End of Year Q&A!

  • Published on Dec 30, 2018
  • Thank you for a ripe 2018!
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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  10 months ago +1922


  • first name last name
    first name last name 2 months ago

    I like your voice, very soothing.

  • Illya Laurette
    Illya Laurette 4 months ago

    Are shooting this vid in midnight? Your voice is quiet compared to your usual voice

  • M.Ishaque kc
    M.Ishaque kc 4 months ago

    Hi, I am an architecture student. I do 3d models, CAD, V-ray renderings and gaming as well. With the money I have, either I can go for HP ZBook 17 G5 (i7- Quadro P4200- 32gb RAM) or Asus scar 2( i7-RTX 2070- 32 gb RAM). which one do you think is better for me with this money? 2800 dollars.
    Please do help me to go with the right choice :)

  • Gert Imann
    Gert Imann 7 months ago

    your speaking voice sounds asmr to me 😊😊

  • Brian Chuang
    Brian Chuang 8 months ago

    i think he is the cuties tech youtuber of all.

  • Chizzza 123
    Chizzza 123 8 months ago

    Says he doesn't buy phones for the camera.... Holding a pixel 3 lol.

  • Kurt Christian Ocampo
    Kurt Christian Ocampo 8 months ago

    Did you cry before you recorded the video?

  • Zaid Usman
    Zaid Usman 9 months ago

    Bro how you afford so many computers

  • Neo
    Neo 9 months ago

    Who else watched the whole video just to check whether Dave answered your question or not?

  • Xi Chang
    Xi Chang 9 months ago

    He has an accent, which part is it?

  • Ken Teng
    Ken Teng 9 months ago

    I'm here only watching you. Haha

  • Jay Gomez
    Jay Gomez 9 months ago

    @Dave - Hi, would you consider reviewing the Mi Pad? Thanks!

  • 김건우
    김건우 9 months ago

    Can you always do Korean subtitles? I want to see the video but I do not understand if there is no caption.

  • the perfect zone
    the perfect zone 9 months ago

    He is married...!!!??

  • AR Yu
    AR Yu 9 months ago

    Are you a minimalist? (I'm just curious because of the presentation of your videos the soroundings yourself and everything else kinda look aesthetically pleasing. Like a minimalist.)

  • Hafez S. AbuAdwan
    Hafez S. AbuAdwan 9 months ago

    @dave lee, hey you are probably one of the most blunt critical TVcliprs I have watched for the past couple of months and I actually need your help in choosing my next laptop. I am asking you because I would appreciate your blunt result-oriented opinion. Since 2011 I have SONY F series drake top replacement (true it is ancient) and I don’t do gaming anymore and it is super heavy. If I buy a laptop I use it for every long period of time. At this point of time, I must buy a new one because the laptop is falling apart. I have done extended research and these are the finalists based on being practical and light and 13.3’ : Microsoft Surface Pro, LG gram, Lenovo Yoga C930, New XPS 13. I know choosing one of them depends on what I am looking for in a laptop, but I am typical daily user so nothing fancy. My focus are three things: battery life, weight, and a laptop that would survive the next 8 years. I really appreciate your help and advice. If you have other recommendations I would highly appreciate it. Thanks 🙏🏼😃

  • Branson Taylor
    Branson Taylor 10 months ago

    Dave2D likes Kanye! Confirmed best tech reviewer


    Beautiful channel very nice update good morning have a good day happy new year

  • phresh
    phresh 10 months ago

    y u hot?

  • DevilFox
    DevilFox 10 months ago

    Have you considered to review some workstations such as the Dell Precision line or HP Z line? It's not easy to find reviews I can trust out there, so.. An in-depth hands-on analysis from you would be great.

  • RuaMond
    RuaMond 10 months ago

    When i heard that he bought all those stuff my himself........ OMG

    CZARNYEU 10 months ago

    You're great TVclipr Brother 😃
    I like your videos. Regards from Europe from my Channel Bro's

  • Alberto Puertas
    Alberto Puertas 10 months ago

    Hey bro someone is copying your videos. tvclip.biz/channel/UCgC91Q9e2xYRhK-Q2P_MbAg

  • Vijay Rajendran
    Vijay Rajendran 10 months ago

    Looking at his earlier reviews, the phone in his hand and his house one can clearly make out that he is obsessed with WHITE.

  • Law Wen Jun
    Law Wen Jun 10 months ago

    Can you review the Asus FX505G. Please? Thanks

  • TheGohan10000
    TheGohan10000 10 months ago

    So Dave's the Jeffree Star of Laptop 😂

  • Penwick
    Penwick 10 months ago

    How humble is this guy, out here with almost 2M subscribers and clearly making good money on TVclip but still has a job! My favourite thing about Dave is that he hasn't got bigheaded and started a production studio and hired editors and writers... just straight up cracking out videos and hustling but staying humble. What a guy!

  • tee jay
    tee jay 10 months ago

    Hi Dave I'll like to know your 3 most recommended affordable gaming laptops of 2018

  • Thomas De Moor
    Thomas De Moor 10 months ago

    I love your subtle, dry humor.

  • Isaac Rowebotham
    Isaac Rowebotham 10 months ago

    Kids?? Wait how old are you?? You look 23.

  • Przemek Zawadzki
    Przemek Zawadzki 10 months ago

    All the best for 2019 Dave, and greetings from Poland!

  • Justin Liu
    Justin Liu 10 months ago

    I felt like he had no patience and didn't wanna answer any of these questions. Even slight annoyed

  • Thanglallian Vualnam
    Thanglallian Vualnam 10 months ago

    How did he keep his left arm still for that whole video

  • Gabri Liu
    Gabri Liu 10 months ago

    Love all your video, thank you for great work in 2018 , will keep watching your videos in 2019
    Fan from Taiwan

  • Jeremy C.
    Jeremy C. 10 months ago

    DAMN.. nice house man..

  • Guenude Nahum
    Guenude Nahum 10 months ago

    I'm for ever a fan

  • 65 6c 6f 6e 20 6d 75 73 6b

    Love the apartment Dave! Just wondering, what city?

  • Mak Ilagan
    Mak Ilagan 10 months ago

    Ilike you Dave im obsessed. Just kidding

  • Matthew Dolman
    Matthew Dolman 10 months ago

    Hi Dave
    You seem like a really nice person.

  • Kie
    Kie 10 months ago

    I really do appreciate and enjoy the aesthetic and general feel of your videos. Best of luck for 2019.

  • Ali Ahmad
    Ali Ahmad 10 months ago

    You are so cute and Nice and Fatherly boy.

  • erich ly
    erich ly 10 months ago

    You're my hero DUDE! Love that you're just keeping it real on TVclip - looking forward to a great 2019!

  • Ibrahim Al-Hawshan
    Ibrahim Al-Hawshan 10 months ago

    No Sir! Thank you,

  • John K
    John K 10 months ago

    Love to see you in a live chat.

  • Sprits Fal
    Sprits Fal 10 months ago

    Dave you're the best! Your videos are so top notch I honestly don't know how you keep improving! lol. Also, I love your honesty with products, especially your nitpicks. Your nitpicks, being a person who sees a lot of tech, are just as important as the entire video imho. Cuz you realize everything. Like screen flex, kb isn't the best, Thunderbolt type 3(but 2 lane), etc.
    If you haven't already.(Sorry I haven't watched EVERY video you've made. I have a job too lol. But can you make a video on the "best" ultrabook for 2018? One that you can game on natively ok at mid/low settings but with it's TB3(4 lane) it becomes a beast gaming rig with an e-gpu, while also less than 3lbs? I also wanted the XPS to be that laptop but just about every one of them, last I checked, was TB3(2 lane) and that just doesn't cut it)
    Can't wait to see future videos from you. Thank you and Happy New Year and late Merry Christmas! (I bet you're VERY hard to buy for, like me lol)

  • shatter167
    shatter167 10 months ago

    Your house seems beautiful.

  • Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar 10 months ago

    Hi can you suggest me , a very thin 1000 USD laptop for coding, i have 8 gb ram laptop it doesn't work properly ...

  • 魏琛
    魏琛 10 months ago

    Question: do you speak Chinese?

  • Techy Jatin
    Techy Jatin 10 months ago +2

    Dave Lee- The most under rated Tech TVclipr.

  • SyedAttan Nurajim
    SyedAttan Nurajim 10 months ago

    Dave is a 9yo

  • Mahder Amaha
    Mahder Amaha 10 months ago

    what do u do with those PC after u make a review about them ?

  • Subash gurung
    Subash gurung 10 months ago

    Why do you look like Pink Panther???

  • ProGamerNot
    ProGamerNot 10 months ago

    Ik the Q&A is over but I'm a gamer on a budget who wants to buy a good budget gaming laptop that will last me through 2019
    p.s. ik there are plenty of vids out there regarding this but from my time watching u, ik that you r not biased when making these vids :)

  • Mohammad Mahdi
    Mohammad Mahdi 10 months ago

    "...weird to see $1200 phones just able to be sold right now kind of kills me...
    ....8G RAM, 12G RAM, some top-line phones using 4G of RAM, with better memory managamenet, it's Cheaper.......tons of RAM uses more battery and cost more..."
    Kinda Millennial Tech diseases, swifting away from effective-efficient's spirit.

  • Mikal Brown
    Mikal Brown 10 months ago

    2:50 why you all need to thank the man ... especially anyone who was gonna get the i9 in a certain personal computer this year

  • Roma Fedorov
    Roma Fedorov 10 months ago

    Wow TVclip​ is your side thing???!!!!

  • Zhuokun Yang
    Zhuokun Yang 10 months ago

    ok so the phone you are using is pixel 3? this is what i am going for ~

  • jamur jamur
    jamur jamur 10 months ago

    Dave, fvck me.

  • Vinh Ngo
    Vinh Ngo 10 months ago

    I’d say Dave’s videos are unmatched from other reviewers. He is concise, accurate, unbiased, efficient. His videos are never long, yet they contain an insane amount of info. Just watching your videos is just so satisfying.