The Perfect Deep-Dish Pizza, According to Emmett Burke | Food Skills

  • Published on Jul 17, 2017
  • New Yorkers are fiercely protective of their thin-crust pizza. But on the border of Greenwich Village and Soho, one man has been brave enough to open up shop in enemy territory, finally bringing real, Chicago-style deep dish to the five boroughs. Enter: Emmett Burke. As the owner of Emmett's on Macdougal Street, Burke has worked to convert the most ardent, thin-crust pizza snobs to the gospel of deep dish. Loaded with mozzarella cheese, sausage, and vine-ripened tomatoes, a good Chicago-style pie can taste like a Neapolitan slice on steroids. If NYC truly is a cultural melting pot, why can't two superior pizza styles co-exist?
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Comments • 689

  • j burggg
    j burggg 5 days ago

    this guy also is a breakdancer. goes by the name, ace ventura

  • Gabriel Villavicencio

    While I think the pizza looks good, cheese on the bottom is heresy.

  • cupidgal
    cupidgal 9 days ago

    I am definitely going to visit.. being a chicagoan living in new york.. i need my binge lol

  • Claudia Walters
    Claudia Walters 2 months ago

    Funniest thing about the NY Chicago feud is that once you have pizza from Italy you realize none of this is pizza. Every city has its own interpretation of it so arguing is ridiculous.

  • Pawnsicle
    Pawnsicle 2 months ago

    That’s not pizza that’s noodle-less lasagna

  • The Godless
    The Godless 2 months ago

    there is no such thing as a deep dish's called quiche.

  • Jimmy Rivera
    Jimmy Rivera 2 months ago

    Chicago pizza is the best pizza ever. One of a kind. Fuck NY pizza

  • Umar G Rally
    Umar G Rally 3 months ago

    I have never tried Deep Dish 🍕
    Damn. I really want some.

  • Sonia TheHorse
    Sonia TheHorse 3 months ago

    I want food!!!!!!!!

  • TCI 2002
    TCI 2002 3 months ago

    Deep dish pizza isn't even pizza boys, it's a fucking pie or some shit

  • Eric Liestoh
    Eric Liestoh 4 months ago

    To all those (insert insulting expletive here) who are whining "this isn't pizza", I'm hereby designating an official term for this very real psychological disorder that you're exhibiting: pizza envy. If you didn't desperately crave some of the pizza (yes, I said it- PIZZA!) that's shown in this video, you wouldn't be here watching it, and we all know it. So please stop trying to fool the rest of us with your faux condescension bullshit, because you're wasting your time.

  • Eric Liestoh
    Eric Liestoh 4 months ago

    I see no reason why a place like this wouldn't do well in NY City. The whole rest of the country has already long since been exposed to NY style pizza, so there's no reason why NY City can't accommodate something new and enjoy it.

  • Tomz921
    Tomz921 4 months ago

    Pequod's is goat pizza

  • ReviewsTechNow
    ReviewsTechNow 5 months ago

    Chicago style deep dish is a meal, all other styles are snacks

  • Ashley Hyatt
    Ashley Hyatt 5 months ago

    NY style, Chicago style, Naples, Lombardy - Hell, I just love food! Food is love, man.

  • shawn crosby
    shawn crosby 6 months ago

    Same jack Daniels add on every fucking video lol

  • Aaron S
    Aaron S 6 months ago

    I'm afraid I'm gonna drown in that swimming pool.

  • chocolate thunder
    chocolate thunder 6 months ago

    When you put the sauce on the top you don't get to brown the cheese

  • Pickle Farts
    Pickle Farts 6 months ago

    OMG looks sooooo good!!

  • Blag Cog
    Blag Cog 6 months ago

    "She worked in a pizzaria as a pizza delivery guy"

  • Steve D
    Steve D 6 months ago

    I eat Lou Malnatis (best deep dish in Chicago imo) about once every week or two. When I first had it when I was small, I wasn't a fan cause it wasn't pizza like you see everywhere else. Now, I literally can't get enough. The satisfaction you get from a good deep dish pie will always be FAR better than any other type. This is not to say I don't like regular or NY style though.

  • Spyder Dogg
    Spyder Dogg 7 months ago

    Thats not pizza

  • Jonathan Giovannacci
    Jonathan Giovannacci 7 months ago

    When you're Italian and you want to die

  • Kyle
    Kyle 7 months ago +3

    I was enjoying this until he said "When you get a dollar slice of pizza, you get what you're paying for". WTF? Some of the best pizza I've ever had has been dollar slices.

  • Daniyal Ali
    Daniyal Ali 7 months ago +1

    0:25 bottom left 5 dhs from uae what else do you guys recognize?

  • Patrick Sommer
    Patrick Sommer 7 months ago +1

    Am I the only one here who gets disgusted by stuff like this? all that fat and oil, disgusting.

    • Patrick Sommer
      Patrick Sommer 7 months ago

      It was a rhetorically question, because I know that I am not :)

    • Angel Fox
      Angel Fox 7 months ago +4

      Yeah, it's just you.

  • Sean Roberts
    Sean Roberts 7 months ago

    i have a hidden Jewell that sells pizza just like this

  • Zenn Exile
    Zenn Exile 7 months ago

    My cast iron Deep Dish, blows this the fuck away. Not even bragging. I can make your mouth reach full completion on the first bite. You will need to take a bite of a cheap pizza just to get the easy one off. Feel me?
    This cat is confused about what "Perfect" means.

  • Nick TheNoob
    Nick TheNoob 7 months ago

    OMG looks soooo unhealthy... In a good way!

  • high horse
    high horse 7 months ago

    it's only pizza if its on thin crust

  • Kalu Braun
    Kalu Braun 7 months ago

    Hät jemand de kölsche Sticker jesehe?

  • RJam204
    RJam204 7 months ago +1

    you make a decent lasagna I guess. not pizza though.
    I bet you serve a grilled sandwich with meat on it and call it a grilled cheese.
    ..and try to claim you make a Philly Cheese when it doesnt have wiz or a hoagie bun.
    .. and a Texas chili with beans.

  • kheath580
    kheath580 7 months ago

    deep dish pizza is shit

  • Dan Lukaszewski
    Dan Lukaszewski 7 months ago

    So he basically did a Lou Malnatis copy. Looks good...
    Also, I have lived downtown chicago for nearly 20 years, if you come here, pass on Giordanos and go to Lous or Uno

    ShoeTELEVISION 7 months ago

    it lives up to the hype. got a large deep dish today and it was great. sauce and crust are really good

  • chasm616
    chasm616 7 months ago

    I can see why people would like it but it's not for me personally. I prefer the texture and crisp bite of a traditional pizza to the gooeyness and filling of a deep dish. Still, eat whatever the fuck you want really, no reason to be a snob about it.

  • SlaphappyMongoose
    SlaphappyMongoose 7 months ago

    You wanna know how to start a flame war? Chicago style pizza is just lasagna with pizza toppings.

  • Craig Chastain
    Craig Chastain 7 months ago

    I bet that pizza really sweeps the leg...

  • MaarikMari
    MaarikMari 7 months ago

    Give me it now!

  • Boobyboy 69
    Boobyboy 69 8 months ago

    Get Tyler, the creator please

  • Chris C
    Chris C 8 months ago

    I'll go to Artichoke on Macdougal instead

  • sum dude
    sum dude 8 months ago

    He doesnt need to be this pure Italian. Its making a fucking pizza seriously lol...

  • Agnik Halder
    Agnik Halder 8 months ago

    Food skills


    Foods kills

  • R
    R 8 months ago

    That's pizza soup in a bread bowl. I want a slice that I can fold and walk with, that's real pizza.

  • korencek
    korencek 8 months ago

    what a joke and butchery that taints the name "pizza".

    SMASH FOLEY TV 8 months ago

    I would love to turn that pizza into stinky poop

  • daniel nunez
    daniel nunez 8 months ago

    No offense but that pizza that nasty imo
    But i guess i am biased so what do i know

  • MrAlex3132003
    MrAlex3132003 8 months ago

    I love pizza as much as the next man, but this DOES NOT look good at all!

  • PourTheCoalToEr
    PourTheCoalToEr 8 months ago

    Deep dish pizza never appealed to me at all, but holy cow, that looks so good.

  • Sir Zechs Lucifer
    Sir Zechs Lucifer 8 months ago

    nah can't really compare to Giordano's

  • Mitch S
    Mitch S 8 months ago

    I'm from Chicago and this was awesome. Deep dish all day baby. I loved one liner about 1 dollar NY slices, and you're just like......nah

  • Fark Que
    Fark Que 8 months ago

    OMG! I want this pizza in my mouth now!! Then I want Emmett in my mouth second!!

  • HOOLIGANfilmz
    HOOLIGANfilmz 8 months ago

    That looks BOMB!

  • Aleix Browne
    Aleix Browne 8 months ago

    all that bloody tomato. would make me kill my self.

  • Jerry Hendrix
    Jerry Hendrix 8 months ago

    Emmett's isn't as great as the classic Chicago pizzerias but it's definitely worth trying if you're in NYC and dying to have a Chicago slice. Hoping they can keep improving the recipe as they grow!

  • Dan Shaw
    Dan Shaw 8 months ago

    I love pizza. That looks like shit though.

  • Ro G
    Ro G 8 months ago

    Having worked in a chicago pizza place (shout out to Carmen's), the real secret to a good pizza is the large stick of butter used to coat the pan. And stuffed over deep is the way to go!
    So hungry.

  • Devin Gary
    Devin Gary 8 months ago

    Emmett Burke. Bro why are you torturing us

  • Foodpimpz
    Foodpimpz 8 months ago

    Looks delicious.

  • Roman
    Roman 8 months ago

    Oh my god this is pure pizza porn!

  • Roast-a-hoe
    Roast-a-hoe 8 months ago

    Been here a year, wish I knew. See you Friday.

  • Andrew Loh
    Andrew Loh 8 months ago

    Rare to spot my country's note showcased in a store overseas! -Singapore fan

  • Craig Allen
    Craig Allen 8 months ago

    Just call it Lasangna and get it over with. It aint pizza. "Slow bake"...its lasgna.

  • Bww Irving
    Bww Irving 8 months ago +1


  • Dev Sethi
    Dev Sethi 8 months ago

    Went here recently and it was fantastic but the best deep dish nationally is, in my opinion, Little Star in San Francisco. Unreal.


    Sloppy overdone crap trust the US to go big with everything! I like deep dish but it's not enjoyable if it's basically a soup on a pie that falls right off after you cut a slice...

  • C.A.R. Chicago Area Racing

    I went to New York and asked for "deep dish" Chicago style and I LAUGHED when they brought it out. Now this is without a doubt a Chicago style pizza. Looks amazing.

    DAV URGE 8 months ago

    I wanna do this in a college town in Texas

    • DAV URGE
      DAV URGE 8 months ago

      all the pizza here is Sicilian style.

  • Charlene Alyssa Ingram
    Charlene Alyssa Ingram 8 months ago

    I have to find this place!

  • Alejandro Chavez
    Alejandro Chavez 8 months ago

    Thanks for the tip of leaving the pizza to sit for 3 minutes. I remember making a deep dish once and I cut straight into it after taking it out of the oven. It was so hard to eat😅

  • Shootin Rope
    Shootin Rope 8 months ago

    If I'm paying a lot for a meal it ain't gonna be pizza boy

  • spiloFTW
    spiloFTW 8 months ago

    thats an abomination not a pizza

  • Dumb Bitch
    Dumb Bitch 8 months ago

    D e e p. D i s h. S u c k s

  • White Dove
    White Dove 8 months ago

    No wonder that americans are so obese.

  • TPRJones
    TPRJones 8 months ago

    That casserole looks delicious.

  • xLu1G1x
    xLu1G1x 8 months ago

    That is not a fucking pizza, call it a pie, if you want, but not pizza.

  • Ljink
    Ljink 8 months ago

    Damn, he just exposed New York $1 Pizza...

  • HackPatrol
    HackPatrol 8 months ago

    I love deep dish but I’m surprised his restaurant does well because New Yorkers hate it.

  • ImperiousViking
    ImperiousViking 8 months ago

    They should not be allowed to call this a pizza.
    It's not a pizza!

  • gabe quinn
    gabe quinn 8 months ago

    You're not from Chicago , fuck you

  • Arbhall McDougall
    Arbhall McDougall 8 months ago

    Juuuuuuust a tad too much sauce for my tastes, but its good to see a proper slice of pizza finally get showcased on this channel.

  • shallwi
    shallwi 8 months ago

    Its not pizza

  • artman201
    artman201 8 months ago

    Can someone explain why people argue about food?

  • HeavyC89
    HeavyC89 8 months ago

    How to make the perfect deep dish pizza...


  • bigeve223
    bigeve223 8 months ago

    the best type of pizza eh

  • Chab
    Chab 8 months ago

    does it come boneless?

  • BlaggerDagger
    BlaggerDagger 8 months ago

    That's not a pizza it's a fucking casserole.

  • C D
    C D 8 months ago


  • Thomas
    Thomas 8 months ago

    I went here a few months ago with some friends to try it and it's been a regular spot for us since. If you can go I'd recommend it .

  • T. Anderson
    T. Anderson 8 months ago

    It would be amazing if Sean would do a special Chicago episode of Hot Ones featuring slices of deep dish pizza in lieu of wings. Chicago!!!

  • Gianluca Daniele Di Maggio

    still thinking its a deep dish pie not a pizza but whatever

  • Jordan Bell
    Jordan Bell 8 months ago

    he look like Lil dickys big brother

  • Bush did 9/11 jet fuel can't melt steel beams

    I'd kill a man for a slice of that

  • ChardOfMight
    ChardOfMight 8 months ago

    tomato pie is not pizza

  • Cory Wilbanks
    Cory Wilbanks 8 months ago

    I need that in and around my mouth

  • Adam Leon
    Adam Leon 8 months ago

    i want Chicago style pizza but i live in California 😭😭

  • Surpeme
    Surpeme 8 months ago +1

    off brand lil dicky

  • CristianoInterista
    CristianoInterista 8 months ago +1

    0:23 STRAYA

  • Brendan
    Brendan 8 months ago

    My dad went to Fordham !!!

  • Ted Bratsberg
    Ted Bratsberg 8 months ago

    i genuinly got angry watching this, realizing i couldnt eat it right now.