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  • Familia Diamond
    Familia Diamond  18 days ago +5242

    Thank you for watching!! JOIN OUR FAMILY: tvclip.biz/channel/uc5zosz-bpass2zkjy9q9isg & Hit that notification bell!! Giving SHOUTOUTS IN EVERY VIDEO!!!❤️

  • Henica Veal
    Henica Veal 34 minutes ago


  • Mia Batez 4
    Mia Batez 4 47 minutes ago

    I did it bet i coulden't put on the notifications bet i would like tog get an iPhone x and i love you all ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • terri senior
    terri senior 49 minutes ago

    I really want a phone but my mam can't afford one I also want a Apple watch please love you guys

  • Graciela Sandoval
    Graciela Sandoval 59 minutes ago

    I want a iPhone

  • Joany Metsen
    Joany Metsen Hour ago

    En iphone xs

  • Kayleigh Halsey
    Kayleigh Halsey Hour ago


  • Eryka Moran
    Eryka Moran Hour ago

    Done ilysmmmmmm and can I plzzzz have the iPhone XRS if you have that plz my phone is trash it glitch’s out of no were plz can I have that

  • Kaylee Davis
    Kaylee Davis Hour ago

    hi im subscribed and ive bin subscribed for a while now and i love your videos and i would love to win an apple imac or an ipone 8+ THANK YOU

  • Jellys World
    Jellys World Hour ago

    You said 🍎🍏

  • Sophie Joukes
    Sophie Joukes Hour ago

    I want to win a Bleu Iphone XR! Ps; I love you guys

  • Ivy Vermillion
    Ivy Vermillion 2 hours ago

    I would like town an iPhone Xs Max

  • Pelumi Olajide OLAJIDE

    Any thing

  • AJ Sisters
    AJ Sisters 2 hours ago

    I would really like and I phone any because I love you guys so much and everyone at school has cool phones and I have none I watch you everyday and did everything I could to win

  • bsbsbbdbdejje gsgxdbbdbbfb

    Hi salami I am your biggest fan please give me shout out in your next video please❤❤

  • Qu7sduvhusdbvubshfvbsyfbvysrbvwrbvbwfyvber Gamers

    I would like to win a iPhone xs max ❤️❤️❤️

  • Nicki B
    Nicki B 2 hours ago +1

    12:30 she look like 26 24 24

  • Emma Franzon
    Emma Franzon 2 hours ago

    I would like an iPhone X in any color ily guys so much Thanks for your videos lots of love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Sa’Miyah Miller
    Sa’Miyah Miller 2 hours ago

    iPhone XR

  • Doug Ross
    Doug Ross 3 hours ago

    Apple watch

  • Marianne Wilson
    Marianne Wilson 3 hours ago

    I love your channel you guys are the best you-tubers ever.

  • Ejane Sarangay
    Ejane Sarangay 3 hours ago

    Hi familia diamond I'm Micaella Jane sarangay I'm from Philippines and pls choose me because I want to start a TVclip channel like you guys and I want to help my family if I'm like you guys I can't start TVclip now because I don't have a good phone to start a videos and I can't afford a iPhone I wish on my 18 birthday that you guys choose me 😭 and I'm very lucky if you guys choose me pls pls I want to start a TVclip channel like you guys and see what I am and my routines of my life god bless familia diamond pls choose me I subscribe to all of your channels and my Facebook account is @Ejane sarangay pls choose me guys love you guys god bless and more blessings to come #familiadiamond 💖

  • Linda J Rose
    Linda J Rose 3 hours ago

    I would like to win a iPhone x

  • cmk love
    cmk love 3 hours ago

    I love you guys so much and your a really great family I want a iPhone 8

  • Slime Review
    Slime Review 3 hours ago

    The girl was already like a 21 year old wearing long fakes nails and the clothes she wears

  • Bob lol
    Bob lol 3 hours ago

    I want to win you are a caring family and nice I really want a shout-out please

  • Fishies 4 life
    Fishies 4 life 4 hours ago

    I want to win because my brother really wants a new phone and i want to give it to him for his birthday

  • Jacob Isaacson
    Jacob Isaacson 4 hours ago

    Mac book pro.

  • Layla's Channel's the best

    I sucscribed and clicked the bell can I win a iPhone 6 or 8

  • Denise's Channel
    Denise's Channel 4 hours ago

    Done and I would like to win an iPhone X

  • Aryanna Gill
    Aryanna Gill 4 hours ago

    Can I have the phone please?

  • Maaly Badawi
    Maaly Badawi 4 hours ago

    I love your videos I always watch them I always follow you

  • Maaly Badawi
    Maaly Badawi 4 hours ago

    I want an iPhone ex

  • Adyson Herr
    Adyson Herr 4 hours ago

    I did it and it would be my dream to get the iPhone X cause I have a broken phone and it barely works so can you please give it to me btw ❤️ u guys so so much!

  • kpopdrawingjets bb
    kpopdrawingjets bb 4 hours ago

    i like to win a iphone xs

  • Adyson Herr
    Adyson Herr 4 hours ago

    I will love to get the iPhone any iPhone will be good because I only have a iPod since 3 years ago and it barely works can I please get one of the iPhone X it will be my dream!!! ❤️ u guys so much!!!

  • Cristina Chiurtu
    Cristina Chiurtu 4 hours ago

    I would like to win because my brother is getting bullied for not getting a phone 💔😢😢

  • Aubree Goodno
    Aubree Goodno 4 hours ago +1

    First I LOVE your channel and I would be so great full for anything but I really want a computer to edit videos on and do some school work on and also my mom could really use it because she does something on the computer because hers is really old and slow ❤️

  • aniyah wilson
    aniyah wilson 4 hours ago

    I want to win a iPhone and i did it

  • Ola Mielniczek
    Ola Mielniczek 4 hours ago

    She look like się was 18

  • Anna en Lou-ann
    Anna en Lou-ann 5 hours ago

    I like to wear skirts with a croptop I turned post notifications on I love this channel love to you guys

  • Bella Alvarado
    Bella Alvarado 5 hours ago

    Who else thinks it’s so adorable that there are matching

  • Ola Mielniczek
    Ola Mielniczek 5 hours ago

    I wid like to win anything

  • Maria Alameer
    Maria Alameer 5 hours ago

    I hope I win an a iPhone

  • Maria Alameer
    Maria Alameer 5 hours ago

    My name is Maria I always lock to your videos Familia diamond and tux videos and I love tux diy

  • Azia Bass
    Azia Bass 5 hours ago

    I want to win and I want a iPhone xrs. This Is a really funny 😆 video

  • Abdo Kwoa
    Abdo Kwoa 5 hours ago

    I love your videos #youmna

  • Ralph Papa
    Ralph Papa 5 hours ago

    hi this is chloe so beautiful your face

  • Mikal Gardner
    Mikal Gardner 5 hours ago

    I Love your videos sow much👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • YamYams World
    YamYams World 6 hours ago +1

    OMG i watching One Video of you and Love it. I would win a I iPhone Xs max
    Loovvee you❤
    Like it when you Love them to

  • Leanne Alcindor
    Leanne Alcindor 6 hours ago

    She looks 15

  • Leanne Alcindor
    Leanne Alcindor 6 hours ago

    Id like to win a iphonex

  • Aliyah Rayne sagao
    Aliyah Rayne sagao 6 hours ago

    Hi u just subscribed to your channel and open the notification can have an gaget please :(

  • Mel Maccrum
    Mel Maccrum 6 hours ago +1

    Who reads comments

  • Abigail Clapperton
    Abigail Clapperton 7 hours ago

    I fone X

  • Sam Bacarra
    Sam Bacarra 7 hours ago

    I really wanna have an iphone but i only have the nokia

  • Kadie Labrador
    Kadie Labrador 7 hours ago

    She already acts like she's 21

  • Candy Family
    Candy Family 7 hours ago +1

    She looks 18



  • Candy Family
    Candy Family 7 hours ago +1


  • Hafdis Guðmundsdottir

    I want a Mac book

  • Diamond Slime Boutique

    I would love to win a macbook air pro in any color i dont care about that part. It would be amazing for my slime shop!

  • simply Belle
    simply Belle 7 hours ago

    I would like to have to like something and it can be anything

  • Ara Amado
    Ara Amado 8 hours ago

    Iwant to win plss ilove familia diamond

  • Maha Alzaidi
    Maha Alzaidi 8 hours ago

    Hi I love you

  • Eleshia Thurman
    Eleshia Thurman 8 hours ago

    i would love an iPhone 6s

    xFLAWL3SS_DWOL 8 hours ago

    Hi my name is it is a rather I really like your make up on that's all and I like your family say I give you guys 1000 likes

    xFLAWL3SS_DWOL 8 hours ago

    Hi saying she looks like a 20 years old arm so I like your make up and I like your my family say I love you go family yes because you guys are so nice I

    xFLAWL3SS_DWOL 8 hours ago

    She looks so pretty I want to be like her unlike you my name is Israel

    xFLAWL3SS_DWOL 9 hours ago

    The school is from is aurora

    xFLAWL3SS_DWOL 9 hours ago

    Videos I give you guys 1000 songs because the scribers

  • Casther Troy
    Casther Troy 9 hours ago

    I want an i phonex too!.pls i want some i subscribe and like too pls

  • Jenilee Vanwormer
    Jenilee Vanwormer 9 hours ago

    I subbed and liked

  • music with Taha
    music with Taha 9 hours ago

    IPad pro

  • Crafty Siblings
    Crafty Siblings 9 hours ago

    Omg she legit look like 21😲

  • NOT TqZZ
    NOT TqZZ 10 hours ago

    The old 10yr old girl is a txu is a gold digger

  • Priya Manna
    Priya Manna 10 hours ago

    Hey Txunamy 💕you are so pretty 😘😘 love to watch your videos ... You all are like family goals😍. And also want to mention I want to win ipad, it would be extremely helpful for me as I'm studying graphics, this course is very expensive and I'm still paying it in installments. To improve my designing skills I need it badly 😔

  • Zara Devic
    Zara Devic 10 hours ago

    Can I pls win a prize I have watched you from the start pls pls

  • Nel Canete
    Nel Canete 10 hours ago

    A little respect gurl

  • Kana Auig
    Kana Auig 11 hours ago

    I want to win an iPhone 8

  • Violet Harris
    Violet Harris 11 hours ago

    I would like to win a iPhone xs please. I love all of your video's

  • Travel with Ash
    Travel with Ash 11 hours ago

    I would like a iPhone XR coral I have subscribed and turned on the post notifications

    CEL CASTRO 11 hours ago

    i want a t-shirt like you im grade 2 8 years old i live in philipines

  • Angelcake Castillo
    Angelcake Castillo 11 hours ago +1

    I did sub and turn notifications bell and like and I hope I win iPhonex but doesn't matter if you didn't win

  • Alexa Jackson
    Alexa Jackson 11 hours ago

    If i had to choose i would get an iphone X

  • Alexa Jackson
    Alexa Jackson 12 hours ago

    You guys are so cute😀❤

  • Sweety23456 Smaltz
    Sweety23456 Smaltz 12 hours ago

    A laptop

  • danger_ creep
    danger_ creep 12 hours ago

    Can I please have a laptop.

  • Smellypicklehead Vlog
    Smellypicklehead Vlog 12 hours ago

    Love this your videos make my day‼️😭love these people whoever is reading this and haven’t subscribed and turned the notifications on well do it now

  • Angel Peqrce
    Angel Peqrce 12 hours ago

    I would love to win any iphone 😘💜💜

  • funny laugh
    funny laugh 13 hours ago +2

    I wanna win because I'm indeed of a phone or ipad

  • Kaylee Galeana
    Kaylee Galeana 13 hours ago

    I subscribed and turned in the list notifications please give me an apple give away one of them... By the way I love your videos I love your family their so cute and I wash I had a family like yours but ...please give me an apple give away agian like i said I subscribed and turned 9n post notifications. 👋 bye 👋

  • YourGamer Girl
    YourGamer Girl 13 hours ago

    I want a iPhone (I'm never gonna win 😭"

  • Athena Thor
    Athena Thor 13 hours ago

    I did everything you told me too do so can I have a I phone X R please I love your family

  • Matiu YT
    Matiu YT 13 hours ago

    I subscribed

  • James Crutcher
    James Crutcher 13 hours ago

    when got done with the makeup then anyone see dizeel

  • Zyrene's Kingdom
    Zyrene's Kingdom 13 hours ago

    i wanted a Iphone Xs max and i had subscribed to you a very long time

  • Marie Burns
    Marie Burns 14 hours ago

    can I have an apple xr plz

    WHYALBERTNO_ TRUCKME 14 hours ago

    (._.) *What is going on?*
    L/ /

  • Marie Burns
    Marie Burns 14 hours ago

    She looks 43