Red vs Gold Pokémon Battle - How it actually happened


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  • Gumbino
    Gumbino  9 months ago +2596

    Who do you guys want to see battle next?

    • HYPEZ
      HYPEZ 11 days ago

      Red vs Green

      BEATZBYDRUGZ 12 days ago

      Gumbino Closed!

      BEATZBYDRUGZ 12 days ago

      What happens in pokemon

    • Dakota Moore
      Dakota Moore 15 days ago

      Cloud from final fantasy falling in to the pokemon world and ends up killing the legendarys thinking they are demons

    • Wuwweers
      Wuwweers 15 days ago

      Brendan vs Red

  • Red
    Red 12 hours ago


  • minhyeok jang
    minhyeok jang 19 hours ago

    한국어가 보인다

  • Molarus Knightshade
    Molarus Knightshade 19 hours ago

    I like how Pikachu's Thunderbolt was effective on Rhyhorn

  • me and mom
    me and mom 20 hours ago


  • J'ahni Randleman
    J'ahni Randleman 20 hours ago

    Gold vs. Ash

  • Endangered Unicorn
    Endangered Unicorn 20 hours ago +1

    The real Red would have replied ". . ."

  • samir zoroark
    samir zoroark 21 hour ago

    red has only one pokemon

  • Jayden Woo
    Jayden Woo 22 hours ago

    Why does red only have one Pokémon lol?

  • Bryan Villarico
    Bryan Villarico Day ago

    I prefer dorkly

  • Luis Coto
    Luis Coto Day ago


  • dukedroblox
    dukedroblox Day ago

    there is critical damages in pomemon so red could won

  • Inu _TheGame
    Inu _TheGame Day ago

    3:36 to thyplosion and read his name it's typosion

  • Hunter YT
    Hunter YT Day ago

    Literally I hate players who just use full restores. I took my time and trained up my Pokémon and went to battle the champion and didn’t have to use a single full restore

  • Dashod W
    Dashod W 2 days ago

    i though red has other pokemon?

  • Jerome Mbeche
    Jerome Mbeche 2 days ago

    Hahahaha "mmmffff aaaaaaagh"

  • Esqueleto 77
    Esqueleto 77 2 days ago

    Why red didnt use WATER CUP on gold Typhosion with his lapras?

  • Styles FS
    Styles FS 2 days ago +1

    Nah Red would say
    .... .....

  • Israel Andrade
    Israel Andrade 2 days ago

    I beat a Pokémon game for a weak

  • Dalton Ortiz
    Dalton Ortiz 2 days ago

    Gold got endless of full restore

  • Dalton Ortiz
    Dalton Ortiz 2 days ago

    Pidgey skull same as cubone

  • Jade Melve-Chanley
    Jade Melve-Chanley 3 days ago

    hey, since when did Pikachu go DOWN 12 levels?! Remember the Vs Ash battle?!

  • 24m4gic
    24m4gic 3 days ago

    i love typhlosion

  • me and mom
    me and mom 4 days ago


  • Muna Shrestha
    Muna Shrestha 4 days ago

    Red used only one pokemon

  • Shaurya Bellani
    Shaurya Bellani 4 days ago

    Damn that old lady used a super effective attack which was critical and I'm surprised that the old man didn't faint. That right there is married life for you.

  • Bijju Dada
    Bijju Dada 4 days ago

    Just use thunder

  • Shaun Rosenberg
    Shaun Rosenberg 4 days ago

    Doesn't Red have 5 other pokemon?

  • Doge King
    Doge King 5 days ago

    typhosian? where's the L?

  • Gachaverse Trash
    Gachaverse Trash 5 days ago

    From Pokemon heart gold trainer to the original trainer oh wooow!!!

  • Luis ZX13
    Luis ZX13 5 days ago

    What I'm questioning is why the fuck did Red Criticize gold for having under leveled and Unevolved pokemon when all he had was An overly buff pikachu

  • TheSilverTitan
    TheSilverTitan 5 days ago

    Wait didnt red have 6 pokemon

  • TheMemeGenerator
    TheMemeGenerator 6 days ago

    Fffff haaaaahhhh

  • We are GAMER
    We are GAMER 6 days ago

    There are too many wrongs why pikachu only knows 2 moves?Why red just uses his pikachu?The last one,in the fighting part pikachu should do a crittical attack to golds last pokemon

  • Dominic Walker
    Dominic Walker 7 days ago


  • The Utopia Guy\SammyMadanat

    I don't know why gold's Pokemon were under level 20

  • Sans the skeleton funnybones

    Gold:Typhlosion,use Earthquake!!!!!! Pikachu:WHAT THE F***CK

  • Sans the skeleton funnybones

    Red:PIKACHU US THUNDER BOLT!!!! Pikachu:I cant. Red:WHAT!!!! Pikachu:I mean I can’t.I ran out of PP for Thunder bolt

  • Sans the skeleton funnybones

    Red:Alright this is is almost getting old... Pikachu:uuuh red I’m almost getting out PP for Thunder bolt

  • UmbreonErick
    UmbreonErick 7 days ago +1

    Next time make red kill himself😂

  • PokePlushDaily
    PokePlushDaily 7 days ago


  • QuAiNt_ Firefly
    QuAiNt_ Firefly 8 days ago +1

    Lol this was so good

  • Random Person
    Random Person 8 days ago

    So the pickachu only has a total of 6 pp for thunder bolt?

  • Hawk Pants
    Hawk Pants 9 days ago

    Red would have more Pokemon, what about Mewtwo

  • OddsOne Out
    OddsOne Out 9 days ago

    Gold is an idiot

  • Mahendra Joseph
    Mahendra Joseph 9 days ago

    More like a 6v1 battle.

  • Christof Angelo Solsoloy

    why did red only have 1 pokemon?

  • todd strange
    todd strange 9 days ago

    Ash vs team rocket

  • Rohit Chauhan
    Rohit Chauhan 9 days ago


  • Spectral Robot
    Spectral Robot 9 days ago

    I don’t think that thunderbolt can hit ryhorn

  • Flynn Jobling
    Flynn Jobling 9 days ago

  • Jim Harbor
    Jim Harbor 10 days ago

    How did an electric attack beat a ground pokemon

  • Laylavideo andgamer13
    Laylavideo andgamer13 10 days ago

    Oh my god it's like Pikachu is on steroids!

  • mine clash
    mine clash 10 days ago


  • 7Blue :v
    7Blue :v 11 days ago

    El en realidad no gano porque solo derrotó a 1 de 6

  • elzardo 01
    elzardo 01 11 days ago

    Who else thinks that gold shot all the legendary birds and where the hell is the rest of ref's team

  • Karen Took The Kids
    Karen Took The Kids 11 days ago

    Yeah Dead pokemon can be healed lmao

  • VictorLaila Rosales
    VictorLaila Rosales 12 days ago

    Zinn:hate this

  • Pannatat Suwasirikul
    Pannatat Suwasirikul 12 days ago


  • Tim Doe
    Tim Doe 12 days ago

    Oh hell no not just hell no but fuck hell no

  • Henry Ynoa
    Henry Ynoa 12 days ago


  • Abhimanue V. Biju
    Abhimanue V. Biju 13 days ago

    hey, how did thunderbolt worked on rhyhorn?

  • ORBITA 26478
    ORBITA 26478 13 days ago


  • Dappershmellow
    Dappershmellow 13 days ago

    Wait doesn’t Red have way more Pokémon than that?

  • Zayaan Dadwani
    Zayaan Dadwani 14 days ago

    Red can easily one shot his typhlosion

  • Phinneas Albrecht
    Phinneas Albrecht 14 days ago +4

    Wait but red still has a team of 5 Pokémon

  • lin pauline
    lin pauline 14 days ago

    Gold wants to wait for picks hu to ran out of pp.
    That might be the best way to battle

  • Ralph Marges
    Ralph Marges 14 days ago

    when inbattle red in ultra moon it was hard but i won
    me vs red
    snorlax,druddigon,decidueye,heracross,jolteon,ash greninja
    who do you think will win?
    me or red?

  • Talsong Kingslayer
    Talsong Kingslayer 14 days ago

    Are the Pokemon game regions in Canada? Haha

  • JaStar GAMES
    JaStar GAMES 14 days ago

    Get your pickachu to lv 100

  • Emin Emre
    Emin Emre 15 days ago +1

    I am about to fight red and my typhlosion 43 lvl

  • ラエド
    ラエド 15 days ago

    Red has more pokemons y'know

    BLUE BEYBLADE NOOB 15 days ago

    Lol ducking gyrados

  • Boys Kleis
    Boys Kleis 16 days ago

    2:45 reds pikachu faints a rhyhorn with a electric type move, even though rhyhorn is a rock/ground type. Logic

  • Andrew Fernandez
    Andrew Fernandez 16 days ago

    “Screw This I’m going back to college!” -red

  • LAN
    LAN 16 days ago

    Wait... When red was fighting ash his pikachu was lvl. 100 but now its 81

  • Gacha Jayden
    Gacha Jayden 16 days ago

    1:18 Pokemon logic be like and the ppl who started recently still win like wuuuuuut

    LEEANN JIANG 17 days ago

    Ryhorn is a ground type and rock

  • Derrick Hacker1k
    Derrick Hacker1k 17 days ago


    2:15 your screwed

    You know this makes no sense

  • Otaku Soul
    Otaku Soul 17 days ago

    why red only have pikachu instead of 6

  • DatOneAzzy
    DatOneAzzy 17 days ago

    Red You know you have a balstoise and you can just easily use a water move

  • Poks Doks
    Poks Doks 17 days ago

    typical speedrunner

  • Poks Doks
    Poks Doks 17 days ago

    what if that red had Blastoise and ok typhlosion

  • Myth’s Here
    Myth’s Here 17 days ago

    3:00 3:09

  • Skyler Haley
    Skyler Haley 18 days ago

    If he didnt have all those full restores red would have won and golds' pokemon all committed suicide which is realy dark

  • luigicruz143
    luigicruz143 18 days ago

    In ash vs red red's pikachu is lvl 100 In this vid his pikachu is lvl 81 (how does that make sense)

  • Swablu's Awsome channel
    Swablu's Awsome channel 18 days ago +3

    My mom when I talk back to her 2:01

  • Azarya Berehanie
    Azarya Berehanie 18 days ago

    Congratulations, Gold! You beat Red!

    ...Without any video proof.

    ...And you only beat him when he had one Pokemon.

  • Jermane Anyoha
    Jermane Anyoha 18 days ago

    is it even possible to have a level 2 Ampharos?

  • Lester Jie
    Lester Jie 18 days ago

    Why Red can lose

  • WeegeeBoss #Luigi
    WeegeeBoss #Luigi 18 days ago

    Gold is lame

  • UltimateXbox33 #2
    UltimateXbox33 #2 18 days ago

    *RED Doesn't Speak.*

  • Tyler Kunst
    Tyler Kunst 19 days ago

    Wait that was only one Pokémon...

  • coincidence ferret
    coincidence ferret 19 days ago

    The winner is the us the players

  • Little KiZu
    Little KiZu 19 days ago

    Where is charizard

  • 게발자
    게발자 19 days ago

    이거야 원... 한국어번역이 구글번역기 수준이네...

  • me and mom
    me and mom 19 days ago

    Wait where do pokemon go to when they die

  • me and mom
    me and mom 19 days ago

    I thought red couldn't talk

  • RagerBoyYT
    RagerBoyYT 19 days ago

    Red said this is your last pokemon gold has a gyarados left