How to Make a Remote Hose Pipe Controller

  • Published on Oct 12, 2017
  • Control your hose pipe with a button to water your garden or get the postman, this is another build from my book which is full of other great projects that are simple and can get you into creating your own inventions.
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  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  4 months ago +325

    Here we have another small project from the Furze book, what would you use it for....the garden or attack muhahaha. Link to get hold of the book yourself is in the description. Thanks to all that have bought it and are enjoying it. CF

    • Shayne Kant
      Shayne Kant 10 days ago

      You should do vlogs

    • jahanzeb Anees
      jahanzeb Anees Month ago

      colinfurze can you make a soldering iron too

    • theepan
      theepan 2 months ago

      Why did the most video's cost monney?

    • Jason
      Jason 3 months ago

      colinfurze If u only had a machine that make people subscribe to u

    • daniel
      daniel 3 months ago

      Could you use a latching solenoid coil so the battery has a longer life?

  • Owen Scheider
    Owen Scheider 18 days ago

    This guy is crazy

  • Daniel Keener
    Daniel Keener 19 days ago

    instructions too complicated I got my D*** stuck in my toaster....again!
    jkjk i bet colin is probably frustrated doing silly videos like this to explain something as simple as this to other people.

  • Crusaderz RC
    Crusaderz RC 20 days ago +1

    Adopt me please colin

  • Finley Bowley
    Finley Bowley Month ago

    R.I.P Neighbour!

  • Noah Hastings
    Noah Hastings Month ago

    My hose got stiff, so I just wiggled some pliers in the end..... why would you have me do this Colin?

  • Ganesh Bagal
    Ganesh Bagal Month ago

    Sir please translate in hindi

  • Wesley Orr
    Wesley Orr Month ago

    Why do you always wear a blue shirt and tie when you work

  • Gonçalo Gomes
    Gonçalo Gomes Month ago

    You are brilliant!!

  • Cyber StevePH
    Cyber StevePH 2 months ago

    7:49 I laughed alot men!

  • E30 Dan
    E30 Dan 2 months ago

    Nice e30 ;)

  • kee kee
    kee kee 2 months ago

    Please could some one tell me the names of the circuit board please

  • Ron Gould
    Ron Gould 2 months ago

    That's MDF Colin. I'll let it slide on account of the previous awesomeness.

  • Oldpizza inyourcar
    Oldpizza inyourcar 3 months ago

    I guess it's just about the money colin furze.

  • decideman 5850
    decideman 5850 3 months ago

    Colin create a remote control nerf gun drone

  • Thomas Palmer
    Thomas Palmer 3 months ago


  • Nicola Dickinson
    Nicola Dickinson 3 months ago

    I'm a fan and I subscribe

  • Jason
    Jason 3 months ago

    Did he just say 'One Direction'😅😅😅😅

  • Douglas Purcell
    Douglas Purcell 3 months ago

    those quick connect garden hose fittings work great to make water rockets out of 2 liter soda bottles. I cut a piece of pvc pipe about 9 inches long or so (pipe size I think its 1/2 pipe size) and using construction adhesive glue, glue it into the opening of a 2 liter bottle (smear some adhesive inside the bottle mouth about an inch in max and a bit on the outside end of the pipe) you want it to go in the bottle so that its just past the spot where the neck meets the flared bottle, I usually push it past then pull it out to the spot it needs to end up. put some tape around the neck and pipe so it wont move and stand it up in the corner (bottle up, pipe down)so the glue settles around the pipe. takes a few days to dry enough. to the other end of the pipe glue a slip fit to threaded pipe connector, you want a male thread to screw a garden hose quick connect nipple to 3/4 pipe thread is close enough to the garden hose thread to hold ok. fins are made from panels cut from squarish plastic jugs like detergent bottles. I cut them so the fin is 2 inches tall by 3 inches long and I use the corner of the bottle so I can leave a 3/4 inch piece at a right angle to the 2 inches tall part. put 2 holes through the plastic fin in the crotch of the right angle, each hole near the top and bottom of the fin. take two zip ties and thread the 4 fins onto the ties and start zipping them into a loop. put the pipe through the loop and start to take out the slack while spacing the fins around the bottle. the 3/4 bits should be on 4 sides of the pipe and just overlapping the next fin. once its all tight the fins should be somewhat offset to the pipe so they tend to paddlewheel when the bottle comes down from a flight. the zips should be tight but you don't need to go nuts as the pipe fitting will keep them from sliding down any further. the launch base can be anything you want, you just need the female socket for the garden hose quick connect and some sort of fitting to fill the bottle with air. I usually just use pvc T fitting and adapt a Schrader valve fitting into it. the female fitting usually has a check valve built in, I punch that out to add a rod that fits freely into the hole in the male fitting and glue it into the T so its sticking up and acts like a launch guide and piston to the bottle, it has to be short enough the bottle will lock into the female part. best to make the launcher light enough to place it into the bottle then turn it upright to launch. the bottle you fill about halfway with water and then screw the hose male fitting onto the pipe. a little grease on the threads and rubber washer makes it unscrew later much easier, same for the rubber o ring on the pippin. lock the hose fitting together, bottle to base and set it down and pump it up with a bicycle pump. works best below 50 psi as too much pressure and the air pushes past the water and you can hear the difference when you launch. pump it up and pull down on the locking collar and off it goes! obviously don't be over the rocket when launching as it packs a punch. at apogee the bottle usually lays over and comes down sideways, slowly spinning. 1.5 liter bottles go higher but usually don't spin down and tend to bash themselves apart faster.

  • Cameron Baker
    Cameron Baker 3 months ago

    You should make a device that takes creases out of a shirt :/

  • Raunaq2050
    Raunaq2050 3 months ago

    Should probably be doing my assignments.... naah, I'll stick around here

  • Lord jerry
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  • Elian
    Elian 3 months ago

    nose look like gardenhose

  • Oscar Hurman
    Oscar Hurman 3 months ago


  • Enima Dz
    Enima Dz 3 months ago

    she is pretty

  • Hose Clamp
    Hose Clamp 3 months ago

    awesome job Colin, you're rally nailing teaching this stuff.

  • JurisKankalis
    JurisKankalis 3 months ago

    Great stupid thing!

  • jack Tellus
    jack Tellus 3 months ago

    Screw that😂

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith 3 months ago

    The Coolest Dad!

  • Star Core
    Star Core 3 months ago

    Aren't there some valves that are stable in both positions in order to use almost no battery life ? I mean, a valve that would have a shape allowing it to stay in its current position using either water pressure when closed, or a spring when open, and that would only require electricity to counter the forces keeping it in its current position.

    TAMANGO_ GT 3 months ago

    i wish i am i inventor like you :)

  • hojjat abdollahi
    hojjat abdollahi 3 months ago

    The reason that you need to connect from your battery to the com pin, is because normally these boards work with 5v, but the thing that you control (a door) need more voltage (or current, that's why there is a real). So, it is perfectly normal to connect an extra wire to the com.

  • Такой разный

    Когда лень вставать и поливать огород

  • André Rubín
    André Rubín 3 months ago

    jajajaja épico, buen video!!

  • Jared Buck
    Jared Buck 3 months ago

    COLIN! you should be Wallace, than you should get a dog named Gromit. Than you guys should fly to the moon, that is made of cheese.

  • overloxmusic
    overloxmusic 3 months ago


  • powderaltaman
    powderaltaman 3 months ago

    Hi colin, could you please design a machine to automate the task of making tie knots ,just like the one you wearing so smartly (nice and sharp) .For those among us who do not have the skill or talent in the panic of the morning rush . thanks

  • Jaden S.
    Jaden S. 3 months ago

    You confused the NC and NO connections on a relay. A closed circuit successfully passes current, while an open circuit does not. You would want to wire the solenoid to the NO line so that when the signal is passed and it goes into the "abnormal" state, the circuit closes and the solenoid opens.

  • Screaming Zebra
    Screaming Zebra 3 months ago

    I have an idea for the bunker,
    If you got some cameras and tvs and put the tvs in the bunker and cameras outside it could be like a simulation of a window

  • Michael Peebs
    Michael Peebs 3 months ago

    please make the lazy mans tea and coffee maker

  • Laila Sola Lindbom
    Laila Sola Lindbom 3 months ago


  • Alistair Gray
    Alistair Gray 3 months ago

    Subscribed for years without hitting subscribe button, since i discovered TVclip. Bought book, although i will have to mimic projects in my bedroom as I don't have a garage.

  • Muhammad Royyan
    Muhammad Royyan 3 months ago

    It's weird looking at him doing the work without any background music

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar 3 months ago

    I don’t trust theese hose

  • peardrop
    peardrop 3 months ago +1

    10:24 colinfurze fake prank channel EXPOSED

  • potatoe head
    potatoe head 3 months ago

    i dont think anyone builds this stuff

  • Adam Brest
    Adam Brest 3 months ago

    He is so chill in this video, :)

  • freezEware
    freezEware 3 months ago +1

    @colinfurze you should've taken the COM from the output and run it to the solenoid. Then you would've not needed the red wire. This is because COM often stands for negative/ground so I wouldn't teach kids to run positive wires into those terminals.... Cheese man......

  • Crispy K
    Crispy K 3 months ago

    I would love to help you out, but i'm never going to give any of my money directly to youtube. Even if that means that i will never be able to watch any of your new videos.
    TVclip has just been really trashy towards other channels that i watch because the youtube ceo is a sjw feminist. Those channels don't get demonetized because of political views. But because the videos aren't made for 5 year olds, or ugly sjw feminists.
    i know that me doing my thing, won't change anything to your 5.4 mill subs or view count and money, but i'm just giving my opinion.
    I unsubscribed. Good luck with everything :) Loved your vids.

  • MsPhillip93
    MsPhillip93 3 months ago

    this is the worst video he has ever made.
    maybe the nerf trigger thing was worse, Im not sure.-
    why do we have to see some kids and crap?

  • Game central
    Game central 3 months ago +1

    I have asked for your book for chrismas

  • Anya Korhonen
    Anya Korhonen 4 months ago +1

    Just ad for "the book"..

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin 4 months ago

    What with all the TVclip Red money, you could have got some shoes for that girl

  • dine909
    dine909 4 months ago

    Hi colin, have unsubscribed from your channel because of the pay per view videos. Thanks for the laughs, bye.

  • falchulk
    falchulk 4 months ago

    Soooo, I remember making things like this when I was like 10. As an adult, twisting wires, using batteries in outside projects, and putting something that WILL leak water eventually, in the same compartment with electronics, would not fly. I had no one to guide me. You should teach kids the right way from the start.

  • nickt
    nickt 4 months ago

    "closed" means electricity flows and "open" means no electricity flows. I normally like your videos but this one was all round terrible

  • Nikunj Agarwal
    Nikunj Agarwal 4 months ago

    hey bro plz start ur tv channel also....

  • Franny Becker
    Franny Becker 4 months ago

    Top D+++++ este canal ganhou mais uma inscrita ✨🌷💖🌷✨
    Love you ✨🌷🇧🇷🌷✨

  • jerry lim
    jerry lim 4 months ago

    colinfurze in a nutshell:

    slap a random cheap remote on a random thing available to him and outcomes a object you can CLEARLY tell it took more than 2 sec to make... also if you do it wrong, it make just go everywhere

  • Yndostrui
    Yndostrui 4 months ago

    You mixed up normally closed and normally open...
    Closed means a closed circuit - so current can flow.
    Also, those abbreviations... NO. I mean, that's literally a word :D
    And NC... I thought that was "No connect" at first, lol.

  • Uni-Versal
    Uni-Versal 4 months ago


  • Jason MTB
    Jason MTB 4 months ago

    Put a mini turbine in there to make a hydroelectric generator to charge the batteries

  • Geeth Mendis
    Geeth Mendis 4 months ago

    wow nice job job අලි like that

  • Сан Хуан Дон Пэх СХДП

    книгу не стал бы покупать, все и так есть в интернете.

  • David Bates
    David Bates 4 months ago

    ColinFurze I just bought your book and I must say it is very nice I love it so far!

  • Ilham Abinmanyu
    Ilham Abinmanyu 4 months ago

    Amazing videos 😘😘

  • Kemped Kemp
    Kemped Kemp 4 months ago

    Very nice. Is there a remote control solenoid valve that can be controlled from a cell phone?

  • mark lynch
    mark lynch 4 months ago

    Colin does barns and Noble carry this book ?

  • mark lynch
    mark lynch 4 months ago

    I am going to buy this book asap ..

  • Mike Sprigg Technicology

    I'm considering unsubbing, unable to watch some of your content due to being forced to buy youtube red crap... Funny thing is i keep seeing the advertisement, isn't its supposed to remove adds? Seems a bit contradictory 😂 Why put $$$ in front of viewers. 😟

  • Strauß Strauß
    Strauß Strauß 4 months ago +1

    Can you make a machine that cleans your Glasses I hate doing that

  • JustFaz Gaming
    JustFaz Gaming 4 months ago

    Red channel
    Dead channel
    I unsubscribed
    I havent lied
    Channels with red
    Are channels dead

  • ThatBassoonGuy
    ThatBassoonGuy 4 months ago +1

    Unsubscribed because I keep getting your youtube red garbage in my feed. Not to mention half of your videos are ads to begin with, having paid content makes your content no longer worth my time.

  • AcroFPV
    AcroFPV 4 months ago +2

    Hi Colin,
    Just wanted to let you know that because my subscription feed is now full of previews for your TVclip red channel I will be unsubscribing. I just want to see your cool videos and not very interested in the tease.
    Thanks, goodbye.

    • Pholus
      Pholus 3 months ago

      AcroFPV agreed

  • Melvin Martinez
    Melvin Martinez 4 months ago

    You should make a reverse trike

  • Crazy people
    Crazy people 4 months ago

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  • Dj Morgan
    Dj Morgan 4 months ago +1

    Another good looking video come up, But its on youtube red grrrrrrr.

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    julien gamez 4 months ago

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    youtube red is shit

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    Shifty4 4 months ago

    Collin I will actually pay you to make me a hidden blade I’m serious

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    Perry Li 4 months ago

    Hi Colin i am proud to se someone that isn't amarican on you tube doing this topic keep it up

  • Bob Saginz
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    TVclip Red is ruining your videos. So sad cause I really like your work but now you want me to pay to watch? Not happening

    • Simon Tay
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      Not happening for me either. I'll just keep scrolling past.

    • Twelve
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      Yeah I know how you feel. How dare he want to make money off of his hard work! Outrageous.

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    You can go TVclipFuck yourself

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  • God in Reverse
    God in Reverse 4 months ago

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    (and if you haven't settled for anything yet let me pitch you a few ideas:
    Jack'O lantern fire work bomb
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  • Putri Zesi
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  • Azeroth
    Azeroth 4 months ago

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    Craig Lister 4 months ago

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    ZeroPainter2386 4 months ago

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    4stronaut 4 months ago

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