Woman Defends 2 Spanish Speakers Harassed at Colorado Supermarket

  • Published on Oct 5, 2018
  • Two women speaking Spanish in the aisle of a Colorado supermarket were harassed by a shopper who demanded they use English, according to Kamira Trent, who intervened in a confrontation captured on cellphone video. Trent followed the woman down the aisle and called police. "It was the right thing to do. It's the way I was raised. When you see something like that happen, you don't just stay there and let it happen," she said.

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  • Tammy Riojas
    Tammy Riojas Hour ago

    Because it's the right thing to do... these stupid people forget America's not theirs America belong to the Native Americans This Is Our Land if you want to get technical

  • Steven E. Godfrey
    Steven E. Godfrey 20 hours ago

    Liberals would sale this country for a damn dime to the first illegal alien they see !!!!

  • perèz Pérez
    perèz Pérez 20 hours ago

    Hahaha in the history the germany thing and say the same but what happened another cauntry destroyed it because of its racism, so its gonig to happen whith all of history like this, past friends

  • perèz Pérez
    perèz Pérez 20 hours ago

    Well america is all continent no only united state we living in the continent americano undurtend US

  • Selena Y.
    Selena Y. Day ago

    What I dont understand is America doesnt have one language... theres Spanish, Creole, ASL(American Sign Language), Bunch of other languages and English

  • matt xoxo
    matt xoxo Day ago

    Wish I could drag you wet backs thru the streets

  • Miguel Domínguez


  • Zambie Slaya2016

    Proof God exists

  • FireWorks
    FireWorks 2 days ago

    Thanks for defending us✌🏽

  • Sunflower
    Sunflower 2 days ago +1

    Wait I’m confused the person who was defending them was arrested?

  • Elvia Giron
    Elvia Giron 2 days ago

    Lo más hermoso qué ustedes publica LO asen así hijos de nuestro padre Jehová y Jesucristo amén

  • Elvia Giron
    Elvia Giron 2 days ago

    Las películas y pelias de estas hijas por .Qué una tiene la verdad

  • Carlos
    Carlos 2 days ago

    God damn aliens TAKIN UR YEEEBBBBSSSSSS!

  • Bryan Rendleman
    Bryan Rendleman 3 days ago +1

    Both women were wrong.
    Young girl committed assault on the older woman when she grabbed her arm.
    Free speech goes everyway.
    Speak Spanish , fine.
    Complain about those speaking Spanish well it is defended free speach.

    • Bryan Rendleman
      Bryan Rendleman Day ago

      @D Boz she grabbed her wrist. Yes this is covered under free speech.
      You need to grow up.
      Just because you don't like what someone says doesn't mean they can't say it.
      Freedom comes with responsibility and only lasts with maturity and intelligence.

    • D Boz
      D Boz Day ago

      She never touched her and this behavior is not covered under the first amendment. Might want to brush up on your Bill of Rights.

  • Keba Harris
    Keba Harris 3 days ago


  • nailin palin
    nailin palin 3 days ago

    Woooo thats good propaganda

  • Alejandro Cabral
    Alejandro Cabral 4 days ago

    This is a women with the Hart of a viking worrier peacefull and for the earth

  • Hashtag Addictt
    Hashtag Addictt 4 days ago

    I had to watch this twice...

  • zissler
    zissler 5 days ago +2

    I don't agree with the woman necessarily, bur the sad thing is these people will never learn English because they feel there is no need and generations will live in poverty because of it. Its hurt feelijgs in the short run for prosperity in the long run.

  • SpadeAndBilliards13 M

    my ex g/f is Spanish i would have step up too

  • Morf Morf Vandewalt
    Morf Morf Vandewalt 6 days ago

    *Another white savior! YAY!*

  • ECduzitgood
    ECduzitgood 6 days ago +1

    Who will your children be taxed to support?

  • njguy1908
    njguy1908 6 days ago

    Biased motivated harassment? Arrest? Really? Harassment you sign your own complaints for, even in the good old ss NJ. IF THIS KEEPS UP WHY BOTHER PAYING TAXES TO A GOVERNMENT THAT NO LONGER CARES ABOUT YOU..... 1776.....

    COLETTE SANDERS 6 days ago

    Has White America, forgotten that the original language spoken in America( That they invaded) was not English??? It was NATIVE.

  • 170skeith
    170skeith 7 days ago

    Meanwhile I went to Mexico and my Spanish was so god awful that I would use English when ever I could. Never once had a Mexican tell me off they were very polite and understanding about it

    MARIA SANCHEZ 7 days ago

    Ok how is speaking another language wrong. The so called americans say that this is their country but they actually killed the indians that were living here!

  • TH3 KiiD
    TH3 KiiD 8 days ago +3

    Colorado used to be part of Mexico which was part of new Spain 😊

  • Salvador Ortiz
    Salvador Ortiz 9 days ago

    She probably voted for trump

  • Yovanah Wilson
    Yovanah Wilson 9 days ago

    I love you. Thank you

  • AnotherWeirdo
    AnotherWeirdo 9 days ago

    Thing is.. the US doesn't even have an official language

  • 100% XiaoWin
    100% XiaoWin 10 days ago


  • Jonathan Parker
    Jonathan Parker 11 days ago

    No the right thing to do is kill all Spanish speaking people. Remember the alimony in Texa where they killed men women and children they we'll do it again. They worse then cockroackes

  • Sunny Lunasoul
    Sunny Lunasoul 12 days ago

    We're not in england

  • Hermitius Hermit
    Hermitius Hermit 12 days ago

    I would have done the same thing! america is using the same ruthless tactics on its own people that have been known in wars throughout history "divide and conquer". Notice she said you're going to lose your country divide and conquer at its best.

  • Deoku Boy
    Deoku Boy 13 days ago

    I speak American

  • MERICA #1
    MERICA #1 13 days ago

    I think if you live here LEARN English not everyone understands Spanish
    My coworkers understand 0 English
    And that affects my job I’m Latino but I don’t speak Spanish and if people can’t understand you then what I’m just saying learn the language everyone speaks so they know what your saying
    That lady did it wrong yelling won’t help it a language wall no one can climb unless they have the ability to learn how

  • mike Jones
    mike Jones 13 days ago +1

    Speak English in America I agree!!!

  • capital punishment
    capital punishment 13 days ago

    Build the wall and deport all illegals.

  • george torres
    george torres 13 days ago

    Damn! She is fine! She can stick up for me anytime! Wow!

  • Alan Flores
    Alan Flores 13 days ago

    And she hot

  • BABYMETAL [Nightcore]
    BABYMETAL [Nightcore] 13 days ago

    I'm glad I live in Japan

  • richard f
    richard f 13 days ago


  • UltraInstinct Peanut Boy


  • The SCULL of DEATH
    The SCULL of DEATH 13 days ago

    Beautiful smart and a great heart. I would marry her if I could!

  • Brian
    Brian 13 days ago

    Plot twist: this is what would you do

  • Alejandro Ortiz
    Alejandro Ortiz 14 days ago

    6.1k racist dislikes. That's just a small portion of racist and evil that live amongst us.

  • Romaanntic
    Romaanntic 14 days ago +5

    "You will lose your country"
    Super racist. This is everyone's country.

    • John Licon
      John Licon 13 days ago

      Romaanntic no it isn’t it’s an American country only born citizens and legal immigrants can be American

    • شيوعي شيوعي
      شيوعي شيوعي 13 days ago +1

      Romaanntic it's not a country for ISIS

  • Mary
    Mary 14 days ago

    Do you realise she said,
    “You Will Lose your country.”
    Talk about White Supremacy mental fixation.

  • Lyric Dolberry
    Lyric Dolberry 14 days ago

    like if the 30 yr old woman is cute

  • sean ahmed
    sean ahmed 14 days ago

    6.1k people voted for donald trump

  • Andrew Lopez
    Andrew Lopez 15 days ago +2

    I wish they ever told me
    No Spanish
    I’ll tell her
    Nomas se español

  • Anabella Rivas
    Anabella Rivas 15 days ago

    May fri. America is a continent.not a country.n yes if you dont want to learn spanish you dont have to.but if you want ppl who dont speak english to leave this country.you should also tell that to ppl from china.arabs.indiaetcetc.u ignorant

  • Adam Campbell Campbell

    She hot

  • Steve
    Steve 16 days ago

    Yep, that’s what happens when you legalize weed in your state

  • m a s s a c r e
    m a s s a c r e 16 days ago

    Old bags like that need to be irradicated.

  • John Thomas
    John Thomas 16 days ago +3

    What a beautiful lady inside and out..😘

  • atfinn
    atfinn 16 days ago

    So virtuous, pfft.

    BOLT-ACTION 94 16 days ago

    I love it...

  • Legendary super Saiyan Broly

    Who started speaking Spanish every where they went after this? Hell I might learn a few more languages to talk anything but English jajaja

  • 08System The WolF
    08System The WolF 17 days ago

    *Because of Duolingo*

  • William Wind
    William Wind 17 days ago

    I'm native American and can understand a little Spanish. I've been on a few jobsite where Mexicans spoke badly of me in Spanish even when I did a good job!

    NATHAN 17 days ago +1

    I'm conservative, not a liberal, so frankly I think both of them were idiots. It isn't right to ridicule someone for speaking THEIR own language amongst THEMselves, but I'm sorry this mom REALLY went over the top. I agree that the women should have said something in their defence, but jeez! This should not have turned into a news report.

  • Anonymous 88
    Anonymous 88 17 days ago

    I hate that 30 year old mom

  • username : I suck at usernames

    Person: brawn is better than brain
    Me: ...

    Not sure where I was going with this

  • Marin Karin
    Marin Karin 17 days ago

    Why do i get the feeling all they did was ask a question in Spanish and she flipped out

  • M W
    M W 17 days ago

    Spanish is such a gorgeous language. 😚

  • M W
    M W 17 days ago


  • The Starchan's
    The Starchan's 17 days ago

    This is amazing

  • Javier Turcios
    Javier Turcios 17 days ago

    I wish we had more women like her in Indiana👍

  • Destiny Wolf
    Destiny Wolf 17 days ago +1

    The only kind of problem with the way she confronted the person was that she was very aggressive. This will sometimes only make the situation worse and can end up in a physical confrontation. But props to the woman

  • Cili0c
    Cili0c 17 days ago

    when was minding ur own business a problem? We’re literally right next to Mexico. The stupidity and ignorance of some people smh. I speak spanish in public all the time and i yet to see this happen to me. I’d have no problem for calling out someone for their idiotic behavior.

  • Savagebeast Player
    Savagebeast Player 17 days ago

    Wow racist lady let them be

  • Juniva wilson holloman


  • Barthalmoo E i E i O
    Barthalmoo E i E i O 17 days ago +1


  • Elijah King
    Elijah King 17 days ago

    She’s pretty

    FREE DAMEX 17 days ago

    I can say it how i want,And say it how i wish,I can say it in a crowd,And i can say it real loud because "I AM PROUD TO BE A MEXICAN"

  • Coonz
    Coonz 17 days ago

    As a proud Hispanic we accept this white woman as our own

  • Robert Snell
    Robert Snell 17 days ago

    I get this person was being a complete ass. But knowning a country's predominant language is important on many levels.. I wouldn't go to China without learning some Chinese or Japan without learning some Japanese ect..

  • Animax Ananax
    Animax Ananax 17 days ago

    Why she look like a model holy Jesus milf looking sexy af

  • Gacha Tj
    Gacha Tj 17 days ago

    America: This is America, you have to speak English
    Jobs in America : you need to learn other languages for people who don’t speak English

  • SalvadorYouTube
    SalvadorYouTube 17 days ago

    It's funny that English isn't the language here in the US. Everyone learns it but it isn't the language you have to speak...

  • Peter Pahl
    Peter Pahl 17 days ago

    What an actress

  • Himhaer Barrios
    Himhaer Barrios 17 days ago +5

    I'd like to buy this woman a cerveza hehe

    • loulou pie
      loulou pie 16 days ago

      Yoooooo right? Lololololol! :)

  • mujeres luchonas
    mujeres luchonas 17 days ago

    "You're going to lose your country" omg! It was the white mens country in the first place!

  • 808 G8GT
    808 G8GT 17 days ago

    This awesome. We need more people in this world like her. Fight for people right!! I'm sure that the racist ladies life changed because of this. She cant go anywhere without being harrassed. Lol

  • bby drea
    bby drea 17 days ago


  • J
    J 17 days ago +3

    “ “Not be judge by the color of the skin, but by the content of the character.
    (Martin Luther King

  • Kkevin
    Kkevin 17 days ago

    Thank you mom

  • Butsqueak
    Butsqueak 17 days ago

    Wow im surprised nobody is saying milf

  • E Vercetti
    E Vercetti 17 days ago


  • Grim trod
    Grim trod 17 days ago

    When was the Spanish lady arrested that’s stupid they should arrest the other lady

  • TheJakeman789
    TheJakeman789 17 days ago

    If you come to America. Learn English and speak English. Just like if I went to China. Learn Chinese and speak it.

  • Keith Goodman
    Keith Goodman 17 days ago

    Wow! She should go down to Mexico and help all those poor aliens get into the country, if she feels so strong about her convictions.

  • Jalen Mason
    Jalen Mason 17 days ago

    These the type of white people
    That get invited to the barbecues

  • PPR_trucks
    PPR_trucks 17 days ago

    Y’all leave my family alone Mexicans stand up 💯❤️

  • Roberto Jaimes
    Roberto Jaimes 17 days ago

    Let's attack this person individually rather than the country who gives free speech no matter what you say

  • Vortex Gaming
    Vortex Gaming 17 days ago

    And the woman yelling at the people for speaking Spanish is a good example of entitlement.

  • Real-life lies
    Real-life lies 17 days ago +4

    "Because it was the right thing to do."
    I wish more people could have her mindset. It would certainly make the world a safer place

  • Stefan Pigford
    Stefan Pigford 17 days ago

    Good girl....go with it girl....😎😍😄🙂🤗