Truth Hurts - Lizzo | Caleb Marshall | Dance Workout

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • A fun easy to follow cardio dance fitness routine to Lizzo's NUMBER ONE SINGLE "Truth Hurts"
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    Welcome to The Fitness Marshall channel! Get a high intensity, FUN cardio dance workout designed for EVERYONE. We are an inclusive channel that believes every person of every age, size, skin color, orientation, gender identity and religion deserves to feel sexy and confident in their own body. In order to get to where you want to go you have to first embrace your mind, body and spirit that you have TODAY. If you want to reduce stress, lose weight, burn fat, have fun or learn how to dance The Fitness Marshall is for you! Let go of your inhibitions and dance with us to all your favorite artists like, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Britney Spears, Lizzo, Beyonce, Rihanna, Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber and more! SECRET TIP: You burn extra calories if you lip sync the lyrics along with the song ;) Whether you’re a pilates person, Zumba instructor, or a beginner who has never tried exercise you can find a dance here for you! ARE YOU READY TO SWEAT YOURSELF SEXY!?
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Comments • 359

  • Paulina  Rosas Resendiz

    OMG! Why I just discovered this? Ma god this is just epic. XD

  • the funny girls hahaha

    love this💞

  • Gail Borden
    Gail Borden 5 days ago

    His facial expressions kill me ! Lmfao

  • Marissa LoBot
    Marissa LoBot 7 days ago

    LOVE how you were all mouthing the words along with the song!! This song is the one

  • Ruby Carson
    Ruby Carson 9 days ago

    Come onnn somebody gotta see this. Missy elliot Wtf and aint my fault
    I need it

  • Lisa Kunst
    Lisa Kunst 10 days ago

    I love this!! You all did amazing! So fun!!

  • S Ã D Ï E P Ø T Ä T Ō

    *oooh you're so soft*

  • Mira M
    Mira M 13 days ago

    I love ur vids!!!

  • Emily McNamara
    Emily McNamara 13 days ago

    I fucking love you 3 and your cardio videos.

  • Life With Jill
    Life With Jill 13 days ago

    Just found your channel and I love it! Thanks for making dancing so fun and enjoyable :-)

  • Zoe M
    Zoe M 14 days ago


  • Brittney B
    Brittney B 15 days ago

    Can you do Beggin, By Madcon?

  • Shelly H
    Shelly H 15 days ago

    caleb, your editing is so incredible. i swear you should give a class on it.

  • blue marble
    blue marble 15 days ago

    I hope you will do a dance for Harley's in Hawaii by Katy Perry and Look at her now by Selana Gomez too. Love your work! 💖

  • So So
    So So 15 days ago

    Use code discount OMA3227

  • Devyn Mitchell
    Devyn Mitchell 15 days ago

    I covered this song on my channel, it would mean the world to me if y'all gave it a look :)) One of my favorites!!!

  • Ooo Oooo
    Ooo Oooo 16 days ago

    I really enjoyed this video...Thumbs up! I like the instructors personality and energy. The women were entertaining as well. I feel like I could learn this dance after watching this.

  • Nadia Salman
    Nadia Salman 17 days ago +1

    this girl is smart ham left side 👍😉😘

  • im spongebob
    im spongebob 17 days ago

    Allison is a good dancer
    She is cute😚

  • Shaylah M.
    Shaylah M. 17 days ago

    Doing this tomorrow morning!!! All I can say watching this was "AYYYYYEE!! AYYEE!! AYYE!!" The moves were super smooth in this. Ayyye!! ****dances with you****

  • Flex Army
    Flex Army 17 days ago

    Omg i have a nother suggestion its memmories!!😘😘😘 Ps thx for doing my suggestion on liar❤❤

  • Crystal Fisher
    Crystal Fisher 17 days ago

    😍 LOVE IT! On repeat, Added to my kids dance party with me before the school run. 😍

  • Carla
    Carla 18 days ago

    We need a dance routine for Selena Gomez Look at her now please 💜💜💜💜

  • Rachel Rowe
    Rachel Rowe 18 days ago

    I love this group ever since I saw him in at Texas at scentsy convention

  • Rachel Lalite
    Rachel Lalite 18 days ago


  • BeeboFan
    BeeboFan 18 days ago +1

    thanks you i lost weight, i need for dancework with Panic! At the disco

  • Elanza Quinn
    Elanza Quinn 18 days ago

    Love this one!! You guys ROCK!!!!

    • Elanza Quinn
      Elanza Quinn 16 days ago

      Thank you for your awesome dances Caleb! You inspire me every day, and i dance with you to all my fav dances ever single day.
      And I'm loving every single second of it . I'm truly one of your TOP fans ..... 💕💕💕

  • Heather Culvey
    Heather Culvey 18 days ago

    i am soooo happy you did this song you did sooooo well!❤️ Cant wait to see what you upload next!❤️ Love you❤️

  • alicia carson
    alicia carson 18 days ago

    Idk why this dance seems so disappointing. It’s not bad it just doesn’t live up to the Lizzo vibe. Like not a single twerk even!?

  • EmilyOnik
    EmilyOnik 18 days ago

    This is random, but does anyone know which fitness Marshall song/dance includes Caleb shaking his “sprinklers”?! 😂. It included a hilarious animation of chest sprinklers...and it had a kick to the front in the chorus. Anyone?? 🙏🏼 I was so enjoying dancing to it, now I can’t find it anywhere!! 😢

  • El'kilo Quito
    El'kilo Quito 18 days ago

    Now you might’ve started something 💜💯 bc this my shit so ima join the dance with you ☝️

  • Jet Tabron
    Jet Tabron 18 days ago

    Hi! It’s me again! I’m still watching and not actually doing it no wonder I’m a 116 pound 5th grader!

  • MagicalMysteries
    MagicalMysteries 18 days ago

    tbh this song used to scare me so much I don’t even know why

  • Chani S
    Chani S 18 days ago

    Just found your channel and I'm HOOKED! Your dances are so much fun!
    Can you do some One Direction songs? (Best Song Ever...Steal My Girl...Live While We're Young... something like that?)

  • Wally wally
    Wally wally 18 days ago

    Am I the only one who likes the purple hair better?

  • Chantal Kowalczyk
    Chantal Kowalczyk 19 days ago

    I'm going to dance this tomorrow and I wish to see your ,,Shake it off" dance one day

  • Neringa C
    Neringa C 19 days ago

    Hi.Can you do - hate you,or -psycho???

  • 구정희jenny
    구정희jenny 19 days ago

    완전 잼나게 흥나게 즐감하고갑니다

  • miss L
    miss L 19 days ago

    South of the border ( ed sheeren feat camilla and cardi b) please

  • Tremaziah Williams
    Tremaziah Williams 19 days ago

    She might not be skinny but she killings it

    • Haley Jordan
      Haley Jordan 19 days ago

      So weird

    • Allison Florea
      Allison Florea 19 days ago +1

      Tremaziah Williams it’s almost like physical appearance doesn’t matter, weird

  • Casey McCarthy
    Casey McCarthy 20 days ago

    What happened to your liar video?? Love that one

  • Alicia Murry
    Alicia Murry 20 days ago

    Can you do God is a dancer by Mabel

  • deidrabay
    deidrabay 20 days ago

    You are too cute! So are your girls!

  • Sif Eisig
    Sif Eisig 20 days ago

    You should do a dance to the song ‘Plastic angels’ by Eben!!

  • emma andre
    emma andre 20 days ago

    What happened to your video of motivation? Loved it and cant find it anymore

  • Marc
    Marc 20 days ago

    I'm exercising while watching this, not dancing but I'm still hyped as hell

  • Gw3n Doline
    Gw3n Doline 20 days ago

    Love your vidéos and i want to thanks helped me when i was sick and in the hospital. You made me moving when i couldn't Walk...was on my bed dancing 😁 today i'm at home in better health, i can dance now so thank you and your team. XoXo 😙

  • Nadia Salman
    Nadia Salman 20 days ago +1

    hi gayez

  • Pooja Sikand
    Pooja Sikand 20 days ago

    Booty army unavailableeee'!!!!!!!!!!!????!!!!! Why?

  • Grey Allyson
    Grey Allyson 20 days ago +1

    Allison!!!!! Gurl! 😍😍😍

  • Brittany Barber
    Brittany Barber 21 day ago

    So me and my friend met a girl named Hailey and we told her she kinda resembles Haley and that Haley was gorgeous so she should take it as a compliment and she told us we were weird 🙄🤦🤷

  • Ashley Shannon
    Ashley Shannon 21 day ago

    My favorite song thanks for this marshal!

  • LadyKay1818
    LadyKay1818 21 day ago

    I am a die hard Vikings fan, and the little vikings helmet at the end was soooooo satisfying. 💛😍💜

  • Angela Burgio
    Angela Burgio 21 day ago

    What happened to the video for Motivation? I loved that one! 😢

  • Cynthia Elvira
    Cynthia Elvira 21 day ago

    Allison Giiiiiirl you are puttin me to work!!! Looking so confident and hella fly!

  • Ashley H-J
    Ashley H-J 21 day ago

    Just realised Caleb Marshall has the same birthday as me and i feel blessed :)

  • Ashley H-J
    Ashley H-J 21 day ago

    Just realised Caleb Marshall has the same birthday as me and i feel blessed :)

  • Andrea Ortiz-Jimenez
    Andrea Ortiz-Jimenez 21 day ago +7

    “Brush that boy away” 👋🏻
    Love ittttttt

  • Полина Хромова

    I like this so much ahahha

  • Avery Hᴀʟᴇ
    Avery Hᴀʟᴇ 21 day ago

    Omg please do one with Come To Brazil by Why Don’t We!!