How Cheesy Is Pizza Hut's Double Cheesy Crust Pizza?

  • Published on May 1, 2018
  • Trying out the new Stuffed Crust Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut. Very cheesy! I'm wearing a blue windowpane mid 90s suit and an Art Deco necktie.
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Comments • 3 741

  • TheReportOfTheWeek
    TheReportOfTheWeek  8 months ago +661

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    • austen lockhart
      austen lockhart Month ago

      I like your tie this episode. Very classy.

    • kenneth hicks
      kenneth hicks 2 months ago

      TheReportOfTheWeek 889

    • John Beer
      John Beer 4 months ago

      TheReportOfTheWeek Pee-wee had a son🐨😨😺

    • John Beer
      John Beer 4 months ago

      TheReportOfTheWeek yenko me bawsak🐨

    • JohnXVX
      JohnXVX 4 months ago

      TheReportOfTheWeek a?

  • Neil
    Neil Day ago

    It bothers me that you don't eat this food watching TV or TVclip

  • IsaacTheSalsaShark
    IsaacTheSalsaShark 2 days ago

    The cheesiness therein

  • Sam Tharp
    Sam Tharp 4 days ago

    I think this kid lives with his grandma

  • Mylifeisdope
    Mylifeisdope 5 days ago

    This came out in the 90s

  • Donna Howell
    Donna Howell 10 days ago

    You should make asmr

  • PolterGhast Music
    PolterGhast Music 11 days ago

    I like how when he eats something delicious he doesn't moan or groan like most people at how good the food is but uses all of his thinking skills to process the taste of the food.

    S0RCERESS 11 days ago

    ive clicked ignore for the 20th time on this hobbit, can youtube pls stop recommending me this crap

  • xd HelpfulChippy 12
    xd HelpfulChippy 12 13 days ago

    my lord exerts *exhaust*

  • Aiden Campos
    Aiden Campos 13 days ago

    The tomato sauce is like
    ' "
    " '
    " '
    ' '
    " '

  • Da Boi Sans
    Da Boi Sans 14 days ago

    Yaaay pizza from Grillby’s

  • 漢Ecco2k
    漢Ecco2k 15 days ago

    You look like an albino drowned sewer mole rat 🐀

  • Ham Ham
    Ham Ham 17 days ago

    I.... got myself..... Very....... excited.

  • BuDDa ChieSeL
    BuDDa ChieSeL 17 days ago

    more like cringe of te week

  • Rasta Records
    Rasta Records 20 days ago

    He look very funny :))

  • Adaumis Gaming
    Adaumis Gaming 22 days ago

    I used to have that same cabinet in my house :3

  • Proli
    Proli 22 days ago

    why does he look so fucking ugly he looks like a goblin from goblin slayer blyat

  • Definitely NotIlluminati

    cut your nails for once in your miserable life already holy fck its disgusting

  • David
    David 24 days ago

    Reviewbrah you are pants pissing funny 😂

  • anonymous human
    anonymous human 25 days ago +1

    He's such a wholesome guy 🍖🍟🍝😂

  • RandomnessTV
    RandomnessTV 25 days ago

    How much did it cost

  • jiros00
    jiros00 25 days ago

    You should eat real Italian pizza. Not this slab of goo.

  • Bearly Animations
    Bearly Animations 26 days ago

    Best content on youtube

  • Dorian Herniote
    Dorian Herniote 26 days ago

    Nice tie.

  • Dorian Herniote
    Dorian Herniote 26 days ago


  • sour baileyS
    sour baileyS 26 days ago

    If you eat a frozen macaroni dinner at this table on Christmas it would be the closest thing to Home Alone.

  • tx356 56795
    tx356 56795 27 days ago +1

    there is a rat eating the pizza.

  • Thomas Farrington
    Thomas Farrington 27 days ago

    "fowd revoo"

  • the_eliteslayer
    the_eliteslayer 27 days ago

    Go to 0:20 and put on slowest speed 😂😂😂

  • TheRebelMooseTribe
    TheRebelMooseTribe Month ago

    How you manage to keep us on the edge of our seats during a pizza review, sir, is phenomenal. We love your work and your character. Hats off to you!

  • Jorge Montanez
    Jorge Montanez Month ago

    It makes me sad thinking that you get sad sometimes, you sir should never be sad.

  • Jorge Montanez
    Jorge Montanez Month ago

    What did you do with the rest of the pizza John?

  • Why Is This So Gay
    Why Is This So Gay Month ago

    0:13 he’s my lizard now

  • Sam Barlex
    Sam Barlex Month ago

    As if you've been doing this for 7 years

  • alex x
    alex x Month ago

    thats what I look like when im high asf and eating some thing

  • brabazonjack
    brabazonjack Month ago

    I fucking love this guy

  • Clulless_ Soldier
    Clulless_ Soldier Month ago

    Lol I keep getting reminded of meme review everytime you say good review

  • BJBloodvessel YT
    BJBloodvessel YT Month ago

    I wonder if this is all just an act that he puts on for comedic purposes

  • MrStealYourComment
    MrStealYourComment Month ago

    Are you asa butterfield?

  • SHARK_ Rodriguez
    SHARK_ Rodriguez Month ago

    Is he a troll or he's like that?

  • Golden Cookie
    Golden Cookie Month ago

    This guy is so annoying when he eats. He’s eating so slowly and that so annoying.

  • Trevor Houff
    Trevor Houff Month ago

    God damn, How many clocks does he have

  • Twenty One Punch
    Twenty One Punch Month ago

    As an ex-pizza hut cook, this was fun to watch, I've always loved your videos

  • Carlos Rubalcava
    Carlos Rubalcava Month ago

    “Faux water substance” never heard such eloquence.

    DOWNED Month ago +1

    so this is the new meme lord
    *i am not disappointed*

  • 😐
    😐 Month ago

    Reptilian food review.

  • Mr. Dynamite
    Mr. Dynamite Month ago

    it makes me happy seeing him so happy about pizza

  • Garrett Wojo
    Garrett Wojo Month ago

    I wonder what he does with all the leftover food he has🤔

  • Garrett Wojo
    Garrett Wojo Month ago

    Just subscribed!

  • Robbie Johnston
    Robbie Johnston Month ago

    One of the most bizarre videos that I have ever watched

    XILITY Month ago

    This Cunt eats like a old lady 🤣 p.s cut ya nails you fuckin vampire

  • Bill Em
    Bill Em Month ago

    A half million people watching this guy eat pizza. How boss is that?

  • Artificial Avocado
    Artificial Avocado Month ago +2

    Pizza Hut has really gone downhill imo. Back in the 90's it was actually pretty good for chain pizza. I had it about a year ago for the first time in years and it was barely edible. Like brah said, it's very dry. Needs more sauce.

    • ED S
      ED S 28 days ago

      I find it beats Dominos and Papa Johns, though. It might be come down to individual franchises, though; they're highly variable in my experience.

  • DeafForever666
    DeafForever666 Month ago

    Reviewbrah gotta take the meanest dumps

  • OfficialYoungGenesis

    i started watching these videos earlier for the cringe now its just making me hungry

  • ̇ ͜ʟ ̇
    ̇ ͜ʟ ̇ Month ago

    I own a cow milk jug just like yours in the cabinet.

  • Ur Mum
    Ur Mum Month ago

    have you ever forgot to press record and had to buy another pizza or whatever the food was

  • Jack Tagget
    Jack Tagget Month ago

    Reviewbrah! Make your way to a McDonald's International Menu HQ and review some of the international items!

  • adam glover
    adam glover Month ago

    Damn brah young Nucky Thompson got all the clocks...

  • TheGeneral
    TheGeneral Month ago

    too much pepperoni

  • Tori Vertin
    Tori Vertin Month ago

    Will you be my boyfriend John?

  • James Toop
    James Toop Month ago

    you review pizza like a bitch, i didn't even know that was possible.

    GAY GAY Month ago

    I always find pizza hut lacking sauce

  • Slater G
    Slater G Month ago

    Mark zuccerburg's cousin?

  • zeppie1138
    zeppie1138 Month ago

    My parents have the exact same china hutch. From Haverty's I

  • james b
    james b Month ago

    It doesn't look appetizing to me.

  • Brandon Saglin
    Brandon Saglin Month ago

    Your grandma's clock said 4 oclock

  • Mulder Scully
    Mulder Scully 2 months ago

    How are you not 300 pounds?

  • Scott Dunbar
    Scott Dunbar 2 months ago

    Love you dude. Love your food and how you review it!

  • iHearGreen 31
    iHearGreen 31 2 months ago

    I love this man

  • Dylan Dankowski
    Dylan Dankowski 2 months ago

    Going in.

  • buck thornton
    buck thornton 2 months ago

    I’m digging the China cabinet behind you!

  • Tom Davis
    Tom Davis 2 months ago

    Is it just me or does he remind anyone else of Bud Cort in the movie "Harold & Maude"?

  • monky monky
    monky monky 2 months ago

    holy moly that looks delicious

  • Zachary Hayes
    Zachary Hayes 2 months ago

    How many clocks yo mom got??

  • Dennis Ramirez
    Dennis Ramirez 2 months ago

    Napoleon dynomites brother

  • Chicken Giro
    Chicken Giro 2 months ago

    You KNOW hes hopin to inherit that fine china behind him one of these days

  • stepitup89
    stepitup89 2 months ago

    Mate I love this guy. He's gotta be taking the piss he just had to be and I fooking love it

  • Kaden The Human
    Kaden The Human 2 months ago

    *P I Z Z A T I M E*

  • Ken Weezy
    Ken Weezy 2 months ago

    Yep yep this guy knows pizza hut

  • Gyn
    Gyn 2 months ago

    He is so cute, all dressed up and serious!!
    I like this dude!!

  • shatnerpants
    shatnerpants 2 months ago

    He exhausted from all the BBC he is taking. Jews=Reptile!

  • UltimateAveda
    UltimateAveda 2 months ago

    It's a bad idea to be watching this so late at night :(

  • Zenkoto
    Zenkoto 2 months ago

    How did he have a reflection in the mirror at the beginning of the video?

  • Chris Gee
    Chris Gee 2 months ago

    You're supposed to dip the crust in the sauce

  • Ma DixieWrecked
    Ma DixieWrecked 2 months ago

    Pimp glass of water

  • Orbital DickBeacon
    Orbital DickBeacon 2 months ago

    Keep your pimp hand strong Ichabod crane

  • Teddy Holmes
    Teddy Holmes 2 months ago

    "A faux water substance..." kid WHAT.!?

  • tyrizzlemanizzle
    tyrizzlemanizzle 2 months ago

    Yea it's a fast food pizza . It's not that cool tho it just makes u die of heart malfunctions. Over hyped AF

  • M.R. Khan
    M.R. Khan 2 months ago

    One bite everybody knows the rule

  • Lee Knox
    Lee Knox 2 months ago

    Pizza Hut has always sucked it’s like frozen store bought !

  • bruce hansen
    bruce hansen 2 months ago

    Brother needs to get himself a rare 12ounce T-bone steak instead

  • Mark Luo
    Mark Luo 2 months ago

    how are you able to stay so thin when you review fast-food ?

  • enkadu007
    enkadu007 2 months ago

    Just had the cheesy crust pizza.. i rewlly enjoy pizza hut as far as delivery goes atleast however this particular pizza was very bad. The crust isnt like the normal crust and the cheese isnt great inside of it, bland and nwasnt melted.

  • Dave White
    Dave White 2 months ago

    I like the inside of your mom's house

  • D Trill
    D Trill 2 months ago

    I was expecting him too bust out a fork and knife to eat that pizza

  • Arun James
    Arun James 2 months ago

    he's so quiet and emotionless when he eats

  • Merkava TV
    Merkava TV 2 months ago

    I come from Poland and believe it or not but Pizza Hut went bankrupt in my country, at least in most places. It makes me wonder how many other famous and to be fair iconic companies from America wouldn't simply work here in middle-europe. Right now I also remembered, Taco Bell also went bankrupt here, too bad. I really enjoyed me some of those American/Mexican fast food tacos!

  • Peter Fraser
    Peter Fraser 2 months ago

    0:03 Hello sunshine! :)

  • Per Leth
    Per Leth 2 months ago

    This guy is how mankind will present itself in 100 years when we have evolved.