[BREAKING NEWS] Shannon Report: Carolina Panthers fire head coach Ron Rivera

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • [BREAKING NEWS] Shannon Report: Carolina Panthers fire head coach Ron Rivera
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  • JDL
    JDL 19 days ago

    Lol we beat him so he can come to us

  • Grant Frisbee
    Grant Frisbee Month ago

    Shannon and Skip both didn’t realize they were talking about 2 different economic crashes. Skip said 1987 and Shannon said they were bailed out with government money. Which was what happened in 2008

  • Steve Bob
    Steve Bob Month ago

    So Skip and Shannon are looking back at Rivera’s record and “it wasn’t that good”... Rivera’s record IS Cam’s record! How is one not that good and the other will “have tons of suitors”?

  • SlickChick
    SlickChick Month ago

    Can't we just have quarterbacks without all the qualifying of 'style?'

  • marcus alcala
    marcus alcala Month ago

    Newton to the boys

  • Adust Gaming
    Adust Gaming Month ago

    Cam is coming to Nashville and Marcus is going to Chicago

  • mikesmith379
    mikesmith379 Month ago

    Cam screwed up his body with that vegan BS. His career may never recover.

  • Don Wayne
    Don Wayne Month ago +2

    Cam newton going to the Patriots when he's 100%

  • Harley
    Harley Month ago

    You mean tax payer money.

  • Patrick Rasnake
    Patrick Rasnake Month ago

    Ron Rivera is a great coach. He did a whole lot with not very much in Carolina. Honestly, I hope he gets a good team and fucks the panthers up lol

  • Darren Arnold
    Darren Arnold Month ago

    As a Seahawks fan, Cam's downfall and the Panthers becoming a do nothing team makes me nothing but happy! I knew Cam's cockiness, and unprofessional behavior was going to come and bite him in the ass.

  • Brazen X. Calibur
    Brazen X. Calibur Month ago

    I don't want Jason Garrett!! Nah fam! We need new blood in there.

  • CarnagedZaraki
    CarnagedZaraki Month ago

    Anyone can disagree but as a Colts fan I wouldn't mind seeing Cam in Indy. That New OLine and Reich's playcalling, could be deadly!

  • marvinshenk
    marvinshenk Month ago

    I could see the Redskins offering Cam Newton a huge contract next season.

  • aroperdope
    aroperdope Month ago +3

    I'm sorry but Will Grier is nowhere near ready...

  • Jermaine Latimer
    Jermaine Latimer Month ago +1

    I personally think that he should have waited until the end of the season.

  • Caudahy Hall
    Caudahy Hall Month ago

    WTF Skipp talking about he is no Jerry Jones he is a guy who does not play about his team

  • Russel Mack
    Russel Mack Month ago

    Give the creep Cam Newton his walking papers too !

  • BSMB Gotti
    BSMB Gotti Month ago

    Skip looks like he hasn’t slept since the cowboys won the Super Bowl

  • Chaos A.D.
    Chaos A.D. Month ago

    It's obvious from his first statements that David Tepper ran out of patience waiting for things to happen on the football side of things. So many excuses labeled as "missed opportunities". Ron Rivera did the best that he could with what he was given and a diva as a qb. Cam Newton can come back healthy but if he doesn't come back with his mind right it'll be more of the same up and down, with people blaming his past injuries for his poor play.

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime Month ago

    Jason Garrett? The NFL is a joke. A coach can suck hard with 1 team and then get a job with another as the leading candidate like he is the savior of the franchise. Incredibly silly.

  • Martin Truther
    Martin Truther Month ago


  • J Pennington
    J Pennington Month ago +2

    Ron wasn't the problem.
    Cam is the Problem.
    He ALWAYS has been.
    Cam has SO MUCH TALENT and cam is the closest thing I've seen to Big Ben in terms of talent & Size at the QB position.
    The problem is Cam is extremely immature, He's not a Leader of Men and he doesn't care about ANYTHING other than Cam Newton.
    If cam could mature into a man, he could be GREAT.
    But I learned everything I needed to know about Cam during the Superbowl against Denver.
    He pissed his pants when it mattered most and he simply DID NOT CARE.
    Sad but TRUE.
    But Ron is a good coach and I wish him the best.
    He deserves another shot with another team.


    A Quarterback that can Scramble is always better than a pocket passer any day!!!

  • Tim White
    Tim White Month ago

    Cam is done, he was great, but he's not the future.


    CAM NEWTON is the BEST QUARTERBACK in the NFL, watch and see when he comes back next year. You can never replace a good player like that!!!


      Nawl Cam will bounce back just like after he had that wreck that year.

    • mikesmith379
      mikesmith379 Month ago

      Yeah maybe before he screwed up his body with that vegan BS... He may never recover his career now.

  • Robbie 2 States
    Robbie 2 States Month ago +1

    If the Panthers hire Garrett I'm not gonna be a fan of them anymore. My wife's an Eagles fan, so it's either gonna be them or wherever Cam and Ron go

  • Jason Anderson
    Jason Anderson Month ago +3

    Gettleman tore the team after the Superbowl.

  • Kevin Wilson
    Kevin Wilson Month ago

    Man jim harbough aint leaving baltimore😂

  • The Greatest Podcast In The Universe

    Imagine if Tom Brady leaves and the Patriots pick up Cam Newton

  • AJW 05
    AJW 05 Month ago

    Lol Jason Garret get that job...Saints and Falcons battling for the south until he’s fired while Tampa & Carolina are battling for 3rd place

  • Eric Colón
    Eric Colón Month ago

    The cowboys should hire him!

  • Vinny T.
    Vinny T. Month ago

    Financial genius?! More like a typical Wall Street crook/thug

  • Mzimon S
    Mzimon S Month ago

    oh these guys are really talking about the panthers

  • YO Momma Nigga
    YO Momma Nigga Month ago

    Chill skip cause that buccaneers game this year on TNF cam was still launching it downfield with a fractured foot

  • いたちイチゴ
    いたちイチゴ Month ago

    Ron Rivera to the Cowboys and they sign Cam Newton as a FA,Prescott to the Bears.

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Month ago +9

    Imagine a cowboys fan saying the owner of a different team has a big ego.

    • Realdeal628
      Realdeal628 Month ago

      If Skips a Cowboys fan, I guess Milli Vanilli can really sing

    • Realdeal628
      Realdeal628 Month ago

      I hope u not insinuating that this Old Fart is a Cowboys

  • Kory Green
    Kory Green Month ago +1

    Luke Keuchly was drafted in '11, too. Don't forget about him.

  • Shane H
    Shane H Month ago

    Cam newton is done!he hasn't done shit in yrs!always hurt!he had his 15min!

    • Prentis Brown
      Prentis Brown Month ago +1

      Shane H he was 6-2 JUST last year lol.

  • Kory Green
    Kory Green Month ago

    Man, we better not get Jason Garrett. There is no way he is better than Rivera.

  • robert Robocop
    robert Robocop Month ago

    Cam to the colts!!!!!!!!

  • James McKinney
    James McKinney Month ago

    Cam is on the decline.still a good player though. Free up the cap space. It’s a business

    • James Cannon
      James Cannon Month ago

      James McKinney just like clay Matthews

  • Carlos S
    Carlos S Month ago

    Newton is gonna end up on patriots

  • Wayne A. W.
    Wayne A. W. Month ago +3

    SHAN-NON! Skip! Cam to Miami! “Riverboat” Ron to D.C.! Book it!

  • StarKiller 5iveOh
    StarKiller 5iveOh Month ago +1

    Easy Shannon, government money, aka taxpayer dollars, pay for those NFL stadiums.
    Boy, if Cam goes to the Bears....just sayin, instant upgrade!

  • dantheman1984
    dantheman1984 Month ago

    Funny how these same mother fuckers talking shit about cam all these now want to grab him up to their shit team now that he may be on the market. 😂😂 nfl fans are straight trash.

  • Jessica Wesson
    Jessica Wesson Month ago

    Is Dallas next.....👀👀->> share.influencercash.co/register.php?referral=mulu101

  • Johnnie Mclean
    Johnnie Mclean Month ago

    * 3 wins out of 7 in the playoffs...not 7-3

  • Neftali Adoni
    Neftali Adoni Month ago +2

    I’d love to have Jim Harbaugh. Hell to the no to Jason Garret

  • cjb cjb
    cjb cjb Month ago

    Jenny is Jenna Rhodes on pornhub

  • Anthony Jackson
    Anthony Jackson Month ago +1

    I think the Buccaneers will be a good fit for cam newton. They got good receivers & tight end running back & coach that would bring the best out of cam newton.

  • Scrap life Trash to cash

    Newton is injury proned. Hasn't done shit to even be in the NFL.

    RODNEY P Month ago

    Kyle Allen loses to Washington by 8 points, loses to Green Bay by 8 points, loses to New Orleans by 3 points and here comes 7th Round pick Shannon Sharp criticizing an undrafted Kyle Allen because he was undrafted. Kurt Warner was undrafted and went to 3 Super Bowls. Delvin Hodges went undrafted and is winning in Pittsburgh and Shannon Sharp is saying nothing about that. This yo yo crap about where a player is drafted determines how good they are is straight bs. Tom Brady was a 6th Round draft pick and has won 6 Super Bowls.

  • Walter Brown
    Walter Brown Month ago

    There is nothing finer in the Carolinas this day ! Ron Rivera should have gotten better respect in this Toulouse to the 3 and 9 Washington Redskins 1 thing but when you lose Cam Newton and your team start losing and then to dessert a thinking team you don't put it on the head coach but in this day in age Ron Rivera was the casualty !

    • Walter Brown
      Walter Brown Month ago

      OMG another Jerry Jones clone from the dark Empire good luck Carolina you're going to need it pray that Greg Roman stays in Baltimore !

  • Jorge Martinez
    Jorge Martinez Month ago

    DAAAAAAMN! Shannon blew that guy & GS up on on FS1. Wonder how FOX News is gonna feel about that. Because if there's anything about Corporate Media does best, they bend to their Corporate donors.

  • Ryan Monroe
    Ryan Monroe Month ago

    Swap Ron and Jason Garrett. Lol. Jk. Carolina is a good opportunity. The team will win next year if the right coach is picked.

  • ReturnoftheBrotha
    ReturnoftheBrotha Month ago

    Maybe they will get new uniforms too?

    • James Cannon
      James Cannon Month ago

      ReturnoftheBrotha nooooo I like their uniform other then the bears

  • ronn mattson
    ronn mattson Month ago +3

    Rivera and Cam should both go to Windy City.

  • ronn mattson
    ronn mattson Month ago

    Cam gets hurt a lot.

  • Jorge Martinez
    Jorge Martinez Month ago

    Skip, Gettleman's boneheaded decisions had a lot to do with that buddy. He had a lucky year where the defense got hot & the offense road that to the Broncos. But then, the Pamthers couldn't beat the Broncos because Cam didn't have enough talent around him to win the game. His luck ran out. And if you all think Gettleman is good, look at what he did to the Giants. My team is doomed for a decade because of his lousy decision-making at the NFL Draft.