Hannity on Democrats' 'Soviet-style' impeachment inquiry

  • Published on Oct 23, 2019
  • The whole process is corrupt, lacking all due process and constitutional protections. #Hannity #FoxNews
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Comments • 3 874

  • Sargent Stony
    Sargent Stony 15 days ago

    You guys do know Republican congressmen and women’s are INSIDE these “secret, Soviet style, coup attempt, meetings” and they can ask questions. They are on the committee’s.
    Fox News and Hannity here just keep telling you that because they think you are easily scared morons! I’m sorry.
    Also Mueller said publicly that his report DID NOT “totally exonerate” Trump. And he said Trump can be charged with crimes after he leaves office. Hannity here just keep SAYING Trump was “totally exonerated” because he thinks you guys are idiots.

  • beatlemania54
    beatlemania54 15 days ago

    Isn't it sad thing that these Fox news watchers don't understand how the judicial system actually works. Hannity lying about no Republicans being in on the questioning of the whistleblowers. It's called due process folks. And this is exactly how the Republicans did it. Radical left? Ha Ha Really radical alright.

    • beatlemania54
      beatlemania54 13 days ago

      @Darc Mac You do understand that there were Republicans involved in those " secret hearings". All that, bull the Republicans were throwing out there about not being involved was just to make it look bad. Now, it is all going to be in the open. We'll see how you feel then, about those weasels your standing up for. Oh ,I forgot . One thing you won't see is Trumps tax returns. And tell me why do you think he is trying to keep them so guarded?

    • Darc Mac
      Darc Mac 14 days ago

      This is not the judiciary. It's the Legislature. And this is NOT how it works. This is an inquisition. It's insidious persecution of the leader of our nation. Period. Where is the due process? Please explain how secret hearings and secret transcripts constitute due process. This is truly Soviet-style persecution. Please explain how the Dems have tried three times to impeach Trump on three completely different "crimes" constitute anything BUT a witch-hunt. Each time, they only expose themselves to be liars.
      You can ignore Fox news, and enslave yourself to the Communist News Network all you want, but this is all about trying to unseat a duly elected president for the crime of nothing more than winning an election against a Demoncrat in 2016. This is all about the Left's lust for power. But the American people spoke loud and clear in 2016 and we'll do it again in 2020.

  • Vladimir Trumpenstein
    Vladimir Trumpenstein 15 days ago

    Don't forget the Democrats also have a Soviet plant as a witness. Records show he had personally signed an oath to fight capitalist oppression before emigrating at 30 months old.

  • Andrew Setzer
    Andrew Setzer 17 days ago

    Impeach the left.

  • Haha Hehe
    Haha Hehe 17 days ago

    You still Don’t get it, do you??? It’s NOT Soviet style, it’s ALL COMMUNIST CHINA style. It’s China& Democrats collusion all along.
    THE BIG PANDA IN ROOM.... and no one wants say the word Ch.....

  • Mar
    Mar 17 days ago

    LINDSEY IS A BUFFOON! Worse than the Dump with small hands!

  • peter mckenzie
    peter mckenzie 18 days ago

    Hannity, public enemy no 1

  • beatlemania54
    beatlemania54 19 days ago

    Hannity. Ha Ha You are the corrupt. A witch hunt? You lie!!!!!

  • robert b
    robert b 20 days ago

    What he says is simply not true. A 46000000 a year performer. This is not a trial, it’s an investigation.

  • Juan Trevino
    Juan Trevino 20 days ago

    Ok people thus is how it goes.
    Putin lets hannidy suck his nut sack while pounds trump doggy style

  • Josh Gorman
    Josh Gorman 20 days ago

    Soviet style? The sad part is unintelligent people will buy this crap

    • beatlemania54
      beatlemania54 15 days ago

      Your right. these people only watch Fox news instead of weighing all the facts and realizing Fox is the only channel that has all these foolish , ignorant propaganda lies only about the Democrats. Doesn't that ring a bell in any of these Trump supporters heads. Nobody can be that stupid to believe all of the Fox nonsense, can they? Every sense Trump has called it "Fake News" they don't believe anything any other news companies report. It is so easy to see these people following the Anti-Christ.

  • chocolate*
    chocolate* 20 days ago +1

    People, don't trust the polling sites, they're crooked i know cause i worked the voting polls. Don't trust mailing your ballot in after you filled it out. Don't trust ANYONE with your ballot. Take your ballot directly to your local county elections department.

  • chocolate*
    chocolate* 20 days ago +1

    Those lazy republicans in congress need to be doing a lot more to protect us Americans

  • chocolate*
    chocolate* 20 days ago +1

    Those lazy republicans in congress need to do more to protect us Americans

  • HealthyHappy Senior
    HealthyHappy Senior 20 days ago

    As long as these folks violate the laws of our nation, they need to NOT RECEIVE ANY SALARY! IT IS A CON JOB, AND SHAME ON THEM. NO SALARIES FOR THESE HEINOUS FOLKS!

  • Safehouse
    Safehouse 20 days ago


  • __ katsuhiro__
    __ katsuhiro__ 20 days ago

    good job hannity!! good job!! good boy, goooood dog....

  • Harry TC
    Harry TC 20 days ago

    And an Obama Judge decided it was perfectly OK to try a person in secret, if it was a trial against a Conservative!

    • C Sil
      C Sil 18 days ago

      Might I offer you an egg in this trying time?

  • 46vblondie
    46vblondie 20 days ago

    Please get your news from CBS, ABC, NBC, NPR... not here.
    This is pure propaganda, slanted, confusing and not helping you or your neighbors.
    A judge has ruled the House is following the constitution.

  • William Eastman
    William Eastman 20 days ago


  • JM P
    JM P 20 days ago

    100% Sean. The corrosive Dems & deep state is now embedded in & implemented by all Australia's: MSM, politics & the public's blind beleif in them. The sad truth. KAG

  • Ramen Vermicelli
    Ramen Vermicelli 20 days ago

    Why don't Republicans ever defend the fact that Trump violated the Constitution and threatened our national security for his own political gain? They just go after the process. When you can't pound the facts, pound the table.

  • Ramen Vermicelli
    Ramen Vermicelli 20 days ago

    Just rip off that bandage, Republicans. Let's get rid of Trump and begin the healing process.

  • drdellaman
    drdellaman 20 days ago

    Say whatever you want Sean, spin and distort to your hearts content. It won't matter. All the facts will come out in public hearings next month, and the majority of Americans will understand that this ignorant, corrupt president needs to be removed from office. Then the Senators will have to consider their place in history.

  • star thrower
    star thrower 21 day ago

    "Soviet-style' is the new Republican talking point that's been fed to Hannity at GOP Propaganda Headquarters (FOX). A better term would be 'shadow foreign policy' operated by Guliani and his goon squad.

    • beatlemania54
      beatlemania54 19 days ago

      Wow, finally hearing people with an actual brain. Can you believe some of these people?

  • Jeff Nelson
    Jeff Nelson 21 day ago

    If he gets impeached he can literally be re-elected twice more. 12 years of Trump is fine with me. But I don’t think they will impeach him. I trust “the plan”

  • Lets go Trump 2020
    Lets go Trump 2020 21 day ago

    About time you guys started comparing these people to the Soviet Union

  • griiseknoen
    griiseknoen 21 day ago

    *Trump is guilty as sin.* You can't deny the fact, so you attack the process.
    "Soviet-style"? That's pathetic. TRUMP is the authoritarian ruler demanding to be above the law.
    Everything that was bad about Soviet-Russia is now represented by the Trump administration and it's own Pravda propaganda media: THIS VERY CHANNEL.

  • Gary Schultz
    Gary Schultz 21 day ago

    How many Millions do you get paid $36 Mill.
    And all you have to do for it is lie......

  • NECRO 666
    NECRO 666 21 day ago

    Little Lindsey is a crock pot and a MORON! politician 4life.Drain the swamp.

  • Gary Schultz
    Gary Schultz 21 day ago

    I'll thank Trump when he is dead !

  • Gary Schultz
    Gary Schultz 21 day ago

    Stop Already,
    Hannity, do you realize just how Stupid You sound.
    Let the Inquiry proceed then they will decide weather or not to proceed.

  • Gary Schultz
    Gary Schultz 21 day ago

    It's an Inquiry........... it is due processes.
    I don't see this Mob your talking about.
    I do see Trump as a Bumbling Idiot that can't speak a competent sentence.

  • Gary Schultz
    Gary Schultz 21 day ago

    Hannity is totally off his Rocker !!!

  • Ken DeLancy
    Ken DeLancy 21 day ago

    120+ Republicans are in the room with Democrats, so they are part of it right?

  • JR McGee
    JR McGee 21 day ago

    Time to rise up and remove all of them doing things in secrecy.

    • C Sil
      C Sil 18 days ago

      I eat eggs in secrecy.

  • Meg
    Meg 21 day ago

    Come on now, Fox fans. Time to let go. Fox News jumped the shark A LONG time ago. All the moral newsmen have left Fox. Perhaps the moral viewers should do the same. HANNITY is a criminal, guys.. running with the Trump flock. Toss off the MAGAt hats, or share your place with the other shameful citizens that betray the constitution to support a criminal. Time is up.

  • I AM
    I AM 21 day ago

    youtube is flooding their trending with 2 second blurbs of your shows for every search. we have to go to the bottom of the list to find actual full shows or reports hannity.

  • Meg
    Meg 21 day ago

    So I had to come over here from PATRIOTIC New England, to see why you MAGAts believe this Hannity tool. This man is dodging and weaving - this is NOT news, folks - its Rupert Murdoch Clan's propaganda warfare megaphone, and you guys gotta come out of this fascist bubble. Youre siding with the bad guys, folks. Republicans are sold out, CORRUPT Dems are sold out, scaring you, addling you. AOC is A-OK, Bernie is on the side of the people. If you think the people exist for your exploitation and racist attacks, YOU are the enemy within. So how is it gonna be, MAGAts? You gonna go down swingin' against the PEOPLE? Against E Pluribus Unum? Enough. Enough fear and loathing, hatred, and treating your country like a sports game. NO defending criminals and treasonous men in our high places so you can make a buck, or defend a blastula while beating up on the babes.

  • salbeik
    salbeik 21 day ago

    Ohhh look its Sean Hannity...he's a LIAR

  • Marnorie H White
    Marnorie H White 21 day ago

    I am watching Graham.

  • Marnorie H White
    Marnorie H White 21 day ago


  • jefman36
    jefman36 21 day ago

    Just look at Schiff’s eyes. There is absolutely no soul behind them. He is nothing but a robot for the Democratic Party pushing their destructive policies against the American people

    • C Sil
      C Sil 18 days ago

      Please enjoy an egg in this trying time.

  • Connie Coffey
    Connie Coffey 21 day ago

    Why is it the Democrates can accuse and search for dirt on Trump and they scream foul if Trump calls for any info on one of the Democrates?

  • Matt M
    Matt M 21 day ago

    A lot of Republicans, including myself, think you’re a moron. Keep up the embarrassment to further discredit yourself you self proclaimed OPINION talk show host.

  • Neel Halli
    Neel Halli 21 day ago

    I guess no one gets arrested because they need Dems approval to gets anything done. The Dems controll the proceedings on all congressional matters. So Trump is showing the corrupt bias and the deep state operation mockingbird.

  • Neel Halli
    Neel Halli 21 day ago

    It is a take down like a Corporate Liberals in Charge, the PC polic3.

  • g hough
    g hough 21 day ago

    Biden-Ukraine....I smell a fishy rat...Look for the $ who benefits?...Track it down investigative journalist's...Are there any non biased journalist's out there anymore?

  • g hough
    g hough 21 day ago

    Shifty schiff reminds me of the snake from the old cartoon movie jungle book...A real snake

  • Geek Thomas
    Geek Thomas 21 day ago

    This is the funniest thing I've ever heard. The democrats are a "lawless mob"??? How about those congressman that tried to get in a scif with electronic devices, violating the law that was created to protect sensitive and classified information? Jesus Christ. How about instead of spewing adjectives you start looking at facts and have a critical think about what is going on.

  • Linda Westfall
    Linda Westfall 21 day ago

    How can they get away with this? Is it really worth losing your souls?

  • Spirit Anon
    Spirit Anon 21 day ago

    OMG! Trump is guilty of colluding with Pennsylvania and the military! LOL, he asked both for a favor. You're all going down deep state! Trump has proved there is a hidden government. Now it's time to take it down!

  • Pits McGoo
    Pits McGoo 21 day ago

    There's no proof that Trump ever did anything.

    • C Sil
      C Sil 18 days ago

      He ate eggs on December 17, 1983, I have video evidence.

  • Colinvann Bohemen
    Colinvann Bohemen 21 day ago

    Is this the comedy hour or what? rest assured senile sean that all due processes are in place and that the only corruption evident emanates from Trump himself.

  • walter harris
    walter harris 21 day ago

    Graham don’t want to interfere because the two men and old mayor has a drug deal gone bad. That’s why they took pictures. Soviet Base men, he should have lift the sanctions on Russia. All come back to you in crime. Russia will tell.

  • Gene Duclo
    Gene Duclo 21 day ago

    This whole thing should be shut down and the Democrats should be arrested for a coup de gras

  • joshua tucker
    joshua tucker 21 day ago

    Maybe all this secrecy because the Dem party is tired of embarrassing themselves publicly LMAO

  • Ryan Duran
    Ryan Duran 21 day ago +1

    Trump loves Russia. He should be fine with it, then.

  • MrDJMuziq
    MrDJMuziq 21 day ago

    With all the fact facing this president and his group of corrupt cronies..look how many people in that group are either behind bars or under indictment. Thus guy Hannity is a mouth piece of 45 what's with all of the name calling and low blows..You're a joke and not a real journalist (muckraker) comes to mind.. Trust me your day in court is coming I'll bet Trump will throw you under the bus and backup.. You folks watching this clown is really indicative of the type people you are misinformed, misguided, and for lack of a better word just plain ignorant

  • Stephen Palmer
    Stephen Palmer 21 day ago

    The Anti-Democratic Party and "Madam President" must be the worst losers in history.