College Students, What's Your Craziest Dorm Story? (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)

  • Published on Nov 15, 2019
  • ► College Students, What's Your Craziest Dorm Story? (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)
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  • Storytime With Reddit
    Storytime With Reddit  20 days ago +11

    Thanks for watching everyone!

    • NathanatorYT
      NathanatorYT 20 days ago +1

      Shaun G Yeah, the background music was the only reason I subbed

    • Shaun G
      Shaun G 20 days ago +1

      If you ever change your background music I'm unsubscribing

    • Definitely not Luna
      Definitely not Luna 20 days ago +1

      Storytime With Reddit your videos are awesome!!!! May I dare to ask what your name is?

  • Guy McPerson
    Guy McPerson 3 days ago

    My dad won a bet on how long a Twinkie in his dorm would last by betting it would last the whole year. He also walked in on his roomates getting stoned and putting Trix in cereal

  • 🔹Papalouie765🔹
    🔹Papalouie765🔹 11 days ago

    Should I switch to Android phone or wait for se2

  • Michael Butler
    Michael Butler 13 days ago

    As an undergrad freshman, I came back from a language arts trip to find my roommate sitting on his chair buck naked. He said he just took a shower, and prefers to air dry. I just grabbed my stuff, ate lunch, and spent the rest of the day doing schoolwork in the library, hoping I'd forget about it. Didn't work.

  • SuttN
    SuttN 17 days ago

    My craziest story is that I actually really like my first and only roommate, we are totally chillin this year

  • Ruatfela Hmar
    Ruatfela Hmar 17 days ago

    One night, my roommate got drunk and was sleep talking. He kept going for a few minutes all of which was unintelligible (seems like he was in a fight in his dreams) except the last line which was really really clear and loud, he said "they looked at my penis" and then went straight to snoring.

  • Zachary Rivera
    Zachary Rivera 17 days ago +1

    My dorm was haunted, electronic equipment failing ever through nothing is wrong, lights being on were there are no lights, fire alarms going off even though there was no fire and nobody touched a fire alarm, pc’s shutting down in the middle of doing things, youtube turning on with no input and auto playing videos with no input. Just a lot of freaky electrical stuff going on

  • Lord Rap of Rap Mountain
    Lord Rap of Rap Mountain 17 days ago +1

    I once had a dorm neighbor ask if he could pawn me his PS4 for 10 bucks so he could buy food(from a food cart). Would've taken the deal if I had cash on me.

  • Rick DeWitt
    Rick DeWitt 17 days ago


  • ShnoogleMan
    ShnoogleMan 18 days ago

    As a currently Columbia student, I totally perked up when I heard the one about John Jay.

  • Emma Cat
    Emma Cat 18 days ago

    My dorm room kept leaking from the roof for months, the univerisity wouldn't fix it. This was back in 2016-2017. Other students had the same problem in our tower. It would leak from the roof down the window and the wall, down to the floor. It would drain all the way to the other side of the room. My property was also almost damaged. When it rained a lot, or snowed, my floor would flood. I would have to mop it up daily. It took them a couple of months to move me to another room, and I never got my money back. In a regular apartment, that would not be acceptable. They would not move me out until my parents and I threatened to sue (we were bluffing, because we don't have money tbh. I needed to get out of there though because I also might have had mold. There was strange black stuff on the caulk around the windows). By the time I moved out, there was a hole in the ceiling. I don't recommend living in the dorms.

  • kale
    kale 18 days ago +2

    so are we all just gonna avoid the 3rd story??????

  • Emma Cat
    Emma Cat 18 days ago +1

    In my dorm, some drunk people grabbed the fire extinguisher and started spraying it everywhere.

    • charlotte
      charlotte 16 days ago

      this happened at my college a few weeks ago lmao

  • Urbro Dooli
    Urbro Dooli 18 days ago

    my friend lived in a quad room so she had three other roommates and one was a clinically diagnosed sociopath that broke a mirror in the room and two large shards that came off the mirror were missing and then she killed one of the other roommate's emotional support cat. She didn't even get kicked out of the floor or school, she just got moved to another room on the hall. fucking bitch

  • Foxy Lovelace
    Foxy Lovelace 18 days ago

    My dorm story. I lived with the resident assistant. We shared a small room that had our dressers, desks and beds in it. Halfway through the semester I noticed the peephole in the door had been reversed so people could look in from outside. Totally creeped me out and I fixed it immediately.

  • Aliyah Wilcox
    Aliyah Wilcox 18 days ago +2

    "I need to go to church."

  • LauraVR
    LauraVR 19 days ago +18

    1:56 mate your sister’s cursed. That’s other level horror movie stuff.

  • HeisenSaul
    HeisenSaul 19 days ago

    one thing I can think of right off the top of my head was when I was a freshmen at Bowling Green State University, in Ohio, I walked into the hallway of my dorm and I see two guys from my floor just standing there with big smiles on there faces and they stopped me and told me I needed to see something. I wasn't sure what was going on just yet so I say so ok and go with them. I walk into this guys room who also lived on the floor and he was showing people this porn he had, and I was like "Ok, it's porn. Whats so special about this?" Well the others in the room, there were probably 6-8 of us in this guys room, start to laugh and I was getting a little confused, so I watch the video for another 20 seconds or so and it hits me. The guy whose room I was standing in made his own porn and was showing it to people. I realized this after I thought the room in the video looked familiar and I was like "Oh shit Albert, you made your own porn!!!!" lol

  • Kevin Counihan
    Kevin Counihan 19 days ago +5

    Way back in 1971 I was in a boarding school (not college) and the rooms had very high ceilings. So a friend of mine and me decided to build a second floor in his room. Carpeted and a phone to the outside tapped off the public phone at the end of the hall, lights and a stereo system and an alarm so if someone opened the door we could stay quiet. Great place for hookups, 420 and such. The access ladder was in the closet behind the clothes. We had tapestries hung so no one noticed, and no one bothered to reached up to see if there was anything above the tapestries. We kept it secret until the last week of school where we showed it off to everyone. Even the staff were amazed we pulled it off. We left it in place for the next years room occupant to enjoy. 11-16-2019.

  • Spectrum Storms
    Spectrum Storms 19 days ago

    The only crazy dorm story I have is nowhere near as crazy as these, but I'll share it anyway. I share a room with 3 other people (4 separate rooms inside the dorm). We have this thermostat, which
    is on my side of the dorm. I always set the temperature to 70°F. It's a nice, cool temperature, I feel. Apparently, someone must think that I'm being unreasonable and whenever I'm not looking, sets the temperature to 86°F.

  • Ayite
    Ayite 19 days ago +4

    When you realize youre sister might be the Grim Reaper 😐

  • Froggotyourtonge The Noob

    I’ve got 2 crazy dorm stories. The top one was when someone got so drunk that they punched the window in the bathroom, broke it as well as their entire hand. I was in the lounge the floor before and heard a big crash coming from just outside, turns out that was the glass hitting the floor.
    The second one isn’t as crazy but the fire alarm went off at 4:30 AM because someone tried to cook cookies in a microwave because they were drunk and it exploded.

  • Devin Heida
    Devin Heida 19 days ago +1

    6:25 what's an RA?

  • 1nicer b0i
    1nicer b0i 19 days ago +10

    1:55 That Sister totally just had some [STAND] Power going on...


  • Minecraft Kunoichi
    Minecraft Kunoichi 19 days ago +2

    In the first 3 weeks of school, the fire alarm went off in my dorm building about 6 or 7 times. 4 of which happened in less than a week. Apparently, people in my building didn't know how to cook and we were also known as the "party building". not the craziest thing, but I thought I should share it.

  • Majikalnight
    Majikalnight 19 days ago +2

    5:44 That escalated quickly

  • BoomZero - Reddit Content

    I WISH my college dorm gave me free creepy tacos, I only get sleepless nights and occasonal vomit outside my room.

  • Connor McLernon
    Connor McLernon 20 days ago +2

    Roommate moved out one semester, the guy he moved in with later told me that he’d had sex with his significant other in their dorm while he was in it, all night long. So I dodged a bullet there.

  • sixharp94
    sixharp94 20 days ago +3

    you clicked this video because...
    ⭕you liked the thumbnail
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    🔘you wanted to read the comments

  • Jaxx Gaming
    Jaxx Gaming 20 days ago +1

    Apparently my dad got a lap dance at a party in college

  • Sgtwhisker26
    Sgtwhisker26 20 days ago +4

    Oh my dad University somebody stole tank mind you it was a military school and it was during Vietnam

  • Sergeant Saturn
    Sergeant Saturn 20 days ago +7

    *the phantom shitter just gave us, Lithuanians, a bad reputation xdd*

    • Sergeant Saturn
      Sergeant Saturn 18 days ago

      @WakaWaka WakaWaka I really just wrote it for as a joke:Dd idk actually, alcoholism, suicide, lots of trees, nice nature.

    • WakaWaka WakaWaka
      WakaWaka WakaWaka 19 days ago +4

      @Veet so Lithuanians are basically Russian, makes sense

    • Veet
      Veet 19 days ago +4

      @WakaWaka WakaWaka chronic alcoholism most of the time.

    • WakaWaka WakaWaka
      WakaWaka WakaWaka 20 days ago +3

      Honestly what reputation do Lithuanians have? Like not to be rude but like what is the Lithuanian stereotype? I'm American so, I'm fat, I have at least 400 guns, I go to McDonalds everyday and I fuck my sister.
      I'm being serious, what is the Lithuanian stereotype?

  • kirk vj
    kirk vj 20 days ago +1

    What the duck that sister witnessing suicides

  • Yeetinu
    Yeetinu 20 days ago +1

    Lithuanian girls strikes again :D

  • Reddit Radio
    Reddit Radio 20 days ago +3

    Lads imma go mow the lawn, can I get 43 likes before I get back?

    TAYLOR 'D 20 days ago

    I fw this lofi music

  • KoolieB
    KoolieB 20 days ago

    Walked in on sex/orgys/gangbangs, fights, drug use, naked girls, ghosts/demons, people driving off hills, packs of deer and coyote fight(yes near the dorm), this was at Western New Mexico University

  • Ailsa Maclaren
    Ailsa Maclaren 20 days ago +1

    In my university we only live in halls in first year. My flat was in a house on campus which was split into three floors with a flat of four people per floor. The four of us were the most unsociable lot ever like I don't think we ever hung out as a group it wasn't that we hated each other just we had nothing in common. Luckily we all had our own bedrooms and bathrooms only sharing a kitchen so weren't forced to socialise much. At the end of the first week the key card machine wasn't working so we contacted security and because it was a Sunday we had to wait for it to be properly fixed and were told to leave it propped open. Very quickly we got banging on the door from the other two flats who thought we'd all just moved in and wanted to welcome us despite the fact we'd been there a week already and lectures started the next day. All with good intentions but it was very awkward and the only time we ever really socialised with them. There was also the time someone managed to set off the fire alarm at 11 o'clock at night whilst making mashed potatoes and we all had to stand outside with a security guy yelling at us. That was last year and I've moved out with some acquaintances (now great friends we found each other on facebook and it worked out) into a much nicer and cheaper place off campus. Been here for two months and within the first week I'd already socialised with them more than I did the others all year last year

  • rwdplz1
    rwdplz1 20 days ago +16

    I was in my room with the door closed, and suddenly heard a loud THUD against my door, figured the roommates were getting drunk and screwing around. Continued watching TV, went to sleep.
    A few hours later, woke up, had to go to the bathroom. Groggily open the door, take a few steps, and there are cops everywhere. Walk to the bathroom, take a leak, and go back to bed, slowly quietly locking the door behind me.
    Ask the roommates WTF happened last night, turned out a friend visiting them got violent, they took him down (they had slammed him against my door), and he ran off, and tried to jump off the bridge downtown. The cops had stopped him, and he was expelled.
    Came back from my first class around 10:00 to get the books for the next class, my key didn't work in my door. The school had changed all the locks. That was an odd day...

  • Reddit Ramblr
    Reddit Ramblr 20 days ago +1

    Hey, do you want a taco?

    • Donald Trump
      Donald Trump 19 days ago

      No because that’s Mexican and I want to keep them out with a wall that gonna be HHHUUUUUGGGGGGEEEEE

  • Jm 115
    Jm 115 20 days ago +29

    that'd be pretty awesome, if a voice behind a shower curtain asked you for a taco, and it just straight up gives you a taco.

    • WakaWaka WakaWaka
      WakaWaka WakaWaka 17 days ago +1

      @Ethan Fiske probably was high and wanted to be nice

    • Ethan Fiske
      Ethan Fiske 17 days ago +3

      Makes you wonder if he just lost his appetite and decided to give it away or if he just wanted to randomly hand out tacos...

    • WakaWaka WakaWaka
      WakaWaka WakaWaka 20 days ago

      Lol yeah, fucking awesome!

  • Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access

    Never stayed in dorms out here in the woods

    • Ryan May
      Ryan May 19 days ago

      Hi bigfoot

    • Shaun G
      Shaun G 20 days ago

      Ayyy bigfoot remember me

    • Mathieu Leader
      Mathieu Leader 20 days ago +2


  • Juswee He
    Juswee He 20 days ago +11

    That 3rd one was traumatizing as hell

  • PP-chan the innocent anime girl

    How to college dorm room

  • heartbrokehhn
    heartbrokehhn 20 days ago +4

    when you’re too early you don’t know what to say

  • Definitely not Luna
    Definitely not Luna 20 days ago +57

    The best story I ever heard was when my brother went to a engineers school and they took apart the Dean’s car and put it on the roof of the dorm and reassembled it up there… They got the large parts of the car up there by putting hoists on the roof and hoisting it up from the ground 10 stories up to the roof

    • Zelenity
      Zelenity 16 days ago

      Definitely not Luna exact same here at my old high school! I (a freshman at the time) helped the seniors for a senior prank by taking apart the principals little ole’ beetle and putting it in the gym

    • Gotsomecandy - GD
      Gotsomecandy - GD 17 days ago

      Definitely not Luna Ok boomer

    • وليد ٠٤
      وليد ٠٤ 19 days ago

      Definitely not Luna ok boomer

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      subscribe t o pewdiepie 19 days ago

      @Definitely not Luna ok boomer

    • sonicj Polygon
      sonicj Polygon 19 days ago +1

      Definitely not Luna i bet they were all playing video games idiot

  • Definitely not Luna
    Definitely not Luna 20 days ago +1

    2nd Blyet! This video is going to be awesome!!!