Sean Evans Reveals the Season 11 Hot Sauce Lineup | Hot Ones

  • Hot Ones returns 2/6 @ 11am EST! Los Calientes Rojo drops 2/6 on! And the brand-new series "Hot Ones: The Game Show" hits truTV 2/18! It's going to be a very spicy month ahead, but first things first: It's time to unveil the starting lineup of spice for Season 11. This time around, we're excited to introduce a whole cast of new makers to table, bringing the heat from Ontario, Australia, Fiji, and all corners of the globe. Welcome back, spice lords!
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  • Goran Šečić
    Goran Šečić 16 hours ago

    F. Y. PUT TUMBS DOWN ON THIS ,you dont have to look THE SHOW OR this. YOU KNOW?! NOBODY GOONA MISS YA. It's not best SHOW but it's fun. Love to c assholles sweet swet

  • dave stark
    dave stark 2 days ago

    We need rich rebuilds

  • Les-Is-More Yo girl!

    These people need to be on:
    The Rock
    Will Smith
    David Lopez
    Mr. Beast

  • Heidi Flores
    Heidi Flores 6 days ago +2

    Tyler, the creator I think we should have on the show

  • Giordano Segura
    Giordano Segura 7 days ago

    which one is the best and the spiciest!

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats 8 days ago

    steve carrel!!!!

  • Lee Woolley
    Lee Woolley 8 days ago

    Still no psycho juice....

  • LL
    LL 9 days ago

    You guys made to truTV🏄‍♀️🧘‍♀️

  • gavin hirt
    gavin hirt 10 days ago

    8 can not suck my left nut 9 and 10 maybe

  • Joy Mijares
    Joy Mijares 12 days ago

    Who rates the Scoville units on these sauces? Is it sauce maker’s claim? Is there a 3rd party rater? Or does FirstWeFeast do their own independent rating?

  • Dani Calderon
    Dani Calderon 14 days ago

    Do Nicki Minaj!!!!

  • Breanna Young
    Breanna Young 15 days ago +1

    I wanna be on hot ones cause I love spicy and this is on my bucketlist

  • Oegm 00
    Oegm 00 15 days ago

    We want nardwuar!! everyone like this make it happen

  • Adawg Superhighway
    Adawg Superhighway 15 days ago

    You guys should get Tom Araya on the show. Please!

  • Geek of Nature
    Geek of Nature 20 days ago

    The bottles get more similar and less interesting every season...

  • xox_Brittany_22
    xox_Brittany_22 23 days ago

    Please bring on Mike Tyson, Samuel Jackson, Dwayne Johnson, Nick Kroll, John Mulaney

  • Jim Farley
    Jim Farley 23 days ago

    Did they ever invite PuckerButt Pepper Company founder Ed Currie?

  • JaTu
    JaTu 24 days ago +2

    Have mr beast on the show pls

  • Dominick Fechser
    Dominick Fechser 25 days ago

    Gotta get your hands on some Insanity Sauce

  • GutterWorx310 Zoose
    GutterWorx310 Zoose 25 days ago

    Have you guys ever tried to get folks from hard rock/ heavy metal bands? Pop and hip hop arent the only types of music out there

  • Red _ Bear _ 93
    Red _ Bear _ 93 26 days ago

    Give us Joaquin Phoenix!!

  • Sir Aviann
    Sir Aviann 26 days ago

    My Dream Guests For Hot Ones Season 11:
    1.CM Punk
    2.Will Smith
    3.The Undertaker
    5.Robert Downey Jr.

  • Billeh
    Billeh 28 days ago

    Anyone else thought this was a video announcing the celebs coming this year?

  • Echos_Commits_Tax_Fraud ,

    How do you buy these

  • Eddie Vasquez
    Eddie Vasquez 29 days ago

    Need to get some NFL players in here

  • Eddie Vasquez
    Eddie Vasquez 29 days ago +1

    The rock needs to be in this

  • Andy Custis
    Andy Custis 29 days ago


  • Melissa Coine
    Melissa Coine 29 days ago

    #icpforhotones Shaggy2Dope

  • KusanagiKyo108
    KusanagiKyo108 Month ago

    dude... I would love to see some Pornstars here. I know lots of people would also love to see those interviews.

  • Digital Smoke
    Digital Smoke Month ago

    Joe Rogan needs to get his MMAss over here on this show pronto! His handlers prolly won't let him come on the show anyway. wouldn't want to mess up his fake tough guy persona that he's built up all these years.

  • Kaybelou Dow
    Kaybelou Dow Month ago

    Keanu Reeves, Rihanna, Joe Rogan

  • Texas Made
    Texas Made Month ago

    Is da bomb that hot?

  • Shelby Ballard
    Shelby Ballard Month ago +2

    How about James Rolfe or Jirard Khalil??

  • Jr The annoying cheese burger

    Do Marcus Jones from ADHD’s World. He tried the “spiciest” drink in the world

  • AKM M
    AKM M Month ago

    Bring Dave Grohl

  • august a
    august a Month ago


  • The wackjob
    The wackjob Month ago

    2020 needs eminem on hot ones eminem

  • Pattie Cake
    Pattie Cake Month ago


  • adaydreamhd
    adaydreamhd Month ago

    pls switch the sound guy. or soundguy. switch ur sounds jeeeeeesus not everyone is a 13y old girl from a rich school. but thats pretty much your general audio vibe. jeeesus. you are hot ones. not fucking cold ones

  • cookie mignonne
    cookie mignonne Month ago

    please have santana and rob thomas of matchbox 20 on together. i think that would be a hot one.

  • Justin X Ample
    Justin X Ample Month ago

    Do diplo!!!!!

  • Vladimir Gluten
    Vladimir Gluten Month ago

    We need Morgan freeman on here. Or Steve carrel

  • Over50 Adventures
    Over50 Adventures Month ago

    Da Bomb hot sauce should ALWAYS remain at #5 and NEVER be moved from that position. Please bring it back to position #5.

  • Carolina Blom
    Carolina Blom Month ago

    A really cool show, and Challenge!! Well done man!! Wish I could do one, but I’d have to wear no makeup as my nose and eyes would start running!!!!! After a stick of Biltong.... yummy 😋
    Yes, from Trevor Noah’s territory 🇿🇦😂

  • TheGaming BLT
    TheGaming BLT Month ago

    Jeff Dunham

  • Hann
    Hann Month ago

    Da Bomb is the Deviljho of hot sauce tbh.

  • William Haneke
    William Haneke Month ago +1

    Sean - you're amazing - great interviews. The Hot Sauce is an amazing foil to ask some great questions. You are better than TV!!!
    I love hot food and you've turned me onto a lot of new ones. Question - you seem to be growing more hair - is it the capsaicin? If so, you can give Bosley a run for their money.

  • Johnny Cash
    Johnny Cash Month ago

    pete davidson, please

  • Victoria Lochrie
    Victoria Lochrie Month ago

    Is there a link to buy all these sauces?

  • Bobby Digital
    Bobby Digital Month ago

    When is chef John going to be on this show???!!?!??

  • J Studio
    J Studio Month ago

    You should secretly interchange the da bomb with the da bomb groud zero sauce :D

  • hanna Viola
    hanna Viola Month ago

    Paris Hilton, Tyler the Creator, Harry Styles, Billy Porter...

  • TokenDuelist
    TokenDuelist Month ago

    Yo you guys should branch out and get Wolfe Glick on here

  • makeup by madison
    makeup by madison Month ago

    We need Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki!!!

  • Danniee Bunnage
    Danniee Bunnage Month ago


  • Danniee Bunnage
    Danniee Bunnage Month ago


  • Danniee Bunnage
    Danniee Bunnage Month ago


  • FatRagingPig
    FatRagingPig Month ago

    why did this feel like the NBA draft?

  • Cy P
    Cy P Month ago

    i think Bill Gates would make a great guest

  • Hazwan Qusyairu
    Hazwan Qusyairu Month ago

    Samuel l jackson

  • PappleGod
    PappleGod Month ago

    I love this show! not only because i love spicy food, but i love to see my favorite celebs and famous people

    WRESTLING SOUP Month ago

    Why is this show NOT on network TV?

  • Alban1501
    Alban1501 Month ago

    Jim Carrey!

  • Michele Guerra
    Michele Guerra Month ago

    Nardwuar please !

  • Sara Menzel
    Sara Menzel Month ago

    Check out her page she just posted a video about making hot wings and saying she loved them. Get the "Baddest Woman On The Planet" PLEASE!

  • GuRbJUicE
    GuRbJUicE Month ago

    We wanna see shaggy2dope

  • Smokin with Small Town

    Sweet video, everyone remember to support your fellow TVcliprs out here 🍻🍻💨💨

  • Sammel Camel
    Sammel Camel Month ago

    We need gucci mane, Quavo, Takeoff or Future

  • Ramelusi Vasukiwai
    Ramelusi Vasukiwai Month ago

    feeling so proud right now, thats where I'm from and im also so happy we got a hot sauce on my favorite TVclip show.

  • Chloe Huppe
    Chloe Huppe Month ago

    I need Rami Malek on Hot Ones!!!

  • Bunyan420
    Bunyan420 Month ago

    I can't wait for the Hot Ones Game Show it is gonna be my new favorite show

  • Ruben Catalan
    Ruben Catalan Month ago

    Lewis Capaldi For Season 11 Or For Smash Ultimate DLC?

  • Ruben Catalan
    Ruben Catalan Month ago

    Lewis Capaldi Plays Smash Ultimate While Eating Spicy Wings

  • Ruben Catalan
    Ruben Catalan Month ago

    Lewis Capaldi Joins The Battle In Hot Ones Ultimate

  • win7ermu7e
    win7ermu7e Month ago

    You should really be consuming these sauces whilst reading this script

  • zizukiki
    zizukiki Month ago

    I suggest for next year you can do an International spice sauce challenge from around the world.

  • str8dazzed
    str8dazzed Month ago

    Would love to see Keith Richards on this lol

  • joshy2 boss
    joshy2 boss Month ago

    If someone says “comp video” you know they watch a lot of porn lol

  • Dillon Ratleff
    Dillon Ratleff Month ago +1

    Lakeith Stanfield so you can see if the heat can break his California chill

  • Dawson Jay
    Dawson Jay Month ago

    Yo you gotta get Cody Ko and Noel Miller on the show