How to Make a Remote Hose Pipe Controller

  • Published on Oct 12, 2017
  • Control your hose pipe with a button to water your garden or get the postman, this is another build from my book which is full of other great projects that are simple and can get you into creating your own inventions.
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  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  Year ago +378

    Here we have another small project from the Furze book, what would you use it for....the garden or attack muhahaha. Link to get hold of the book yourself is in the description. Thanks to all that have bought it and are enjoying it. CF

    • The- potato-warrior
      The- potato-warrior 7 months ago

      Bsp? Nigga! It’s npt or death

    • The- potato-warrior
      The- potato-warrior 7 months ago

      Those are hose clamps... wtf is a jubilee bit?

    • Marty Ara
      Marty Ara 9 months ago

      Pewdiepie 2 can

    • Tom Beynon
      Tom Beynon Year ago

      colinfurze do a video with the rc wheelie bin with this hose pipe and nerf and others things added on to bin

    • SkeltonKMS
      SkeltonKMS Year ago

      colinfurze iihi

  • PPC4
    PPC4 Day ago

    Right i need to make this and wire it to a PIR sensor. Aim it at the roof with the Nozzle and every time a Pigeon lands. Voila F' off pigeon! That must mean i could use one of those ultrasonic scarers as the trigger system!

  • Ed19601
    Ed19601 3 days ago

    Batteries will be empty in no time

  • Richard B
    Richard B 6 days ago

    2:44 you can also use hot water to soften the pipe as well make it easy to fit the fitting

  • Martin Satchell
    Martin Satchell 6 days ago

    Colin how big is the shed you do most of your stuff in? Top job BTW me old china

  • Littlegecko2007
    Littlegecko2007 8 days ago

    1:36 what I'm here for 😂

  • Icanifiwant
    Icanifiwant 9 days ago +1
    $25 and runs off your phone app

  • mcsniper77
    mcsniper77 Month ago

    WTF is a hose pipe is it a hose or a pipe? Pro tip hose is flexible pipe is not.

  • AranXD
    AranXD Month ago +1

    Will this work if the hose isn't connected to a faucet? Let's just say it's connected to stagnant water. Will it work?

    • AranXD
      AranXD Month ago

      +Therkelsen are there other ways to make the hose valve open and close with a remote, without using a bunch of circuits?

    • Therkelsen
      Therkelsen Month ago

      +AranXD It acts like a door for the water, opening/closing when you activate it.

    • AranXD
      AranXD Month ago

      +Therkelsen what does the hose valve do? What happens when the remote control clicks?

    • Therkelsen
      Therkelsen Month ago

      The type of water connected to the hose has no impact on the circuitry, so it should work, yeah.

  • cavemanvi
    cavemanvi Month ago

    Marijuana growers don’t even have to go to work🤔

  • Shocker99
    Shocker99 2 months ago

    Ops. I hope you don't have a crazy stalker because you've given your exact location in this video. Lonsdale something something something.

  • Sam Omalley
    Sam Omalley 2 months ago

    How far away can you be for the remote to work

  • Millie moo X
    Millie moo X 2 months ago

    I know ALAKAH SHE IS AMAZING, haha love her 💖🌟

  • Nils R
    Nils R 2 months ago

    Doesnt NC normaly stand for No Conenmction?

  • ikkentim
    ikkentim 2 months ago

    I’ve actually made something like this last year to control the sprinklers in my garden with my phone :)

  • Charh
    Charh 2 months ago

    Bought A book, happy to support the channel in some small way.

  • LabTester
    LabTester 2 months ago

    why didn't you just put the solenoid valve at the beginning so you don't have to drag it?

  • Nosnorb Repooc
    Nosnorb Repooc 3 months ago

    Got your switches backwards and should have taken the negative from the solenoid to the common tab. Open switch means no flow, closed switch means full power through

  • kafid juned
    kafid juned 3 months ago

    plan copy and pdf please

  • sinclair page
    sinclair page 3 months ago

    Great for my guerilla grow operation!

  • KZ
    KZ 4 months ago

    WOW! Love this style of video!

  • Bi0 HazZaRD82
    Bi0 HazZaRD82 4 months ago

    In America the jubilee clips are called hose clamps

  • Thomas Samoht
    Thomas Samoht 4 months ago

    6:05 - that's the opposite actually. "NC" stands for "Normally Closed", and this means that the contact (or "switch") is closed at "resting" position. "NO" stands for "Normally Open" and means an open circuit at resting position. "Resting position" means when even no current is fed to the system - I'm talking about "power supply", because you can possibly feed the circuit with 12V DC (which is its own operating voltage, and the voltage which the relay is operated) and let the relay manage, let's say, a 110V AC or 220V AC circuit instead. In this case, using the NC contact will still work however with the "opening/closing the water job", but something bad happens: the relay is "active" while trying to keep the valve closed, draining the batteries unnecessarily (supposed that the valve should stay closed most of the time).

  • Fortnite Streamers
    Fortnite Streamers 4 months ago

    Colin... normally closed is always a circuit and normally open is not a circuit you got it backwards

  • Brian Holder
    Brian Holder 4 months ago

    As an electrician, watching this made me uncomfortable lol

  • Louis Lyness
    Louis Lyness 5 months ago

    Can you make a hydroelectric-press

  • Louis Lyness
    Louis Lyness 5 months ago

    Very good love your videos is there a link on your TVclip channel for a meat up or event at all

  • Grrrrrene
    Grrrrrene 5 months ago

    It would be much easier to put the hose clamps on BEFORE attaching the hoses to the solenoid valve :P Easy for your short hoses, but not so easy if you're working with the end product (long hoses).

  • MafiaMotorsport
    MafiaMotorsport 5 months ago

    I heard something interesting... youre a smart one Mr. Furze.

  • SecularMentat
    SecularMentat 5 months ago

    I wanted to do something like this with a soil moisture sensor to automatically water my plants.
    I mean there's a complete set up that uses the Arduino called the Garduino that does it for ya. But I wanted to make it myself.

  • Adam Cronin
    Adam Cronin 5 months ago

    Im a commercial plumber in the usa and this will come in handy when im testing my waste and vent lines by myself! Thank you so much!

  • ben king
    ben king 5 months ago

    This would mean the hose pipe input side would be pressurized all the time and I find that hosepipes split and squirt water everywhere if you leave them pressurized for to long, but we'll done for using dubalee clips instead of the hozlock connectors as they spring leaks and pop off altogether, I know because used to work in a garden centre and the hozlock connectors are a common failure when where where watering the nurserys

  • K1SFD
    K1SFD 5 months ago

    I know this is a year old now, but just have to add this...
    I bet you're the coolest dad on the block! Or... at least the kids would think so... bet the neighbors would hate you sometimes though! 😂

  • danteelite
    danteelite 6 months ago +1

    This would be great for a Red-Light/Green-Light game using a sprinkler, and put a slip-n-slide at the end, or make the race end at the pool!
    (For those unfamiliar, I'm Jamaican so this might be a game not everyone knows, it's a race type game where all the kids line up, and one person separate shouts "Green light!" And they all run, "Red Light!" And they have to stop. The fun is trying to trick people by saying stuff like "Green LIME!" or "Red Flight" etc... if someone runs before you say green light, or if you say a different word they go back to the start, same with red light.. if they don't stop fast enough or mishear you they go back.
    You can use any code words you like, or even use actual lights, or hand gestures, but in JA where I'm from and in FL we used RL/GL.
    So my idea was to use the sprinkler with this game, run while the water is on, stop when it's off.. first to the slide or pool wins, and maybe you could add some obstacles and fun stuff along the way, slip slides, kid pools etc.. )
    Some variations you can try:
    - Hand gestures. We have done games where right hand up/open was go, left hand up/open was stop. That was hard because kids mess up the arms, or run even though you made a fist.. the more impatient they are the more fun!
    - Trivia Run! Ask fun questions, like "What is Hulks real name?" Or "Who was Spidermans uncle?". This one only works with a few kids, so you can hear the responses. If they get it wrong, they start over.
    - Jam Session! Play music, and only run while the music is playing, but with a twist. If (once stopped) they can guess the song and/or artist they can take a few steps forward, or jump ahead a place. But if they get it wrong, they go to the back of the pack. This one is my favorite to play with my sisters kids, because they love classic rock now and it's cute hearing a 6 year old shout "Forever Yours! JOURNEY! Right!? Did I get it!?" So it's a fun way to share music you love, and know they probably can't guess it until they've played a few times and learned the songs.

  • WishYourLife
    WishYourLife 6 months ago

    Wouldnt there be a whole lot of pressure on it if you leave it on without activating the valve ?

  • Johnny TwoShoes
    Johnny TwoShoes 6 months ago

    Mate, it's England. England is known for it's wet weather

  • PC Reloaded
    PC Reloaded 6 months ago

    Nice video. Just realise the battery says maplin. *R.I.P Maplin* :( (in store at least)

  • DdlyHeadshot
    DdlyHeadshot 6 months ago

    Why can't you put the negative wire from the solenoid into the Common terminal? I thought that was the point of it?

  • semiLivedj FICTION
    semiLivedj FICTION 6 months ago

    Hows the book doing? I bet it did very well. Make an audio book with it now! With sound effects!

  • semiLivedj FICTION
    semiLivedj FICTION 6 months ago

    Is this work on your house and make a video. Like killing two birds stoned! lol

  • rescuecow90
    rescuecow90 6 months ago

    Ever thought of presenting Blue Peter?

  • Shane Forsythe
    Shane Forsythe 6 months ago

    wiggling pliers , thanks for the tip, learning stuff and allways entertaining.

  • lord robot TV
    lord robot TV 6 months ago +1

    I from Russia

  • MrBat000
    MrBat000 7 months ago

    There is a child inside you that never grew up...... dont mean it in a negative way. we all have the same thing inside of us...its just some have it slightly more than others.

  • Feinars_TV
    Feinars_TV 7 months ago

    i love it 😄😄💙

  • Zamary Sattar
    Zamary Sattar 7 months ago

    Would you ever considering selling one of your projects to me maybe like a golf cart or go kart something that has four wheels and goes fast

  • Huttonbis
    Huttonbis 7 months ago

    This is the only non insane video he made

  • The- potato-warrior
    The- potato-warrior 7 months ago

    Why wouldn’t you secure the valve? They have mounts

  • Richard Woodrow
    Richard Woodrow 7 months ago

    I miss Walkers BBQ crisps! 😋
    Who Else???

    IMRU CREATIONS 8 months ago

    Sir please give your book at some low cost I'm from India please sir

  • yammyharrone
    yammyharrone 8 months ago

    Those lucky kids, having a dad like that!! 😂👌

  • Barney The Gree
    Barney The Gree 8 months ago

    At 1:03 and others parts you can litterly see four Ryobi drills lol

  • My style entertainment
    My style entertainment 8 months ago

    Of all the things you are good at electronics is not your things

  • Syd Tz
    Syd Tz 9 months ago

    Brett Lee spotted! 1:35

  • Simon N
    Simon N 9 months ago

    You can use anything to clamp the spade connector. I usually use a wire clipper to clamp them.

  • Marcela Slamova
    Marcela Slamova 9 months ago

    Like + subcribe. 😂😂😂😂

  • Guntur Sptr6890
    Guntur Sptr6890 9 months ago

    Can u make a flamethower exhaust fast and fourius plz thx..

  • David Faiheng
    David Faiheng 9 months ago

    I like this channel so much. Especially because you don't use any hot glue.

  • Georgie Mac
    Georgie Mac 9 months ago

    Is that's a England or British accent???

  • Franky
    Franky 9 months ago

    HAHAH @ 1:34! It seems a Monty Python's sketch :D

  • I love penguins G E
    I love penguins G E 10 months ago

    Do you know Dan TDM

  • Michel Satoer
    Michel Satoer 10 months ago

    I see a nice project in collaboration with James Bruton to create an automatic activating and aiming water hose canon to scare off pooping cats in the garden at night.

  • XxmatixX - 6 videos diarios de nada :v

    Are you in a boat or what? The camera is slowly moving side to side

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar 10 months ago


  • E-Z.G
    E-Z.G 10 months ago

    That should be normally open not normally closed. It will run all the time if normally closed

  • david lehan
    david lehan 10 months ago

    Colin was wondering if u ever went to college 4 all this .

  • randy higgins
    randy higgins 10 months ago


  • Dvulichie
    Dvulichie 10 months ago

    Пастанова!!!! Гы

  • Claas 650
    Claas 650 10 months ago

    5:43 would have been better with a proper connector block terminal.

  • cheater21211
    cheater21211 10 months ago

    I think you would do very well on a remake of 'Brainiac: Science Abuse', that show was amazing, need to get you and Richard Hammond to host.

  • ASG_8
    ASG_8 11 months ago

    This boards are intended to be used with a low voltage "control" supply (12V) and an ISOLATED AC 230/120V supply to drive lamps or similar, that is why they have the relay, to isolate. The three terminals of the relay (COM, NO, NC) are like the three terminals on a SPST switch. The relay connects the Common with the NC when no voltage is applied to the coil, and connects the Common and NO terminals when the coil is energyzed.

  • Mason Johnson
    Mason Johnson 11 months ago

    That’s a very very very skinny hose ....

  • Awesome Productions
    Awesome Productions 11 months ago

    This is similar to to one I made to spay cats just it has a little sensor on it.


    Queria entender oq ele fala 😢😢💔 assisto todos os vídeos dele mas n entendo nada 😞

  • H&R Farm
    H&R Farm 11 months ago

    next time colin (if you are cutting that kind of plastic again) try to use an old soldering iron you can maken better cuts and you can sand the sides down ;)

  • Aleksi Kozeli
    Aleksi Kozeli 11 months ago

    Very cool

  • Thomas Gorby
    Thomas Gorby 11 months ago

    Beats kinking the hose lol

  • College Sports Network
    College Sports Network 11 months ago


  • Cletus Strouf
    Cletus Strouf 11 months ago

    I am going to make one of these but hook it up to a motion sensor.

  • Tom Burnett
    Tom Burnett 11 months ago

    not using a Sonoff WIfi switch to control with Alexa?

  • Vitor Madeira
    Vitor Madeira 11 months ago

    Man, I *LOVE* your real world DIY projects. This is so clever and so useful.
    Thank you so very much for this!
    Greetings from Portugal.

  • Bob Dillion
    Bob Dillion 11 months ago

    Wow your legs in this video really do look like the trash-o-matic

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    ThatRacingGameDude _ 11 months ago

    Build a car that has wings and a propeller

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith 11 months ago

    Blue Peter!

  • Toby Farman
    Toby Farman 11 months ago


  • TDC
    TDC 11 months ago

    I thought it was much more confusing, I didn't know it was quite similar to wiring a plug lol

  • Reece Burns
    Reece Burns Year ago

    I’ve wired my receiver just like the diagram it’s a different receiver but shouldn’t it still work similar?

  • nicky raven
    nicky raven Year ago

    Did not solser

  • grem mling
    grem mling Year ago

    Wtf this is a fucking relais and this is how relais work :D its not a cheap circuit board, (maybe its is) its how a relais work !

  • Erwin Kuditawati
    Erwin Kuditawati Year ago

    colinfurze can you make master paint

  • Супер Кент


  • Mastergod 11
    Mastergod 11 Year ago

    I think for a good video is clean up the shed and build stuff to organise your stuff

    Hope you see this comment


  • John Paul Mascarina

    make flying dry ice make it skateboard like floating skateboard

  • bruchpilot747
    bruchpilot747 Year ago +2

    "Really cheap, really easy to do" for a moment I thought I was watching a Jamie Olliver video there :D

  • CSX2586 Rail Rider Raby

    I think you mean hose clamps

  • George Zhuchkov
    George Zhuchkov Year ago

    He really does everything for his kids )) well done mate

  • frank noah
    frank noah Year ago

    Put the negative from the solonoid to common and normally closed means a closed circuit whitch it will be on and normals open is an open circuit and it is off backwards from logic but if it is a toggle switch it won’t matter but if it is like a tactile button it will be inverted.

  • Owen Scheider
    Owen Scheider Year ago

    This guy is crazy

  • Daniel Keener
    Daniel Keener Year ago

    instructions too complicated I got my D*** stuck in my toaster....again!
    jkjk i bet colin is probably frustrated doing silly videos like this to explain something as simple as this to other people.

  • Banter with Bill
    Banter with Bill Year ago +1

    Adopt me please colin