Make a Book with a Secret Compartment 📕

  • Published on Jul 31, 2013
  • I show how to make a book safe that can be used to hide small items. 📚 Book safes are an age-old way to stash one's treasures--the key to a safe, a private document, a flask, a gun. And you can use them while traveling to hide your iPod, backup cash, or other valuables from would-be thieves. A hollowed-out book is a clever place to hide valuables. There are many companies that have book safes on the market, but why buy something that can be easily made at home with a bit of time and patience. You get to choose the book and set the depth of the safe. It a great place to hide your valuables or impress your friends.
    Pre-Made Secret Book Compartments: (USA)
    Pre-Made Secret Book Compartments: (Canada)

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    Things you will need:
    - Book: (Thick hardcover books work best)
    - Glue: (
    - Box cutter/Xacto knife: (
    - Paintbrush: (
    - Felt/ thick paper: (
    - Ruler: (
    - Heavy objects
    Have multiple blades to replace them when they become dull.
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    Track: Stormfront

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    Mare Van Huisstede 2 months ago

    You mean: How to Kill a Book

  • *•* :P
    *•* :P 2 months ago +1

    Oh I did this and put chalkboard paint on the insides so I can write my notes and messages on too! 🙃

  • Anthony Portillo
    Anthony Portillo 3 months ago

    You should put a lock

  • I have a small peepee
    I have a small peepee 3 months ago

    I'm using this to store my dildo in a bible. Thanks!

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    Lil Notoriginal 3 months ago

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  • E. Barreca
    E. Barreca 4 months ago

    What's the reason for gluing the first 20 pages to the front?

  • abov
    abov 4 months ago

    Hi! i am making one of these for my friend and i glued about 15 pages or so in the front so i could keep the front page art but now there is a huge crease that makes it almost impossible for the book to stay closed on its own. Is there any way I can get rid of the crease? Or is there an easy way to remove the glue to reglue it? PLEASE HELP!

  • Coupon New York
    Coupon New York 4 months ago

    Great tutorial thank you

  • Marius Haugen
    Marius Haugen 5 months ago

    What type of glue?

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 6 months ago

    Will I go to hell if I use a bible and stash my booze in it this Halloween? God bless alcohol🙏🏼

  • AstronomicFilth
    AstronomicFilth 6 months ago

    Way to hide a Revolver to shoot John in the face, to later miss when the opportunity is there

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    Would Have Been Better To Use A *Twilight* Book

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    Boston Corleone 7 months ago

    I hid a quarter pound with this method . Vacuum Sealed .

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    Hey was that Elmer's glue?

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    Shadow_TV 8 months ago

    Good and straight to the point!

  • Megan Keli
    Megan Keli 8 months ago

    I dunno why but I was at the edge of my seat throughout this entire video

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    uwu 8 months ago

    Now I can hide my tenga eggs! ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Kriti Manjhi
    Kriti Manjhi 9 months ago

    You destroy a book ..,

  • Somnath Karan
    Somnath Karan 9 months ago

    Someone please suggest me some books to try this😓. Ty

  • dreas mom
    dreas mom 9 months ago +1

    Making one from a classic fairy tales book. Then filling with trinkets and giving to my 3 year old neice. Thank you.

    • Beverly Lindsay
      Beverly Lindsay 7 months ago

      dreas mom great idea. Thanks..will do one for my grandaughter 👍

  • Mindingu Love
    Mindingu Love 9 months ago

    Ill hide a flask inside the bible

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    blackkangaroo13 10 months ago

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    Shaheena Ramzan Year ago

    Knowledge Is Power...😂

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    holly Bloom Year ago

    I done this once to a Bible..... No wonder the nuns at my school hated me

  • oO Anonyme Oo
    oO Anonyme Oo Year ago

    Why glue the first 20 pages together ?

  • Lil Isap
    Lil Isap Year ago

    Perfect for bunkering Gahnja

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    Toria Year ago

    @All the people screaming about the books
    Not all books are useful or interesting.

  • chris happy
    chris happy Year ago

    Is there a way u can make a latch on it or like a lock

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    For anyone looking to do this you can cut the time it takes in half using any cordless drill and a hand coping saw.

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  • Von Malegowski
    Von Malegowski  Year ago

    If you don't want to make one you can always buy one on Amazon: ( 📚

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