How to Make Your Old Car Run Like New!!

  • Published on Oct 3, 2016
  • Hey guys, I thought I'd give these tips to making your car run better. This is especially focused on old cars, that do not run very well, burn a lot of gas, and just don't run the way they used to. These tips are designed to help you fix your car's performance problems.
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  • Gary Meola
    Gary Meola 3 days ago

    Everybody’s a mechanic

  • Bryan Chance
    Bryan Chance 3 days ago +1

    Some people don't do preventive maintenance. They only do something if the car finally break down and is not drivable. My brother does that... LOL

  • dougjstl1
    dougjstl1 4 days ago

    hands driving video hands watch the hands videos always better when they're driving hands watch the hands

  • Charmaine Cullimore
    Charmaine Cullimore 6 days ago +2

    You've covered all the areas for a smooth running car! thank you . excellent explanation and you kept my attention through out!

  • Ganesh man Lama
    Ganesh man Lama 9 days ago

    Suggestion no t bad.

  • Shi poopi
    Shi poopi 10 days ago

    Never use tap water for coolant always use distilled water to mix with your coolant you will never get scaling,been doing this for fourteen years and my system is clean as a whistle

  • Debbie J.
    Debbie J. 12 days ago +1

    I just had an interesting experience with my older car. I was driving on the freeway and my car just came to a dead stop. Scarey. I looked at my gauges and it said my car was overheating...I never saw any steam come out and I had checked my radiator water level the night before along with oil, etc. Lucky for me I had a couple of gallons of water that I travel with so I managed to get off the freeway and start driving again. But I was still overheating according to my gauge. I pulled over. A traffic cop came by and got me fixed up so that I had a full radiator of water and I drove home. I continued to drive cautiously for the next week. My gauge did not show overheating. I felt uneasy though...why did it happen in the first place. I made an appointment for an oil change and told my mechanic about it. He showed me the problem. The radiator cap has two aspects to it. It has a spring on the cap which, on my cap was broken. It is what helps keep water pressure stabilized. All my water had evaporated and it was not showing on my gauges. I almost blew up my engine for a $16.00 cap that I never would have thought to check. So people who have used cars..check the radiator cap and make sure the spring on it still works.

    • BigBossKeruda
      BigBossKeruda 5 days ago

      thanks for the tips.. really useful for me cause i want to buy an old car :)

  • DCAbsolutJohn1
    DCAbsolutJohn1 12 days ago

    WASH YOUR CAR & EMPTY TRASH - You'd be surprised how many people haven't washed their car in a year & have 50 lbs of crap in the trunk. That affects mileage. Waxing your car also gets you better gas mileage at higher speeds.

  • eyesalooking
    eyesalooking 13 days ago

    I notice that you have the manual wing windows. They provide great ventilation. Are you driving a Bronco II?

  • randy beard
    randy beard 17 days ago

    If it ain't Broken, don't Fix It...

  • elena olivares
    elena olivares 21 day ago +1

    We know that all cars running on liquid fuel or fuel that is only partially atomized will wast 80% of the fuel. . . and the engine will get dirty internally and need frequent maintenance . . you will get very poor fuel economy 15-20 mpg. not 300 - 800 mpg. which has been proven on an old model A Ford that was modified to run on the fuel vapor system back in the 1940's. As far as making your car run correctly you will have to make sure your alternator and battery are producing at least 12 volts because the fuel pump is designed to run on 12 volts as the other components are also. if the alternator is not producing 12 volts at the correct amperage your car may run poorly. for your safety keep the headlights clean and clear by water sanding with 1200 grit and coating with acrylic . . they will greatly increase the light on the road.

  • Jim La Marca
    Jim La Marca 24 days ago

    How do these tips apply to a 1936 Ford flat-head V-8 engine?

  • Ratel.H Badger
    Ratel.H Badger 26 days ago

    All of this is stuff that should be done in a standard service by a mechanic. Or something you can do yourself in a weekend.

  • Thom Oldroyd
    Thom Oldroyd 27 days ago +1

    I noticed you are driving around in a car with the check engine light on yet you're trying to tell me what I should do to keep my car running well?

    • Ryan Delaney
      Ryan Delaney 20 days ago

      @thom, mine probually runs and looks better

    • Ryan Delaney
      Ryan Delaney 20 days ago

      Thom Oldroyd it’s an abs light. I have the same truck

  • Reinaldo Gonzalez
    Reinaldo Gonzalez Month ago

    Minute 4:33, grease the front suspension system

  • Peter Northrup
    Peter Northrup Month ago

    How old are you?

  • ifeoluwa omidiran ganiyu

    please am having a gear problem with my Honda car accord Automatic, The Gear will not change until it get to 4000r/mins and the fuel consumption is high. we be glad if anyone can update me on how to solve the issue

    • Muddy Bottom
      Muddy Bottom 28 days ago

      ifeoluwa omidiran ganiyu check it has atf

  • truth tellor
    truth tellor Month ago

    Injectors are overlooked.....

  • Steven Pitt
    Steven Pitt 2 months ago

    you mean give your car a service ,,,,,,,,,,,,,easy

  • SuperGamer Guy_13
    SuperGamer Guy_13 3 months ago +1

    Henrico VA

  • Parzin Irani
    Parzin Irani 3 months ago

    nice video thanks !

  • Ty Ler
    Ty Ler 3 months ago

    #9 Get your check engine light dealt with...

  • Robert Jeffery
    Robert Jeffery 3 months ago

    If your air filter is dirty your car DOES NOT try to put in extra gasoline at all - If it is EFI it will put in less fuel because it gets a rich signal from the O2 sensor & if it is carburetted it will choke & flood

  • muhammad bin bilal
    muhammad bin bilal 4 months ago

    Plz any one can fix the problem if i switch on the ac in toyota platz 1000cc the break padel goes hard feel like it never go for stop

  • Jason Williams
    Jason Williams 4 months ago +1

    BUT, your ABS light is on! Haha.. Great video, subbed! :)

  • Elliott Malone
    Elliott Malone 4 months ago

    good video man!

  • Fernando Soares
    Fernando Soares 5 months ago

    Good advice! Thanks, brother🙏

    GREGG CHATMAN 5 months ago

    I really enjoyed the ride.

  • Gavin Monahan
    Gavin Monahan 5 months ago


  • erwin balolong
    erwin balolong 5 months ago

    Well that maintenance is for gasoline engine. How about diesel engine?

  • David Foster-Key
    David Foster-Key 5 months ago +7

    Christ just listening to you has dropped my IQ by 50%

  • Ryan Scherbluk
    Ryan Scherbluk 5 months ago

    No very first thing you should do is plug in your code reader and see if there’s any codes. Then you can take the proper actions moving forward. If there’s a miss fire code well then you know it could be the spark plugs if there’s a code for the brakes then you know could be ABS issues. It’s good to change things out but most time those things could still be running fine a simple 50 dollar code reader can save you lots of money being spent when you probably don’t have too. It’s peoples choices but I bought a used car and nothing was wrong with it I just changed a few things I wanted to but I went off what the computer was saying and it had no codes.

  • daniel david
    daniel david 6 months ago

    Most people know dumb shit😣😣😣😣😣.

  • Bill Wilson
    Bill Wilson 6 months ago

    Dude! Tune your car up! Really??? You must hang around a buncha dumb asses!

  • Mattie's Catz!
    Mattie's Catz! 6 months ago

    Great advice!

  • Mattie's Catz!
    Mattie's Catz! 6 months ago

    Is that a check engine light on?

  • joe carreon
    joe carreon 6 months ago

    I currently drive 2003 Dodge Dakota club cab V6 4speed Automatic SLT. 2 wheel drive it's an awesome truck super dependable, I bought it used out of a craigslist ad $2000 bucks .it Had 169,000. I ve driven it for 2 years it has over 200,000 on it now just been doing basic maintenance has everything I need stereo CD player A/C blows cold power steering power seat power locks tilt wheel tinted glass paint and interior still looks new has an extra seat in the back cloth interior plus. I avoid an expensive truck payment high insurance and high cost of tags every year at dmv. I like my old truck she s a keeper

  • robert fulton
    robert fulton 6 months ago

    You are not that smart when it comes to a car or truck ok so if you are using enough oil to notice you have bigger issues then needing to change it and in a early 90s ford like you have in that vid I suggest you do not flush your tranny could mock things loose that you don’t want floating around in the valve body fluid and a filter is ok you mentioned changing your plugs ok so you forgot for some a rotor bug and cap and plug wires if you don’t change those at the same time you may not be gaining any good at all that is called a tune up spark plugs cap rotor bug plug wires air filter and don’t forget the fuel filter that is a normal tune up so on some newer engines you have coil packs instead of cap rotor bug I totally agree on the tire rotation and properly inflated...I am not saying that you are doing things wrong just forgot some and want to help you on some things and give Lucas fuel treatment The next time you use injector cleaner it is a lot better than the off brand that most people buy

    RAY CHATWIN 6 months ago


  • AL M
    AL M 6 months ago

    These are all good suggestions. People tend to neglect these things. I would also say change your timing belt like it tells you in your book. (no book? then google it) Replace your wipers and check your lights too. Get the car in and check the brakes and steering and shocks.

  • singing4hope
    singing4hope 6 months ago

    My car is 12 going on 13. Thanks for the video. :)

  • John Wade
    John Wade 6 months ago +2

    Iets back up...step one.scan for codes about that engine lite. Just sayin'

  • Dawn french
    Dawn french 7 months ago +1

    Good tips to know, thanks for sharing.

  • Max P
    Max P 7 months ago

    Good advice homie

  • Israel Ortega
    Israel Ortega 7 months ago

    How can I make my old Honda be steadier. It runs great but when it's at a stop it's on the shaky side. Not much just a little. Or if I stop really quick it will want to shut off but it doesn't unless it's really low on gas. Any tips

  • Barry Rosen
    Barry Rosen 8 months ago +1

    yes we know I have a 1999 Plymouth grand caravan with just 80,659 miles it has not had a turn up

  • Rashaw Leggs
    Rashaw Leggs 8 months ago

    Great video & tips thanks

  • Brian Holder
    Brian Holder 8 months ago

    flush machines damage transmissions. if fluid brown or black its normally too late. that's the friction plates material that's in fluid cause you listen to dealer change intervals. Only drain and refill. To get cleaner just then drive 500 to 100 miles and change and then again. Be good. Or if have helper take feed hose to radiator cooler interrupt hose into 1 quart marked container turn car on till fills to one quart then turn off and keep repeating till you replace about 12 quarts at time. Safer method is first one.

  • Brian Holder
    Brian Holder 8 months ago

    You don't clean O2 sensors you replace them at 50to60k..

  • Brian Holder
    Brian Holder 8 months ago

    how dumb are you if u change a fuel filter at 100k. Very. try 30K and transmission fluid at 30k. never listen to scam ass dealers who give longer intervals or say its lifetime fluid. They do this to destroy your equipment and then rip you off for replacement now its out of warranty. Doing this will keep trans from failing and not having to pay arm and leg when your fuel pump fails from straining thru clogged filter.

  • Mike Kollin Conscious Power

    I did a tune up,. Spark plugs, new wires, replaced air filter, oil and oil filter, fuel filter and changed oil back from 10-40 weight to 5-30 weight. Put in a new PCV Valve, cleaned FiCV and tightened thermal valve, cleaned out MAP Sensor. Cleaned throttle body. And 7 weeks ago, put in 'Guaranteed to Pass' for smog test! This car is running better now than it has in over 12 years. I am blown away!! Idles perfectly and engine is super smooth like when it was new!!

  • Charles Te Huia
    Charles Te Huia 8 months ago

    Thank you for sharing this

  • Heathen The Heretic
    Heathen The Heretic 8 months ago

    Also, seafoam the crap outa your car. I puts that shit in everything

  • Follow Me
    Follow Me 9 months ago

    Clean or replace all sensors too.

  • TheBruces56
    TheBruces56 9 months ago

    Good advice but at the end of the day it's just PAY ATTENTION TO ROUTINE MAINTINACE which all of these "tips" are part of.

  • Zaki Khalil
    Zaki Khalil 9 months ago


  • Daniel Laidler
    Daniel Laidler 9 months ago

    Is that va beach going towards the courthouse?

  • Ihab Hassan
    Ihab Hassan 9 months ago

    Great video man, thank you so much.

  • Kavi Tha
    Kavi Tha 9 months ago

    lam.all day.goodluckmhlifecomein

  • Craig Edward Jensen
    Craig Edward Jensen 9 months ago

    3:00 useless if you have a carburettor in that case use something to clean out the carburettor