• Published on May 1, 2019
  • Reworked Aatrox Top Gameplay! League of legends Aatrox Season 9 gameplay!
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    Season 9 Aatrox Rework runes guide League of Legends
    Conqueror - Triumph - Tenacity - Coup de Grace
    Ravenous Hunter - Taste
    10 AD - 10 AD - 6 Armor
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Comments • 303

  • SoloRenektonOnly
    SoloRenektonOnly  7 months ago +50

    BOOOOOOOM WHAT UP! I actually really enjoyed this Aatrox rework/update everything feels much smoother just have to get used to his R not giving revive until you get a kill or assist!
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    • Jose Garnica
      Jose Garnica 7 months ago

      All the videos are the same u just complaining about the junglers all the time come oonn silver player .... When u hit the lvl 6 and dive u gotta tank ass hole and. Blaablabla in lane phase but Ur macro sucks

    • JayTheCasualGamer
      JayTheCasualGamer 7 months ago

      @Kurt Stephen yeah I've been against a support top lane
      It's annoying

    • Kurt Stephen
      Kurt Stephen 7 months ago

      @JayTheCasualGamer I'm used to it but I'm not used to shitty net I mean god I can't hit shit second enemy support champ at top lane with a hard cc, movement speed, shield, slowwwwww I literary fight against ad karma and ap janna

    • JayTheCasualGamer
      JayTheCasualGamer 7 months ago +1

      Everyone should get used to his one dash, because it's not coming back. However, I think they did a good job with this mini rework, and in my opinion the change to his ulti was a buff. Because
      1: he gets increased healing
      2: getting kills OR ASSISTS extend the ulti by 5 seconds

    • Kurt Stephen
      Kurt Stephen 7 months ago

      Press r at start not in the middle of fight cause he ain't the old aatrox now

  • MyHorseIsAmazing 1
    MyHorseIsAmazing 1 3 months ago

    1st q dash 2nd q w 3rd q

  • Sven Alans
    Sven Alans 6 months ago

    He still gets kited like a motherfucker just less so in his rework

  • Aashas
    Aashas 6 months ago

    I seen smite is till viable in the game, so i think going cleaver deaths dance youmus/duskblade on aatrox for 40% cdr and then building bloodrazor because of smite is so broken atm,

    KASUGA JAKE MILLARE 6 months ago

    why would they remove the stack from instead of 2? cuz it's fair if you low elo and playing with enemy poking you a lot like wtf man come on

  • Heretus L' barra an'ar
    Heretus L' barra an'ar 6 months ago

    100% unbeatable, 2 kills in, 3 people gang him (each with 1 kill) and he gets triple kill , the champ is way beyond broken, if not banned its /surrender

  • Alan Shenoy
    Alan Shenoy 6 months ago

    litarally aatroxx is kinda hard to use so unless youre incompetent winning against him should be easy

  • gi8rgi8
    gi8rgi8 6 months ago

    It's so easy to make the part of the big guy if u are diamond/master and fight only vs silver and bronze players who don't play alot in ranked. You would have been counterpicked totally and harassed from the distance the 1st second u got in lane. Write the ELO u are in in the video descriptions next times, it will be alot better for the newbies seeing your videos, since they can know if u are troll picking or not. BTW don't play aatrox, guys, if you go behind you can't catch up at all, also the not invulnerability from ultimate can only make u get killed if things go bad just a bit. Peace.

    • sr ruso
      sr ruso 6 months ago

      That's old aatrox, new aatrox is a really solid pick if mastered

  • Akasha fofo
    Akasha fofo 7 months ago

    Your play at 14 minutes was amazing.

  • stas polchovskij
    stas polchovskij 7 months ago

    i wanna buy aatrox just bc i got a skin for em

  • jamesbeats
    jamesbeats 7 months ago

    This video has 100% clickbait

  • Barış Erdem Usta
    Barış Erdem Usta 7 months ago

    Aatrox is the greatest failure in the rework history of league. I just wish that they bring the old one back.

    • Barış Erdem Usta
      Barış Erdem Usta 7 months ago

      @Akatsu-Ani-Ma of course you
      can like it but the old one had a better styling, gameplay, voice and character design. The new ones walking animation, wings, sword, quotes, everything is really annoying for me

    • Akatsu-Ani-Ma
      Akatsu-Ani-Ma 7 months ago

      Barış Erdem Usta I have to disagree. The new one is sooo mich fun and can Carry Team Fights pretty well. I hope they wont revert it, because im enjoying this Aatrox much much more

  • Giacomo Bolognesi
    Giacomo Bolognesi 7 months ago

    Man dont write that big title if your gameplay is this poor

    • Giacomo Bolognesi
      Giacomo Bolognesi 7 months ago

      I mean, i ve expected so many kills.. but there is only a bad played aatrox in this vid

    • Iatan
      Iatan 7 months ago

      how is the gameplay poor though

  • C Taiyona
    C Taiyona 7 months ago

    0:50 they removed the AD increase

  • generalmith
    generalmith 7 months ago

    The most toxic SRO youtube vid ever like dude u kept pinging kha to come to line then u started raging
    This is warrantying an unsub

  • ogogo zilla
    ogogo zilla 7 months ago

    Hasinsin mode

  • Space Moneky
    Space Moneky 7 months ago

    The 5 minute to 5:16 marker, that Kha MVP!!! XD

  • purge
    purge 7 months ago

    SoloRenektonOnly plays Aatrox???

  • Xazap a
    Xazap a 7 months ago

    No not %100. It is %0

  • Lorienzo De Garcia
    Lorienzo De Garcia 7 months ago

    SRO, tell me how did you lose weight?

  • Tobias Sandblom
    Tobias Sandblom 7 months ago

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW new aatrox sucks wtf

  • Najib Erradi
    Najib Erradi 7 months ago +2

    Khazix has bad ganks cause u keep asking for assist in impossible posissions

  • Levent Çelik
    Levent Çelik 7 months ago

    Your Q doesn't really go into cooldown after you use all 3. It goes into cooldown when you use one Q, and resets if you use another Q. So, if you use just first q and don't follow up, you will have your q went into cooldown the instant you used it. If you use q again, the cooldown resets.

  • Jonny Rockets
    Jonny Rockets 7 months ago

    www.twitch.tv/thelastaatroxmain streamlabs.com/thelastaatroxmain/v2

  • Seadric
    Seadric 7 months ago

    Just a future tip. If you use q either once or twice and the enemy isnt near dont use the third because it gives it the full cooldown whereas the first 2 will just start the countdown rigt when u q

  • Mouaad
    Mouaad 7 months ago

    13:26 killed me 😂😂
    The random hate against the poor dead Teemo

  • Darscer
    Darscer 7 months ago

    its a nerf

  • William Childres
    William Childres 7 months ago +1

    your video titles are so cringy and clickbaity.

    PUBG DZPUNISHER 7 months ago

    You are the best not atrox :)

  • Sakara
    Sakara 7 months ago

    Undying Grasp is really great on new Aatrox. Just win every trade if you play'em right off the combined heals of grasp and new passive. Can beat usual counters.

  • Night Fang
    Night Fang 7 months ago

    so what is the new aatrox ult?

  • alex beldman
    alex beldman 7 months ago

    "so broken but cant get a canon minion. typical SRL" SRL? SoloRenektonLonely?

  • noah torres
    noah torres 7 months ago

    Lol you can easily break 800 movement speed with celerity 😂😂

    DRAMILLIONZZZ 7 months ago

    The moment he said that this new Aatrox is 100% unbeatable, you'll already know he's just clickbaiting, just give up dude, your gameplays aren't even that good, your just playing for views, not for fun and in all seriousness, your not even that good in your commentaries

  • Jesi Oni
    Jesi Oni 7 months ago

    More like playable than unbeatable... Yasuo would do much better.

  • Đaŕķ Přínçe
    Đaŕķ Přínçe 7 months ago

    where is "booooom"

  • JustBeluga
    JustBeluga 7 months ago +4

    New Aatrox is really bad.

  • Vorios
    Vorios 7 months ago +1

    SRO actually being useless then blaming jg and clickbaits the title . So classic

  • CrossEyedN00b
    CrossEyedN00b 7 months ago

    please explain why Tabis instead of Mercs vs Teemo, Galio and Annie?

    • CrossEyedN00b
      CrossEyedN00b 7 months ago

      @Elijah Lindsey Thanks :) that makes a lot of sense.

    • Elijah Lindsey
      Elijah Lindsey 7 months ago +1

      He probs had the tenacity rune so he basically had a free pair of Mercs. That's why he was able to get Tabis. Plus they had 3 people that get most of their damage from autos. Pretty good choice in my opinion.

  • Distort
    Distort 7 months ago

    basically if you get fed early the game is over you kill everyone. if not, you kinda have to just team fight. the early game is slightly weaker than before, but the real skill is hitting your knock ups. if you get lvl3 first, Q 1st knock up, W, then Q 2nd to get them sucked into the center, then last Q into passive auto. HUGE damage from that. but if you miss your knock ups a lot you're fucked tbh

  • CarboardTrain
    CarboardTrain 7 months ago

    14:32 so epic ^_^

  • Russell Eden
    Russell Eden 7 months ago

    He is actually a bad player honestly...

  • daniel cristian
    daniel cristian 7 months ago

    The champion feels like falling behind mid to late game tbh

  • Zaza Doxnadze
    Zaza Doxnadze 7 months ago

    every time riot reworks or releases champion this guy is like " woow they just made that champ 1000 % more broken wtf they even thinkig " you just watch those videos and theres nothing happens just some random winning lane...

  • Tantareanu Jimmy
    Tantareanu Jimmy 7 months ago

    Yeah Well he’s good If you one trick him for a month, he’s still very hard to play

  • Amro Amro
    Amro Amro 7 months ago +26

    Can't trust SRO anymore. According to him, every champ in the game is "100% UNBEATABLE". -_-

  • Dessu j
    Dessu j 7 months ago

    jungle difference

  • Crimson X
    Crimson X 7 months ago


  • Burak CBC
    Burak CBC 7 months ago


  • HurdyTheMoogle
    HurdyTheMoogle 7 months ago

    I am so shocked that you didnt give it to bard, I thought that guy was going crazy

  • TheM4pler
    TheM4pler 7 months ago

    19:41 it is wrong. The math doesn't check out
    the total comes up to 1350 NOT 1504

  • Morfiel
    Morfiel 7 months ago +1

    clickbait at its finest, quite disgusting. he sits at a 44% winrate. doesnt sound "100% UNBEATABLE!" to me, no?

  • MyChipChop
    MyChipChop 7 months ago

    how about new toppings?

  • ygui yughoi
    ygui yughoi 7 months ago

    Hey Mike do a chogath build where you have 6 activatable items. Maybe righteous glory, protobelt, gargoyles stoneplate, zhonyas, locket and predator boots

  • Tyler Wilkinson
    Tyler Wilkinson 7 months ago +1

    Wait where was the BOOM!?!!!??!??!!??!???

  • Ray Donavan
    Ray Donavan 7 months ago

    Lol, tell that to Hashinshin, who's mained him for the longest time. I'd love to see his reaction xD

  • Lucas Rudd
    Lucas Rudd 7 months ago

    Hows the flaming going on

  • Iriyukei Akura
    Iriyukei Akura 7 months ago

    5:10 unbeatable

  • CMDR Hells x Pyro
    CMDR Hells x Pyro 7 months ago

    That kha is a cannon minion with more hp

  • MetalAsFork
    MetalAsFork 7 months ago

    4:30 "This guy's not even tanking..."

    Bruh, you're the one with the revive/agro reset. What are YOU doing?

    • MetalAsFork
      MetalAsFork 7 months ago

      @Morfiel I know. He has to sell out and burst Teemo to get the reset, instead of bailing on his level 5 Khaz.

    • Morfiel
      Morfiel 7 months ago

      read patch notes maybe. you just get the revive when you kill / assist someone. kha should have started to tank and then jump away