Car Crash Compilation 890 - April 2017

  • Published on Apr 7, 2017
  • All car crashes in this compilation are non-fatal.Take this video as a learning tool. This video is only for educational purposes. Be careful on the road. Drive safely and keep yourself and others safe.
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  • Ing. Max Koschuh
    Ing. Max Koschuh 9 months ago +35

    congratulations!!! love your channel. Keep up the great work. episode 1000 is coming !!!

  • Ida Susanti
    Ida Susanti 15 hours ago


  • Thomas Angel
    Thomas Angel 15 hours ago

    A fun game to play with car crashes :)

  • Eliokov
    Eliokov 16 days ago

    4.30 hard

  • imjeffvader
    imjeffvader Month ago

    Epic karma @ 4:30

  • dj lars
    dj lars 2 months ago


    ANDRESDMB CARD 3 months ago

    que rusos de mierda por dios

  • GBRfan 66
    GBRfan 66 3 months ago +1

    4:27 The meeting of the assholes!

  • the ninjago stuff
    the ninjago stuff 3 months ago

    Crash to meet you

  • Grizzly The Bear
    Grizzly The Bear 4 months ago

    Holy moly that Toyota Supra is my favorite look at the bottom right 9:01

  • Mootje Music
    Mootje Music 5 months ago

    Only indians *-*

  • Paywand Faraj
    Paywand Faraj 6 months ago


  • Akicraft Plays
    Akicraft Plays 6 months ago

    4:00 is that a crash or they are complitely stupid?!?

  • Secret EyeSpot
    Secret EyeSpot 6 months ago

    that first one.. Serena Williams

  • francais70
    francais70 6 months ago

    A 04:31 pour les deux automobilistes ... c'est Direct Paradis, chez Saint-Pierre

  • Fernando Luis Rios Borda

    los rusos si que son imbeciles en auto. a se pelean por que son maricas

  • Fadel Faour
    Fadel Faour 6 months ago

    4:29 that white car was like an angel , or its destiny was to hit the car i dont know

  • Fadel Faour
    Fadel Faour 6 months ago

    Driving in Russia is like GTA hh

  • Raikhan Yusuf
    Raikhan Yusuf 6 months ago

    no way

  • haha haha
    haha haha 7 months ago

    anyone know the song at 2:43? plzzz i know its a classic but dont know what its called!

  • Olivier Eegdeman
    Olivier Eegdeman 7 months ago

    So many cams come out rusia

  • Nikita Podberezkin
    Nikita Podberezkin 7 months ago

    1. At 7:25 stat Mission Impossible Theme.
    2. Enjoy :)

  • Mike
    Mike 7 months ago +1

    Just another day in vodka land.

    • Völl Däpp
      Völl Däpp 19 days ago

      More just another day in "every car has a dashcam, therefore almost every crash is on video" - land.

  • R Diaz
    R Diaz 7 months ago

    4:30 -- Typical BMW-driving dickhead.

    • GBRfan 66
      GBRfan 66 3 months ago

      There are a hand full of good BMW drivers but yes most are bad drivers!

  • Juan Deag
    Juan Deag 7 months ago

    7:26 самый непонятный момент

  • Miro Foto
    Miro Foto 7 months ago

    stupid people

  • Andrea Pastorini Varini

    @ 4.26: wanna die?

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh 8 months ago

    i think maximum collision happened in russia

  • Dorq
    Dorq 8 months ago

    1:34 lol a cop was right behind em

  • jan petrovich
    jan petrovich 8 months ago

    Сколько же спешащего, слепого, никого не уважаещего, кроме своего отрожения быдла на дорогах!!!!!!

  • jan petrovich
    jan petrovich 8 months ago

    2:44 два дебила дальтоника!!!

  • xXFad3d SoulXx
    xXFad3d SoulXx 8 months ago +1

    OMG at 5:20 he really just hit a cop...

    • J Guan
      J Guan Month ago

      and with a polish Kurwa haha

  • xXFad3d SoulXx
    xXFad3d SoulXx 8 months ago

    If these were march 4th these were on my birthday... well damn I guess I wasn't the only one not having fun on that day

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 8 months ago

    I wish the Russian crash videos would be put onto a completely different part of the internet. They're all the same, all grey and miserable and not interesting to watch.

  • Bartek Jankowski
    Bartek Jankowski 8 months ago

    5:28 fucking cops

  • Jumo 004
    Jumo 004 8 months ago

    1:00 Don't tell me! They came up on some slower moving cars and the first thing that came to mind was PASS! Can't slow down! Noooooo! Gotta pass! Never mind that maybe there's somebody up ahead who's wanting to turn! No, just gotta pass! That's sure something you see a lot of in these Russian videos.

    • Jumo 004
      Jumo 004 8 months ago

      +Mark Vance 6:24 Hurry! Pass!

    • Jumo 004
      Jumo 004 8 months ago

      +Mark Vance And he expects his horn to accomplish something! Yeah, right.

    • Jumo 004
      Jumo 004 8 months ago

      +Mark Vance 5:19 Obviously, traffic isn't moving fast enough, so, PASS!

    • Jumo 004
      Jumo 004 8 months ago

      +Mark Vance 4:29 Two more that just "had to pass!"

    • Jumo 004
      Jumo 004 8 months ago

      +Mark Vance 4:01 Surely, he's got to see that oncoming car.

  • Zero Cool
    Zero Cool 8 months ago


  • BlackJackMulligan
    BlackJackMulligan 9 months ago +1

    To all Russians..................You're going too fast and you're going to crash.

    • Аноним1 2Синоним
      Аноним1 2Синоним 4 months ago

      No true in your words! They are not all psycho-normal russians. They are not all. They a mad and crazy, just have a russian passport.

    • Alex M
      Alex M 8 months ago

      A problem with alcohol, high stress, low patience, poorly maintained cars with the cheapest tires possible and a super high percentage of people driving without a license will do that. The cops can't crack down on everyone, the country is simply too big to do that, and bribery isn't uncommon, so that's an issue as well.
      Russia's "crash" problem is just a symptom of deeper issues sadly.

  • Brent Boughner2004
    Brent Boughner2004 9 months ago


  • sparkynight73
    sparkynight73 9 months ago

    5:25 at this point he realized he'd f%*k up!

  • Manuel F. Almeida
    Manuel F. Almeida 9 months ago

    7:04 "im served, byeee"

  • Manuel F. Almeida
    Manuel F. Almeida 9 months ago

    0:10 ouchhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Bartek Jankowski
    Bartek Jankowski 9 months ago +1

    5:26 jebana policja

  • The Sethioz Project
    The Sethioz Project 9 months ago

    6:23 clearly an idiot who has no common sense .. NEVER pass cars on intersection, because there is a chance that car in front might want to TURN .. and this idiot found it out the hard way. that lada even had indicator on ... so this idiot has no excuse, his fault all the way.

  • Lee Wei Kiat
    Lee Wei Kiat 9 months ago

    if you want to turn right ,please keep on right lane stupid.

  • Roblox Aleksa
    Roblox Aleksa 9 months ago

    It's April but in the video It's snowing.....
    Russia logic

  • Lionel Raoul
    Lionel Raoul 9 months ago

    And all this because Barry Manilow waited so long to come out of the closet.

  • Andres64B
    Andres64B 9 months ago

    These videos should be titled:
    су́ка еба́ть (пизда́)
    but in general I am impressed with how calm most people are when they get into an accident.

  • Captainllama
    Captainllama 9 months ago

    6:52 you cut the clip too early, there is more...

  • Völl Däpp
    Völl Däpp 9 months ago

    I don't get the first and the last one.

  • ranlive1
    ranlive1 9 months ago +1

    I just can't get over how these people drive into each other. It's like they're blindfolded.

  • Champ9115
    Champ9115 9 months ago

    На последнем видео финик это словно обиженная сучка которую выебли и не женились, погарцевала виляя хвостом))

  • max_rally
    max_rally 9 months ago

    pryehal blyat...

  • Car Crash SarahNguyen
    Car Crash SarahNguyen 9 months ago

    watch me

  • ThePaskajuttu
    ThePaskajuttu 9 months ago

    4,29--- idiots are meating

  • mrdummy
    mrdummy 9 months ago

    7:28 I have feel it's stolen car.... look at running guys and driver also trying escape....!

  • mrdummy
    mrdummy 9 months ago

    6:09 No much signs on road, only 1 sign at right side tells you who has priority on the crossing. This is so bizar. Way too empty location, even compared with my homeland where more sign are placed and clear enough with thick lines on the road.
    I have feel Rusland is too lazy to put many signs and paint lines on the road.

  • Muhammad Syauqi Mohamad Saharif

    to Russian from the rest of the World.
    Congratulation for surviving up to this day.

  • T Driver
    T Driver 9 months ago

    4:27 два дебила встретились, наверно это судьба их.
    По чаще бы такие встречи устраивали обгонсчеки, глядишь и аварий на трассах меньше бы стало.

  • Im Not A Player
    Im Not A Player 9 months ago

    kiedy sie te głupie kurwy nauczą że z prawej się nie wyprzedza i nie omija na ulicy...
    4:30 haha dobrze chujowi

    • Knypek xD
      Knypek xD 9 months ago

      Im Not A Player wczoraj miałem wypadek :(

  • Alexander Yerosh
    Alexander Yerosh 9 months ago +2

    На 7.15 я в восторге от регика - как он красиво и хладнокровно ушел от неминуемого удара, да еще если учесть дорожные условия, то вдвойне красава!

  • Boom Box
    Boom Box 9 months ago

    0:18 Why would one send send a video of themselves causing an accident. This guy is a total tool and should have stayed behind the Chev.

  • Guillaume2606
    Guillaume2606 9 months ago

    Russian traffic rules:
    Rule 1 I have priority, ALWAYS!
    Rule 2 .....

  • scooter2099
    scooter2099 9 months ago

    4:27 - they both deserved that ..... flushing the gene pool.

  • agb1953
    agb1953 9 months ago +2

    That is one grubby country.

  • Bavarian Dashcam
    Bavarian Dashcam 9 months ago +5

    5:25 this looks like big trouble

  • Gaming TV
    Gaming TV 9 months ago


  • Андрей Петров

    В видео с чёрным x5 и рапидом самое интересное не показали

  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike 9 months ago +2

    5:25 ça ce passe en Pologne ?

  • yurixruz
    yurixruz 9 months ago


  • Jupacolectivos
    Jupacolectivos 9 months ago +2

    Minuto 4:29 por fin dos infractores tienen su merecido ellos dos solitos.

  • Lightningchase1973
    Lightningchase1973 9 months ago +25

    4:30 hilarious. 2 assholes overtook despite oncoming traffic. And exactly these two met each other, taking out each other, without harming any innocent. The best instant karma I saw on the Tube yet.

    • imjeffvader
      imjeffvader Month ago

      Airbags help a lot, unless you got the steering wheel embedded in your gut, that is

    • Solo Fraggers
      Solo Fraggers 8 months ago +1

      90 % dead both , at that high speed no humain could survive the impact

    • Ian moseley
      Ian moseley 9 months ago +2

      Bean Machine They claim all these accidents are non- fatal.
      At least half are people being arrogantly impatient

    • Bean Machine
      Bean Machine 9 months ago

      The force of the bmw X5 because of its 2000 kg weight probably killed the occupants of the other vehicle you can see how far the bmw pushes them back wards that would break their neck

  • Chris
    Chris 9 months ago +1

    10:08 first convertible i've ever seen in the 890 videos you have posted!!
    *i think this deserves a thumbs up* ;D

  • Core2QX
    Core2QX 9 months ago

    10:00 the cammer is an ultra idiot. Unable to drive.

    • Core2QX
      Core2QX 9 months ago

      senseless, then he had to stop on each road.

    • Teh Linik
      Teh Linik 9 months ago

      Core2QX he just told another driver to use turn lights next time

  • Михаил Потрашилин

    3:42 - Тамбов, ул. Монтажников. Дебильный перекресток, но у шкоды был знак СТОП.

  • flavio fabrizio
    flavio fabrizio 9 months ago

    Can't you add the possibility of adding English subtitles? On many videos everyone can just add subtitles in their own language for free, but on yours people can't for some reasons.
    I'm sure there is someone who can speak both Russian and English and has some free time to add subtitles

  • alexfast
    alexfast 9 months ago +1

    Good channel !!!!!

  • Илья Иванов
    Илья Иванов 9 months ago

    мне кажется этот видос тоже заблочат из-за бородача на 5:45

  • Stulle
    Stulle 9 months ago +2

    Russen sind und bleiben das dümmste Volk der Welt... und die Amis gleich hinterher.

    • Völl Däpp
      Völl Däpp 19 days ago

      Ja sicher. Und das weisst du, weil du paar Autounfälle gesehen hast oder wie?

    • Аноним1 2Синоним
      Аноним1 2Синоним 4 months ago

      Попизди мне тут, тупая немецкая свинья! Забыл, как твои предки пезды получили в 1945?
      Schweige! Deutscher Unhöflicher, vergaß den Tod von 1945?

    • Vladimir A
      Vladimir A 5 months ago +1

      You are still Nazzy.

    • StuhlDefekt
      StuhlDefekt 9 months ago +1

      Stulle und danach Deutschland.

  • Tony Ackers
    Tony Ackers 9 months ago +1

    Overtake or undertake at all costs...........

  • Andrey Andreev
    Andrey Andreev 9 months ago

    7:25 что это было?

  • GamleErik100
    GamleErik100 9 months ago

    Some of these people must be practically blind. How do you not see something that is right in front of you?

  • Кирилл Тюрин
    Кирилл Тюрин 9 months ago +8

    Последнее видео просто рег конченый, я не понимаю, как таких ущербов земля носит😂

    • Максим Рябых
      Максим Рябых 8 months ago +3

      Количество идиотов в комментах, не знающих что такое поворотники и как ими пользоваться, просто зашкаливает...

    • Sib Boy
      Sib Boy 9 months ago

      Ха регу ебло набить надо было. Полюбому там прищавый имбицил, желающий выебнуться на дороге)

    • Евгений ЧПУ
      Евгений ЧПУ 9 months ago

      Кирилл Тюрин А если двухколёснополоумный летит, а их оберегать надо, природа то вон как с ними обошлась.

    • Champ9115
      Champ9115 9 months ago +10

      не переживай так, истеричная сучка. Регик всё правильно сделал

    • Кирилл Тюрин
      Кирилл Тюрин 9 months ago +1

      +ThemanfromPerm блять нахуй поворот, если помех нет и никому не мешаешь, Рег видел и мог не выебываться

  • raffynko
    raffynko 9 months ago +1

    4:28 should be fatal for smaller car

  • adamlhota
    adamlhota 9 months ago +4

    4:30 when two idiots meets...

  • pawelkur
    pawelkur 9 months ago +1

    no w końcu!

  • Ján Elpe
    Ján Elpe 9 months ago

    This was epic,keep it coming 👌

  • Veine1
    Veine1 9 months ago +12

    5:10-5:31 film is from Poland :)

    • Dorq
      Dorq 8 months ago

      Zerfallsgesetz what

    • Zerfallsgesetz
      Zerfallsgesetz 9 months ago +2

      i though when i heard kurva

    • Mike K
      Mike K 9 months ago

      Should he have taken the 90 degree left turn onto the dirt road at full highway speed without slowing down?

    • Doctor Max
      Doctor Max 9 months ago +1

      I do not want to defend a man with a camera. Understand that we have established rules.
      The driver ahead of a few cars that slow down. However: quote from News
      : How did the whole thing come to an end? The policeman was fined 200 PLN and 6 penalties. I can not give you a link to YT. And the comments under the article are also divided.

    • muttley1956
      muttley1956 9 months ago +1

      Doctor Max You complete and utter twat. Not all intersections are marked. The fecking idiot overtakes four cars at a reckless speed, ignores the obvious signs of a turning on the left and plows into a police clearly indicating it was turning. What a cunt.

  • mongolz1000
    mongolz1000 9 months ago +8

    Last one: WTF? Why didn't the driver let him in???

    • mongolz1000
      mongolz1000 9 months ago +11

      Ahh ok, thx for the explanation.

    • furman761
      furman761 9 months ago +17

      He asked to use blinkers, then let go. Little lesson.

    • AntiHiggs
      AntiHiggs 9 months ago +19

      He told - just switch the signals on, ok?

  • Caini
    Caini 9 months ago +9

    Надо же быть такой скотиной тупорылой на 2 ролике. Еще взял и выложил свое баранье вождение

  • Todd Cotterman
    Todd Cotterman 9 months ago +2

    7:28 a robbery gone very wrong?? not only did they get no loot, their driver can't driver neither.

  • AlexTheGreat
    AlexTheGreat 9 months ago +15

    4:27 Two fools meet each other - one overtaking a truck with a car obviously few dozen meters in front of him, and a BMW driving recklessly as usual
    5:15 That is the fastest time a cop showed on a crash scene :D Driver didn't notice that cars were braking, the cop didn't look in the mirror, and viola! - Hours of waiting for another officer for a report, hours for debating who is right and who isn't and many euros lost for fixing both cars. Remember, people, drive safe!
    And congratulations on the 900th video :)

    • Völl Däpp
      Völl Däpp 19 days ago +1

      The Cop does not need to look in the mirror. Overtaking car is always wrong in this situation.

    • Bashi CPFC
      Bashi CPFC 2 months ago

      AlexTheGreat z,a,s,smsms,

    • Lightningchase1973
      Lightningchase1973 9 months ago +7

      In Austria it is not allowed a convoy, which technically starts at three cars following each other. Here the question of blame is absolutely clear. Also when turning, you watch the oncoming traffic, nut some idiot trying to fly by. Hitting a turning car due to overtaking it (despite the driver indicates), is a 100% fault for the racer. And he overtook a convoy (but as 100 % are already reached, it does not matter). Alex: Look again, you will see exactly that. But its short.

    • AlexTheGreat
      AlexTheGreat 9 months ago +1

      Well, technically it isn't a junction - the lines on the road don't show that dirt road as a road - there should be a full uninterrupted lines before the junction and small lines where the road meets
      (or to put it like this ------------ ' - - - - - - - ' ------------- ). That ' ' marks the side road/dirt road.
      But, yeah, like I said, they are both in the wrong... If they both used their eyes, there wouldn't be a crash.
      In short, you always need to be careful, open your eyes and be attentive... Lives are at stake, theirs and yours...

    • Bill Todd
      Bill Todd 9 months ago +10

      AlexTheGreat The car overtaking is in the wrong in this situation , it is always wrong to overtake across a junction and in any overtaking manoeuvre it is the drivers responsibility to ensure it is safe to overtake.

  • christophereeles
    christophereeles 9 months ago +1

    Nicely edited.

  • MalkolmUT
    MalkolmUT 9 months ago +15

    история ниссаном ноте требует подробностей.

  • rajesh mohan
    rajesh mohan 9 months ago +1


    • muttley1956
      muttley1956 9 months ago +1

      yurixruz As always, your normal eloquent self. Please do the world a favour and jump off a tall building.

    • yurixruz
      yurixruz 9 months ago

      FUCK YOU

    • muttley1956
      muttley1956 9 months ago +3

      rajesh mohan He died. Hopefully.

  • Кот Афанасий
    Кот Афанасий 9 months ago +21

    2-e видео, рег мудак

    • Ysk Z.
      Ysk Z. 9 months ago

      ну так пускай рег газ в пол и ебошил бы раз считал себя правее всех.хули было на пол шишечки выеживатся?

    • BellaLugoshi
      BellaLugoshi 9 months ago

      он там везде помещался, просто еблом прощелкал что справа кто-то едет и зацепил, там припаркованный БМВ х3 стоит и справа от него места больше чем его ширина, просто видео сужено сильно вот им и кажется что там места мало, а там целая площадь и нет там никаких дтп или работ на дороге, просто тупо знак уступить дорогу и езда в один ряд, так как заканчивается одностороннее.

    • Александр Соколовский
      Александр Соколовский 9 months ago

      подрезал - это когда перестроился впереди другого автомобился говоря по-простому, а он ехал в соседней полосе, это опережение было в данном случае. но он просто не учёл, что тип слева не помещается в своей полосе, вот корень проблемы

    • Ysk Z.
      Ysk Z. 9 months ago +1

      можно было спокойно сзади ехать куда он спешил там пробка,подрезал одного и уперся в остальных. и накуя такие маневры ?))

    • Александр Соколовский
      Александр Соколовский 9 months ago

      но подкрасит он его за счёт того, кто слева был ;-) а можно было пропустить регика и жить спокойно, но нет...

  • Ars Longa
    Ars Longa 9 months ago +1