Turning a $10 Original Xbox into an awesome Emulation device | MVG

  • Published on Mar 18, 2019
  • Watch how I transform a $10 Original Xbox Thift Store find to an awesome device that in 2019 still provides a compelling emulation and homebrew experience.

    ► Rocky 5 SoftMod Files - github.com/Rocky5/Xbox-Softmodding-Tool
    ► MrMario2011 Softmod Tutorial - tvclip.biz/video/lW6QsGXTrFQ/video.html
    ► XBMC-EmuStation Files - github.com/Rocky5/XBMC-Emustation
    ► Rocky 5's Channel - tvclip.biz/user/JCRocky5

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  • Chronik Spartan Games
    Chronik Spartan Games 5 months ago +539

    Xbox is a true legend of a console!!
    One of my favourite consoles still to game on. Xbox and the Dreamcast are two machines that really feel like arcade quality gaming!

    • Concons gaming channel
      Concons gaming channel 15 days ago

      Chronik Spartan Games Dreamcast...GameCube better

    • Billy-wayne Jeffcoat
      Billy-wayne Jeffcoat 23 days ago

      @Prince Groove A.K.A. Your Favorite Pony Boy well unrivaled performance of that generation is a wrong way if looking at it. The GameCube was right on the Xbox heels in terms of power. The only thing that hindered the GameCube is it's use of mini DVDs

    • Fcyryl Guray
      Fcyryl Guray 27 days ago +1

      and PS2

    • Jason Hull
      Jason Hull Month ago +1

      Chronik don't forget the Saturn for fighters.

    • ThunderHorsePyro
      ThunderHorsePyro Month ago

      TG16 games are not recognized.

  • Peter O'Donnell
    Peter O'Donnell Day ago

    Can I pay someone to do this for me,I'm crap at computers!

  • CraftyMaelyss
    CraftyMaelyss Day ago +2

    Hi, I'm using Splinter cell and I'm wondering do I load from checkpoints or level?

  • Martin Corbeil
    Martin Corbeil Day ago +1

    I'd like to know if it will run gamecube and ps2 games?

  • TAG Media
    TAG Media Day ago

    It's now possible to software overclock the FSB and GPU, making the Xbox even better! github.com/WulfyStylez/XBOverclock/releases

  • Wayward One
    Wayward One 4 days ago

    Xbox was a beast back in the day.

  • Ashe XII
    Ashe XII 4 days ago

    Can you do that on ps 3 to emulate PC very low spec. LOL

  • Tony Atliss
    Tony Atliss 5 days ago

    How do I fix a Error 13?

  • Circuits and Cigars
    Circuits and Cigars 5 days ago

    Love the shirt #C128

  • That Guy
    That Guy 5 days ago +2

    I'm in the U.S, and never seen or heard of one for $10

    • D F
      D F 2 days ago

      Look online eBay, Facebook, Craigslist. I bought one at a flea market for 20 dollars

    • Collin Kenny
      Collin Kenny 4 days ago

      I know! I'd love to find an original xbox for $10.

  • colecross24
    colecross24 5 days ago

    What game was that he had pre mod where that dude was shooting down trees and at that plane

  • Tom Gellert
    Tom Gellert 5 days ago

    No HDMI = deal breaker for me

  • Twisted_Metal_2
    Twisted_Metal_2 5 days ago

    I don’t know where your finding it for $10 even colored n64s go for $100

  • HpoloGaming
    HpoloGaming 5 days ago

    This was so informative. Gave me a new perspective on buying one in the future

  • patrick3376
    patrick3376 6 days ago

    I recently picked up one from a older lady around 73.. Her son bought her the xbox to play a casino game. She played it aroumd 5 times and then put it in a plastic zip up bag and put it in her closet.. I was so happy to pick this up.. Thus thing looks like it was just purchaed new. And they condition of the controller bring a tear to my eye...😁

  • Crypto Legend
    Crypto Legend 6 days ago

    First of all, OG playstation will always be reigning champ. Second, not watching this garbage

    • BreakingBeJammin
      BreakingBeJammin 6 days ago

      Crypto Legend Anyone who still argues about which console is "champ" needs to grow up

  • ツzExtrem
    ツzExtrem 6 days ago

    11:29 Ghost n goblins Italian bootleg, lol

  • MarcusDaNoobGamer
    MarcusDaNoobGamer 6 days ago +1

    I don't have the skill to I'll install mod chips. So I stick to soft mod without opening the console.

  • batman west
    batman west 7 days ago

    U should sell these id order one

  • teethgrinder07
    teethgrinder07 7 days ago

    I'm at a crossroads. My Xbox was modded but was modded to work at 720p/1080p with coin-ops.l, which it obviously didn't output. It was just stretched and looks awful on a hdtv, on a crt it doesn't work. And now the disc drive is fucked I think.

  • Braheem Hazeem
    Braheem Hazeem 7 days ago

    coin ops is the best thing for xbox

  • Gun Runner
    Gun Runner 7 days ago

    To much work

  • Allan / InfiniDrift
    Allan / InfiniDrift 7 days ago

    Just bought one after watching your videos. I hope I can put the emulators on it!

  • Will Berry
    Will Berry 8 days ago

    🤦‍♂️ We did this 20 years ago

  • Joeanthony Yulfo
    Joeanthony Yulfo 8 days ago

    5:02 i used a psp 1000, 2000, and 3000 with a 1gb (not sure if any other size work) memory card inserted and it works as long at the psp is on of course. i couldn't find a the right usb flashdrive of any other drive that the xbox could read until i almost gave up and tried the psp method :3

  • Kenneth Loung
    Kenneth Loung 8 days ago +1

    can you boot your original xbox games from this menu

  • Auto1lija* MKWii
    Auto1lija* MKWii 8 days ago

    11:19 SYSTSEMS

  • Josh Grounds
    Josh Grounds 9 days ago

    Just picked one up for 20 bucks with controller and all cables. Even a game inside of it.

  • What_Zen
    What_Zen 9 days ago

    My disc drive doesn't read games. Is there any way to softmod my console without having to play a game? I don't have the money for a replacement laser, but i have the usb to xbox female cord lying around.

  • Ivan Barajas
    Ivan Barajas 9 days ago

    Whats the game at .46 seconds. I us to play it on my gameboy. I cant remember the name

  • FreestylinSteve
    FreestylinSteve 10 days ago

    XMC4XBOX until it became Kodi. That was actually my first foray into what would be called a bootleg HTPC I guess. I remember installing the first version released on XboxHQ. Streaming smb from my desktop tower and playing shoutcast radio all on my OG Xbox. I have about six of these bitches still all hacked up today. The last two I never fully went with XBMC4XBOX(Kodi) and stuck with that Revolution or Unity dash or whatever it was called that would be installed first. I changed my setup though once the Ouya came out and let that handle my XBMC4XBOX (by this time it was Kodi) and once I got my Shield that pretty much became it. I kinda have this urge to load up Filezilla and see if theres any new updates actually for the OG Xbox Kodi/XBMC4XBOX. I know there was a way you could update/upgrade within XBMC4XBOX but I always just ftp'd everything over to rewrite the old stuff and it seemed good to go. So much memories with this bad boy. 👍🏽

  • Tasneem Uddin
    Tasneem Uddin 11 days ago

    It almost seems that the OG XBOX is doing N64 emulation better than a Playstation Classic, WTF!

  • Lexicon Devil
    Lexicon Devil 12 days ago

    Found an Xbox in the rubbish yesterday.
    Will be spending my Friday night modding it ...

  • Orochi Rossi
    Orochi Rossi 12 days ago

    He said "bad ass"! I'm telling on yoooou!

  • randy dread
    randy dread 12 days ago

    Did that years ago. Changed the hard drive with emulators with every single game ever existed.

  • GreenMasterMike
    GreenMasterMike 13 days ago

    New subscriber I am blown away from the knowledge you are putting out brother.Do you have a TV channel or do you have a game store?Love the videos brother keep them coming

  • bartjuhhh
    bartjuhhh 13 days ago

    i love to pick one up but i have to much console's atm

  • Azure Fuentes
    Azure Fuentes 14 days ago

    original xbox over any rasberrypi/android

  • Bryant Hurley
    Bryant Hurley 15 days ago

    Hello. I followed mr Mario's tutorial the the letter. After going to xplorer 360 and copying all files over to my flashdrive, I plugged it into the Xbox. On the memory menu, the flash drive shows up but my files aren't on it. I've reached out to him, but no luck. Someone please help.

  • Salut Salut
    Salut Salut 15 days ago

    Where do you find one whith 10 $ ?

  • tecknos africa
    tecknos africa 15 days ago

    heard you had to solder extra ram chip on the pcb in order to get full speed in emulation

  • Ovan
    Ovan 16 days ago

    Xbox OG Prone to YLOD..but I love it😎

  • Jerome Poggi
    Jerome Poggi 17 days ago +1

    Hi.The softmod works on all Xboxes (ver 1 to 1.6) without removing capacitors.

  • Miguel Marte
    Miguel Marte 17 days ago

    Wow man so many memories !

  • Melvin flint
    Melvin flint 18 days ago

    You lost me man u really lost me or this is just an old video

  • Johan Krüger Haglert
    Johan Krüger Haglert 18 days ago

    Which ghouls 'n ghosts are that and is the Playstation Classic better or worse at running emulators than the original Xbox?

  • GAMER&AL Reyes
    GAMER&AL Reyes 19 days ago

    I still got my xbox orginal and play almost all the game emulator

  • Bassquake
    Bassquake 20 days ago

    12:33 Cool. Did Sir Lemonhead complete the xbox port of AvP??

  • Cat M
    Cat M 21 day ago

    I would love to know how to go back to the menu when I play original xbox games. It seems the only way I can is to turn off the console and restart again.
    Is there a combo of buttons we can press to trigger the menu?

    • Cat M
      Cat M 20 days ago

      @nashismox3 Hi! I had one since 2002 but just bought a used one who happened to be modded so I was wondering how to reset. I'm gonna try it out. Thanks a lot!

    • nashismox3
      nashismox3 20 days ago +1

      hahaha, I just got my FIRST original Xbox here in south america! And the way you do that is: push L and R triggers together with back and black button all at the same time. If I remember correctly.

  • Dave Tech
    Dave Tech 21 day ago

    Does it play PS1 and N64 good ?

  • Jess
    Jess 21 day ago

    Oop I almost thought the first second of ur intro was my unclosed pornhub tab

  • deliverence rise
    deliverence rise 23 days ago +1

    Make a follow-up video please

  • ChipCookie11
    ChipCookie11 23 days ago

    How do you get your games out? 1:01

  • Fright F0000
    Fright F0000 24 days ago +3

    No it didnt start homebrew revolution, DreamCast did. Facts mate FACTS.

  • StormTrigger
    StormTrigger 26 days ago +1

    Isn't Xbox just a second dreamcast?

  • CaptainUKnowWho
    CaptainUKnowWho 28 days ago

    I still have my moded xbox.

  • ushilives3
    ushilives3 29 days ago

    Where is xbmc options to get homebrew? I installed Rocky5 then swapped hard drives with 2tb origins but the layout is totally different

  • Manny Chapp
    Manny Chapp Month ago

    Superb. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • HolweckStage89
    HolweckStage89 Month ago

    You and Mario inspired me to get an OG Xbox when I moved to the states from the UK (left my old one back in England). I'm reliving my childhood and it is amazing how well so many of the games have aged and how smoothly many of the emulators work! Keep spreading the word mate :)

  • JYGamingGuys
    JYGamingGuys Month ago

    You inspired me to go out and buy an original Xbox to mod it.
    I made my Wii the ultimate modded machine in the past and I now want to do the same with the Xbox.
    Thank you

    MUS MIH Month ago

    Looks hard

  • Sly Coon
    Sly Coon Month ago

    Where I'm at I find Xboxs in really good shape even have a few gave to me only problem is the DVD drives are wore out gears and belts are usually broken mostly gears though and those people were gamer's to

  • Eugene Shcherbakov
    Eugene Shcherbakov Month ago

    $10 ? No prices like this in my city

  • ZX Spectrum 128K
    ZX Spectrum 128K Month ago

    Go 64 can't you type commode?!

  • Julian Delgadillo
    Julian Delgadillo Month ago

    If I softmodded my system with the old method can I still install emustation?

  • Malcolm Martin
    Malcolm Martin Month ago +2

    This is my favorite system too im about to follow your guide i hope it works thanks for the info💯

  • Jason Hull
    Jason Hull Month ago

    Awesome ty.

  • Joseph Gonzalez
    Joseph Gonzalez Month ago

    wow xbox 2001

  • swthero
    swthero Month ago

    I recently was given a free working Xbox and was thinking ok emulation mod then I saw this video and just gave up So much work.

  • Beres Andrei
    Beres Andrei Month ago

    Where can ii find the iso games to download and upload on the console? Ii use filezila to upload with my router and my Xbox Dashbord is EvoX. Can anyone help me please? Thank you

  • Chris Crossan
    Chris Crossan Month ago

    That Speedball 2 music brought back memories! One of the few games I could consistently beat my mates at.

  • Zach Ronspees
    Zach Ronspees Month ago

    MVG; Of all the consoles you have modded which one is your favorite/go to (ie one for mobile/portable gaming and the other for being more stationary).

  • Steve Tsokev
    Steve Tsokev Month ago

    Great find! Can someone refresh my memory - what was the game at 12:28 called?

    • Bradbury Robinson
      Bradbury Robinson Month ago +1

      Looks like some variant of Megaman to me and a quick Google indicates that he does indeed look like that. I don't know where that came from as I haven't played a console for about twenty years now, but it must be lodged in my brain somewhere!

  • K-MTB
    K-MTB Month ago

    only problem......Xbox is TOO BIG

    PACK CHASE Month ago

    I dont like arcade gaming. Now what?