Chinese Street Food Tour in Sichuan, China | Street Food in China Best SPICIEST Food

  • Published on Oct 3, 2016
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    Chinese Street Food Spicy - Chinese Street Food - Street Food China
    Chinese street food and Chinese food is so diversified and delicious. I took a high speed train to Leshan, China and I've been eating street food and really spicy Sichuan food. Best Street Food I've tried! The Chinese food is so good in Leshan, Sichuan! I've eaten Asian/Chinese street food in in lots of places, and Street food in China is some of the best I've eaten. I've tried street food in Shanghai, street food in Beijing, street food in Chengdu, and Street food in Guangzhou, all of which has been amazing, but I have to say that the chinese street food in Leshan has been some of the best!
    The street food in Leshan was the best and all so spicy and flavourful. The Chinese restaurant food was also very nice! I had some amazing blade sheared noodles in the main part of town, which had a huge variety of street food to try!
    Here are the street food locations for the Chinese street food and Chinese restaurants in Leshan that I tried:
    1)FENZHENG NIUROU BING - Steamed spiced beef pita pocket
    Address: 乐山市叮叮街与月咡塘街交界 Right at the intersection of ding ding street and yue er tang street.
    2) HONGTANG BING - Brown Sugar Pastry
    Address: 乐山市学道街上 It's located right on Xuedao street, walk down this street and you'll find it.
    3) SHAOMAI DIAN - Special Sichuan Style Shaomai Dumplings
    Address: 乐山市东大街116号 Right on 116 Dongdajie Street
    Address: 乐山市县街7号 - 7 Xian Street
    NAME: 叶婆婆钵钵鸡 - Ye Grandmas Chicken Skewers
    Address:乐山市东大街37号 - 37 Dongda Street
    6) TIANPIYA - Leshan Special Sweek Skinned Duck
    Name: 乐山老嘉州油炸甜皮鸭
    Address: 乐山市老公园婺嫣街御史巷60号Located right of Wuyan Street in a little alleyway, called Yushixiang alleyway
    7) DOUFUNAO - Leshan Special "Tofu Brain"
    Name: 牛华豆腐脑
    Address:乐山市县街14号 Located at 14 Xian street
    8)QIAOJIAO NIUROU + SPECIAL SURPRISE - Special Leshan Sliced Beef Soup
    Name: 芳芳跷脚牛肉
    address:乐山市嘉祥路14号 - Located at 14 Jiaxiang street
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    My name is Trevor James and I'm a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that's currently living in Chengdu, Szechuan, China, eating up as much delicious .
    I enjoy tasting and documenting as many dishes as I can and I'm going to make videos for YOU along the way! Over the next few years, I'm going to travel around the world and document as much food as I can for you! I love delicious food! This channel will show you real Chinese food and real local food, not that stuff they serve in the Buzzfeed challenge.
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