Venom: Tom Hardy Full Brazil Comic Con Panel - IGN First

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  • Bob The Polish Builder

    Wtf I thought he was there until they showed him behind a screen

  • Tornado Chaser
    Tornado Chaser 2 days ago +1

    It's so wonderful to hear the "we"!

  • Tom Knott
    Tom Knott 2 days ago +1

    We are Venom

  • Jurassic Room
    Jurassic Room 4 days ago

    Feels like it's gonna be good but jeez why can't it be in the MCU I forgave you with Baby Driver but you still bring shame Sony

  • Bexultan Bakytbekov
    Bexultan Bakytbekov 4 days ago

    Is this in MCU

  • Joshua Fogata
    Joshua Fogata 4 days ago +1

    It’s real people! I just looked it up on a bunch of different websites and all of them kept the same story. Venom is coming October 5th of this year!!!! We are venom!!!!!!

  • Éverson Serpa
    Éverson Serpa 4 days ago

    Borgo! Borgo! Borgo! Borgo!!!

  • Hayden White
    Hayden White 4 days ago

    hey IGN tell marvel to make the venom movie rated PG-13!!!! PLEASE?

  • DoomFry
    DoomFry 4 days ago

    When Spider-Man fans say that they don’t want a Venom Movie but

  • Gabriel Valdez Jr
    Gabriel Valdez Jr 5 days ago

    The crowd looks fake and it makes me laugh

  • Rama Ramadhan28
    Rama Ramadhan28 5 days ago +1

    Tom Hardy said how important Venom movie for Marvel Universe

  • aluf mangoes
    aluf mangoes 5 days ago

    they werent in brazil because brazil is a ....... country lol

  • Omega Styles
    Omega Styles 5 days ago

    Ive got faith in Tom Hardy and love him as an actor but FTLOG could they cast blonde actors for blonde characters

  • poopy pidgeon224
    poopy pidgeon224 6 days ago

    Where can i get a tshirt like his

  • germa9090
    germa9090 6 days ago

    I wanna see Tom,Jeff and Matt together.

  • Beast Within Gaming
    Beast Within Gaming 6 days ago

    Cant wait for this always loved venom in the cartoons now hes coming to the big screen tom hardy is a good choice

  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers 6 days ago

    Erico Borgo !!

  • Nav
    Nav 6 days ago

    Can’t wait to hear venom speak in a disoriented voice

  • metalernest1
    metalernest1 6 days ago

    Ñoooooooooooo! 😓😓😓😓😖😖😖😖😖 Why this dude

  • Mllr hr
    Mllr hr 6 days ago +2

    Tom Hardy is a beast, I hope to see him someday as James Bond

  • Ryan Ellis
    Ryan Ellis 6 days ago

    Comics are overrated.

  • East Salinas 9 Squad


  • T B
    T B 6 days ago

    its gonna be good "woooooooooooooooo". Alright waste of time.

  • Spider Comics
    Spider Comics 6 days ago

    Steve ogg or jim Carrey as Cassidy aka Carnage

  • Spider Comics
    Spider Comics 6 days ago

    Awesome holy shilll will I an Carnage be in it

  • rocafella142
    rocafella142 6 days ago +1

    We really don't need Tom Hardy's word that he will deliver us a good venom. He's proved himself a long time ago he's a grade A top of the line actor, who can portray anyone or anything flawlessly. If this movie bombs it's not his fault. That would fall on the director, writer, and producer.

    XLPCX 6 days ago +1

    First superhero movie I’m excited for in a while.

  • Jason Bradley
    Jason Bradley 7 days ago +1

    Is there anyone cooler than Tom Hardy right now?

  • Rahul Mandal
    Rahul Mandal 7 days ago

    Guys it’s written as “LIVE VIA SATELLITE” so Please do the maths and stop complainin if it feels real or fake!

    Don’t make Bane feel disappointed in you or you won’t feel incharge!

  • Lea Beats
    Lea Beats 7 days ago +1

    so excited for this

  • ZeFrankz
    ZeFrankz 7 days ago

    No Spidey :(

  • Abdul-Rahman Ahmed
    Abdul-Rahman Ahmed 7 days ago

    . Marvell is winning

  • Diego Vazquez
    Diego Vazquez 7 days ago +1

    I NEED this movie

  • MOTat18
    MOTat18 7 days ago +1

    Tom Hardy is so sexy

  • sammeo
    sammeo 7 days ago

    If you are Leonardo DiCaprio's friend, you will be a spider man

  • chatcharapanu chobdee
    chatcharapanu chobdee 7 days ago +1

    I like him so much

  • Tramaine Terrance
    Tramaine Terrance 7 days ago

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  • Léon The Professional Procrastinator

    Dude, I love Tom Hardy! SOLD!

  • ali mudarres
    ali mudarres 7 days ago

    at least now we know how venom will look like, ish

  • Kyster / Ostium
    Kyster / Ostium 7 days ago

    I want this to be a horror movie in a universe where venom has to feed on humans to survive similar to the Ultimate Spiderman ps2 game if anyone knows what I'm talking about

  • Elias Molina
    Elias Molina 7 days ago

    All these fucktarts aren't saying anything bad about Sony now huh?

  • BH
    BH 7 days ago +1

    Kinda lost. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Eddie Brock should be the same age as Peter. So i dont understand why Tom Hardy was casted as venom

    • BH
      BH 6 days ago

      Fishmenace tacoface they said they might bring him into it tho. So how they gonna explain that?

    • Transmercury
      Transmercury 7 days ago

      Venom is an R rated, standalone, sci-fi, horror movie.

    • Arthur Henrique Mallmann
      Arthur Henrique Mallmann 7 days ago

      Because he's the same age as Holland. Some kids grow faster

    • Fishmenace tacoface
      Fishmenace tacoface 7 days ago

      BH he isnt part of the same universe that tom holland and the avengers are in. Different cinematic universe

  • Lucas Preti
    Lucas Preti 7 days ago +3

    arrasa Érico

  • Sindor O
    Sindor O 7 days ago

    This is lame, just a crowd gathered to watch a video

  • David T.
    David T. 7 days ago

    Just gives us a trailer already!!

  • CoinOpTV
    CoinOpTV 7 days ago

    free shirts rule the world!

  • Tanner Sula
    Tanner Sula 7 days ago

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Disney owns marvel Disney owns Spider man Sony go home you are Drunk and High

  • JustNYC •
    JustNYC • 7 days ago +18

    I hope it’s dark as hell

    • Ryan Ellis
      Ryan Ellis 6 days ago

      That would be soon rad!

    • Casper220968
      Casper220968 7 days ago

      should be V rated for Venom and Violence put together

    • ShadowHunter332
      ShadowHunter332 7 days ago +1

      JustNYC • I believe the movie will be rated R.

  • 777RBE777
    777RBE777 7 days ago

    Please let there be a scene with Carnage in the after credits

  • DaddyCantStop
    DaddyCantStop 7 days ago

    Since when was the venom movie a thing I thought it was rumor

    • Brendan Milburn
      Brendan Milburn 7 days ago +1

      It's been happening for awhile, casting has been public for a long time.

  • IQ's Ass
    IQ's Ass 7 days ago

    If starlord had a brother, Tom Hardy could would be the perfect choice.

  • Ox7ProTotyPe
    Ox7ProTotyPe 7 days ago

    Venom did I hear that right? okay so wtffffuuuuuuucccckkkkk

  • Ezikial
    Ezikial 7 days ago +3

    Tom Hardy.....I approve

  • nathan YANG
    nathan YANG 7 days ago

    Haha Bane

  • A L E X
    A L E X 7 days ago

    No body address the massive elephant in the room..

  • The Tostada
    The Tostada 7 days ago

    This video is the first time I've ever heard tom hardy speak. Not what I expected him to sound like at all

  • Top 10 World
    Top 10 World 7 days ago

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  • Nico _
    Nico _ 7 days ago

    This is the biggest Comic Con in the world. It's bigger than the one in San Diego.

  • Creacher Creature
    Creacher Creature 7 days ago +1

    Brazil fans seem amazing

  • wellalbedamn
    wellalbedamn 7 days ago

    “We don’t know where venom would show up” mcu hint?? Plsssss Sony plssss

  • krisj827
    krisj827 7 days ago

    I wish Tom Holland was in this movie but alas.

    • Brendan Milburn
      Brendan Milburn 7 days ago

      Nah, I don't think I want him in an R-rated movie, but I wouldn't mind Hardy's Venom appearing in a Holland Spider-Man film.

  • Fernicus Maximus
    Fernicus Maximus 7 days ago

    The snow kept us on the ground....yeah right lol

  • Mike Elamite
    Mike Elamite 7 days ago

    So people are complaining about the fact that Spider-Man is not going to be in this film and plays a major role in terms of venom’s behaviour and overall look... okay then why didn’t we receive an origin story for Peter Parker in homecoming guess what! cause it wasn’t needed! They made small references here and their and that was about it! This will be the same, small references as to why Eddie Brock is in San Francisco. When Star Wars episode 4 had released it had given us small references as to who the Jedi were and what the clone wars was but not over spoken about or included a lot of aspects this was a new chapter... So will Venom!

  • The Bros' Channel
    The Bros' Channel 7 days ago

    Tomorrow is the day

  • 091MW2
    091MW2 7 days ago

    Dayum. I'd expect that kind of crowd for Star Wars, Avengers, or Game of Thrones, and not a Venom spin off film.

  • J7TMC 1234
    J7TMC 1234 7 days ago

    Can't wait for the second trailer to be realized

  • pag3309
    pag3309 7 days ago

    Obrigado Tom

  • jerone sinclair
    jerone sinclair 7 days ago

    i <3 Brail

  • Hose Water Studios
    Hose Water Studios 7 days ago +36

    Deadpool movie: Fox's apology
    Venom movie: Sony's apology

  • Gage Yates
    Gage Yates 7 days ago

    I want the trailer now

  • BMV The Movie Fanatic


  • BMV The Movie Fanatic

    Teaser, teaser, teaser....

  • alexandre angelo
    alexandre angelo 7 days ago


  • Broly The legendary super sayain

    Horizon Zero Awards.

  • Blackvenom
    Blackvenom 7 days ago


  • ibaad hussain
    ibaad hussain 7 days ago

    I was expecting a trailer but hopefully this week

  • skull king
    skull king 7 days ago

    who ?!

  • guilmon981
    guilmon981 7 days ago

    Still no Splinter Cell news?

  • R
    R 7 days ago

    i can't wait to the trailer and i want that Venom T-shirt.

  • Waylon Jones
    Waylon Jones 7 days ago +52

    He's a big guy

    • Chery Saldivar
      Chery Saldivar 7 days ago +1

      Sean Thomas Wolverine is like 5'3 in the comics while Tom Hardy is 5'9. Brock is 6'3 but I don't care too much because the acting will be up there.

    • General Aspergers
      General Aspergers 7 days ago +1

      He's 5'9", so, average height.

    • iVLogNothing
      iVLogNothing 7 days ago +2

      Waylon Jones if you think he looks huge here , you should watch warrior, he was pretty ripped in that movie..good movie btw

    • Howard Strike
      Howard Strike 7 days ago +2

      Tyler Coswell damn you beat me to it

    • KBrady1888
      KBrady1888 7 days ago +2

      Tyler Coswell 😂 i think i'm the only one that got your reference so far haha

  • Jackie Logan
    Jackie Logan 7 days ago

    We Are Venom

  • MAT
    MAT 7 days ago


  • GeoNeo Hill
    GeoNeo Hill 7 days ago

    Why is Tom Hardy talking like rude buoy!? He doesnt normally talk like that

  • Dutchy Dutch
    Dutchy Dutch 7 days ago

    This will be the best marvel movie ever made. Just saying...

  • Oliwier Rogula
    Oliwier Rogula 7 days ago

    Any of u seen the poster for the film? Dam he looks scary af on it

  • Sergey Buiko
    Sergey Buiko 7 days ago

    Did Tom just say that, Venom is part of Marvel?

  • Lucas Morais
    Lucas Morais 7 days ago


  • A.J Thomas
    A.J Thomas 7 days ago

    Wow! That is a really big flag.

  • Henrique Melo
    Henrique Melo 7 days ago

    Olha o Érico Borgo mitando na IGN gringa

  • Kaseph 1
    Kaseph 1 7 days ago

    it's always good when the protagonist was total and excited for his project , just like deadpool

  • Mario Frater
    Mario Frater 7 days ago

    Where's the teaser trailer

  • Gabriel Calderón
    Gabriel Calderón 7 days ago

    This movie won my excitement over very slowly but I believe Tom Hardy is going to nail it

  • MrCDSuperCharge
    MrCDSuperCharge 7 days ago

    Since this takes place in San Francisco and they said Venom is in the same universe. Scott Lang and Hank Pym live in San Francisco. Would they know what happens in the movie? Speaking in terms of the universe outside of what we see on screen.

  • Jon Wick
    Jon Wick 7 days ago +1

    James Delaney!!!(aka Tom Hardy)

  • Dorian Saunders
    Dorian Saunders 7 days ago

    Sony robbed Marvel of the opportunity to make a great Black Suit arch, andcI hate them. They need to leave Marvel movies alone period.

  • Donnies Laboratory
    Donnies Laboratory 7 days ago

    What the hell kind of trailer was that 😂

  • Tactical Distort
    Tactical Distort 7 days ago

    It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan.

  • Agent Prime
    Agent Prime 7 days ago

    As much as I like Venom I'm not really that excited or eager about this movie. I mean it's a movie about Venom without Spider-Man. I'm not saying it'll be bad, I mean I'm sure it may be a better movie about Venom than Spider-Man 3 but Venom is one of Spider-Man's greatest foes and I would rather see Venom as the main antagonist in a Spider-Man movie more than a solo movie and it kinda saddens me that we'll probably never see Venom in the MCU. Still it might be good. I may go see it but I not gonna be counting down the days and getting giddy. Honestly I'm more interested in that animated Spider-Man movie that's coming out.

  • Gian Oliver
    Gian Oliver 7 days ago

    S E N S A C I O N A L

  • Mark Reed
    Mark Reed 7 days ago

    Like how he turns away from his UK accent so they can fully understand him.