalf
    Dawson Metcalf 24 days ago

    Imma Bulls fan and idk how I feel about Coby White yet but I just hope he’s good now that we have him🤷🏼‍♂️

  • D1 reg
    D1 reg 24 days ago

    pelcans gm is on to sumthin🤔

  • Logan Carlson
    Logan Carlson 24 days ago

    Bruh get facts😣

  • Ricky
    Ricky 24 days ago

    Jalen Leque was a 5th year senior. Instead of going to college he stayed another year

  • RyanReckzAll YT
    RyanReckzAll YT 24 days ago

    Coby White is 10x better than Cam Reddish even duke fans would agree smh Bulls made a great pick.

  • Acknowledge-_-
    Acknowledge-_- 24 days ago

    I love that we got Coby White

  • Thanikan uma
    Thanikan uma 24 days ago

    Bulls needed a point guard more than a sg/sf.

  • Cayden Hawk
    Cayden Hawk 25 days ago

    Yo laugh is trash🤥🤥

  • LoGottiTv
    LoGottiTv 25 days ago

    They get their money from agents idiot

  • Cj Mendez
    Cj Mendez 25 days ago

    “Zion could be baby lebron”

  • Dean Green
    Dean Green 25 days ago

    How y’all watch someone that knows nothing about basketball

  • Joshua Finø
    Joshua Finø 25 days ago

    Jordan Poole to the warriors waaaa ?

  • Tucker Molina
    Tucker Molina 25 days ago

    Been a raptors fan?

  • SoccerAura SOCCERAURA
    SoccerAura SOCCERAURA 25 days ago

    It was Barrett #1 in highschool, #2 was Zion, and #3 was Reddish!

  • Devin Watson
    Devin Watson 25 days ago

    The fourth pic went to the Atlanta Hawks not the pelicans

  • Ronald Noel
    Ronald Noel 25 days ago +2

    what's up with that chime music before every picked draft?

    • LoGottiTv
      LoGottiTv 25 days ago

      Ronald Noel that’s the vibe idiot

  • Tre Thompson
    Tre Thompson 25 days ago

    Rj was 1

  • Brendan Gast
    Brendan Gast 25 days ago +2

    He didn’t know who deandre hunter and Jordan Poole is 🤦‍♂️

  • Retro Da Vinci
    Retro Da Vinci 25 days ago

    I think Cam gone be fire too. I wish new Orleans woulda picked him

  • Goat Gang24
    Goat Gang24 25 days ago

    Jaylen hands is slept on bruh

  • Alanis de Lahongrais
    Alanis de Lahongrais 25 days ago


  • Bradley Boucher
    Bradley Boucher 25 days ago

    Jalen lecque is eligible because he was a 5 year senior

  • Alonzo Armstead
    Alonzo Armstead 25 days ago

    I stopped watching because you had no knowledge of what you are reacting to! Not interesting commentary! Like to hear strong facts on what you present in reference to overall coverage of multiple players! You were on Skip Bayless level with this video! That is not a compliment....😂😂😂😂 (This video gets a L)

  • Alonzo Armstead
    Alonzo Armstead 25 days ago +1

    How do you not know who D. Hunter is? 🤦🏾‍♂️Smh

    THEDABGOD 937 25 days ago

    RJ one Zion two reddish three out of high school

  • Ryan Winters
    Ryan Winters 25 days ago

    This man saying everyone on the Bulls is a jag. As a bulls fan this pisses me off. How the fuck is Wendell Carter a jag and how is coby white not a good pick

  • Ryan Winters
    Ryan Winters 25 days ago

    I knew his basketball knowledge was ass but he really knows absolutely nothing about the nba or basketball in general

  • Kdot Gzz
    Kdot Gzz 25 days ago

    Watch Shamorie ponds

  • Jovan Henderson
    Jovan Henderson 25 days ago

    Instrumental in the beginning of the video ?

  • CrabApple Jones Jr.
    CrabApple Jones Jr. 25 days ago

    Zions mom is tall as hell wtf

  • dayy _
    dayy _ 25 days ago

    He said jalen name wrong lmfaooo

  • Jamie Rae
    Jamie Rae 25 days ago

    Wendel Carter is nice tho?

  • Salma Ansari
    Salma Ansari 25 days ago

    You're talking about Jaden McDaniels he committed to Washington Jalen McDaniels the one who got picked played at San Diego State and is 21 yrs of age

  • yt handlez
    yt handlez 25 days ago


  • Κωνσταντίνος Λυμπερούδης

    Jalen McDaniels is the brother of Jaden. So yeah Clark, he was not in high school

  • Nsur
    Nsur 26 days ago

    He might be better than!

  • Umar Aliyev
    Umar Aliyev 26 days ago

    Bulls didn’t take Cam Reddish bc they already have LaVine and Porter😂c’mon bro do u even watch basketball

  • Caeden -Moor
    Caeden -Moor 26 days ago

    they did Bol Bol dirty af

  • Kevin Hughes
    Kevin Hughes 26 days ago

    Man you so right about the bulls not picking cam reddish

  • Hunter Bron Bron jr
    Hunter Bron Bron jr 26 days ago

    Y’all really think osn knows stuff about sports 😂 this shit so cringe to watch

  • Michael Burns
    Michael Burns 26 days ago

    Cam reddish will definitely be the best in the nba out of all of them.

  • team paul
    team paul 26 days ago

    No rj Barrett was ranked number 1coming out of highschool

  • Delonte James
    Delonte James 26 days ago +1

    Having the beat from Kobe in the intro is a fuckin W

  • I neva freeze
    I neva freeze 26 days ago

    Bol Bol got traded to detroit right?😩

  • Nicolas Madrid
    Nicolas Madrid 26 days ago

    I think cam reddish is the next klay Thompson

  • sam. a
    sam. a 26 days ago

    Real ones know when Oprah side was mad ugly with out a haircut

  • Drizzy Got Sole
    Drizzy Got Sole 26 days ago

    Usually agents give their clients/players loans

  • Roc city Gaming
    Roc city Gaming 26 days ago

    Bol bol got traded to the nuggets

  • xavier lobatos
    xavier lobatos 26 days ago

    I’ve been saying can reddish is finna be better than zion

  • Noah Anderson
    Noah Anderson 26 days ago

    Bro do u not understand roster needs lol bulls draft cam when they have Zach and Otto? Or y would the draft Rui when the have Wendell and Lauri bro what I talking about lol

  • ScurvyFN
    ScurvyFN 26 days ago

    no top 1. rj barrett 2. zion 3. cam reddish

  • Hunter Morris
    Hunter Morris 26 days ago

    I deadass gave up on the magic for good after this draft... they'll never win a championship ever. We need a shooter, not ANOTHER big man :(

  • B Vic
    B Vic 26 days ago

    Bol Bol was drafted by the heat then traded to the Nuggets.

  • Jace The greatest
    Jace The greatest 26 days ago

    Bol bol is in Denver lol

  • Chaunce KD
    Chaunce KD 26 days ago

    how do you not know deandre hunter? dude was the final 4 MVP

  • Jonathan Cortes
    Jonathan Cortes 26 days ago +1

    Bro you don’t know shit fam lol

  • Gabriel Hallman
    Gabriel Hallman 26 days ago

    Bol Bol is going to the nuggets.

  • Sxk Shotz
    Sxk Shotz 26 days ago

    Deandre hunter going to Atlanta😂

  • Blake Anderson
    Blake Anderson 26 days ago

    Romeo Langford is goated

  • LeoDa2K_ G0D
    LeoDa2K_ G0D 26 days ago +2

    Osn: “I only know like 20 of these dudes” cmon not real nba fan. Bruh he doesn’t even know who deandre hunter is.

  • Charles Bohner
    Charles Bohner 26 days ago

    OSN Jordan Poole is that dude who hit that buzzer beater in March Madness two years ago to advance to the Natty

  • Charles Bohner
    Charles Bohner 26 days ago

    Coby White is a perfect if not really good fit for the Bulls. If you watched him you know that he is most likely the best possible successor to Kris Dunn.

  • TraeNine X
    TraeNine X 26 days ago


  • Kenneth Petovic
    Kenneth Petovic 26 days ago


  • Kenneth Petovic
    Kenneth Petovic 26 days ago


  • Shirneitha CFer
    Shirneitha CFer 26 days ago

    Kevin Porter Jr. Will be the one that got away

  • Ervin Champagne
    Ervin Champagne 26 days ago

    Man's literally comes in here with Duke and high school mixtape knowledge and expect us to take his draft takes seriously lmao. He didnt even know Hunter.....

  • Landon Duncan
    Landon Duncan 26 days ago +1

    R.J the best coming out the draft

  • Wc The Best
    Wc The Best 26 days ago

    Your thinking about jaden mcdaniels not jalen McDaniels

  • GOAT Allen
    GOAT Allen 26 days ago

    At 18:16 I think you’re talking about jaden mcdaniels his big brother got drafted

  • Lamegame Fame
    Lamegame Fame 26 days ago

    Tacko Fall signed with the Boston Celtics

  • Porsha Janae
    Porsha Janae 26 days ago

    You talk too much

  • Blu3Prodigy
    Blu3Prodigy 26 days ago

    #1 RJ #2 Zion #3 Reddish

  • Jake Kunz
    Jake Kunz 26 days ago +3

    OSNs team would never draft a big man just the athletic players who get views but likely wont help the team.

  • Tre’ Moe
    Tre’ Moe 26 days ago

    11:21 My nigga they have sponsorships 😂

  • Yungbull 253
    Yungbull 253 26 days ago

    Cam was 3rd

  • Eric Valladares
    Eric Valladares 26 days ago

    Miami’s where it’s at