"Master Of The Grill" BURNS EVERYTHING | Kitchen Nightmares


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  • Army RM
    Army RM 8 hours ago

    Just because you're a chef for 15 or more years DOESN'T mean you can call yourself a professional or even rate your food a 10.

  • The Phoenix
    The Phoenix 22 hours ago

    The girl though,it ain’t the food I’d be eating out......

  • Captain Smek
    Captain Smek Day ago +1

    Why do they keep calling him Jeff Ramsay

  • Skids Somethinh
    Skids Somethinh Day ago

    For the finale its gonna be NINO

  • Gwen SleepyHead
    Gwen SleepyHead 2 days ago

    For once I agree with all the pervert comments about the daughter, she makes me question my sexuality (as I'm straight) * q *

  • Nicolas Ceresoli
    Nicolas Ceresoli 2 days ago

    Master of the Crematorium Grill

  • Manny Jimenez
    Manny Jimenez 2 days ago

    Lexi can have my children

  • Zwei4815
    Zwei4815 3 days ago

    "I know what my customers like."
    Only one other table seated after 5pm.

  • Ivanka2024 for POTUS

    Not the steak too😡

  • The D3RP Clan
    The D3RP Clan 3 days ago


  • AZIZ S
    AZIZ S 3 days ago

    "Medium Rare Steak"
    *Overcooks It*
    I Wonder What Would've Happened If Gordon Ordered It Normal...
    *The Place Would've Been Set On Fire*

  • Paul Merideth
    Paul Merideth 3 days ago

    Damn his daughters are cute s hell

  • 聖斗酒鬼薔薇
    聖斗酒鬼薔薇 4 days ago

    I only watch these videos for the Nino jokes at the very end

  • Dan Henry
    Dan Henry 4 days ago

    The manager eats the piece he spits out

  • Pirate Labs
    Pirate Labs 4 days ago +1

    Owner: "The food is not the problem here." (why do all of them say that?)
    Ramsay: "Fuck me."

  • BonBon 983
    BonBon 983 4 days ago +1

    I got a fucken Gordon Ramsay add before this video lmao 🤣

  • Alex Cristino
    Alex Cristino 5 days ago

    Damn the hostess is cute

  • Chill Kid
    Chill Kid 5 days ago

    Legend says Gordan Ramsey seasons his wife's ass before eating it.

  • Met3lAngel
    Met3lAngel 5 days ago

    Apart from the steak, I'd eat the shit out of everything else.

  • Ford Prefect
    Ford Prefect 5 days ago

    Whenever I watch "Kitchen Nightmares" I always wonder "Is Gordon Ramsay really picky or are all the restaurants he goes to REALLY BAD?"

  • Ivan Fernandez
    Ivan Fernandez 5 days ago

    how do you burn a steak and it still be red in the middle

  • Andrew Shea
    Andrew Shea 5 days ago

    “You look Glamorous” Truer words couldn’t have been said Gordon

  • THE ARAV26
    THE ARAV26 5 days ago

    i like how the other people in the restaurant didn't look like they knew who he was

  • elm street
    elm street 5 days ago

    5:34 oof

  • Chicken Draws Dogs
    Chicken Draws Dogs 5 days ago

    "He's gonna like it."
    On...Kitchen Nightmares....

  • bluewhale18
    bluewhale18 5 days ago

    Do they always give Ramsey the cute waitresses

  • New_Cosmos
    New_Cosmos 5 days ago

    Nino always make sure his restaurant smells good. He has photos to prove the smell.

  • Lost Turtle 23
    Lost Turtle 23 6 days ago

    6:48 can tell he didn't wanna eat it lmao

  • Mr.Swaggins
    Mr.Swaggins 6 days ago

    I can’t say for sure that I would be different than most of these owners Holy crap none of them can take responsibility

  • Taylor H
    Taylor H 6 days ago

    "good to see you" "same here" Only in the USA would a person so inept at talking to another human being be allowed to become a restaurant manager.

  • H G
    H G 6 days ago

    I love watching stuck up assholes get degraded

  • Aaron Arshad
    Aaron Arshad 6 days ago

    So if Gordon is here to help with the food I think they should stop saying that

  • Aaron Arshad
    Aaron Arshad 6 days ago

    Yep well eveyone thinks that Gordon will like there food, out of eveyone that says that he normally doesnt

  • Jack Stenson
    Jack Stenson 6 days ago +1

    show is fake asf. if Gordon was coming you wouldnt half ass shit im sorry its all an act.

  • YourDaddyTyron X
    YourDaddyTyron X 7 days ago

    Nice chancre

  • YourDaddyTyron X
    YourDaddyTyron X 7 days ago

    Hqhahah he said “ woow thats gross”😂😂

  • MrStickman1997
    MrStickman1997 7 days ago

    0:26 No, I just smell you.
    Gordon Ramsay: o_o

  • GRAv3S 666
    GRAv3S 666 7 days ago

    So he didn’t think to strain the shrimp???
    You’re a chef have some pride there’s no way I’d be happy with myself knowing I served the chef god shit food.

  • goat
    goat 7 days ago

    Gordon's game on point

  • Raverconvict
    Raverconvict 7 days ago


  • Abdullah Hamdan
    Abdullah Hamdan 7 days ago

    watching this makes me feel that i can cook better than the chef

  • Dee Luu
    Dee Luu 7 days ago

    "I can't afford to be up all night with the sh*ts" 😭😂😂😂

  • Blade Walters
    Blade Walters 8 days ago +2

    The restaurant with no identity. Sjw heaven

  • Blade Walters
    Blade Walters 8 days ago

    Lexi wants that Ramsey d

  • Sigh1 films
    Sigh1 films 8 days ago

    hot mamacita

  • Samantha Godard
    Samantha Godard 8 days ago

    “For the finale it’s gonna be NINO!”

  • AmbblyPuff
    AmbblyPuff 8 days ago

    "I smell your cologne, it smells good" lol

  • Carlos Banegas
    Carlos Banegas 8 days ago +1

    Lexi so beautiful 😍

  • The Ghost
    The Ghost 8 days ago

    Mike seems like a good dude if you watch the entire episode

    INSANE SALINAS 8 days ago +1

    I'd eat her ass 😋

  • Jungkook's Wifeú
    Jungkook's Wifeú 8 days ago

    " I dont know what he's talking about. Im a perfectionist "
    Bitch please! Dude no ones perfect you should know that! Even you yiur not perfect so how come your a perfectionist?

  • Potato lord The first

    Nino wouldn’t burn the food.He had the pictures to prove it.

  • Vinyl Blair
    Vinyl Blair 9 days ago

    Lexi is hot.... I would happily eat their shit food if she worked there.
    BTW WTF is Chicken Murphy ???
    Surprisingly it Sounds Shit, looked Like Shit and yep tasted like shit

  • Riste Pancurov
    Riste Pancurov 9 days ago

    Subscribe to peediepie

  • Lindsay
    Lindsay 9 days ago

    lmao bro if chef Ramsay is in your MF kitchen.... your food sucks 100% lol.. why do ppl not take his advise like grow up

  • No thanks B
    No thanks B 9 days ago +2

    “I can only smell your cologne”
    *”which smells really good”*

    I can’t tell if Gordon was flattered by that comment or cringed😂

  • Ian
    Ian 9 days ago +2

    His daughter is a 9

  • Sileight PorscheFam
    Sileight PorscheFam 10 days ago +1

    8====D bone her

  • Phillip Oukh
    Phillip Oukh 10 days ago +1

    I'd smash the girl at the beginning

  • W KM
    W KM 10 days ago


  • W KM
    W KM 10 days ago


  • billie gaskell silver
    billie gaskell silver 10 days ago

    she got sooooooo used to the smell that she didn't smell anything

  • Jeremy Williams
    Jeremy Williams 10 days ago

    Did expo really stand there and hold the tray as the server passed plates...

  • swish
    swish 10 days ago +2

    i would smash mikes daughter

  • GameTimeWithDan
    GameTimeWithDan 10 days ago

    Master of Grill? More like Master of Fire.

  • ToTheSkies
    ToTheSkies 10 days ago

    Restaurant is failing and falling in debt.
    Proceed to act like nothing is wrong.

  • beautyfool
    beautyfool 11 days ago

    The decor and aesthetics of that restaurant would keep me from eating there. Ramsey is a brave man.

  • Arch Angel
    Arch Angel 11 days ago

    Einstein was actually terrible at math, you can look it up. I believe he failed several classes in high school as well.

  • notgonnapay
    notgonnapay 11 days ago

    Damn, his daughter at the front door is so cute.

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un 11 days ago

    Gordon: How would you rate your food?
    Mike: upper 9
    Gordon: Wow i love the confidence! cant wait to taste it.
    Inner Gordon: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this egotistic bastard thinks his food is a 9 id rather eat poodle shit than to eat his food. Embarrassing Dreadful Soggy and raw!!!

  • Cesar Sandoval
    Cesar Sandoval 12 days ago

    @ 5:42 We finally found Chef Mikes cousin

  • Shannon Denise
    Shannon Denise 12 days ago +2

    anyone: hi mr ramsy

  • Eli Stimson
    Eli Stimson 12 days ago

    What's that smell? 😂

  • Andrew T
    Andrew T 12 days ago

    Damn hes ass at cooking I can see just how nasty that food looks

  • fah q
    fah q 12 days ago

    Sexi Lexi

  • Twistedmist
    Twistedmist 12 days ago +1

    So the crazy thing is the filth, I dont get it how can you have a filthy restaurant. I own a restaurant, you keep that staff and make them clean, maybe because its family they dont want to force his staff to clean?

  • Boogaloo Shrimp
    Boogaloo Shrimp 12 days ago

    For the finale its gonna be *NINO*

  • GD Fast
    GD Fast 12 days ago

    For the finale it's going to be NINOOOOO

  • Cavin Bob
    Cavin Bob 12 days ago

    The only thing I would eat raw is that ass

  • ꧁Jade Today ꧁
    ꧁Jade Today ꧁ 12 days ago

    Gordon:IT RAW
    Mike:Nope not this time

  • Till son
    Till son 12 days ago

    At 5:34 is there porn going on in the kitchen TV? No wonder the chef is serving shit

  • No Thanks
    No Thanks 13 days ago +1

    Right at the beginning of the video I thought Ramsey had just gone out and was coming back inside.

  • All Might
    All Might 13 days ago +8

    8:34 The editor of these video has the best job ever.

  • Crypt Gamer
    Crypt Gamer 13 days ago

    Girl was lowkey flirting with gordon

  • bseo927
    bseo927 13 days ago +12

    I never hear a complaint. No shit sherlock. The customers just don't bother to criticize your food. They just won't come back.

  • Dirchtang
    Dirchtang 13 days ago +1

    master of the microwave

    • Dirchtang
      Dirchtang 13 days ago +1

      the guy's name is chef mike

  • Dave Dexter Ablong
    Dave Dexter Ablong 13 days ago

    Albert Einstein is bad at math only hia wife is good at math

  • Dope Loc
    Dope Loc 13 days ago

    It’s true girls cook better

  • Astrid Hofferson
    Astrid Hofferson 13 days ago

    At least the iced tea wasnt bland nor watery 😂😂

  • Rosa Scarlet
    Rosa Scarlet 13 days ago

    The brunette daughters were beautiful

  • Just Kev
    Just Kev 14 days ago

    1:05 you can't be a good cook if you can't take criticism and improve upon your cooking...
    the worst cook is an ignorant one and vice versa

  • Аркадий К.
    Аркадий К. 14 days ago

    Id plow Lexi like a farmer plows a field.
    Id tear that ass apart.

  • Bill H
    Bill H 14 days ago

    that's take care of that smell

  • Jerome Yudiet
    Jerome Yudiet 14 days ago

    I don't wanna sound rude but..

    Lexi is fucking hot.!

  • Richard Nixon
    Richard Nixon 15 days ago

    For finale, it's gonna be...


  • PorkFreeGaming
    PorkFreeGaming 15 days ago

    For the finally it’s going to be Nino!!! Lol I lost it

  • King Slinky
    King Slinky 15 days ago

    I would cream pie both the daughters

  • Christina Singleton
    Christina Singleton 15 days ago

    These these people just serve Gordon Ramsey “the Appetizer” from Spongebob?....

  • Alan Williams
    Alan Williams 15 days ago

    gals are hoTT

  • thecahn
    thecahn 16 days ago +5

    Lexi is literally the prettiest girl I've ever seen and it hurts.