Game of Thrones 8x05 Breakdown! Kings Landing Battle Analysis!

  • Published on May 14, 2019
  • Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 gets an in-depth breakdown for all the subtle details you might have missed! Get 20% OFF Manscaped + Free Gift with ROCKSTARS20 at
    Game of Thrones 8x05, titled "The Bells," features the deaths of several main characters -- Cersei Lannister, Jaime Lannister, Varys, the Hound, the Mountain, Qyburn, and Euron Greyjoy, along with the controversial turn from Dany to burn Kings Landing and its thousands of innocent civilians. Was Dany's decision at all justified, or did the show betray her character? Erik Voss breaks down all the subtle details you might have overlooked this episode. What was Varys' plan, and how might his death have been connected to the Lord of Light? What was the deeper symbolism of Arya with the horse in the final scene? Were Cersei and Jaime's deaths justified? What real-world history events inspired the Battle of Kings Landing?
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  • New Rockstars
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    • Anonymous
      Anonymous Month ago

      'Beast or prey' is like a visit to your average allopathic doctor in the US

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous Month ago

      'Mailers' remind anyone of Gary Webb and Danny Cassalero

    • JRigby90
      JRigby90 Month ago

      Anyone who cant control there emotions shouldn't be King/Queen. Therefore i think Bran will become King because Robert Barathian by Law made Nedd Stark Kingg until Joffrey came of Age but Cersie ripped the paper. Joffrey died and so did his Brotherr & Sister so Ned would of stayed King and it would of gone to his last remaining true Son Bran Stark because the other 2 was murdered. Suprised nobody has mentioned this tbh.

    • BigJo Lo
      BigJo Lo Month ago

      Sign the petition.

    • Elie Berman-Brodsky
      Elie Berman-Brodsky Month ago


  • Alex Riptide
    Alex Riptide 28 days ago

    Dany is mad and somewhat out of character. Not evil.

  • Alex Riptide
    Alex Riptide 28 days ago

    They said fans would be satisfied. Is anyone actually satisfied?

  • Jonathan Krause
    Jonathan Krause 29 days ago

    wow heavy heavy

  • Audio Dregs
    Audio Dregs Month ago

    I’m almost certain those are just the lights of Dragonstone castle

  • Lioness268
    Lioness268 Month ago

    Also.... I love the little Robin.... Je has grown in a Beautiful Peacock 🤔😍❤️😘🌹.... Lol don't judge me.😩

  • Mason P
    Mason P Month ago

    I thought Jamie’s moment with cersei was actually very touching and true to his character.

  • Wdeemar Wdeemar
    Wdeemar Wdeemar Month ago

    Dumb and dumber would never be that nuanced! They have zero talent without Martin to guide them.

  • Tiria Allsopp
    Tiria Allsopp Month ago +1

    Enjoyed this until your stupid blurb/advert, never watchinh you again 💩💩💩💩💩

  • Pralaya Bodyworks
    Pralaya Bodyworks Month ago +1


  • Olivia McDaniel
    Olivia McDaniel Month ago

    How you gonna call that a battle? That was a slaughter.

  • Josh O'Neal
    Josh O'Neal Month ago

    I don't get why this video has such a bad like/dislike ratio. These guys make awesome videos. Give some credit to the researched theories they do.

  • Pheonix Sheppard
    Pheonix Sheppard Month ago

    If John would have hit it, they would all still be alive. What a prude.

  • Mark
    Mark Month ago

    for some reason i was rootingfor cersei

  • Frank Gulp
    Frank Gulp Month ago

    2 millions of people for this chanel. Ok. Good for the cash I guess.

  • calmingspeed
    calmingspeed Month ago

    The writing of the last 3 episodes are SHIT! Cancelling HBO after Sunday.

  • ismail buyukcelik
    ismail buyukcelik Month ago

    it is sin city

  • christopher curran
    christopher curran Month ago +1

    Attack with the sun to your back. Oswald Bolke 1915. From the Dicta Bolke which is still used by fighter pilots. He would have been proud of Daqnni.

  • Discount Snacks
    Discount Snacks Month ago +2

    My goodness, the detail you've put into this. Cheers!

  • Moeen Tayebi
    Moeen Tayebi Month ago

    Bran had the vision with the dragon shadow in season 4, not six! Also, General Strickland's horse died on screen.

  • Ellinon Enosis
    Ellinon Enosis Month ago

    Jorah "I was in King's Landing after the sack, khaleesi. Do you know what I saw? Butchery. Babies, children, old men. More women raped than you can count."

    Khaleesi "Hold my latte" .....

  • Hailey Utter
    Hailey Utter Month ago

    Very gout video 💛

  • carverboy carverboy

    Few people realize the fire bombing of Dresden Germany is the largest number of casualties in a single action. 500,000 dead.

  • Anthony Gosselin
    Anthony Gosselin Month ago

    In summary, every single shot is foreshadowing then ^^

  • Sethasss
    Sethasss Month ago +1

    overthinking it much ?

  • CheavorTV
    CheavorTV Month ago +1

    🐉🐲 Daenerys Targaryen is not the Villain, she's still the Hero in my opinion, War is always bloody... no war crimes committed here. Tyrion Lannister needs to die.. I'd be fine with Jon Snow and Sansa Stark dieing also... but I want Daenerys to live. Great Season! Great Series!

  • Gravuuna
    Gravuuna Month ago

    I'm truly glad that after today, this shitfest of a series finale is over. Yes, interpreting meaning into things makes it more bearable, but that doesn't change the fact that it was rushed, badly written, disappointing and not at all what this series, the characters and the fans deserved.

  • Fade
    Fade Month ago

    "For No Reason" Exactly.

  • meanastronauts Studio

    Thank you for pointing out the meaningful upsides of this incoherent fiasco of a script.

  • Shipmate
    Shipmate Month ago +1

    Can this season get any worse? And WTF has Bran been doing - sucking tree sap?

  • Kaitlin O.
    Kaitlin O. Month ago

    If you turn on captions they did name the mother and daughter pair

  • Kim Whitehead
    Kim Whitehead Month ago

    Burning the chains has far more symbolism...

  • Casey28xxx
    Casey28xxx Month ago

    I honestly was expecting a twist in that episode that Cersei would have the clappers from the bells removed to prevent sounding surrender and so end up with Dany looking like the monster and continuing to burn the city by accident rather than on purpose as we had viewed.

  • Ezzan Afifah
    Ezzan Afifah Month ago

    Most villains? Oh pls.. Cersie and Dany still below to Ramsay Psychopath Bolton.. Dany & Cersie use power to create fear and power with Dragons and Golden Company.. But Ramsay can be a fearsome with just a hound, or just by himself (well, no hound involve when he mutilated Theon and rape Sansa)..

  • Ka Tse
    Ka Tse Month ago

    Why would Bran warg into a Dragon? He isnt interested in saving arya or daenerys or jon or anybody. He observes and remembers. He doesnt want anymore.

  • Riverness Mariposa
    Riverness Mariposa Month ago

    All the little girls named Daenerys this decade are gonna change their names now

  • Billy Holmes
    Billy Holmes Month ago +1

    Dany looked so bad and acted crazy due to the master of wispers posing

  • Chris Boulter
    Chris Boulter Month ago

    Now I see that coffee cup as a cry for help.

  • Riverness Mariposa
    Riverness Mariposa Month ago

    Meanwhile a week later Daenerys is still burning Kings Landing because why not right?

  • m4570d0n
    m4570d0n Month ago

    You guys are trying to force so much symbolism and meaning into something that just doesn't exist. It's painful.

  • Samantha Brooke
    Samantha Brooke Month ago

    Baby Dragons next!🐲🤗🐉

  • Seth117
    Seth117 Month ago

    So many issues with the episode and people are worried about bricks.

  • Miles Finnch
    Miles Finnch Month ago

    Yeah. I got all that too.

  • Tilli
    Tilli Month ago

    I thought the image of Arya on the white horse looked like images of Saint George, the dragon slayer

  • Shijan Shrestha
    Shijan Shrestha Month ago

    Its The same horse!!!!You dumbass!

  • erhaboriE
    erhaboriE Month ago

    Wow, good details. What are the odds the writers actually thought of all this?

  • bucky56laboy
    bucky56laboy Month ago

    Still team dany

  • Eyreaus Marx
    Eyreaus Marx Month ago +1

    Warging is for life. So doing a horse would be useless.

  • Eyreaus Marx
    Eyreaus Marx Month ago

    In book 4, Euron Greyjoy was able to successfully attack and win the heavily guarded Shield Islands by sailing out to sea and then into shore with the sun at his back rather than sailing along the coast. It was a tactic that vexed even Cersei and threatened Highgarden. It's quite poetic that it would be used here against him.

    • Odin Satanas
      Odin Satanas Month ago

      yeah i loved that too, plus cerseis gift was poisoned haha

  • Bullettube
    Bullettube Month ago

    I don't read too much into various scenes, things happen because it was in the script, and the writers no longer had the books to follow so they just concentrated on lots of action while tying up a few loose ends. It's too bad, because the series could have ended in 10 episodes instead of 8, but the costs were mounting and I think the writers were starting to feel burnt out so they hurried up and finished it.

  • Wedritrem
    Wedritrem Month ago

    Yeah, the the burning of Kings landing is very similar to the fire bombing of Dresden. the city of Dresden didn't have nay military targets in it, one of the times where that allies were unjustified.

    • 99fruitbat
      99fruitbat Month ago

      I thought it was in retaliation for the German bombing of Coventry ? Terrible thing anyway .

  • Tony Cruz
    Tony Cruz Month ago

    It’s obvious that Daenerys has instructed Greyworm to kill John.

  • Lily Val
    Lily Val Month ago


  • Jyeoi
    Jyeoi Month ago

    U sure u arent giving the writers too much credit? Lol

  • Urszula Krekora
    Urszula Krekora Month ago

    Will Tyrion or anyone even know if Jaime escaped with Cercei?

  • beni
    beni Month ago +85

    Qyborn: obey your queen
    Sir Gregor: brickarys

  • John Russell
    John Russell Month ago

    Can’t wait to see Arya kill Dany next episode. She’s still gotta kill someone w Green eyes

  • Mbalz 19
    Mbalz 19 Month ago

    Your analysis is dope

  • Melly T
    Melly T Month ago +2

    How ever I never found this channel before?!! This is one of the most in depth recaps I’ve seen!

  • Eduardo Daniel Kucharsky Terrazas

    There are very good observations here, but a lot looked like pulled out your bum, mate.

  • Corinne Young
    Corinne Young Month ago

    Shame, Shame, Shame !!!!

  • Kurama
    Kurama Month ago

    drogon is the bestest dragon

  • Jason Savage
    Jason Savage Month ago

    Great Video!

  • Andrew Tessler
    Andrew Tessler Month ago

    those hidden caches of wildfire were planted there by the mad king when he started getting paranoid. that's what he was going to ignite before jaime killed him.

  • Lu do
    Lu do Month ago

    Daenerys must be the one left. Burn them allll.

  • adam gould
    adam gould Month ago

    So Tyrion is going to somehow make sure Bronn gets Highgarden or the little fella is fooked !!!

  • Manny Brum
    Manny Brum Month ago

    I find it ironic that Martin would criticize Tolkien for how he depicted war when Tolkien fought in one of the bloodiest battles in history, the Battle of the Somme and lost two of his close friends as a result. I think if Martin hadn't dodged the draft he would probably not be so quick to use realistic war as a form of escapism.

    • Manny Brum
      Manny Brum Month ago

      @Marmocet Fantasy is a foem of escapism. The horrors of WWI are in a large part the reason we have LotR today. Can you imagine Martin writing the same way if his friends heads were blown off in front of him in Vietnam? He'd probably be writing about a world that was easier to make sense of as well. Tolkien was by far the wiser.

    • Marmocet
      Marmocet Month ago

      Yeah because in real war, one side definitely goes into it knowing they're the bad guys who do evil for evil's sake, and everyone agrees on who the bad guys are.

  • Wander Bear
    Wander Bear Month ago

    everything is 9/11 now, we can't escape it. stop comparing EVERYTHING to 9/11!

  • terrancejackson3
    terrancejackson3 Month ago

    Grey Worm actually executed Order 66

  • Angel _
    Angel _ Month ago

    The amount of effort that went into this video is insane! Well done and thank you.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Month ago

    'Mailers' reminds anyone of Gary Webb and Danny Cassalero

  • Bob Doubter
    Bob Doubter Month ago

    Last episode has a lot of things to accomplish. I'll be satisfied if Arya lives. Past that: it's almost whatever...but would like to see justice delivered upon those who deserve it.

  • Kameron Landis
    Kameron Landis Month ago

    Daenary will not sit on the throne. I just don't see it.

    • Marmocet
      Marmocet Month ago

      That's because the throne has been buried under a pile of rubble that used to be the red keep.

  • VFurby1
    VFurby1 Month ago

    I thought the Darthraki army were all killed on the first line of defense by the white walkers. If that is so, how then do they reappear in the war of the two queens?

    HATZELL Month ago

    I found a Carly Simon song that is a perfect compliment to this episode of "Game o' Thrones"....

  • Honkler Honkenstein

    >red stars
    ...You mean the CITY's lanterns in the background?

  • Jason Umbrellabird
    Jason Umbrellabird Month ago

    Dany needs to die.

  • Doris Sartori
    Doris Sartori Month ago

    It would of been awesome if jon lost became night king and dany never met him just took kings landing then jon takes the night army to kings landing and fights dany

  • Hussain Bohra
    Hussain Bohra Month ago +1

    Nice analysis and symbolism but I think most of these are just coincidences, I don't the writers actually put in that much thought in the episode or the season.

  • Jules Mercado
    Jules Mercado Month ago +2

    You did a great job analyzing Game of Thrones Season 8 Episodes 5!!

  • molomosk123
    molomosk123 Month ago +4

    foreshadowing is not Character development

  • RoC 77
    RoC 77 Month ago +2

    All these connections and yet crap writing. I'm going to assume that this was all coincidence.

  • benedict cumberbatch

    If you listen closely the bells ring roughly in the theme of The light of the seven

  • RecklessFables
    RecklessFables Month ago +1

    Misuse of the word "Decimate" is foreshadowing of how people will accept the misuse of "Literally"

    • Mike Vizioz
      Mike Vizioz Month ago

      Feels like everybody already accepts the misuse of the word "Literally". "I literally died when they told me I had to literally wait a thousand years for it." Makes me want to punch somebody in the face when I hear people say things like that.

  • Kelsey Warner
    Kelsey Warner Month ago

    The Mad King said "Burn them all" and Dany his daughter made it happen.

  • Explosive Hurricane

    I think this is a bit overanalysed

  • Explosive Hurricane

    I thought the Fifth King was the King Beyond The Wall

  • Rae F
    Rae F Month ago

    the horse is definitely the captain’s horse, look at the bangs

  • Fan Made Videos
    Fan Made Videos Month ago

    Arya's face after it's all ashed up tho'

  • andres urena
    andres urena Month ago

    damn. you really do your homework 👍👍👍

  • Patricio Garcia
    Patricio Garcia Month ago

    Varys protecting children from war? Sounds stupid since children had been suffering all the time anyway... Etc etc.

  • Aldous Huxley
    Aldous Huxley Month ago +1

    Season 8 is trash.

  • Jonathan Young
    Jonathan Young Month ago

    From this entire tragedy, there is an even bigger one. With the death of jaime and the soon to be dead tyrion, poor bron wont be getting highgarden or riverrun.

  • Vickie Hardy
    Vickie Hardy Month ago


  • asif sunny
    asif sunny Month ago

    cant u just stfu and wait ?.....aaah Theories -_-

  • Jarek Veles
    Jarek Veles Month ago

    Bombing of Dresden - the only bad thing about it was that it wasn't done with a nuclear bomb. Boohoo, poor nazis got their transport hub bombed. All those "historians" should read what Coventry was. The only difference is Cersei wasn't democratically elected by King's Landing.

  • nikos barnick
    nikos barnick Month ago

    Arya have to close a pair of green eyes...

  • Born Justice Rule
    Born Justice Rule Month ago

    Dany isn't villanious

  • Born Justice Rule
    Born Justice Rule Month ago

    Tyrion lil ass is gonna get smoked by Drogon in the series finale

  • Born Justice Rule
    Born Justice Rule Month ago

    Dickon LMAO!!!!!!