Critic Reviews For Terminator: Dark Fate Are In

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • Terminator: Dark Fate has screened for critics and while the franchise has left them cold in recent years, it looks like the trend is about to be reversed.
    A good deal of the reviewers who took in the film are comparing it favorably to Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and many also agreed that the film will make a star out of Mackenzie Davis. Linda Hamilton's return to the role of Sarah Connor was welcomed, and the flick's intriguing story and slam-bang action sequences were also singled out for praise.
    Having said that, we're cautiously optimistic that the initial reactions to Terminator: Dark Fate will hold up, because the flick comes with a pretty darn sterling pedigree. It functions as a direct sequel to T2, ignoring all of the increasingly ridiculous sequels that followed that film.
    It also marks James Cameron's return to the franchise as a producer, and it was helmed by Tim Miller, the man who brought us the piece of pure cinematic joy that was 2016's Deadpool.
    Gabriel Luna has been well known among Marvel circles since his inspired performance as Ghost Rider in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and fans are no doubt excited that he plays a souped-up Terminator in this movie. So what do the critics have to say about it?
    For starters, the folks at Collider were roundly blown away by the flick. Editor-in-chief Steven Weintraub was among the many praising the performance of Davis, who stars as a cyborg sent back in time to protect a new "mother of the future" portrayed by Natalia Reyes. Weintraub enjoyed the trifecta offered by Davis, Reyes, and Hamilton. He wrote
    "[Terminator: Dark Fate] is easily the best Terminator movie since T2. Has some fantastic action and loved how the film features 3 female protagonists that all kick ass. So awesome seeing Linda Hamilton back as Sarah Connor."
    In a followup tweet, Weintraub had a word of recommendation for those unfamiliar with Davis' work, writing:
    "I've been a fan of Mackenzie Davis since seeing her in Halt and Catch Fire. But she takes it to another level in [Dark Fate] where she kicks all kinds of ass. If you like her work in Dark Fate, go back and watch [Halt and Catch Fire]." Keep watching the video to see all the critic reviews for Terminator: Dark Fate are in.
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  • Looper
    Looper  23 days ago +104

    Do these reviews make you want to see Dark Fate more?

    • Einar Meiss
      Einar Meiss 4 days ago


    • Studio Tefałen
      Studio Tefałen 7 days ago

      @Mark Andella haven't seen it yet tho I heard she can't act. Is that true?

    • Mark Andella
      Mark Andella 7 days ago

      @Studio Tefałen I expected much more and regret to paying for it. I hated the Dani Ramos character so much I hoped she get killed in the movie. She was so annoying, hard to describe. Also it was the first time I had a feeling to walk out from the cinema half way trough...

    • BornAgainRN
      BornAgainRN 10 days ago

      I want to see it LESS.

    • Enoch Montufar
      Enoch Montufar 11 days ago

      All I can say is it sucks. Don't waste your time and money.

  • Steely Dan
    Steely Dan 20 hours ago

    What a schill of a "review"

  • Roberto
    Roberto Day ago

    I think he should go back in the time and kill .......

    Lucy 😳

  • Dennis Youngblood
    Dennis Youngblood 2 days ago

    When are you going to do a fan review? Because the fans and critics have what you might call.... differing opinions

  • John Millan
    John Millan 3 days ago

    All these Collider reviewers must live in a bubble in California. The first five minutes gave the middle fingers to the most of it’s fan base, causing this movie to be so WOKE which has turned off most of it’s fans!

  • syntaxed2
    syntaxed2 8 days ago +1

    Intruiging story?

    What the hell kind of claim is that...its basically carchases + timetravel for the 5th time hahahahahahaha

  • Jem Bo
    Jem Bo 8 days ago

    wot a load of crap

  • Henric Carlsson
    Henric Carlsson 9 days ago

    Critics? Really?

  • Zaori
    Zaori 9 days ago +1

    "... and fans are no doubt excited that Gabriel Luna plays a Terminator in this movie".
    2. He looks like a Janitor!
    3. Speak for yourself!

  • Vernon Laux
    Vernon Laux 9 days ago

    Seems Hollywood can only remake movies anymore....

  • Dan
    Dan 10 days ago

    It's the worst one so far, fucking terrible.

  • TheColdWish
    TheColdWish 10 days ago

    It seems, this movie has flopped bad, worldwide. And i dont wonder why, its utter shit.

  • BornAgainRN
    BornAgainRN 10 days ago +1

    Terminator Genisys: "I am the worst sequel of the franchise."
    Terminator Dark Fate: "Hold my beer."

  • mostmint
    mostmint 10 days ago +1

    This sounds more like marketing than critics

  • Celtic Viking
    Celtic Viking 11 days ago +1

    This movie sucks

    IM NO ONE 11 days ago

    Critics probably claim to like it because it’s another woke smothering female movie. I’ll wait and watch it on Netflix..

  • SaddQ1 -
    SaddQ1 - 11 days ago

    Why does Looper keep trying to push this movie on us? Where are their critical notes on it? Looks like a shill job.

  • Pocho Nieves
    Pocho Nieves 11 days ago

    Linda Hamilton is the second worst character behind Reyes illogical character. What makes this movie a bigger flop is the 3 female characters.
    The FORCE AWAKENS IS THE BIGGEST CRAP SHOW! So you all saying that this movie is like that one is a really bad thing!

  • Matty3033
    Matty3033 11 days ago

    ahhhh now how many times have you quoted the "best since T2" or "force awakens" & "so & so kicks ass" crap. how much have you been paid to push this BS? You can't polish a turd & this looks to be one big heap of a woke shitpile! Easy to say best since T2, but I don't hear ya saying as good as or better than T2. Own up & stop trying to foist this wokefest on us, we're not morons & as with star wars many of us fans are getting fed up with being taken for granted, seen as cash cows or have our favourite franchises crapped all over, so shove it, I wouldn't watch this shit if you paid me!

  • Big Sky Blue
    Big Sky Blue 12 days ago

    DONT TRUST CRITICS ANYMORE! They are paid off and given talking points. Just saw this movie and it was RUBBISH!

  • kenneth miller
    kenneth miller 12 days ago +1

    All the terminator movies are trying to be the force awakens except for the one with bale in it.

    • BornAgainRN
      BornAgainRN 10 days ago

      Glad to see someone besides me didn't think Salvation was bad. People tend to lump all the Terminator sequels after T2 as flops. But Salvation was pretty unique & Bale played a very believable older John Connor, and showed the future war against SkyNet. They should have continued immediately after this in the next film and ended it with John Connor sending Kyle Reese & the reprogrammed T-800s back in time to save Sarah & the two younger John Connors. But Genisys completely screwed it up, and it sounds like Dark Fate made it even worse.

  • lalaxbo
    lalaxbo 12 days ago

    I saw Terminator Dark Fate yesterday and i enjoyed it :)! I love how this is a direct sequel to T2 and it brought back its R-rated roots of the original movies :).
    I saw it at the premiere yesterday :)

  • breadfan9
    breadfan9 12 days ago

    Just got back from it. Two words: FUKKING>AMAZING

  • Retro Gaming 9000
    Retro Gaming 9000 12 days ago +1

    I’m sad that the a film wasn’t as good as t2

  • TheWanderingLion
    TheWanderingLion 13 days ago +1

    I went in to see it, keeping an open mind and trying not to look too deep into the movie. Try as hard as I did, I was disappointed with the concept and overall theme that was very blatant.
    There were funny moments, and Hamilton with Schwarzenegger played their parts well for the movie. But that is all the praise I can give the movie. It is a disappointment and is a reason why I go to hyped movies with low expectations.

    • criskit188
      criskit188 11 days ago

      TheWanderingLion same here. Went in with no expectations and it paid off.

  • Chris K
    Chris K 13 days ago +1


  • AC MC
    AC MC 13 days ago

    The critics got bribed or just don't wanna lose their free premier viewing invites

  • Yatukih001
    Yatukih001 13 days ago

    Today strictly one obsession rules Hollywood - absolute, maniacal obsession with missing an opportunity. Missing an opportunity to make Hollywood stand for freedom of the individual. This is why all the new Hollywood films lack a basic intro.That is precisely how you kill a sequel.

  • Carlos Soriano
    Carlos Soriano 14 days ago +1

    Too bad their all paid critics...

  • Tyler Davis
    Tyler Davis 14 days ago


  • Zulkifli Mamat
    Zulkifli Mamat 14 days ago +1

    After watching Dark Fate,
    T1-T3 still hold my favourite,
    Dark Fate/Genisys/Salvation deserved in the Recycle Bin.
    Pls End this Terminator movies, its getting more and more pain to swallow the story line.
    Its the finale of Terminator movies just like Rambo Last Blood. Enough said

    • Mixey Boy
      Mixey Boy 8 days ago +1

      Agreed. Salvation wasn't as good as some might say. But when "Bale Meltdown" was leaked, they still liked the movie. What the hell they're thinking?

  • Moscow Chikna
    Moscow Chikna 14 days ago +1

    Honestly I didn’t like that movie...

  • Norbi Schlorbi
    Norbi Schlorbi 14 days ago

    I skip. Don't need another mediocre reboot just for the sake of gender swapping characters. Terminator ended with T2.

  • MrBunnymaan
    MrBunnymaan 14 days ago

    The movie is not good
    Its not as bad as the other terminator movies after t2
    But its not good

  • Michael Grigsby
    Michael Grigsby 14 days ago

    Critics love it, you know it sucks.

  • Antonio Marquez
    Antonio Marquez 14 days ago

    So I won't bother to watch it cause i HATE THE FORCE AWAKENS

  • Chris Emery
    Chris Emery 14 days ago


  • TeckManTV
    TeckManTV 14 days ago

    Terminator - Dark Vagina.

  • Cyrus McWind
    Cyrus McWind 14 days ago +2

    And I KNOW their politically biaswd so fuck their forced agendas. Movie was literally forced.

  • namogel67
    namogel67 14 days ago +1

    Feminism, girl power and an androgynous protagonist.
    Makes me want to puke.

  • fatal nightcore
    fatal nightcore 15 days ago

    ok so as soon as they said "theres 3 women protagonists that all kick ass" i lowkey lost it.
    from the trailer heres what I can tell.
    firstly REAL Sarah Connor is a badass
    the hybrid girl isn't actually kick ass, she only cool because she just a cyborg, and also swings things around
    the "leader" is literally just there for the joy ride, and to get those women are stronger then men moments.

    plus where are the words about Arnold, is he just plot fluff for the og fans.

  • Lina Mowasi
    Lina Mowasi 15 days ago +1

    Trailer looks bad and I heard this film is bad. I do not believe this critics - James Cameron is a billionaire so I am sure he has money to pay off critics.

  • jamie peterson
    jamie peterson 15 days ago

    I haven't trusted critics since a little boy watching congo when critics said it was garbage and I loved it

  • bastidface
    bastidface 15 days ago +1

    As I'm listening the critical reviews, I note how Shwarzenegger's performance is underplayed next Hamilton and the other female cast. Also, one critic points out how this was always Hamilton's story, not Shwarzenegger's. This all may be very true, but it was Swarzenegger's terminator role that drew people to the first two movies. Undeniably, Hamilton played a huge role in those films, but was not the main attraction. If she had been the main attraction, people would be quoting her lines, not "I'll be back" and "hasta la vista, baby," which were said by Shwarzenegger. Although it may be true that Hamilton's performance in this film is more prominent and superior to Shwarzenegger's, the critic seems more concerned with injecting social justice in his review (i.e. this story has always been about a powerful women, and is now become about more powerful women). By the way, how does John Connor, the future leader of the human resistance, fit into all of this? I just want to see a decent film that doesn't need to remind me of why I enjoyed the predecessor films for the wrong reason.

  • bastidface
    bastidface 15 days ago

    It seems to me that most critics today care more about social justice than good cinema. If a film pushes a woke social justice narrative, critics will likely praise it, even if it means ignoring or downplay anything bad about it. Conversely, if a film doesn't push a woke narrative, critics will unanimously pan it, even if the film is considered good by its fans. Depending on the critic's organization, I'd take what they say with a grain of salt.

  • Danny lifts
    Danny lifts 15 days ago

    Hard pass

  • TropiCool
    TropiCool 15 days ago


  • Furor Frisii
    Furor Frisii 15 days ago

    Protagonist: Male; check.
    Heroes: Alle female; check.
    ..... processing: 'result': Will not-see.

  • Eddy Tissington
    Eddy Tissington 15 days ago

    John connor is killed at the start and Arnie goes off and has a happy family life as a T800 father.......
    Critics say this is good and is comparable to T2?
    It's pure garbage but don't take my word for it. Go and waste your money and find out for yourself.

  • rilla46
    rilla46 15 days ago

    Really the critics like that killed off john conner in the first 5 mins ruining everything from the t2? They liked how its a weak copy of t2

  • Vince Manner
    Vince Manner 15 days ago

    Can the shill media sound anymore generic?

  • Datu YogaBrata
    Datu YogaBrata 15 days ago


  • beetleguese1209
    beetleguese1209 15 days ago

    You SHILL, how much you getting paid to say this? The film is a joke.

  • King bawsaq
    King bawsaq 15 days ago

    I need whatever tf these critics were smoking

  • Baws Nitti
    Baws Nitti 15 days ago

    I didn't think it was ask that great
    Arnold was pretty weak
    The writing and storyline seemed off
    Also everything seemed rushed
    Very predictable

  • HUR Production
    HUR Production 15 days ago

    I haven't seen Dark fate but T3 and T5 were a bag of shit. T4 Salvation however was f**kin awesome especially when they surprised us with a clip of Arnie from T1.I do remember the critics were slamming it saying that there were no women, but the critics are usually full of shit!!!

  • David Broughall
    David Broughall 15 days ago

    Never mind this shit. Talk to me when John Wick 4 comes out.

  • David Broughall
    David Broughall 15 days ago

    Not sure who these "critics" are that view it favorably, but I'll go with Nerdrotic, Geeks & Gamers and Critical Drinker to guide me in my movie viewing. They're a lot more honest.

  • manticorephoenix
    manticorephoenix 15 days ago

    I feel like their constant favorable comparison to Force Awakens doesn't sell the movie as well as they think it does, I don't think they realize how much that makes people want to turn away from seeing it, but hey I mean nothing can turn in an audience like blind nostalgia

  • CPQ-Apollo
    CPQ-Apollo 15 days ago

    LGBT-1000. Its complete libtard nonsence and they might as well shown Juan the terminator climb the wall.