YES! FINALLY! Problem Solved. | Watercolor Pencils | Scrawlrbox Unboxing & Vlog

  • Published on Mar 24, 2018
  • I make the same mistake everytime I unbox one of these puppies and luckily I figured out why today. yay! Its a simple but important lesson.
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  • Pretty In Pride
    Pretty In Pride Year ago +2745

    Waffles, I've been watching your videos for as long as i can remember and I love how real you are. You don't try to appear perfect, you show your viewers that you make mistakes and learn from then. This makes your channel a place where I can learn along without and not feel like I'll never be good enough. I love watching your growth and experimentation. 💕

    • Bumblebee 985421
      Bumblebee 985421 6 days ago

      I absolutely LOVE. LOVE! your profile pic. Did you make it??

    • ashley h
      ashley h 3 months ago +2

      i agree!! i’ve just started watching about 2 weeks ago. i literally watched one of her videos and immediately subscribed. i love her videos ❤️

    • X NelyNelz X
      X NelyNelz X 4 months ago +3

      Exactly! I love that she shows her mistakes! I actually wrote a comment saying so! I love her!

    • Tatøt Töt
      Tatøt Töt 4 months ago +1

      @Pretty In Pride _Its a moment you should remember_

    • Pretty In Pride
      Pretty In Pride 4 months ago +3

      Wow I wasn’t expecting my comment to be noticed 😭😭 she pinned it! THIS IS MY GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT

  • Catherine Levison

    Your drawing should have won! I use those watercolor pencils all the time. I like these for art on the couch, or love them. Love your channel-I watch it EVERY DAY. By the way, you can use your brush on the tip of any of these pencils (as if they were paint pans) and paint that way. You probably know that, but for the benefit of those reading comments, I thought they’d want to know. AND, you can draw a truck or a cat or whatever for a non-artist, and they’ll be ABLE to paint it with water. Cool, right? Thank you!

  • Lynxie Dove
    Lynxie Dove 3 days ago

    You are very creative, I love watching your videos alot! Mug things: I hate Mondays, a kitty cat, peace sign, lol that's all I can think of.

    TIGERCRUSH16 5 days ago +2

    2019 anyone? 😅

  • Heather Feather
    Heather Feather 22 days ago

    It's good to go out of your comfort zone. It's good to experiment even if you dont love the result. You learn new things

  • Kahldria Leighsun
    Kahldria Leighsun 25 days ago

    Lines up all the pencils in the tin so all the words align perfectly...
    ...aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh... quality content right there.

  • Valeria the Wolf Girl
    Valeria the Wolf Girl 26 days ago +1

    Watermelon gumbabumbubumbum

  • Babey Beans
    Babey Beans 28 days ago

    It like geniuenly made me mad that you sketched in yellow. Idk y. Like you're great, the art is great, but like that colour is sensory overload

  • Samantha Buda
    Samantha Buda 29 days ago

    Truth or Dare
    Truth: What inspired you to make an art channel
    Dare: Do a 24hr challenge when you have to draw in 3D pens

  • Johanna Edlund
    Johanna Edlund Month ago +1

    You’re not supposed to squeeze the brush. A good watercolor brush slowly releases the water as you paint.

  • Madeline B
    Madeline B Month ago

    i wish i knew someone from the uk so i could get a scrawlrbox 😞

  • Kara Connolly
    Kara Connolly Month ago

    What happened to the intro

  • Kayla Marie
    Kayla Marie Month ago

    I have those pencils!

  • Mariam Khan
    Mariam Khan Month ago

    That intro I’m- 🤩🤩

  • Sofia Klim
    Sofia Klim Month ago

    Waffles: I'm not as creative as I used to be
    Also waffles: *Adds creative corner-thingies to pillows, makes creative art all the time*

  • geekelly000
    geekelly000 Month ago

    Fini watermelon bubblegum....mmmmmm....totally distracted.

  • Anime Aunty
    Anime Aunty Month ago

    Liked it better without the heavy lining, sorry.

  • Tyniah Reaves
    Tyniah Reaves Month ago

    When are u gonna do a face reveal

  • SunshineSketchz
    SunshineSketchz Month ago +1

    Waffle: Give it a light erase...

  • Soda Poppity Pop Pop

    It keeps saying error every time I try to order this box. Something about a bad gateway

  • Adrie De
    Adrie De Month ago

    I love watching your videos girl! Especially lately since I've been going through some depression. You brighten my day and watching gives me calm. Your a breath of fresh air. I learn a lot from you. 👏🤘

  • Cruise Series
    Cruise Series Month ago

    I know that this is only a year ago but you’ve improved so much in both your comfort level and your art. I’m really proud of you. 💕

  • Sandi Sloan
    Sandi Sloan Month ago

    Quiet morning ...on your mug

  • Sandi Sloan
    Sandi Sloan Month ago

    On mug....quiet morrning

  • Sierra Mist
    Sierra Mist 2 months ago +1

    You can use the brush on the tip of the pencil so you get the color without having the strokes

  • kaleigh💖💖
    kaleigh💖💖 2 months ago

    oh my god its (lightskint) BEYONCE???

  • { Lia Animations, gacha skits and gacha series }

    If I drew this, I’d put ‘’Don’t shmug it, just mug it.” On the mug.

  • Ella
    Ella 2 months ago

    watching your video is the most creative thing i'm doing in my life right now

  • Naomi
    Naomi 2 months ago

    Watching your art box videos made me realise that i already own lot of them and i rarely use them, and you with less colors can you do such a good draw! You keep me inspired!

  • Sterre Faber
    Sterre Faber 2 months ago

    lol my name is faber oof

  • DJ Piper the potato
    DJ Piper the potato 2 months ago

    I watched this in the morning before school and I was hoeing a cup of coffee while watching and my face looked like the one you drew

  • Hadar Gidron
    Hadar Gidron 2 months ago +1

    I think you might find it easier to draw with the pencils on another piece of paper and use it like watercolor pans to avoid any 'strokes'
    Loved the illustration ❤️❤️

  • golden girl
    golden girl 2 months ago

    Dont draw to hard with the pencils otherwise it wont blend so well. 😊

  • Hawkeye
    Hawkeye 3 months ago

    My only question is why do they give you candy?

    • Sarah Zeppelin
      Sarah Zeppelin 2 months ago

      Because that's the whole scheme of the pack..

  • -bakugou is My Religion-

    I already drew something earlier today but I wanna draw again it’s not currently 2:55 am and I’m not sure what to do. I have school in the morning (it’s at 9:00 am tho)

  • Luci Berko
    Luci Berko 3 months ago

    It's never a quiet morning at my house when my little brothers are awake

  • Polarpaw
    Polarpaw 3 months ago

    This is so good! I wish I could draw as good as you! You’re art looks so pretty when you don’t add harsh black line art! I love your vids

  • shqy
    shqy 3 months ago

    youre the one who's ocd... howd you know?

  • Evie Beiler
    Evie Beiler 3 months ago


    Waffles: "blushies!"

  • Benjamin Danielsson
    Benjamin Danielsson 3 months ago +1

    I like Faber Castell Aquarelle watercolour sticks, there is a lot of product and not too many colours but you have endless possibilities of blending different colours I have a sheet of 81 colours blendidn them all 1v1, they are really soft compared to other watercolours I have used and more waxy they are sort of like super long full pans. I haven't tried the pencils and I want to try Scrawlr box at some point, I might order one in the next few months :) I love your content! Been watching you for years on different accounts

  • Aysima Kangal
    Aysima Kangal 3 months ago +1

    I would write BTS and put the sign of BTS

  • Kiki Momogeki
    Kiki Momogeki 3 months ago +3

    Her: “I’m not very creative.”

    Me: *stares in awe of her art work*
    “I would call that creative”

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star 3 months ago

    15:01 "Feel like I'm not a particularly creative person" *Looks at her drawing* - *Looks at mine* John Cena: "ArE yOu sUrE aBoUt tHat?"

  • AnastasiaDraws
    AnastasiaDraws 3 months ago

    I would write "worlds best boss" on the mug

  • Alex Linders
    Alex Linders 3 months ago

    Thiught this was a new video. Only half way through realized I’ve already watched this before. TWICE. lol

  • Im_chill
    Im_chill 3 months ago +2

    I have the faber castell knedable eraser. Its my first faber castell and my first knedable eraser!

  • Lets Talk
    Lets Talk 3 months ago

    Im so sorry to seem rude, i think the drawings really good but the front leg is at a bit of a odd angle and its a bit distracting

  • Merelf
    Merelf 3 months ago

    “I don’t think I’m that creative of a person “ YOU HAVE AN ART BASED TVclip CHANNEL! You are very very creative!❤️

  • kait valentine
    kait valentine 4 months ago

    this was a year ago today

  • Sarah
    Sarah 4 months ago

    You should make a video with all of the artists of the month’s papers

  • Brianslittlechickenishotterthanbob

    Is it normal that I watched the first 3 seconds over and over again 😂

  • Analeen Vara
    Analeen Vara 4 months ago

    Funny joke: an amazing artist claiming herself not to be a creative person 😂 she’s so awesome lol

  • t r a g i c a l l y b e a u t i f u l

    i think the reason i love waffle is because her awkwardness reminds me of me so i don’t that weird anymore

  • Magic Fairy
    Magic Fairy 4 months ago

    I would write easy like Sunday morning

  • X NelyNelz X
    X NelyNelz X 4 months ago

    I have that pencil and the eraser!
    But, I have never heard of water color pencils...

  • Jen McMahon
    Jen McMahon 4 months ago

    I adore watercolor pencils like two in one; it’s great!
    Watercolor crayons are just as nice!

  • tellitaMS
    tellitaMS 4 months ago


  • Lady Tanyeta
    Lady Tanyeta 4 months ago

    Hmm maybe I should pick up some Faber Castels. I love the pigments

  • Devil Baby
    Devil Baby 4 months ago

    Waffles u should do use a blow drying to get the tape off the papaer, it will losing the sticky off of the tape so the tape won't torn the paper.

  • Devil Baby
    Devil Baby 4 months ago

    Drawing with waffles: i really don't like this drawing😒😠.
    Me: i like the drawing it's cute 😣😥😭!

  • Baby lexss
    Baby lexss 4 months ago

    im definitely late on seeing this video buttt i bought these water color pencils a year ago that i have yet to use because i was scared of messing up but this video really just turned my thoughts around and made me wanna get into them right now even though it’s almost 12:30 am 😭😭😭

  • mjpete27
    mjpete27 4 months ago

    I am sure with 1,000,000+ subscribers you don’t have time to read post the first time through much less some nut who keeps watching your older videos, but I simply love how you approach solving these box challenges, I think would I have done this or that? I know coming from a drawing background you tend to press hard with your pencils, with watercolor soluble pencils you need a very light touch and you can wash all of the line work away, if that is your intent. Coming from watercolor painting I think of them as detail sticks! I put pigment exactly where I want it and It can stay or go depending on how much water is used to activate it, I just want to say again how much I appreciate your Channel and how much of a phenomenal artist you are or have become!

  • Haley Dawn
    Haley Dawn 4 months ago

    MARS LUMOGRAPH 😍 are the BEST graphite sketching pencils!

  • Liam O'Meara
    Liam O'Meara 4 months ago

    Waffles, what’s ur real name? Just curious

  • Devon
    Devon 4 months ago

    Did you just call yourself not particularly creative!?!? Boi, you just painted something that I doubt half the population of the WORLD could do! My dude, you could be one of the most creative people that I KNOW of!

  • Kylee McGowan
    Kylee McGowan 4 months ago

    I love your art! Will you ever do a face reveal??

  • Wild Flowers
    Wild Flowers 4 months ago


  • Wild Flowers
    Wild Flowers 4 months ago

    I hope someone makes Waffle themed Art supplies!! That would be awesome :3

  • Captain Leo Meows
    Captain Leo Meows 4 months ago

    I think you should be featured in a scrawled box

  • Fant0m
    Fant0m 4 months ago

    I haven't used watercolour yet but I've seen many artists use watercolour and I want to know just what kind of watercolor I should use to start? I mainly use Artist Croft colour pencils for drawing

  • Corynne Testa
    Corynne Testa 4 months ago

    i fucking love watching your videos while i’m stoned

  • Kimi
    Kimi 4 months ago

    the way she said ugly at 3:46 im dead

  • Firmicute s
    Firmicute s 5 months ago

    the a is like in art a bit like in water, but not like saber

  • Rosey Cipher
    Rosey Cipher 5 months ago

    Hi! I've got a little Tip for you to Completely Make the lines Disappear when you color with these pencils. All you do is simply wet the brush, and take the pigment straight from the pencil! Just color with that then, To anyone who needs this and Waffles. I love your channel it's always something to look forward to ya know?

  • Izzy S.
    Izzy S. 5 months ago

    'im not ocd, you're ocd' basically means 'im not obsessive compulsive disorder, you're obsessive compulsive disorder' yay.

  • Bubble
    Bubble 5 months ago

    Just a little tip while using watercolour pencils: wait till the paint dries before using the pencil over it; if it's still wet, the pencil lines will stay. When it dries, layer the pencil over it and wet it; it won't leave any marks or streaks :) hope this helps!

  • The Hart of the Galexi
    The Hart of the Galexi 5 months ago

    Waffles is literally the Bob Ross of cute girly art. Nothing seems to get her down.

  • Lim Chanthida
    Lim Chanthida 5 months ago

    Do we have to pay for it ???

  • Britt Mosher
    Britt Mosher 5 months ago

    Gorgeous picture!

  • jackie bazan
    jackie bazan 5 months ago

    I just found ur channel and I have been binge watching for days now. U inspire me to start drawing again at 50 years old. A friend gifted me a multi media art set, which I'm going to open up in the next couple of days. But watching u unbox something new each month reaaallllly gets me excited!!! I've seen u open alot of scrawlrbox, but which subscription box would u recommend that is both affordable, good for a newbie and fun? Thank u for being so genuine and funny. 😊

  • Yule Potato
    Yule Potato 5 months ago

    I just Watched drawingwiffwaffles wile eating waffles Achievement unlocked

  • hi bae
    hi bae 5 months ago +1

    A ,,little swatch swatch" and ,,scritchy scratchy" so kawaii❤

  • Katie Henson
    Katie Henson 5 months ago

    I loved this so warm and open

  • Ellie Spier
    Ellie Spier 5 months ago

    for some reason her voice sounds different in this video

  • Lynn
    Lynn 5 months ago

    Those Faber-Castell watercolor pencils are awesome! I don’t always use mine like pencils though. I use mine like a tiny tiny watercolor pan if I need super fine tracer lines. Just wet a super fine brush and use the pencil’s lead for the color. Perfect color match every time, but with more intensity 🎨🖌

  • Angie! At the Disco
    Angie! At the Disco 5 months ago

    0:50 I heard the background song and automatically thought there was an ice cream truck outside my house

  • Addison Slavin
    Addison Slavin 5 months ago

    I would write “Monday’s@ on the mug. Cause I hate Monday.

  • Itsame
    Itsame 5 months ago

    the intro is so freaking satisfying

  • Lola Grace
    Lola Grace 5 months ago

    What I would do for the sketch color is plan out which color would go where so it would match the watercolor

  • FreakMotion
    FreakMotion 5 months ago

    When you know all of the supplies from your local art store 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • Without a Clue Gaming
    Without a Clue Gaming 6 months ago

    Reminds me of Miss Frizzle from Magic Schoolbus. :) Loved it.

  • Caticorns and Rainbows
    Caticorns and Rainbows 6 months ago

    That’s my hair color! :>

  • Take a shot Elliott
    Take a shot Elliott 6 months ago

    Can you only get the art boxes on the month or any of them at any time of the year?

  • A HodgePodge of AudgePaudge


  • EVanimation
    EVanimation 6 months ago

    I was the 1 thousandth comment hahahahahajahajahajaj lol love your art 🖼

  • Phoebe Dishman
    Phoebe Dishman 6 months ago

    The window reminds me of a waffle hehe

  • Swagatika Panda
    Swagatika Panda 6 months ago

    You have such a sweet voice n fun filled speaking style, love it! Have you considered giving voiceover to audiobooks or animation films?

  • Tiara Huffman
    Tiara Huffman 6 months ago

    I think the shirt being red or orange would have broken up the yellow and green more. Those two were pretty close to each other. But still really good

  • Karah Allred
    Karah Allred 6 months ago

    Your original drawing was amazing! But I understand your point

  • Avjinder Dool
    Avjinder Dool 6 months ago +1

    You deserve a LOT more subs.