Game Theory: The END of Princess Peach! (New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe Peachette / Bowsette)


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  • Nickolaus Cantor
    Nickolaus Cantor 16 days ago +17399

    Waluigi doesn't need the super crown! He is already perfect!

  • Weird Wolf
    Weird Wolf 17 hours ago

    Or they can just give her the crown....

  • becky loves markiplier
    becky loves markiplier 17 hours ago

    Waluigi is my queen and king!

  • Demothor Dregmen
    Demothor Dregmen 17 hours ago

    I smell rule 34...

    ARODASI BERNABE 17 hours ago

    GOD IS GOING SWICHT PLACES,and you will take that place in the name of JESUS

  • Jared Burk
    Jared Burk 17 hours ago

    Yo, consider this:
    Why has Peach rejected making Mario a king? She's given him a kiss on the nose, and everything. If we go into the theory that Peach really goes with Luigi, why is Rosalina alone? Why is she a time-traveler from the stars in space?
    Here's my thoughts: Peach knew this was going to happen. Even if she favored the taller brother, why isn't Luigi a fricking king of mushrooms?
    There's indication that Rosalina's parents are long gone. Why? This is all speculation at this point, but I like to believe that Peach ran away with Luigi, after the hostile takeover that is Peachette. So, they took the only route that they could think of: SPACE! I mean, after all, they could just steal the Odyssey, go to the remains of Bowser's moon Kingdom and rest there. Maybe that was the start of Rosalina's ship.
    lol, but this is Mario. Get out of here with this crap

  • Benjamin Fjelldal
    Benjamin Fjelldal 18 hours ago

    will be a long time before Nintendo makes another spin off.

  • portundra1
    portundra1 18 hours ago

    Geez, the change in music when you start talking about bees was crazy

  • Charles Lansley
    Charles Lansley 18 hours ago

    That escalated quickly towards the end

  • The Coolest kid on the Disney Channel

    Good job Matpat. You say toads are genderless, then refers Toadette as female🙄. You misgendered as mushroom smh.

  • Chinh Van Hong
    Chinh Van Hong 19 hours ago

    did y'all forget about baby peach?

  • Dami Fides
    Dami Fides 20 hours ago

    Good theory, though it would mean the baby version of Peach quite useless in that process.

  • Party Zombie
    Party Zombie 20 hours ago

    Was the intro a clue or just something random

  • Naimajuv Achouitar
    Naimajuv Achouitar 20 hours ago

    its soo dirty to show as that thing in the begining !!!!

  • Jonny Woodbeast
    Jonny Woodbeast 20 hours ago

    Omg long live the queen

  • Dragoneta Slayer
    Dragoneta Slayer 21 hour ago

    I thought this was common knowledge because of the movie

  • Tech Samurai
    Tech Samurai 21 hour ago

    no one gonna mention the cryptic message at the beginning... ok

  • A Porcelain Chicken Garden Decor

    1:38 for those who are just here for the theory & sick of the edits.

  • Sansgamer
    Sansgamer 22 hours ago

    I might agree
    Cause how many times did mario waste on mario bros - mario odyssey

  • Crystal Jk
    Crystal Jk 23 hours ago

    Hey I think there’s a code in the intro screen

  • uraganas viesulas
    uraganas viesulas 23 hours ago +1

    toads are midgets with mushroom hats

    they are humans

  • I Am Not A Gamer
    I Am Not A Gamer 23 hours ago

    theres this glitch the intro is glitching

  • I Am Not A Gamer
    I Am Not A Gamer 23 hours ago

    shell never get kidnapped again

  • Michelle Espiritu

    What's with the intro?

  • Reuben M.D.
    Reuben M.D. Day ago +1

    "The Super Crown is quite literally the royal jelly of the Mushroom Kingdom"
    MatPat, do you every step back and consider these scripts?

  • Heru Affandy
    Heru Affandy Day ago

    The crown is different 😰 I guess ppl are dumber when spending too much time in the net...

  • Mattari
    Mattari Day ago

    July 15, 1983? Happy birthday, dear ol' Famicom.

  • Britt moore
    Britt moore Day ago +1


  • TheNotSoInoccentOne Animations

    Maybe toadette and her new form means that pech would eventually die after that rosealina theory it kinda makes sense that she died but ey it just a thot...

    (Sorry if I didn’t spell it right)

  • Kissasheep the Chalk

    So Toads are bees

  • phantom the demon king

    Near the end it gotten dark fast is it me or did I just pissed myself

  • Kangas Khan
    Kangas Khan Day ago +1

    (When deluxe comes out)
    Nintendo: you could have not been more wrong matpat

  • i dont know what to write

    When you realize that the crown is the Marios version of Fusion

  • Benster7703 Arthur
    Benster7703 Arthur Day ago +1

    Imagine a Mario RPG (not paper Mario) where it is up to the player to join a faction, (Including the Dark kingdom, Rebels, and Toadstool family) and then take over the Mushroom kingdom in a deep war system where each faction has different base and changing power levels. Depending on your path many scripted and randomly generated attacks or events can occur. The player would have the choice to play as a variety of different characters including Mario and Luigi. I know Nintendo won't make an violent Skyrim like game, but it doesn't have to be like that, it just has to be Mario. I know Nintendo is one of the worst companies in terms of caring about their fans, but darn i would pay for a thousand years of Switch's crappy online for a game like that.

  • Jorge Martinez
    Jorge Martinez Day ago

    Doesn't peach's dad make an appearance in the game Super Mario Sunshine?

  • Ringle Dingle
    Ringle Dingle Day ago

    if peach was a mushroom toad baby... THEN EXPLAIN BABY PEACH ! CHECKMATE, MATPAT.

  • putdown 918
    putdown 918 Day ago

    Hmm but what about princess daisy

  • Eggy G
    Eggy G Day ago

    Sorry to burst your bubble Mat but the crown only works on Toadette

  • kevin O'Donnell
    kevin O'Donnell Day ago

    How much time did you spend on this

  • hizpanicGam3r
    hizpanicGam3r Day ago

    I’m sorry I was looking at pictures of bowsette while watching this video, I have no idea what you said

  • Hannah Wisdom
    Hannah Wisdom Day ago

    Can Nintendo please make an evil princess

  • Rodrigo Hurtado
    Rodrigo Hurtado Day ago


  • TeaSnailGaming
    TeaSnailGaming Day ago

    Nintendo: *[GO BACK GO BACK AHHHHH]*

  • qafer boi
    qafer boi Day ago

    Peach so pp who has big pp luigi but peach is a girl so the opposite right whos the opposite of luigi waluigi! boom waluigi in smash bros!

  • Hunter Klink
    Hunter Klink Day ago

    Game theory: peach is just toad as a trap

  • Paradox Gaming
    Paradox Gaming Day ago

    It's a frucking powerup. You even pointed that out. And last time I checked, Ice Luigi wasn't an important character.

  • Magic Gaming Guy

    Your starting to look creepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fire Dude another

    The mushroom heads are heads

  • Jadefox32
    Jadefox32 Day ago

    I think you're looking into this a little too hard.

  • devin gartman
    devin gartman Day ago

    I mean who agrees with me

  • devin gartman
    devin gartman Day ago

    How agree

  • devin gartman
    devin gartman Day ago


  • devin gartman
    devin gartman Day ago


  • Evelyn5000
    Evelyn5000 Day ago +4

    is no one going to talk about the strange intros? Like seriously. I have a feeling there is something much more sinister going on here. I have a feeling something bad is going to happen here...

    • Evelyn5000
      Evelyn5000 19 hours ago

      Britt moore well, Im not really the best at codes, but I have a few things that caught my attention other than the weird text at the end

    • Britt moore
      Britt moore Day ago

      If you want we can decipher them together I'm looking for a partner

  • Melissa Gremillion

    Do tattletale theroy

  • I don't know Lol

    Does the intro do with anything about the super hot video?

  • Occultku Live
    Occultku Live Day ago

    ur right iam still looking at bowsette! and you also know what?! IAM JACKING OFF!!!!

  • Arkrania
    Arkrania Day ago

    mY EARS.

  • AmazingBurst
    AmazingBurst Day ago

    Princess Peach has a human linage making her half human and peach.

  • Unsubscribed Animation

    Welcome to youtube theory: MATTPAT IS GRASPING AT STRAWS

  • Madison Freedman

    Im happy someone finally acknowledged this because I was thinking about it for a while!

  • Ferit s
    Ferit s Day ago

    Dude forget about Bowsette.
    Boosette is bae!

  • Du Wuffle
    Du Wuffle Day ago

    The intro must have to do with the Super Hit theory because both of them have the upside down game theory logo

  • LaZerNor
    LaZerNor Day ago

    If this is how it works, couldn't they resolve it peacefully?

  • Z4E7 Ajij
    Z4E7 Ajij Day ago

    good job matpat, but this ones a liiiiittle bit far fetched in my opinion.. perhaps its a substitute for when peach isn't there? also that would be assuming toads work on a hive mind mentality

  • Jason Norvell
    Jason Norvell Day ago

    Don’t you mean....


  • Ruby Sand
    Ruby Sand Day ago

    This was a teaser to the super hot video

  • Mystic Flower 77
    Mystic Flower 77 Day ago +1

    Jûšt møñikå

  • Phantom Roblox And Friends

    Hey game Theory can you do a game theory on meepcity its on roblox Heres a

  • Mathias Bonneton

    So, if it's true (which I highly doubt 'cause Mario is an E rated game, Matthew) that's a whole change for Toadette. Being captured by an oversized turtle and stuffing vibe scepters into her private parts.
    It's certainly not a pain to be the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom >.>

  • Honey lope
    Honey lope Day ago

    i have no words...

  • Mitchell Gonzales

    he didnt use incognito

  • LoudWiki
    LoudWiki Day ago

    Legit make sense

  • Facepalm Industriee


  • Mr. Rewind
    Mr. Rewind Day ago

    Did anyone else notice the intro?

  • Swagle Channel
    Swagle Channel Day ago

    What is the name of the song at 3:50?

  • RavenCrow
    RavenCrow Day ago

    The weird thing about the intro is that i finished playing DDLC right before watching this os I shut my computer down and I’m watching this on my iPad ;-;.

  • Heyo Sushi!
    Heyo Sushi! Day ago +1

    The intro where it asks if were ready?
    I'm confused? Why does it ask if were ready? Why is it good or i mean great that we are ready? MatPat whats happening to your videos?

  • Zai TBA/TES
    Zai TBA/TES Day ago

    Hey!!! Hacker!! Stop right now, idiot!!!

  • Olivia Cox
    Olivia Cox Day ago

    Matpat I really love your videos and and I hope you keep making your videos

  • StegoGirl17
    StegoGirl17 Day ago +1

    Okay small issue with this theory!!! LISTEN UP EVERYONE!!!! If this is a less mature or "younger" peach, how do you explain Baby Peach??????

  • Josh's best Fren

    Is anyone gonna talk about the intro?

  • Guardian The Demi-GOD

    That’s not true violence is not the answer
    And you really think this is the end of peach?!
    Look at Mario ending they didn’t break up!

  • Chelsea K
    Chelsea K Day ago


  • sky drawings
    sky drawings Day ago

    This will also explain why rosalina's mother is dead!

  • Samurai Vlogging

    that intro was earrape

  • skelly bones
    skelly bones Day ago

    What is the song in the first half of the video, it's got a good beat

  • Shaylee Goodman
    Shaylee Goodman Day ago +2

    I never liked Peach that much
    Team Daisy

  • Ezra Y
    Ezra Y Day ago

    well this franchise is going to die, without peach this game will be shitty, even though its call super mario bros: hence mario mario and luigi mario ... peach is a big part of the mario franchise - kill her, who mario is going to love or save? toadette lol thats a joke

  • Devyn Pollock
    Devyn Pollock Day ago

    i love going through the comments and reading the ones where they’re “disproving” a theory. like. it’s a theory. it’s not 100% true. it’s what some people think could be true.

  • noregrets92
    noregrets92 Day ago


  • John Martin
    John Martin Day ago

    I love how you can skip 10 minutes into a video such as this and not miss ANYTHING!...because theres very little content

  • Red Weirdo
    Red Weirdo Day ago


  • Gam Sucks at Gaming

    What is the code?

  • muhamad hamdan
    muhamad hamdan Day ago

    This is kind of dark

  • Wusss uppp
    Wusss uppp Day ago

    Wait.... Is the intro some code for matpats whole arg thing?

  • Afton Ross
    Afton Ross Day ago

    7:57 He don’t feel so good

  • mikethayne
    mikethayne Day ago

    thare not bees

  • Tom Amit
    Tom Amit Day ago

    i feel like i should hate this theory, but i love it.