Inside Puerto Rico's Pork Highway, The Ruta Del Lechón

  • Published on Mar 10, 2019
  • In Puerto Rico, there's a stretch of restaurants dedicated to one of the island's traditional dishes. Found in the neighborhood of Guavate, they are known for preparing lechón, a whole roast pig, and offering entertainment.
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    Inside Puerto Rico's Pork Highway, The Ruta Del Lechón

Comments • 288

    ROBERT RUSHNEWSON 2 months ago

    Puerto Ricans eat to much pork, they remind me of the Romans and Spaniards back in the rennassance..they only eat pork all day. The indigenous Podekwa Indians didn't look or eat like these colonizers.

  • Venice Angela Villaverde

    Sa Cebu and Panalo talaga

  • Venice Angela Villaverde

    Im Filipino, Share ko lang

  • patrick.
    patrick. 4 months ago

    *Triggered Filipinos want to know your location*

  • Brigas Rezky
    Brigas Rezky 4 months ago

    ada yang kenal awer?

  • Abeer Aljumaili
    Abeer Aljumaili 5 months ago

    Ewwwwww nasty 😷 even though I’m Muslim

  • masterdeeable11
    masterdeeable11 5 months ago +1

    The leading cause of Heart Condition, including Heart Attacks, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Stroke, the filthy Swine, Pig, Hog, Boar, do people really know that this unclean Animal doesn't even sweat.

    • Jack Apolo
      Jack Apolo 4 months ago

      @masterdeeable11 now Take Care Dude.

    • masterdeeable11
      masterdeeable11 4 months ago +1

      Jack Apolo cool

    • Jack Apolo
      Jack Apolo 4 months ago +1

      @masterdeeable11 I understand but hey its They're Risk I eat it but I don't eat it that much because of that.

    • masterdeeable11
      masterdeeable11 4 months ago +1

      Jack Apolo maybe but it has too much fat that clog up the arteries, well I warn many but to each his own, but these sicknesses that it causes are dreadful and painful. Best to you.

    • Jack Apolo
      Jack Apolo 4 months ago +1

      @masterdeeable11 It tastes hella good but hey we gotta eat what we can.

  • The Ninjassasin
    The Ninjassasin 6 months ago

    0:00 I’m peppa pig

  • Kanishka Weerasekara
    Kanishka Weerasekara 6 months ago

    Do you like, that if you are killed like these pigs by someone.

  • Dilara Eroglu
    Dilara Eroglu 6 months ago

    *Muslims have left the chat*

  • OJC Chan
    OJC Chan 6 months ago

    Copying Philippine Lechon, how pathetic.

  • cinnarapmon
    cinnarapmon 7 months ago

    i'm not vegan myself and i love pork but i swear to god this scared me

  • sierra xo
    sierra xo 7 months ago +1

    Vegans have left the server.
    Muslims have left the server.

    God is ordering at the server.

  • G a c h a_ T e a
    G a c h a_ T e a 7 months ago

    I thought it was Rico’s Lechon (A familiar lechon restaurant at Philippines)

  • HolySnakeFish
    HolySnakeFish 7 months ago

    The roasted pig looks like a pig being run over a car in a highway :/

  • jade300 foster
    jade300 foster 7 months ago +1

    I have a pig named Penelope but I love BACON 🙁

  • Hatice Ceylan
    Hatice Ceylan 7 months ago


  • kevin sievens
    kevin sievens 7 months ago +4

    Viva Puerto Rico, I love this channel and didn’t notice Insider did a video in my beautiful island.

  • Robin Dirk Monisit
    Robin Dirk Monisit 8 months ago

    Cebu's Lechon is the best!

  • kalamansi raider
    kalamansi raider 8 months ago

    The Philippines still has the BEST LECHON in the world.

  • Debolina Bose
    Debolina Bose 8 months ago

    Well I am not a vegan...but sometimes presentation matters...if this would have been shown as prepared in small portions maybe it would have been eye soothing... but those eyes, those painful condition can’t be ignored. Although I know everything non-veg items do have killing procedure, but it’s the presentation as I said...

    • Z
      Z 4 months ago

      Debolina Bose dude just because it doesn't looks good doesn't means it's bad

  • BTL_ ytux
    BTL_ ytux 8 months ago

    Puerto Rico not America that food is not american free 🇵🇷
    Love from spain

  • Vicente Hernandez
    Vicente Hernandez 8 months ago


  • mak
    mak 8 months ago

    Does that really look appetizing to someone?

  • Ellie McMurray
    Ellie McMurray 8 months ago +1

    This gives me nightmares 😂

  • Jesslyn Crespo
    Jesslyn Crespo 8 months ago

    I’m going to Puerto Rico might try it
    But Puerto Rico it great

  • Bunnss Galore
    Bunnss Galore 8 months ago

    Wonder if there are vegans or even muslim vegans watching this video

  • Saltiest Kid
    Saltiest Kid 8 months ago +2

    A few words...

    tHiS iS aNiMaL aBuSe

  • Memestealer Chungles
    Memestealer Chungles 8 months ago

    Hello from Puerto Rico!!!! 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷

  • Aya Banana
    Aya Banana 8 months ago +1

    You should visit the Philippines! 😍

  • Debavi Banerjee
    Debavi Banerjee 8 months ago +44

    I showed this to my vegan girlfriend

    I miss her sometimes !

  • Alexis Bradshaw
    Alexis Bradshaw 8 months ago

    Looks gross tastes legendary

    • the Mexican
      the Mexican 8 months ago

      🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 ewwww looks nasty poor pig

  • ThatOneRandomFlyingPig :/

    *Vegans* *have* *left* *the* *chat*

  • Leon’s YT Channel
    Leon’s YT Channel 8 months ago +1

    Waiting for vegans

  • Ben M
    Ben M 8 months ago

    Who else is Jewish and is still watching this

  • Ali Bazzi
    Ali Bazzi 8 months ago

    And you ask why muslims and jews dont eat pork. Well there ya go

  • Ali Bazzi
    Ali Bazzi 8 months ago


  • Aliawesome7O7
    Aliawesome7O7 8 months ago

    Poor piggy 🐷

  • Reshma Khan
    Reshma Khan 8 months ago

    If u r pig hater hit the like button and or if pig lover than fuckof

  • Reshma Khan
    Reshma Khan 8 months ago

    I just hate pig people should not eat pork cause it content smelly bacteria search on TVclip guysssss

  • Nian's Cooking Diary
    Nian's Cooking Diary 8 months ago

    Bahut badiya, Big like....

  • sobhana cn
    sobhana cn 8 months ago +1

    Vegans had left the chat 😣😬😬😬😬😬😬😬 vegetarian like here..👇👇👇👇👇

  • Ilsunny Lo
    Ilsunny Lo 8 months ago +2

    You don't use a serving spoon. You use a machete.

  • Aana Ahmed
    Aana Ahmed 8 months ago

    Ewwwww 😕😕😕

  • Januzai Ramli
    Januzai Ramli 8 months ago

    I find more people complaining about vegans than vegans themselves.Same goes to Flat Earthers,these Flat Earth jokes are getting old because people plagiarize these jokes

  • Kamran Qureshi
    Kamran Qureshi 8 months ago


  • GiVer
    GiVer 8 months ago

    I am a meat eater I don't visit Vegan chats and post "This is nasty" or "Yuck! veggies are boring" what a bunch of morons for those who post anti-meat comments. GTFOH! if you don't like meat, don't eat meat, don't eat pork, are Vegan or Muslim because some don't give a sh*t about your anti-meat rants. You're still going to get some type of disease and die anyway, stop telling people what to eat and worry about what you eat.

  • sirpps
    sirpps 8 months ago

    Since when did you murder my ex?

  • xGARIDx
    xGARIDx 8 months ago +3

    Im not vegan but that's still gross

  • Vionic Playz 3.0
    Vionic Playz 3.0 8 months ago +1

    I feel there's that one vegan person in this comment saying "tHis iS bAd" or something

  • Michael Mongas
    Michael Mongas 8 months ago

    That's nothing to the Philippines,Go to Rico's Lechon and their Lechon is better

  • Keerthi Kunnu
    Keerthi Kunnu 8 months ago

    Eww pork

  • Simone Keyy
    Simone Keyy 8 months ago

    Don't like this. 😬😲

  • blue name
    blue name 8 months ago

    I strongly Recommend Philippines Cebu Lechon👌

  • nyle blue
    nyle blue 8 months ago

    Imagine showing this to your pet pig.

  • Jannatul Ferdous
    Jannatul Ferdous 8 months ago

    Look so disgusting 🤢🤢

    ERICA LAMB 8 months ago +1

    Sad but good 😋

  • Marvin Monroig
    Marvin Monroig 8 months ago

    Hopefully no vegans joined the chat...

    THE DIABLO 8 months ago


    BTSLOVE 8 months ago

    Philippines lechon looks better then this. Stuff with ingredients inside for more flavour 🇵🇭