7.3 Magnitude Earthquake Along Iraq-Iran Border Leaves At Least 400 Dead, 7,200 Injured | TIME


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  • WikiTroll
    WikiTroll 7 months ago

    This is what antifa thinks thier lifes are like

  • tofi
    tofi 7 months ago

    god damn malcolm

  • MultiTarded
    MultiTarded 7 months ago

    Fall into the earth, terrorist scum.

  • B Schroer
    B Schroer 7 months ago

    speak english please

  • Sarah ty
    Sarah ty 7 months ago +4

    You know what hurts the most to come and see some people write "omg finally good news or like how many terrorists died? " right now I'm crying I lost a lot of my family in an earthquake and my family were innocent they didn't hurt anybody and lord took them away so I want to telll to those people who don't have heart this imagine this was come in your city and you were lost your family members in it and then someone told you oh what a good news to hear terrorists are gone now hahaha what would you feel on that time? iranian are not terrorists and not killers they don't hate americans. They don't burn your flags, our own media destroys our image in the world, do you know that none of us watch our own media ?bc they all tell lies they try to brainwash us but most of our people don't believe it ..... so don't judge us by the media and at least try to feel sorry for us

  • GreenWraith production
    GreenWraith production 7 months ago

    Allah American needs it like Rain why their

  • Just in the Nick of this time

    Thanks TIME for letting us know the earthquake machine is still working. Israel and Saudi Arabia probably salivating over this

  • Class Act
    Class Act 7 months ago

    You have to shoot the Atomic Clock, this is the world's smartest person you're up and on my detail and all hardrrives have to be destroyed because the Illuminati are planning to entrap people by using a virus that leaves computers and storage devices full of pedophile pornorgraphy and snuff films that will play automatically when adults can't be heard tending to their children and brain washing and 20th Century dumb science that was disproven is going to play to make people stupid later on so go out and help

  • jjcp292
    jjcp292 7 months ago +3

    My heart goes out to these people. Terrible tragedy.

  • Paradox TV
    Paradox TV 7 months ago +5

    Hopefully it killed some ISIS mother fuckers

  • BG Mike
    BG Mike 7 months ago +1

    Did the terrorists just invent their own atomic bomb?

    • BG Mike
      BG Mike 7 months ago

      The Dude Nah its not sad when someone corrects your dumb mistakes in physics. And the fact that you like your own comment constantly proves how nobody likes you as a person

    • The Dude
      The Dude 7 months ago +1

      BG Mike The fact that you actually bothered to type in the real composition of an atom bomb to reply to my obvious trolling attempt is just sad.

    • BG Mike
      BG Mike 7 months ago

      DeathFire3000 yup

    • NM
      NM 7 months ago

      BG Mike They did 60 years ago and they dropped on Japan.

    • BG Mike
      BG Mike 7 months ago

      The Dude Wrong, an atomic bomb is consisted of isotopes of uranium and plutonium that are triggered to make an explosion through a detonating piston and all of it is held by specialized technology that features more mods for an atomic bomb such as airstream deflectors and antennae. Get your physics right mate.
      Btw the Fat Man was used in WWII which was decades before my mom born. There is no proof that such thing was written, silly.

  • TheIxtlan
    TheIxtlan 7 months ago

    End Times. Madhi will soon reveal himself to the world. Messiah will also appearing to the world. Be Alert.

  • trueboss926
    trueboss926 7 months ago +2

    BBC is fake news.

    REAL TALK W. EMA STAR 7 months ago +19

    Why does it always have to happen to people who already have nothing ... beyond sad

      REAL TALK W. EMA STAR 7 months ago +1

      Mohammad Mahroo don’t worry about it friend .. people who are hateful have miserable lives .. just pray for them .. I’m sorry on behalf of everyone writing hateful comments

    • Mohammad Mahroo
      Mohammad Mahroo 7 months ago +1

      Sorry i was just mad because of all these hate comments.

      REAL TALK W. EMA STAR 7 months ago +3

      Mohammad Mahroo I’m of Persian decent myself .. there is no way in hell I would ever say the nation has nothing! Simply because it’s not true

      REAL TALK W. EMA STAR 7 months ago +3

      My Thoughts of course it’s best to happen to no one but ya a rich country can handle natural disasters much better than a struggling one

      REAL TALK W. EMA STAR 7 months ago +3

      Mohammad Mahroo I never said ur miserable or that the entire nation is
      What I meant was the area in which it happened was already not so prosperous which makes losing so much worse ..

  • WooferJr
    WooferJr 7 months ago

    maybe it's the government testing out their nuclear bombs underground or some shit.

  • Shamar Coke
    Shamar Coke 7 months ago

    More to come it’s just the beginning

  • I touched your spaget
    I touched your spaget 7 months ago

    Good ridenes

  • Lala Echart
    Lala Echart 7 months ago +4

    من خیلی دلم برات تنگ شده ام امیدوارم تو صلح هستی 🙏
    I love you dad 😭

  • Noor Khammas
    Noor Khammas 7 months ago

    Thank you for your prayers

  • Nsar stafeenee
    Nsar stafeenee 7 months ago

    I’m fine bitches

  • MrSilverserpent
    MrSilverserpent 7 months ago

    Thank you God

  • Billy McAuliffe
    Billy McAuliffe 7 months ago

    Cheap materials shoddy workmanship no heath and safety there that's a fact

    • Anon Ymous
      Anon Ymous 7 months ago

      Billy McAuliffe wtf are you talking about ? Most houses in middle east are made from bricks and cement. Unlike your American wooden and paper houses.

  • 🇺🇸Minster🇺🇸

    How many terrorists were killed in this earthquake??

  • Yeju Gurung
    Yeju Gurung 7 months ago +1

    Hope all injured people became good.. Wish from Nepal

  • Delinkuencia Sierrena
    Delinkuencia Sierrena 7 months ago +7

    Sucks how it's not main stream

  • Renovator
    Renovator 7 months ago +11

    The republican party is probably throwing a fucking party. sick bastards.

    • Paradox TV
      Paradox TV 7 months ago +3

      Your a fucking dumbass kid

    • nathan hensn
      nathan hensn 7 months ago +5

      Your projecting your own sick twisted feelings.

    • Kushman Gaming
      Kushman Gaming 7 months ago +2

      No and why would you assume such a thing

  • Kelsey K
    Kelsey K 7 months ago +1

    Somebody's gods were getting pissed off at the Muslims. U.S. government better not spend billions and help because recovery is futile.

  • نیکزاد الفت
    نیکزاد الفت 7 months ago +3

    وحشتناک بود

    • نیکزاد الفت
      نیکزاد الفت 7 months ago

      Son Of Mountain بله ما گیلانغرب هستیم البته اینجا خسارت جانی و مالی نداشت، اما شوک بزرگی به مردم وارد شده، فعلا بیرون میخوابیم، ولی سر پل ذهاب با خاک یکسان شده،

    • Son Of Mountain
      Son Of Mountain 7 months ago +1

      نیکزاد الفت
      خودت انجا بودی؟

  • Bobby Pom
    Bobby Pom 7 months ago

    How many of the dead where terrorists is what I'm curious to know.

  • backoffbucko
    backoffbucko 7 months ago

    only 400?

  • Destined ForDeath
    Destined ForDeath 7 months ago +12

    a video of some ceiling fans? at least get something better than fans

    • SophieSophs
      SophieSophs 7 months ago +1

      Destined ForDeath Lol I know 😂

  • Nerv ClaX
    Nerv ClaX 7 months ago +7

    How can you tell there was an earthquake?

    • NM
      NM 7 months ago

      Nerv ClaX The ground tends to shake a lot and shit starts falling down.

    • WooferJr
      WooferJr 7 months ago +1

      Are you blind or don't know what's an earthquake?

    • Andrew
      Andrew 7 months ago +1

      Nerv ClaX measurement instruments tell you

  • Roast Beef Is My Stew
    Roast Beef Is My Stew 7 months ago

    Instant Karma

  • jorjeeoe
    jorjeeoe 7 months ago

    “””””””” Trending “””””””””

  • James Lykins
    James Lykins 7 months ago

    oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kay

  • Jorge Uchiha
    Jorge Uchiha 7 months ago +21

    Let’s come together as brothers and help this people get back on there feet

    • SophieSophs
      SophieSophs 7 months ago

      Deep South Yep 😆

    • Deep South
      Deep South 7 months ago +1

      except you didnt correct her you fucking moron

    • jjcp292
      jjcp292 7 months ago

      Christina I'm just a troll? So are you and your inbred boyfriend, Deep South. If you had better things to do, then why did you come here to correct people, hypocrite? I corrected you, just like you corrected me, and now you're triggered. Boo hoo! Lol!

    • SophieSophs
      SophieSophs 7 months ago

      jjcp292 You are just a troll I am not replying again because I have better things to do. You didn’t even correct me because you were wrong you jackass. You don’t even know where this supposed comma should be. Also, you bringing up the comma issue is not a spelling error, which is what the topic was. You are talking about a grammatical error. Comma or no comma, you are a loser. If you have time time to pick on people’s posts for “typos”, you are a genuine loser and you are letting everyone reading your posts know that😁. I was simply saying if you are going to try and call someone out about spelling, you better look twice at your own post first. I am not the one correcting people you are. GET IT NOW THAT I HAVE SPELLED IT OUT (no pun intended)! Hahah. Piece of trash.

    • Deep South
      Deep South 7 months ago

      except you didnt correct her dumbass...just stop already...youre a moron, we get it...

  • MrHogslice
    MrHogslice 7 months ago +2

    The Last Jedi looks like it's going to be a great movie. I can't wait to see it.

    • Install
      Install 7 months ago +3

      Kevin Morales if youre on the internet for "maturity" i have bad news for you

    • KIKITO 1274
      KIKITO 1274 7 months ago +1

      MrHogslice wow really mature

  • Richard Incandela
    Richard Incandela 7 months ago +5

    Well hopefully it hit some terrorists

    • TheWanderer ADP
      TheWanderer ADP 7 months ago

      lol i just watched inuyashiki episode 6 that fat kid is u. haha

    • don't give up
      don't give up 7 months ago

      you are alive , so ?

    • Richard Incandela
      Richard Incandela 7 months ago

      Milad Abedi and btw, since 1979 your government has been repeatedly accused of funding terrorist groups. You’re ignorant if you didn’t know that

    • Milad Abedi
      Milad Abedi 7 months ago +1

      Richard Incandela isnt it better to study and do a little bit of research before insulting people ??
      i dont care about those brainwashed sick animals who we call terrorist but here are some facts...
      0 iranian ordinary citizens have been involved in any kind of terrorist shit in any place on this planet ever ...
      iranians are mostly shia (many atheist or Christian unofficially )
      and organizations like isis , bukuharam , taliban , jenhatalnosra , al qaede and... which are classified as terrorist organizations by the UN are fucking sunni !!! do you know these are deferent bunch of people ?!
      but i dont blame you because people get most of their information from shitty fake media and they portray iran very bad so i understand 😉
      but its fucking 21st century ; social media is everywhere use it to see the true face of countries and i hope someday you have a nice little trip to my country so you could see the truth .

  • Johnny Aingel
    Johnny Aingel 7 months ago

    First mexico and now here very ominous

    • Tony Juarez
      Tony Juarez 7 months ago

      I was there but califorina feels likes going to be hit

  • blastro
    blastro 7 months ago

    This shouldn't be trending. TVclip rigged this shit.

  • Robert Sistrunk
    Robert Sistrunk 7 months ago


  • KT
    KT 7 months ago

    Shock and awe USA

  • blacksonne eightyeight
    blacksonne eightyeight 7 months ago

    Couldn't have been a 9.7!? Damn.

    • jjcp292
      jjcp292 7 months ago +2

      bkackstone eightyeight Please stop flashing your IQ level on here.

    • David Fisher
      David Fisher 7 months ago +8

      How about a 9.11

  • Matthew DeFreitas
    Matthew DeFreitas 7 months ago +5

    "Oh no" - Knuckles the Echidna

  • Isabella C
    Isabella C 7 months ago +46

    Sending Love and prayers to those suffering through this devastation!

    • Antwan
      Antwan 7 months ago

      Deep South
      It ultimately will depend on the prayer on what’s being asked is false hope or not. Regardless, it helps for the people to strive for better times rather than make rash decisions when hopeless like suicide or just depressed.

    • Deep South
      Deep South 7 months ago +2

      Antwan so basically you want to bullshit people with false hope.

  • Donavon Steele
    Donavon Steele 7 months ago


  • Barry
    Barry 7 months ago +11

    Mother nature’s way of telling people to stop fighting war for oil along Iran, Iraq, Syria, etc

    • Jiggly Puff
      Jiggly Puff 6 months ago

      blacksonne eightyeight First off, this thread is a month old. Second off, I can't understand what you were trying to say because you can't seem to form a coherent sentence. That being said, it looks like a bunch of stereotypical ignorant bullshit, so your argument is invalid as hurling insults does not further prove your point. Talk again in a month :)

    • blacksonne eightyeight
      blacksonne eightyeight 6 months ago

      It's not for oil it's for religious reasons, an believing land was stolen from them. Just like Isreal an palestine. So glad Trump hey Palestine, Jerusalem is Isreals capital. You can stop throwing Rocks and catapulting dead goats.

    • Joe
      Joe 7 months ago

      Barry if what you say were true that earthquake would have struck the US.

    • Jiggly Puff
      Jiggly Puff 7 months ago


  • Leo Mendoza
    Leo Mendoza 7 months ago +17

    This breaks my heart. 🌎

  • There Their They're
    There Their They're 7 months ago +2

    Well, mother nature doesn't discriminate!

  • Spartacus Smith
    Spartacus Smith 7 months ago +60

    Official Battlefield 3 Remastered Teaser Trailer

    • Adrian_ Zombturtle
      Adrian_ Zombturtle 7 months ago

      Lol i dont get buti like this comment cos i like that game

    • Julio Luna
      Julio Luna 7 months ago

      shaan malik you mad bro?

    • warden 227
      warden 227 7 months ago

      shaan malik someone's salty

    • David Steck
      David Steck 7 months ago

      The top zinger on this video. Congrats millennials are proud of you

  • Mariano Galarza
    Mariano Galarza 7 months ago +31

    My prayers and hope to the loss. God Bless

    • mohammed hunter
      mohammed hunter 7 months ago

      KT I can't believe there still some atheists ask this question

    • Antwan
      Antwan 7 months ago

      You’ve said that before in another comment which makes you seem like you’re pushing a religious agenda. Let’s try to be more civil and respect the religions other people have regardless of your own beliefs. Everyone ends up happy and no rash behavior or devastating outcomes would occur.

    • KT
      KT 7 months ago

      Mariano Galarza bible says God makes everything so God causes this, God is evil not Adam and eve

  • Daniell Rider
    Daniell Rider 7 months ago +19

    *This had nothing to do with hating trump* #fakenews

  • god emperor almighty forefather TRUMP

    praise allah hopefully allah puts more earthquakes

    • The Dude
      The Dude 7 months ago +1

      god emperor almighty forefather TRUMP Here's to the health of the next mass shooter.

    • Chidvi Doddi
      Chidvi Doddi 7 months ago +5

      god emperor almighty forefather TRUMP hope God creates more perverts like you

  • just me
    just me 7 months ago +35

    Praise Jesus

    • Flow
      Flow 7 months ago

      Barnabas Born We will never know if God is real or not. Your life is a lie. Kill yourself

    • Lala Echart
      Lala Echart 7 months ago

      There is no god.

    • Ben Schofield
      Ben Schofield 7 months ago

      Kevin Morales you are the one that needs proof, you're making the claim

    • KIKITO 1274
      KIKITO 1274 7 months ago

      MyOpinionMatters -_- where’s your proof ?

  • SmokeSeshSquad420
    SmokeSeshSquad420 7 months ago +15

    Nice about time Iran gets hit hard.

    • don't give up
      don't give up 7 months ago

      Las Vegas (veguz) , texas , gg wp mass shouting sound to me best music :)
      when will it happen again so I drink up a wine for it for good ?

    • artie lusk
      artie lusk 7 months ago

      SuperSar79 how many donations came in from Iran? Are you kidding me?

    • pity pirate
      pity pirate 7 months ago +5

      SmokeSeshSquad420 you're a pathetic little man.

    • SmokeSeshSquad420
      SmokeSeshSquad420 7 months ago +2

      blue 90915 see the Muslims hijacked Iran. What do you think the Iranian leader and politicians all wear those goofy scarves over they heads because their all a bunch of Muslim asshole the same as them Muslim from Saudi Arabia fighting each other over which one of there Muslim beliefs are real.

  • Faku my Laifu
    Faku my Laifu 7 months ago +74

    These people have it so hard :(

    • artie lusk
      artie lusk 7 months ago +1

      m0ng I wish all of antifa would die in an earthquake. The country would be a better place

    • Another 90 days to change this
      Another 90 days to change this 7 months ago +1

      +Robert Reyes It's a joke since Antifa people think they are special and their lives are the worst.

    • Robert Reyes
      Robert Reyes 7 months ago

      I’ve never heard of antifa

    • Unknown Archive
      Unknown Archive 7 months ago +1

      Bad ideology will make a bad environment

    • WikiTroll
      WikiTroll 7 months ago

      ;kegjvnw Pardo[pi3rrvojfeiwv no they dont Antifa does.