My Teacher Literally Said This In Front Of My Whole Class


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  • Lorna Swasey
    Lorna Swasey 7 days ago

    Nice looking boy,he look like you.

  • harfang des neiges
    harfang des neiges 25 days ago

    I read a story of a man who had a cerebrovascular accident and looked a children in a pedophile way.He whent to the doctor for help and they gave him pills! it IS known that a head injury or CVA. can affect your sexuality through your brain that it even changes your sexual orientation! But they have an agenda when it comes to gender.There are poisons/drugs that make a developing fetus become gay-oriented.We are being poisoned to reduce populace on earth. In children,they don't try to equilibrate the hormones and neurotransmitters to correct gender identity disorders but will "help" them become what they "feel" like becoming.

  • Buster
    Buster Month ago

    Keep speaking the truth! Love it! The truth is, the left just wants to keep people down and ignorant. They will capatalize and live a very wealthy life , while other people are looking at ther genitilla with confusion. Wake up America, I cant even belive this is a topic! We are so lost!

  • Jesseca Jubirt
    Jesseca Jubirt Month ago

    Amen to this truth and may God continue to guide you and give you courage to continue to speak everywhere as you have in class and in this video๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ

  • Deena Brown
    Deena Brown Month ago

    The Buffalo Public School system is extremely demonic.

  • M. B.
    M. B. Month ago

    Satan is the ruler of the system of things. Jehovah has the last say. People rather live a lie because they are corrupt.

  • Randy Arnold
    Randy Arnold Month ago

    Great video. I wish I had your level headed, quick wit approach to those types of arguments. On the science of the chemical imbalance check out Ben Shapiro's true facts on that subject. Just because a male has breasts put one their chest does not make them a woman. Their brain and everything about them still has the Y chromosome all through out their body. This world is going crazy trying to please the few, just look at the movement for afterbirth abortion. You are not crazy, they are delusional.

  • Paula Jones
    Paula Jones Month ago


  • Professional Meme Enthusiast 1

    Evolution IS a fact

  • David Bailey
    David Bailey Month ago

    This guy lost me at "you mean da erf..."

  • Mrs. Pean
    Mrs. Pean 2 months ago

    It's great that you speak up without being angry, that the right way to do it. Smart guy!!!

  • Ty Johnson
    Ty Johnson 2 months ago

    Stay calm and use facts and logic and you will destroy liberals every time.

  • Jennifer Cowart
    Jennifer Cowart 2 months ago

    15000plus likes 360 dislikes I thpught the majority ruled The rating on this video says diffrently RiseUp

  • T. Palmer Watkins
    T. Palmer Watkins 2 months ago

    The word says such as a man think so is he. When you do your videos you present only your point of view. Jesus taught out of love not judgement.
    I took religion and psych courses because of the school i choose to attend. It was shocking to me to have an ordained minister stand before me and teach against what was written in the Bible. He did this because it was the curriculum. In taking that class I stayed after one night and asked if he did not believe the Bible because he taught with such conviction. I was shocked to find that he stated he was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. The one thing I took from him that helps me even now was to not be so closed minded that you don't have the time to listen to other points of views. If you are going to destroy an enemy, the more you know, the more you learn gives you more insight about them revealing their weak spots and eventually show a plan to defeat them.

  • jason layman
    jason layman 2 months ago

    So true

  • Debra Robbins
    Debra Robbins 2 months ago +1

    God bless you for speaking the truth in loveโฃ๏ธ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘ฐ

  • Job Gillette
    Job Gillette 2 months ago

    We need to do a better job as Christians

  • Christine D
    Christine D 2 months ago +1

    Your young son is handsome & you're handsome too!

  • Paul Begreen
    Paul Begreen 2 months ago

    AMEN brother!! Keep up the good work. God bless you and your beautiful family.

  • Keith Lopez
    Keith Lopez 2 months ago +1

    Amen brother. Keep fighting the good fight. Good word.

  • Jim Masney
    Jim Masney 2 months ago +1

    What their afraid to admit Is that itโ€™s a CHOICE THEY MADE THAT DECISION JUST SHOWS HOW IGNORANT THEY ARE ๐Ÿ’€

  • Jenny Pettry
    Jenny Pettry 2 months ago +1

    Thank God for you telling the truth.
    Hi kids. They are so adorable

  • Heather Messer
    Heather Messer 2 months ago

    Amazing your are so on point! Thank you.

  • cyanleopard
    cyanleopard 2 months ago

    So youโ€™re a ack job bigot. Good to know.

  • spirit soul body
    spirit soul body 2 months ago +1

    At 5 yrs old, what do you see first thing in the classroom? ๐Ÿค” hmm
    A globe... yup! We are spinning 1000 mph ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ that's what they tell us. Indoctrination 101. Hiding God from us when he is so close.we live under God's firmament GOD'S EARTH IS IMMOVABLE. Genesis1:6 tells us why the sky is blue. ๐Ÿ˜Šโค

  • Diana Dobson
    Diana Dobson 2 months ago

    She is a idiot. She is the one with the mental disorder.๐Ÿคฏ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿคก

  • David Harris
    David Harris 2 months ago

    who's the deciding authority? In theory, and finally, the U.S. democratic process decides. The LEFT would replace that with them being the deciding factor, at the point of guns...their guns.

  • sterlingholobyte
    sterlingholobyte 2 months ago

    You're smart and you explain these things well. And I love how you stood up for normalcy and God. And you even have a son named Noah like I do. :-) I just subscribed!

  • Russell Lindner
    Russell Lindner 2 months ago

    Ironically these people hate christians because they believe they push their ideology on them.

  • NL B
    NL B 2 months ago

    I totally relate!!! my public university is full of complacent people and people that are easily triggered. My professors talk about LBGT but mostly trans health all of the time and I am in school for a professional health degree. I don't fit in at all and the facts about biological male and female health and even health, in general, doesn't support these beliefs that are being taught as facts. The more I learn, the more I realize we are still learning so much about science and human nature. Science is just catching up to recognize and understand what God created.

  • Jacob Lehnen
    Jacob Lehnen 2 months ago

    I disagree with your professor and lean toward your point of view but I believe in science and god. I'm more on the side of science. I have seen people drunk on god. It's a strange occurrence. I believe there some kind of higher a power. If it's a god or god, then its a woman. Women are more cruel.

    • Paulus
      Paulus 2 months ago

      In the end what do you really want to say?

  • Rob Mack
    Rob Mack 2 months ago

    I' m not religious at all but damm you make some good points. And i agree that how do the teachers know that what they are thinking and teaching is 100% correct?. Its all educated guesses and opinions without knowing the real truth. Just because someone truly believes something with all of there heart does not mean its the truth in reality.

  • npepperc c
    npepperc c 2 months ago

    The scientific community proves the Bible is true all the time.

  • David L.
    David L. 2 months ago

    You know 320 plus Christians were just killed by Muslims? What's up with that?

  • David L.
    David L. 2 months ago

    Ask Bill Nye "the science guy" Ya,, that's how they operate. He's not a science guy. But Left loves narratives.

  • David L.
    David L. 2 months ago

    LGBT...... has gone off the rails. I understand the LG thing, but they have run way off course. I don't take them seriously. Just nuts.

  • Kimberly Berger
    Kimberly Berger 2 months ago

    Your a smart man and your truth is different as a believer in Christ...

  • I Am Kolossus
    I Am Kolossus 2 months ago

    Great to see a fellow minority speaking the truth, except when it comes to evolution, which judghing by what youre' saying, its not true. There's plenty of science to back up evolution.
    As far as greater powers in the universes, that exists without question. Whether its God, allah, the Bukkakian Interdimensional Lord, whatever the case may be. Something DID create all of this life and made it work the way it does. Athiests say there is no proof of a God but they don't have proof to discount the theory of a higher power watching over us. Copuld very well be interdimensional aliens that have managed to manipulate space and time in order to travel around teh universe and create live.

  • Rebecca Deverick
    Rebecca Deverick 2 months ago

    Amen brother! God created us. People choose to be gay or lesbian etc! We were not born that way it's a choice. Yes, we should tell people about Christ in love, however we should also tell them exactly what the Bible says nothing more and nothing less. Jesus Christ told the Saducees and Pharisees that they were hypocrites. It is a confused world! We as Christians need to minister the gospel they way God wants us to. We are to stand firm in our faith and not back down. Gays, lesbians LGBT's are an abomination to God and that ladies and gentlemen is the way God sees it and that's how I see it.

  • Michelle Diaz
    Michelle Diaz 2 months ago

    Love the message. Great kids!

  • Pocketchange
    Pocketchange 2 months ago

    Dude! Exactly! It's the THEORY of evolution, not the FACT of evolution.

  • Claritza Perez
    Claritza Perez 2 months ago

    Amen your son is very handsome just like his father

  • It's ma'am
    It's ma'am 2 months ago

    You have to listen to feminist and LGBQ people talk all day? How has your head not exploded?

  • Bushido Services
    Bushido Services 2 months ago

    Young Hebrew brotha u put it down stay up n YeshuaJesus salvation is nigh!

  • Brandon Lane
    Brandon Lane 2 months ago

    Well the thing is when it comes to the earth being perfect is that space is infinite so the chance that earth and human life would happen is really low but the universe is so big it has to happen eventually. I do agree with you otherwise though

  • MOY Neal
    MOY Neal 2 months ago

    Feelings are fleeting.

  • Johan Huitema
    Johan Huitema 2 months ago

    it's a scary time to live in, when you are a parent

  • mike kroll
    mike kroll 2 months ago

    There are people that identify as a paraplegic. So what did she do, had both of her perfectly working legs removed. Is this not delusional behavior? Is there a good chance of mental disorder? This is a good bait question for this kind of argument. First get them to agree with you on a similar argument.

  • Josh Jackson
    Josh Jackson 2 months ago +1

    "I can't help but notice your son in the background with the "c'mon man, for the 5th time" I'm ready to go ;)

  • IBEW70
    IBEW70 2 months ago

    Once upon a time people followed a guy named Adolf, Even today people think Germans were inherently evil
    Reality is people are sheep, They will follow anyone, If you have objective thought, Or critical thinking skills you see threw the BS. There seems to be a level of smug intellectual elitist ignorance, Iโ€™ve noticed most of them gloss over an issue, I call it the google effect ,a superficial view of the world

  • Anbuchudar Christie
    Anbuchudar Christie 2 months ago

    Atheism with science has no much of backups against God.

  • Janet Young
    Janet Young 2 months ago

    Pray the blood of Jesus over you before you go sit under that demonic system they call school. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  • Ellie Rice
    Ellie Rice 2 months ago

    Thank you for standing by the Truth.

  • Luke Tilley
    Luke Tilley 2 months ago

    It's TIME! We have set silent and let this happen! Scientologists, Muslims and all kinds of groups are taking over! Stand up CHRISTIANS!!! JESUS turned over a huge marble table, you think HE was a wimp??? No! HE was a MAN! Standing up for what's right!!! STAND!!! If it means war then so be it! Ask yourself if you will stand up for JESUS??? Remember, HE died for Us!!!

  • ML Boone
    ML Boone 2 months ago

    People are delusional today

  • Clem Buck
    Clem Buck 2 months ago

    Great job...your aware..!

  • Sally Grant
    Sally Grant 2 months ago

    Noahide laws equal persecution of Christians for idol (Jesus) worship

  • scotty
    scotty 2 months ago

    Same Shit here in Europe too...unbelievable...fuck them all...the Lefts are Kommunists and very mental ill.
    God save us...Pleaaaaase.
    Greetings from Germany

  • Sasha Stanfill
    Sasha Stanfill 2 months ago

    This is your best post to date btw

  • Sasha Stanfill
    Sasha Stanfill 2 months ago

    They are teaching my babies evolution too and they have LGBTQ signs and posters even in the elementary schools here ๐Ÿ˜ณ. But putting up a cross would be hate speech. Sad ๐Ÿ˜ž thanks for this! Happy Resurrection Day!

  • Sasha Stanfill
    Sasha Stanfill 2 months ago

    That is crazy. Confused people canโ€™t legally get help? So sad. Keep up your posts!!! Truth!

  • Kevin French
    Kevin French 2 months ago

    Jacob Prasch has a really good video that goes along with what you are saying titled " Thou shall not ask!". I think you will like it.Good video.They are willfully blind. I noticed when you were talking how you praised your children.You are a good Dad and a inspiration.

  • Reggie Reed
    Reggie Reed 2 months ago

    You sir, I would enjoy engaging in conversation. You are a thinking man. We need more people like you. I see leadership and educational qualities in you.

  • cessna caravan
    cessna caravan 2 months ago

    If someone says that , I will say ok, can u walk on water, raise the dead, turn dozens loaves into hundreds... then yeah , I believe u

    PRETTY LAZY 2 months ago

    I left Chicago 5 years ago. I now live in South Carolina. Totally different, almost another country. I admire your grit and willingness to speak out. Your son is adorable. Take him away from the madness. Prayers going out for your children.

  • Dynetta Washington
    Dynetta Washington 2 months ago

    Science is the another God which really is suppose to be "the study of" resulting in the reasons why most conclusions are theories, not absolute truth. But as for a person feeling like he or she is something he or she is not, their thought process is screwed up; because the mind is different then the actual physics (the seeing, the knowing, the hearing, etc.) Is not our being one whole body, be it inside or out? And for anyone to side for the imagination of something over the actuality shows how messed up the average Intel is. Another flaw for those who believe or not believe in God. Nobodies belief or disbelief or feelings alone determines actuality. Religious people seem to think their opinion, desire, thinking, and isolated exceptance of specific ideologies, that they themself really don't articulate, determines God and who they believe he is. So the atheist mind is no more or less then the religious mind. Be it religion or science, it all confounds our human thinking. The real determination of mental instability is not confusion alone, nor is it about what we do not know. It is the blantant exceptance of such stories, and theories knowing its senseless ideas or so called facts ( ignorance) and not actualizing them through experience that is identifiable to all like we see the sun and walk the earth. And that is why you agree to disagree because none is actually right first by moral code alone. Who can be right when are psyche is messed up? And who can truly know when we can not, do not hear, and truthfully examine the knowledge we learn and are exposed to?
    FYI Notice the words in knowledge " know", "edge, or ledge" which means we only know the result or the end which determines time, space, and matters before and beyond us which Gods don't tell and science doesn't truly know. Even the truths that are revealed are missing so many vital parts.

  • Patrick's Kitesandmore
    Patrick's Kitesandmore 2 months ago

    LGBTwhatever is mental illness.
    Plain and simple.
    This is why we need mental institutions.
    Time to put the insane back into padded cells.
    Either that, or, legalize suicide assistance, since the majority of that community tries to commit suicide.

  • Fred Fegan
    Fred Fegan 2 months ago

    Good video.

  • tedted33
    tedted33 2 months ago

    Really great vid. I wish I was educated to this stuff when I was in college. I was bullied all the time by my teachers because of my opposing views. I feel like some people treat science as a religion, as if it has all the answers. Have you ever considered home schooling your kids?

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 months ago +1

    WAR !!!

  • D Espinoza
    D Espinoza 2 months ago

    God bless you and the kids man. I get how ya feel

  • Tony Bucharest
    Tony Bucharest 2 months ago

    @Marcus Rogers - One word - โ€œLogosโ€ - you have it.

  • Mikael Anderson
    Mikael Anderson 2 months ago

    Amen brother, we live in a sick world, God bless you brother of christ and to your family too, speaking the truth is righteous I enjoyed your video, thank you, God bless you in jesus precious name Amen

  • Steve Hill
    Steve Hill 2 months ago

    I feel like any smart adult would be smart enough to understand u donโ€™t need schooling to succeed, unless u feel the need to be brain fucked..

  • trina Girl
    trina Girl 2 months ago

    You are a standup guy. I get tired of telling the truth and people just look at you silent. Little compromises also like women should not teach or preach to men but people just look at me odd. If the bible says no then no. We dont have to completely understand. God is god and i am not.

  • Wade Martin
    Wade Martin 2 months ago

    Hey man I just want to say you are a breath of fresh air. God Bless you, from the God of the Bible

  • Peter Baker
    Peter Baker 2 months ago

    Haha! Man your Awesome bro ๐Ÿ‘Š Your a Great Example of how Christians should act and live! May Our Father in Heaven continue to use you in a Mighty Way! To Him be All the Glory for ever and ever Amen!

  • GiantEnt
    GiantEnt 2 months ago

    That teacher made a false parallel. I would be inclined to believe that God spoke to her if she were able to perform signs from God, which Jesus did.

  • shaun brown
    shaun brown 2 months ago

    People who believed in Jesus were brainwashed only a week after they welcomed him into Jerusalem. The Pharisees had turned the people against Jesus. But he never gave in. We canโ€™t either.

  • William 2015
    William 2015 2 months ago

    If a man says my left hand does not feel like. Should the Doctor cut off a working hand because he feels it is not his hand?No. Put sex into the mix and they loss Thier mind and start cut up body parts that have nothing wrong with them. All because of a feeling. In both case's it a mental condition called body
    dysmorphic disorder.

  • shaun brown
    shaun brown 2 months ago

    (Thumbs up. Subscribe.)

  • Greg Portee
    Greg Portee 2 months ago

    First I must applaud you for you courage and honesty. Yes, It is most definitely a disease and when you address as such you are deemed as a bad person, for I love all people and treat with the most respect, but "I REFUSE TO LIVE A LIE" If you are born a man or woman that what you are and I will love and respect you as such. a man's chemistry will always be the same so is a women's, even though they get hormone shot to slightly change them. so continue to walk in God's grace and stay focus on what precious and the true prize of LIFE.

  • Chris Blair
    Chris Blair 2 months ago

    We have got to stop this evil. If we don't stand up against this garbage and be salt moral truth and light spiritual truth. Then just as Jesus says we will be trampled by men.

  • Coral None
    Coral None 2 months ago

    While I respect your opinion, I do not agree. Although college and often High School teachers are pressing upon students their own personal opinions and that is not something that should be done. Keep your faith and be true to yourself. That's all that matters. This comes from a person who is a proud member of the lgbtq community and as a person who does not believe in the Christian Judeo God. That doesn't make me an atheist, I just don't believe in that particular God.


    There is no chemical imbalance it's all down to Demons. She's a liar and you should get yourself out of that God damned class and course in college


    Why submit yourself to these Fem cuntz?

  • robert jamieson
    robert jamieson 2 months ago

    A spirit of boldness!!!.. In a Time of Universal Deceit - Telling the Truth Is a Revolutionary this not what Isaiah 5:20 speaks of, is this not what 2 Timothy 4:3 spoke of?...I to have children and I am so frightened of what their future is shaping up to be

  • 1 Hitter
    1 Hitter 2 months ago

    Not to bring up race, but I gotta. My high school history teacher, 1989, told the entire class โ€œwhite people are born racist. Itโ€™s woven into your DNAโ€. Between homosexuals and race, we are doomed. This happened in the 80โ€™s in south Louisiana.

  • Tamian San
    Tamian San 2 months ago

    They gonna keep an eye on you, intelligence and honesty are great treat to the IT.

  • Colleen Domaradzki
    Colleen Domaradzki 2 months ago

    Itโ€™s true. I saw a Steven crowder video where he dressed as a transgender woman went to planned parenthood submitted a positive pregnancy test (which cannot happen) and they let him leave. According to the video, it may mean a male (biologically) has testicular cancer. A pregnancy test may sow testicular cancer in a man and they let him leave because they didnโ€™t want to offend anyone.

  • Tamian San
    Tamian San 2 months ago

    She is not just an Atheist she is Satanist! An Atheist can be truth loving person, Satanists are children of the lie!

  • Michael
    Michael 2 months ago

    You should listen to Jonathan Adampants. His uploads are all here on TVclip. Changed my way of viewing life and how to deal with what's going on.

  • Beth Banfill
    Beth Banfill 2 months ago

    I love President Trump 2020

  • Beth Banfill
    Beth Banfill 2 months ago

    Amen it's good to know someone speaks out the truth to help people know.

  • Matthew Ronson
    Matthew Ronson 2 months ago

    You trapped that shill of an instructor in her own circular reasoning; her own irrationality for which she invokes her religion (her belief system) under the label of "science", but could not use this same device to account for the selective application of their own alleged concepts.
    By definition, (for example) homosexuality, trans-sexuality, etc., are deviant sexual behaviors. This is statistically undeniable. However, this fact was dismissed by a popular vote by those who could happen to attend a conference where this was voted on-hardly scientific.
    Look at the weasel words they use here: 1973 homosexuality per se was removed from the DSM-II classification of mental disorders and replaced by the category Sexual Orientation Disturbance. This represented a compromise between the view that preferential homosexuality is invariably a mental disorder and the view that it is merely a normal sexual variant.
    Use of the phrase "normal variant". A variant is also not normal by definition, but they soften the reality and despite even this softened definition, like evolution, in reality they push this agenda as if it were fact that Homosexuality is "normal".
    Classic double think as evidenced by your shill instructor who is far more concerned with fitting in with her deviant-is-normal peers than her pursuit not only to the truth, but in rejecting the obvious, and ironically, no matter how scientifically demonstrable the facts are.

  • Darlene Smith
    Darlene Smith 2 months ago

    Oh and tell them the earth is flat like over 200 passages in the bible kjv says it is! Father God in Heaven doesn't lie!
    Romans 3:4
    4 God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.

  • John Glover
    John Glover 2 months ago

    science answers questions. when it doesn't fit their narrative. they divert

  • Darlene Smith
    Darlene Smith 2 months ago +1

    Keep following Jesus! be blessed! Praise Jesus! Amen!

  • Darlene Smith
    Darlene Smith 2 months ago

    Just tell them Jesus isn't white! And watch them freak! ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿ›๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ

  • Seed of David
    Seed of David 2 months ago

    Had a philosophy teacher (head of the Department) who did something very similar-- very aggressive about it! I directly questioned him in the class, and he was in shock and immediately angry. Made 95+ on all the assignments and turned in final paper (he said looks like an A paper), he barely passed me.