Red vs Gold Pokémon Battle - How it actually happened


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  • Gumbino
    Gumbino  4 months ago +2011

    Who do you guys want to see battle next?

    • I am
      I am 3 days ago

      I wanna see that full restore Gold vs. Ash, Red, Misty, Brock, and All the other Pokemon Main characters (ex. serena)

    • Yousef Odeh
      Yousef Odeh 5 days ago

      Gumbino do ashe vs misty or any of his former female companions

    • seededsoul
      seededsoul 6 days ago

      Me vs Your mom

    • Bano2285 1
      Bano2285 1 7 days ago

      oak vs gold

    • Menette Kitane
      Menette Kitane 11 days ago

      Gumbino what is it gumbino

  • aisiah ruffin
    aisiah ruffin Hour ago

    Pikachs face at 3:03

  • Mom my
    Mom my 5 hours ago

    How did the rhyhorn die with a electric type when it’s a ground type

  • Alex C
    Alex C 12 hours ago

    What about reds other Pokémon

  • Rite-Gaming
    Rite-Gaming 13 hours ago

    Soo... I'm the only one who noticed that Typhlosion was spelt wrong?

  • ItzTrevoX!
    ItzTrevoX! 13 hours ago

    WTF pokemon champion and he Has only Pikachu?!

  • Don David
    Don David 16 hours ago

    When will it be critical

  • Joseph Is the 1
    Joseph Is the 1 22 hours ago

    Damn pikachu ok some steroids in the thumbnail

  • Hamza Haque
    Hamza Haque Day ago

    Gold is just like me full restore spammer

  • Teola baxter-dennis

    I wanna see. Ash vs blue

  • Macchibus o'r Niwl

    And where are charizard, venusaur, snorlax and the fire killer BLASTOISE???

  • Joseph Nicholls
    Joseph Nicholls Day ago

    Your telling me that was only Pokemon besides the birds

  • Chadwick Boseman


  • bossboy191919
    bossboy191919 Day ago

    There's so much wrong in this video...where should I start?

  • PURPLE RODRI FANS pokemon hackers

    Ash and gold

  • nik boyd
    nik boyd Day ago


  • Bulbasaur.Propaganda

    Gumbino doesn't know that Rhyhorn is immune to Electric or is it an anime reference?

  • n o t h i n g
    n o t h i n g 2 days ago

    red and gold are canadians

    i hope you got my joke, i try to be funny :(

  • Young BLP2019
    Young BLP2019 2 days ago

    That 35% of Got Gold as winner tho

  • Bead boxlevel
    Bead boxlevel 2 days ago

    Wtf red only have 1 pokemon

  • True bengals fan
    True bengals fan 2 days ago

    Pikachu face tho

    NOT A COP 2 days ago

    You made them fucking Canadian hahahahahah oh my god.

    I love you

  • Wawan Bahriey
    Wawan Bahriey 2 days ago

    Well, Gold can win without using full restore cuz earthquake one shot that Pikachu

  • isaac mcstuff
    isaac mcstuff 3 days ago

    2:22 fainted? More like fucking died

  • TheGoldenConnorific
    TheGoldenConnorific 3 days ago +1

    Ampharos stomach is white

  • Dillon Gaming
    Dillon Gaming 3 days ago

    My favorite episode

  • Alexis fan de tigre
    Alexis fan de tigre 3 days ago

    Gold aime les guérisons

  • LegendMustache
    LegendMustache 3 days ago

    Why tf does red only have 1 pokemon

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
    Sonic the Hedgehog 3 days ago


  • Sonic the Hedgehog
    Sonic the Hedgehog 3 days ago

    Aim for the horn you dumb fuck

  • I am
    I am 3 days ago

    Wait, Red only had Pikachu? I thought He’d have Charizard, Venusaur etc.

  • John West
    John West 3 days ago

    pikachu is scary😰

  • Ulquiorra Cifer
    Ulquiorra Cifer 3 days ago

    My problems with this
    - In game, Gold has been on his journey for about a year
    - Why would Pikachu use an electric move on a ground type
    - Why does Red only get to use 1 pokemon when Gold used 6
    - Gold is the Pokemon Champion, Red is the former Champion because he withdrew from the position after he disappeared.

  • ponquinful
    ponquinful 3 days ago +1

    so this was just pure laziness huh? Pikachu is his only pokemon...okaaaay...but also he doesn't use Thunder which would've one shot typhlosion...very "artistic"

  • Noah Volk
    Noah Volk 4 days ago

    Wait he had one Pokémon

  • Crispy Man
    Crispy Man 4 days ago

    That pikachu sound only cracks me up XD

  • Philip Canada
    Philip Canada 4 days ago

    Ash vs gold

  • Judgementxxx
    Judgementxxx 4 days ago

    Guess all trainers in pokemon are from Canada.

  • Hage Apa
    Hage Apa 4 days ago


  • Jera
    Jera 4 days ago

    They talk like Canadians

  • Bowserlord 777
    Bowserlord 777 4 days ago

    red should have had more than just picachu

  • Randy Le/ \Teddy and Teddy Family

    (Gold sent out:Pidgey) (Red sent out:MUSCLE PIKACHU!!!!)

  • Scottdreemurr
    Scottdreemurr 5 days ago

    My team on gold kicked his ass in 10 seconds or should I say my army of level 200 mewtwos from the previous game

  • xX WolfSniper Xx
    xX WolfSniper Xx 5 days ago

    Imagine pikachi getting a crit xD

  • xX WolfSniper Xx
    xX WolfSniper Xx 5 days ago

    Pikachus Face Through all this....

  • :3 wutt
    :3 wutt 5 days ago +1

    Is that pikachu a robot

  • Sr.Dym4zk  ツ
    Sr.Dym4zk ツ 5 days ago

    he protec, he attac, but most inportantly... he did a nec crac

    BRAZE MID 5 days ago

    Red:how did you get pass my 3 lengendary birds
    Me:he killed you them

  • Juan Hall
    Juan Hall 5 days ago +1

    Ok its childish gumbino

  • Phillip Nead
    Phillip Nead 5 days ago

    What about the rest of Reds pokemon?

  • DA - DarkO
    DA - DarkO 6 days ago

    The end Was assi

  • Paul Carpentier
    Paul Carpentier 6 days ago

    Typhosion is a best lol 😃

  • ZackPlayzRBX
    ZackPlayzRBX 6 days ago

    red TALKED OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Retrovirus09
    Retrovirus09 6 days ago

    Ampharos’s death 😂😂

  • Maria G Aguila
    Maria G Aguila 6 days ago

    Yess gold won

  • Renjae Miranda
    Renjae Miranda 6 days ago

    Pidgey abuse

  • Goldie Jingus
    Goldie Jingus 7 days ago

    Go gold!

  • max chombo
    max chombo 7 days ago

    Hahaha so funny

  • sebastian buckwalter

    0:12 *subtitles (oh arceus, he talks!)*

  • LazyLasagna
    LazyLasagna 7 days ago

    The unfunny version of the Gold vs Red battle from mattyburitto

  • Niko_gamer 2013
    Niko_gamer 2013 7 days ago

    Red: You think you can beat me, The Pokemon Champion, after being a Pokemon trainer for only a week?
    Me: I Used you and beat the Pokemon league in 5 days so Gold is more than capable.

  • Mr.L
    Mr.L 8 days ago +1

    Meanwhile Blue is crying in a corner because Gold kicked his Snorelax

  • Cameron swan
    Cameron swan 8 days ago

    why are they canadians from southpark?

  • Rich Vo
    Rich Vo 8 days ago

    Rhydon is a Ground type Electric has no Effect on Ground

  • Evan Dinosaur
    Evan Dinosaur 8 days ago

    did you just make it say typhosion?

  • Brody Miller
    Brody Miller 8 days ago

    Didn't know they were Canadian

  • Blue Mew42
    Blue Mew42 8 days ago

    Rhyhorn: chillin’ being a ground type
    Pikachu: *uses thunderbolt and murders rhyhorn defying all laws of Pokémon battles*
    Gold: I hated that rhyhorn

  • Gold and the Harem kings

    I'll have you know I think nothing threw that's why my starter is the most op one on my team

  • Bernadine Vanhook
    Bernadine Vanhook 8 days ago


  • boxertest
    boxertest 8 days ago +1


  • Mario volador 555775

    Wait why did Red had only Pikachu and level 81

  • PenguinGuy
    PenguinGuy 9 days ago

    Speedrun teams in a nutshell

  • jv games universe
    jv games universe 9 days ago

    Os cara é muito fan boy do red

  • HowUplayIt Gt
    HowUplayIt Gt 9 days ago

    Red used 6 times thunderbolt

  • Epicmatt43
    Epicmatt43 9 days ago

    When I fought red I would’ve beat him easily... but he kept using max revives and full restores on snorolax so it took forever

  • Nathan Evans
    Nathan Evans 9 days ago

    Did... Did Red not have ANY other Pokémon? Why?

    • Nathan Evans
      Nathan Evans 9 days ago

      Dohn Joe Red used nothing but Pikachu that ENTIRE TIME! WHY WOULD THE POKÉMON MASTER, WHO HAS CAUGHT ALL 151 POKÉMON OF THE KANTO REGION, INCLUDING MEWTWO, use nothing but Pikachu? I'm sure his Mewtwo could've easily annihilated that Typhosion in one blow. Why did Red only use one Pokémon?

    • Dohn Joe
      Dohn Joe 9 days ago

      he did but he just spammed x-items and full restores to win the battle.

  • Gabrielplays_br9889
    Gabrielplays_br9889 10 days ago


    I AM WEIRD 10 days ago

    Childish Gumbino

  • Potato Lord
    Potato Lord 10 days ago

    Did gold use hacks

  • jeroen92
    jeroen92 10 days ago

    But... ryhorn is a ground type...

  • Phat Boy
    Phat Boy 10 days ago

    99x full restore!Screw hacker !

  • ThatWeirdGamer
    ThatWeirdGamer 10 days ago

    How did Pikachu even hit Ryhorn? And how is Amphoros level 2? Or level 12 Gyrados?

  • goku super saiyan blue

    Poor gold

  • Alaskan Snow
    Alaskan Snow 10 days ago

    I was surprised when I heard people actually struggled with Red lol I lost two Pokémon during the fight 😂

  • Regret Incarnate
    Regret Incarnate 11 days ago

    3:49 VA's actual reaction

  • Uma Pessoa/A Person
    Uma Pessoa/A Person 11 days ago

    That pikachu used some steroids...

  • Miguel Fernandez
    Miguel Fernandez 11 days ago

    How did red lost that was hes first pokemon

  • Apentogo
    Apentogo 11 days ago

    but rhyhorn is a ground type...
    how does thunder work on him?

  • 2,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos Channel

    my name is silver in pkmn silver 😭

  • AleksSDF
    AleksSDF 11 days ago

    Gold, why don´t you take a seat over here?

  • Prince Bright
    Prince Bright 11 days ago

    When I saw he used full restore I knew he was going to make him lose pp

  • Kevyn Sheehan
    Kevyn Sheehan 11 days ago

    Why are they talking like Canadians from South Park?

  • D2attemp
    D2attemp 11 days ago

    But Rhyhorn is a ground type so Thunderbolt should do nothing

  • DerpyX888
    DerpyX888 11 days ago

    poor pidgey

  • Maria Perez
    Maria Perez 12 days ago

    96% people well maybe beat Gold with pokemon that are in under level 20
    33% people well tell your pokemons to die
    3% will people beat gold with pokemon with a under level 20 and a higher level pokemon

  • TrippieDix -bo2_ps3-
    TrippieDix -bo2_ps3- 12 days ago

    Im fucking weak 😂😂😂

  • Miguel Ortiz Jr
    Miguel Ortiz Jr 12 days ago

    Red only had pikachu but what happened to lapras,snorlax,venosaur,blastoise and charizard.

  • Leighjay Nultemeier
    Leighjay Nultemeier 12 days ago

    Go to hell gold

  • Kyle Tragor
    Kyle Tragor 12 days ago

    He attac,he protec but most importantly he did a necj crac

    KARDIONIX GAMING 12 days ago

    shh AAAAAA